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Media Puzzled by Republican Obsession with Murder of 4 Americans

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 25, 2013 @ 9:04 pm In The Point | 20 Comments


The mainstream media, that kindly reservoir of common sense, overseen by the modern embodiments of Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart, is very confused and disconcerted by the Republican obsession with Benghazi.

“McCain’s Benghazi Appetite Is Insatiable” complains The Atlantic. Why can’t Senator McCain have a reasonable Benghazi appetite for the non-optimal bumps in the road along the way to Obama’s Second Coronation?

Time Magazine rolls out a piece titled, “Understanding the GOP’s Benghazi Obsession”. Apparently wanting an investigation into the murder of four Americans, after a cover-up, is an obsession. An insatiable lust for facts.

Five months later, the Benghazi authorities have arrested four Christian missionaries, but the attackers walk free. A Christian filmmaker is in jail for a movie that Clinton and Obama falsely blamed for Benghazi. And the GOP is employing its insatiable knowledge lust for more information about the first murder of an American ambassador in decades.

“We do know quite a lot: the State Department has released a thorough independent report that resulted in the firing of four employees. Pentagon officials like Leon Panetta have explained why they couldn’t quickly send reinforcements to the scene. And the genealogy of those infamous talking points — upon which Rice relied when she appeared on several Sunday talk shows days after the attack — has been described in considerable detail,” Time says.”

There’s one problem. Or more like a dozen. The four employees were not actually fired. Panetta’s explanation makes no sense. And those talking point explanations asked us to reconcile Obama’s supposed knowledge that it was terrorism with Rice’s supposed ignorance of that same fact.

But that would require journalism. Instead Time Magazine’s Michael Crowley continues psychoanalyzing this peculiar Republican craving for more information about Benghazi.

It might be media hatred, he speculates. “And don’t discount the resentment Republicans feel toward the media, which they believe has sided with the Obama team. Witness the argument between McCain and Meet the Press host David Gregory. “Do you care?” McCain snapped at Gregory. “I’m asking you, Do you care … whether four Americans died. And shouldn’t people be held accountable?”

And as it turns out, talking about Benghazi just distracts from more serious issues.

More important, he says, are larger strategic questions about whether the Benghazi attack was a warning that the Arab Spring has unleashed dangerous new forces in the Arab world. But it will be hard to have that conversation so long as Republicans are still talking about a “massive cover-up.”

Wait… I thought the Arab Spring was sunshine and roses. But we’re supposed to have a conversation about how the Arab Spring unleashed dangerous new forces without talking about Benghazi?

Can we talk about the lies that were used to manipulate us into supporting the Arab Spring then? No. Guess it’s back to Benghazi.

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