Meet Amanda Lickers, the Canadian Left-Wing Gay Fake-Indian Who Desecrated a 9/11 Memorial


The destruction of the Middlebury College 9/11 memorial was senseless and ugly even by the standards of the left. The two women behind it were left-wing radicals claiming that their actions were taken on behalf of an Abenaki Indian burial ground– a position thoroughly rejected by the Abenaki.

Don Stevens, chief of the Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe, called the vandalism “disgusting,” and believes the protesters were acting to promote their own political beliefs.

“We didn’t know anything about this and if we had we certainly wouldn’t have sanctioned it,” Stevens said.

He said that Abenakis do not publicize the locations of their burial sites in order to protect them, and that he has no knowledge of any such sites on the Middlebury campus. Stevens said that even if the site of the memorial had been a burial site, the American flags placed in the earth would not have been a desecration.

“Our burial sites honor our warriors and their bravery,” Stevens said. “Putting flags in the earth to honor bravery would not be disrespectful.”

Stevens served in the U.S. Army; his father fought in Korea and his son served in Iraq as a member of the National Guard.

Anna Shireman-Grabowski, a college senior, invited Amanda Lickers, a Canadian left-wing activist to campus to promote “decolonization”. Shireman-Grabowski and Licker were both involved in environmental anti-industry protests.

In a phone interview, Lickers identified herself as the leader of the group and said she had “absolutely no regrets” about her actions.

Lickers said she was invited to campus by the Associate Dean of Students for Student Activities & Orientation J.J. Boggs to give a workshop on “settler responsibility and colonization.”

College spokeswoman Sarah Ray disputed this and said Lickers was invited by Shireman-Grabowski.

At the workshop, which was held at noon on Wednesday, a Middlebury student said the campus was the site of an Abenaki burial ground, Lickers said.

Based on this information, Lickers made a “spontaneous” decision to remove the flags after she discovered their presence on a campus lawn.

So it was obviously well-thought out. Which is about what you would expect from Lickers. Who is Amanda Lickers?

According to her bio, Lickers is “a mixed-race Onkwehonwe cis-woman (Turtle Clan, Onöndowága, of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy)”

Ciswoman means that she’s not a tranny. It’s not clear why she felt she had to clarify that in her bio except that she was involved in tranny activist.

Mixed-race means she has maybe one parents with some Native American ancestry. In other words, she’s another of the politically active fake indians.

There is no mention of the Turtle Clan of the Onöndowága anywhere except in her own press releases.

Another bio says “Amanda Lickers is an anarchaqueer Onkwehon:we cis-woman.” In other words, she’s gay and likes to make up words, but is loosely affiliated with some of the environmental anarchist movements.

Over on Indigenous Action, where Amanda Lickers posted her claim that she had been acting on behalf of the Abenaki, the response was not positive.

i walked across this campus whose stone wall structures weigh heavy on the landscape. the history of eugenics, genocide and colonial violence permeate that space so fully like a ghost everywhere descending…

walking through the campus i saw thousands of small american flags. tho my natural disdain for the occupying colonial state came to surface, in the quickest moment of decision making, in my heart, i understood that lands where our dead lay must not be desecrated. in my community, we do not pierce the earth. it disturbs the spirits there, it is important for me to respect their presence, their want for rest.

The granddaughter of Chief Leonard Blackie Lampman had this response

As the granddaughter of Chief Leonard Blackie Lampman let me tell you how I view your desecration of a memorial that holds meaning to me– you have disgraced MY family, MY people, MY heritage, and MY history. Do NOT call yourself sister to me. There are ways to accomplish getting ones point across without being disrespectful and hurtful. Case in point a DOCUMENTED Abenaki burial ground which now hosts a beautiful memorial on the banks of the Missisquoi River on Monument Rd in Swanton/Highgate. You have slapped in the face everything my family has worked for in gaining honor to be able to call oneself Abenaki. You have dishonored the memory of my grandfather a Chief and US Soldier. My Grandfather surely is shaking his head in shame at you supposed educated future leaders of our nation.

