Medicare Not Paying for Diagnostic Cancer Tests, May Cover Sex Change Operations

Call this the NHSization of Medicare and Medicaid. In the UK thousands of patients are starved to death in hospitals, but unnecessary and wasteful sex change procedures are paid for. In Canada, it’s the same story.

While some are celebrating the Alberta government’s decision to reinstate funding for gender reassignment surgeries, official opposition leader Danielle Smith says it’s not in line with the health care priorities of Albertans.

“We have unacceptable wait times for medically-necessary surgery, growing backlogs of seniors waiting for long-term care, seniors in long-term care being fed inedible food and a bureaucracy that prevents money from getting to the front lines,” she said in a release.

“If the government is going to pay for additional health care, it should consider things like dentistry, insulin pumps, and hearing aids for seniors first. While we respect the freedom of individuals to seek this procedure, it is clear there are more pressing priorities and needs for Albertans that must be put first.”

Now under Obama Inc, this same Politically Correct insanity is headed to the United States. Medicare has over 38 trillion in unfunded liabilities and it has stopped paying for diagnostic tests.

So naturally we can look forward to senior citizens facing death panels while mentally ill people get their genitals mutilated to make them feel better about themselves… at taxpayer expense.

In response to a formal request from a transsexual woman, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced on March 28 that it has launched a formal “reconsideration” of its current refusal to cover surgical treatment for “gender identity disorder.”

According to CMS, Surgical Treatment for Gender Identity Disorder (formerly referred to as transsexual surgery in chapter 140.3 of the Medicare National Coverage Determinations Manual) is currently not covered under the Medicare Part A and Part B programs.

Considering Obama Inc. mandating that men in dresses be allowed to use the ladies room at colleges, this is a no brainer. It’s going to happen. The only question is whether Republicans will have the guts to challenge this by pointing out the 38 trillion in unfunded liabilities and how badly seniors are struggling already.

One formal request to reconsider the denial of coverage came in an Aug. 21, 2012 letter to CMS: “I am writing to initiate a review of NCD 140.3 Transsexual Surgery,” Emily Pittman Newberry wrote in a letter to the CMS Coverage and Analysis Group.

“Emily” is actually the guy you see in the photo above who claims to be raising money for his sex change op. Apparently his name is Sterling and he just wants what everyone wants, unnecessary and destructive cosmetic surgery paid for by the taxpayers.

My campaign was always about much more than raising money for my own surgeries.  I said from the start that I think it is terrible I should even have to ask for these contributions; these surgeries should be covered by Medicare and all other insurance companies.

I worked for 30 years at good paying jobs, paying my Medicare taxes gladly because I believed in the system.  And now, when I need it most, that system has let me down.

Currently Sterling/Emily is only up to 11 grand, but I’m sure Uncle Barry will be happy to kick in the other 90 thou. And while I’m not going to speculate as to what sort of productive jobs Sterling worked at, he’s currently a “poet” with a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Dickinson College, a graduate certificate in conflict resolution from John F. Kennedy University and a graduate of Authentic Happiness Coaching.

So yes indeed. NHS here we come. Death panels for seniors. Politically correct surgeries for idiots.

  • figment newton

    of course, this is a two-fer

    compliments the eugenics program as "sexually reassigned" can not reproduce.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    There is no terrorist threat. Islam is a religion of peace and there is no gay agenda.

  • jeanjean4

    I wonder what those people feel after they had the surgery, when they find out, that nothing has changed but the appearance of the body, that has been transformed into a carricature. A heavy dose of happiness coaching will be the least they need. A half bottle of Vodka may be needed before using the shower in the morning.

    The left is pure evil.

  • Mike

    WTF??? "Thousands are starved to death in the UK" … "it's the same in Canada???" exaggerate much? hyperbole much? So a little balance gents.

    • Edward Cline

      You know, if you clicked on the highlighted link that Greenfield has provided at the beginning of the column, you'd be able to read the CBC story and see that he's not engaging in hyperbole. Greenfield doesn't exaggerate the news when he usually provides a link to his source to prove that he's not exaggerating.

      • mike

        You know I clicked the link but no mention of thousands of patients being starved to death. Just an article on how Alberta (Canada's most right of centre province) has mixed opinions on sex change operations being covered by our national health care.

        So yes, I maintain this story is hyperbolic.

      • Mary Sue

        Canada basically doesn't give a ***t about you once you turn 80.

  • mike

    The reality is (here in Canada at least) that 80% of Canadians are satisfied with the level of health care we receive. As with any large scale public or private endeavor there is constant need for monitoring and improvement but please don't be so one dimensional as to imply that by virtue of the UK or Canadian systems being government run that they are inherently substandard or poorly administered. If you dig a little I think you'll see that HMOs and private care facilities have more that their fair share of bureaucracy and waste.

    • Softly Bob

      I can verify that the UK health system is substandard and what's more it's getting worse. Unelected bodies are the ones who decide who gets what treatment, when and where.
      Only recently we had a case where a cancer patient was denied treatment but a teenage girl got a boob job because she wanted to become a model.
      This level of bureaucratic idiocy is coming to a town near you, America, unless you start to pull yourselves together and fight the socialist menace that is destroying your great nation.

    • Reason_For_Life

      Look at the comparative cancer cure rates and ask yourself if Canadians are "satisfied" with the levels of death due to breast and prostate cancer. Socialized medicine provides politically tolerable medical care for the majority. The minority can just die and save money for the majority.

  • Mary Sue

    *sees the picture* TURN IT BACK INTO A MAN!

  • Cathy

    This is more than shameful! Why is it that 'cosmetic surgery' like this would even be considered to be covered? If someone wants breast augmentation, they have to pay for it out of their own pockets…. So, why should someone wanting their private parts cut off be allowed to do it on someone else's dime??? It is NOT necessary surgery, it is wanted surgery… And yet, diagnostic cancer tests would not be covered??? Those ARE necessary!! Truly we are in the twilight zone….

  • jakespoon

    A brain transplant would serve Sterling/Emily better. If your unhappiness comes from your genitals,will artificial ones really make you happy?

  • Crysta Williams

    Yes, saving lives isn't important (Sex Reassignment Surgery can and does save people from suicide) but giving untold trillions to the super rich, is… I hope you like the warm yellow liquid trickling down on you from the rich, it's all you're gonna get…

    A mere 2 million dollars (enough to save 100 lives, at the "going rate", probably more like 200-300 with how ruthless the govt is in underpaying) per year, is pennies in the medicare/insurance bucket… And since when did transgender individuals cease to be human, with the same rights to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness"? You deny them the right to live THEIR lives, and try to force them into something that feels "unnatural" to them… You deny them Liberty, by forcing them into places where they are almost guaranteed to be harassed, attacked, or even KILLED. You deny them happiness, but insisting that who they are, doesn't even exist… And demand that they adapt to service YOUR view of the world…

    Whats next, attacking people who are left handed, demanding they write with their right hand or face execution? It's happened before…

    When you close your eyes, you are going to stumble, and hurt yourself, as well as possibly hurting others… But to accuse others of causing your injuries, as you stand there demanding that it is your right to keep your eyes shut, and it is the worlds job to stay out of your way. That, is just plain wrong…