Here’s one from a former campus Native American activist

In 2004 I founded and became President of Voices of Indigenous People (VIP) at Middlebury College. VIP served to represent the small indigenous population on campus, recruit more Native students and faculty, and educate the Middlebury community about indigenous peoples around the world.

Protesting for recognition of Native American burial rights and sacred site issues is an important, spiritual, and sensitive endeavor. I’ve helped to organize my tribe’s own ancestral burial ground protection protests. However, never would it have occurred to me to do so in front of the Middlebury Chapel unless some Abenaki people approached me for VIP’s assistance. Even then, I would not have handled it in the way Anna and the other protestors had by defacing the September 11 memorial. Especially not as a Native American person from a New York tribe!

I am now mortally disgusted by all of this and the consequence that the comments for this story are starting to show. Comments such as “the Abenaki people died out long ago even before colonialism.” NOT TRUE! An Abenaki student went to Middlebury while I was there and she was a few years my underclassman. She joined VIP and we learned from her about the Abenaki culture, history, and atrocities such as the government systematically forcing the sterilization of her people.

I pray that the Middlebury community can find a way to resolve this matter appropriately for all impacted and not overlook or further debase Native American people. I honestly feel like this group of protestors tried to take cultural appropriation to a whole new level and it makes me sick.

Cultural appropriation is exactly what it is. A group of left-wing environmental activists, one of whom appears to be another professional fake Native American, vandalized a 9/11 memorial on a non-burial ground.

  • roccolore

    Democrats love those phony Indians like Ward Churchill.

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      & Liz Warren too

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      The proper term is “Fauxcahontas”.

  • Kyle Kiernan

    Let’s grab all her stuff out of her apartment/dorm room/minivan? We’ll do it to protest the “oppression”.

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      Let’s “prove” she’s an elitist according to her weight the way that we “know” rich people are greedy parasites when they seem to have more stuff than we do.

      She must be hogging all of the food. I think we need to protest these “1%ers” in food intake.

      But that’s not politically correct because obese people are part of an important group of class victims.

      I do feel oppressed when I see her picture. I’m hungry and she has all of the food.

  • Softly Bob

    A complicated word to describe herself, “a mixed-race Onkwehonwe cis-woman”.
    Wouldn’t it be easier just to call her a big fat lesbian idiot?

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      She looks like she is a Mongoloid. Can we add retarded to that list?

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    Amanda Lickers??? this fat fake Ward Churchill wannabe is no Indian. plus she looks like a beached walrus, or like someone set her face on fire and put it out with a shovel.

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        I’m betting that her “taken” name.

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      Truly….I read her name and the first thing I heard was Bart Simpson’s voice reading it back to me as a phone prank.

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    Amanda LICKers??? Fake Indian fake pron star name???

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      It sure seems that way.

  • towerclimber37

    so I have to ask, isn’t the college going to prefer charges against these people? it’s not my business but if they were taking my flags and my countrymen’s identity, wouldn’t you want to charge them with criminal mischief in order to teach them about what is proper and what is not?

  • grenouf

    Here’s some more info on Lickers- she’s been causing trouble like this in Canada for quite a while…

    • Daniel Greenfield


    • Dr Spock

      And Amanda will keep causing trouble because it gives her notoriety and adulation in her community. So far as she is concerned there has not been a downside. No one was prosecuted her.

      After 40 she can rage against socialized medicine, because ‘me thinks’ she will be in the hospital a lot from self-induced diabetes and complications.

  • Smoking Hamster

    “Our burial sites honor our warriors and their bravery,” Stevens said. “Putting flags in the earth to honor bravery would not be disrespectful.”

    And that is what America is (or should be) all about. The honoring of universal virtues that transcend race and creed.

  • Drakken

    How anyone allowed this fat fake indian to even start grabbing those flags without a nice kick to her fat azz is beyond me.

    • Wesley

      Because leftists feel they can do anything on any property without the slightest consent.

      I saw some coeds at Illinois Wesleyan spend the better part of an evening scribble “Gun Free Zone” in chalk ahead of Parents Day.

      Sure it is mostly harmless. the rain will wash it away or countless shoes will scuff it up. But they are establishing a precedent. Of course the Univeristy administrators will turn a blind eye to it. but can you imagine young coeds chalking pro 2nd amendment messages on the sidewalks? the administration would be talking about censure, suspension.the school newspaper would run op-eds about how the message is wrong and how it s a break down in civil order.

      Lickers has seen this type of stuff on other campi or she has read about it. She feels she is in the mainstream.

  • Aizino Smith

    About Amanda Lickers

    Why go look up you ancestry through, the Mormon Church or various other ways, when you can just make it up?

  • Softly Bob

    Oh, yeah… and another thing. Lickers is a great surname for a lesbian!

  • londondave

    and atrocities such as the government systematically forcing the sterilization of her people.

    Oh BALONEY — another one of these made up conspiracy theories so beloved by leftards.

  • RedStateVet

    Get your head out of your nether regions and grow up, you fraud.

    “in my community, we do not pierce the earth”- I was not aware that truth challenged, fat lesbians had a community. Who knew?

  • Eric

    As usual, Daniel Greenfield manages to make points that are both wrong and irrelevant, while missing the main point of the story.

    There is no reason to believe that Lickers is gay. Her reference to “anarchaqueer” – another example of the made-up jargon that peppers everything she says – is not a reference to her sexuality, but to her proclaimed status as a “transgressive agent” in an oppressive society. That is what “queer” means to these folks nowadays.

    Now it is possible that she might also be gay. We just don’t know. Which brings us to the issue of relevance. What if she is gay? So what? What is Greenfield’s point, that because Lickers is gay that therefore all gay people think the way she does? As far as I know, Shireman-Grabowski is straight. I guess that means that Daniel Greenfield, who is also straight, agrees with Shireman-Grabowski. Shame on you Daniel Greenfield for supporting the desecration of a 9/11 memorial!

    The real point of this story is that 12 years after 9/11 there remain deluded, self-important fools like Lickers. They are fools because of their beliefs and their actions. And they are coddled by academia. Greenfield should make his best effort to put aside his never-ending obsession with gays and start focusing on why Middlebury was inviting Lickers to campus on 9/11 for a workshop on “colonial occupation.”

    • Matt

      I think it is relevant that Lickers is gay.

      It is just as relevant when people point out that many Tea Part people are conservative or religious. They even waste space in “Foreign Affairs” magazine in 2012 and opine how Tea Party activism is driving young people from the pews. I suppose they are to sit home and let learned people at Washington give them their marching orders.

      If you believe that “Liberalism is a mental disorder”, then absolutely whether or not Lickers is gay is germane.

      Then you have the pattern of the 90% or more of the gay community voting or supporting everything that is far left.

      • Eric

        They don’t vote 90% hard left. 30% voted for GWB and a comparable percentage voted for McCain and Romney.

        And among the other 70% you have a lot of people who might be more inclined to vote conservative and support conservative causes if they weren’t constantly attacked and told that they are inherently liberal.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The headline also mentions that she’s Canadian. That doesn’t mean it’s a contributing factor. I don’t think all Canadians or all gays are responsible.

      Some of her bios describe her as queer and cis-woman, that’s a statement of sexual orientation and gender identity.

      Middlebury apparently didn’t invite her, but colleges invite even worse types.

      • Eric

        Thanks for responding to me. I didn’t object to the reference to her being Canadian because it is relevant to her chutzpah in lecturing Americans about their country and in trying to control how Americans commemorate an attack on America. I didn’t think you were trying to suggest that all Canadians think like Lickers.

        The gay reference, by contrast, seems entirely gratuitous and is thrown in to imply that this is what “those people” think and this is how “those people” act. Well, we don’t all think and act like Lickers any more than you and your straight FrontPageMag readers think and act like your fellow heterosexuals Shireman-Grabowski, Ward Churchill and Noam Chomsky.

        BTW, Lickers claims that she was invited by a dean of students named Boggs. The college denies it. I don’t trust either side not to lie, so it remains an open question as far as I am concerned.

        Also, I stand by what I said: straight radical lefties and anarchists now regularly identify as “queer’ not because of their sexual orientation, but to underscore their transgressive status in evil America. Neither her bio or news stories on her indicate that she has participated in any lesbian demos or events, which further suggests she might be a straight “queer”. But don’t worry, Mr. Greenfield. If it turns out that she is straight, I won’t attribute her views to you. Just wouldn’t be fair to do that.

        • William Sulzbach

          Certainly straight people can be involved in promoting the gay political agenda. That agenda tends to be wackadoodle leftism in nature and that’s what makes her describing herself as she does relevant to this story.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          I’ve never seen queer used as a self-description by a prog not using it to mean gay. I have seen the use of LGBTQIA to include ally. But will keep it in mind.

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    Lickers? HA HA HA– what an appropriate name!

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      She & Anthony Weiner… a match made in heaven.

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        The Weiner-Licker ticket? Great!

  • Clare Spark

    This is what happens when your politics are entirely based on “race”–a socially constructed category that masks one’s long term interests. See “Race, class, and gender.” Many an academic has made a career doting on the “pauvre peaux-rouges.” If you don’t think that “genocide” against native American peoples is the explanation for American power, you won’t get a job in today’s academe, perhaps not even in high schools or lower grades too.

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    Ugh, Andrea Dworkin lives…

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    This ugly Bitch should be charged with fraud and criminal un American activity!

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    Disgusting fatbody.

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    to borrow a quote from Predator, if she’s native american I’m a goddamn chinaman.

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    She’s just overcompensating for the fact that she’s fat.

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      Far left radical feminists are almost always very hideous to look at. They are so ugly on the inside that it cannot help but spill over to the outside…

      • Drakken

        Just goes to prove that you can drinkem pretty, but you can’t drinkem thin.

  • UCSPanther

    This “thing” is demonstrating Herbert Marcuse’s principle of “Repressive Tolerance”, which summed up, basically means that those who practice it pretend to be tolerant on the surface, but consider those who express viewpoints against their ideology as “enemies” fit only to be demonized, silenced, intimidated and even outright destroyed…

  • Koreafornian

    Apparently fake liberal/progressive Native Americans/First Nations hacks march in threes: Ward Churchill, Elizabeth Warren & now Amander Lickers.

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    They don’t pierce the ground in her community. Hmm. How do you build anything… like a house,or a hospital? This is one stupid woman and a fraud to boot. She perverts the meaning of things she claims to uphold. “Decolonization”, what???

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    Yes. Fat, dull eyed, slack jawed, carpet munching, slag also seems fitting. Nothing more than a life support system for a vagina.

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      And a skanky one, at that.

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    You’ve got to read that, it’s hilarious. Basically it means she’s a woman who was born female, and feels like a chick. As opposed to being a man trapped in a woman’s body or vice versa. It’s the politically correct way of saying “normal.”
    And the Turtle Clan is an Iroquois clan.

  • Tom

    Has it occured to anyone else, that most of these left wing “Protesters” are vulgar and disrespectful people….just wondering

  • Mr. Fever Head

    She’s mentally ill and should be treated as such.

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    Let she without dildo cast the first stone against piercing objects. The only upside to this story of utter disrespect and contrived indignation is that Amanda Lickers, or as she was christened by the Phoneybaloneyquois tribe, Eats All The Beavers, probably got more cardio pulling up those flags than she had for the past 5 years in total. She may be cis-womyn but her blood is 97% trans fat. Somebody needs to tell her even granola kills when ingested by the barrel. John Goodman must be salivating at the prospect of playing her in the CNN documentary coming out summer 2014.

  • Guest

    Why do I have a feeling that absolutely nothing is going to happen to these women? Lickers is obviously nuts so she’ll skate. Miss Shireman-Grabowski probably has a fleet of civil liberty lawyers on speed dial ready to sue if Middlebury College makes any attempt to discipline her. Like Middlebury College would have the guts to suspend her anyway…

  • Kristin Thomas

    She’s Canadian….suspend her student visa and ship her fat ugly a&& back across the border where she belongs…..and don’t ever let her back across.

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    The first thing I though when I saw here pictures was: “AHHH, kill it before it lays eggs”.

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    Fitting surname….

  • Douglas Lloyd Buchholz

    Oh really Louise Lampman-Larivee can all of a sudden prove she is an “abenaki”? Could have fooled me. But let’s really get to the bottom of this garbage barrell, NO “Abenakis” self proclaimed in Swanton proved to the BIA they were or are “Abenakis”. The just-because-I-say-so “abenakis” in VT is just exactly what they are. Fraudulent “abenakis” throughout. “Tribes”? Not. Just because they have State Recognition does not mean these groups proved their genealogical connections to the Abenakis whatsoever, and just because some Abenakis descendants recently joined these “abenaki” incorporation’s does not make the group all of a sudden historical “tribes” either! As for Grabowski and her side kick alleged Mohawk friend Amanda Lickers, I personally got an email from Michael Reddy on August 03, 2013 claiming he was bringing her down here to meet with the “abenakis” in Orleans County, Vermont etc. Just look up RisingVT, Climate Connections organizations right along with mountainoccupiers as well. “abenakis” such as Charles Delaney Jr., Dee Brightstar, and even John K. Lawyer aka Greywolf are all attendee’s along with Carol Irons, etc. Please, Don Stevens Jr. claiming they knew nothing of this action in Middlebury BEFORE it happened. Where did Ms. Lickers get her information that there was or is a Abenaki Burial ground there then? Not out of a comic book, that’s for sure! She was in Orleans County, Vermont to talk with and chat with the Nulhegan wannabiak! To stir the shit can in VT. I hardly think she came here to view the Bread and Puppet Parade! FAKE “abenakis” if you care to look at their historical-social and political INCLUDING THEIR GENEALOGICAL records?! Liberal Arts College, representative of LIBERAL Vermont today. The fact is Don Stevens Jr. can SAY what he wants to, but I think that his little merry back of Nulhegan’s were behind the scenes of this whole thing all along, and when it went from bad to worse, they could hide their dirty hands (involvement) and pretend they had no knowledge about her conduct. Well someone set this thing in motion and it wasn’t just one gay activist either from the Mohawks in ON either? As for the burials “not being publicized (the locations of their burial sites) in order to protect them” that is a crock of BS, because not only does the D.H.P write about the locations etc but that information is made public. I think Mr. Stevens’ Jr. doesn’t want the public to know the relationship these FAKE “Abenakis” have with the Dept. of Historical Preservation that digs up the Abenaki ancestors, throughout the Northeast, isn’t HIS ancestors at all. Most of the families including Lampman’s haven’t proved diddly squat to anyone, except to take them on tours and SAY this or that, showing them a May 1995 monument. That’s proof of their genealogical connections to the Abenakis? Apparently VT’ers haven’t done their homework on this wannabiak!! Maybe it is time you Vermont’ers do the math and figure out the math doesn’t add up to a hill of beans with these people claiming to be thee Vermont Abenakis. They can say what they want to. Doesn’t mean it is really the truth.

  • Hoosier Daddy

    Just another lard-ass trying to compensate for her lack of looks.

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    I believe I scraped her off of my shoe last week…

  • Dave A


    No, it would not, especially since I haven’t weighed you, and “soft” usually means “extra pounds.” “Cis-woman” means “not transgender” and to me means that she understands the bigotry that typifies people like you in the general population who go nuclear when confronted with anything or anyone who doesn’t comport with your “comfort level.” Who really cares about that, Softly Bob?


    “Mongoloid” as a description of one afflicted with Down Syndrome has fallen out of favor over quite a few decades, Marilyn, or haven’t you heard? To apply “retardation” as a political label to opposing views does a tremendous disservice to those who frankly want to live a life of dignity despite their disability. Try to grow and learn, Marilyn.

  • FrankS

    Lesbo, anarchist, green, not a tranny, mixed-race (sort of) – there must still be a few more boxes she could tick!

  • Ben Abelly

    Facebook account of the accomplice: