Meet the Syrian Islamist Organization Controlling Senator McCain’s Agenda

Mouaz Moustafa

A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal ran a high profile article from one Elizabeth O’Bagy arguing that the majority of the Syrian rebels were actually moderates.

Senator McCain mentioned Elizabeth O’Bagy’s op-ed during the Senate hearings, when he wasn’t playing poker, and tweeted it. That should come as no surprise, considering that O’Bagy is credited with arranging McCain’s infamous photo op with the Syrian rebel leadership.

The Wall Street Journal lists O’Bagy’s role as the Institute for the Study of War. It leaves out the fact that she is the political director for the Syrian Emergency Task Force making her an activist.

O’Bagy doesn’t matter much. She’s a friendly Western face plastered over a foreign organization. Of more interest is Mouaz Moustafa, the smiling man in the Keffiyah on the far right of McCain in this photo.

Mouaz Moustafa is a Palestinian Arab and the Executive Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force which arranged for McCain’s visit.

Senator McCain called Moustafa a “patriot”, but it’s not clear which country he’s a patriot of, since it’s not Mouaz Moustafa’s first time around on the regime change bus tour.

Before the Syrian Emergency Task Force, Moustafa was the Executive Director of the Libyan Council of North America, which like the SETF existed to help push regime change. Before that, he mentions working with “rebels” in Egypt. On his Twitter feed, he denounces the overthrow of Morsi making it rather clear which side he was on.

His Twitter account frequently features anti-Israel material, including calls for a Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem. On his YouTube account, he “liked” a video featuring Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, “crying while praying”.

mustafa hamas

He also Favorited an anti-Israel video from a channel titled “JewsExposed”

mustafa jews

Predating his international period, Mouaz Moustafa did stints as a Field Organizer for the Democratic National Committee and a senate staffer. On Instagram, he calls himself a Freelance Revolutionary.

Mouaz Moustafa, patriot of four countries, none of which is the United States, appears to be holding McCain’s hand on Syria through the Syrian Emergency Task Force. And the Syrian Emergency Task Force appears to be funded by “prominent” Syrians in the United States. It’s not technically a foreign organization. Technically.

One member of the SETF’s Board of Trustees/Board of Directors, Dr. Jihad Qaddour, was also a trustee of the Muslim American Society, which is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Another, Bassam Estwani, appears to have been the Imam of the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center, also known as Al-Qaeda leader Anwar Al-Awlaki’s former mosque. The mosque was considered a front for Hamas and other “Islamic extremists” by the Treasury Department.

A third, Zaher Sahloul, appears to be the Chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Chicago, an organization with terrorist links which is involved in organizing a boycott of Israel.

And that’s just from a casual glance at a disturbingly incomplete list of names and functions.

Mouaz Moustafa’s message is that United States must arm the Syrian terrorists without asking questions, and claims that most of the Al-Nusra Front’s members are not really Al Qaeda or enemies of America.

“Let’s look at the Jabhat al-Nusra. Didn’t exist, then existed. Came up to numbers [of] about 5,000 or 6,000. Then we put them on a terrorist list — increase their profile and people stood with them. I think the way they were thinking is, ‘you don’t support us, you don’t give us arms, you don’t give us anything, but then you tell us whose good and whose bad within us?’ So first support, then dictate.”

That’s not just empty talk. Mouaz Moustafa claims to have White House access and control over where the weapons go.

While advocating for greater intervention in Syria, Moustafa says he has gone to Tampa to meet with Central Command, to Capitol Hill to meet with members of Congress and to the White House “every couple of months” to meet with staff of the National Security Council.

And if you are wondering who is sorting through the Syrian morass to find groups that are suitable for American aid — in other words, not members of al-Qaida — Moustafa says it’s a task his group performs as well.

“What we try to do is make sure is that the aid is going from the State Department is going to the right people,” he said.

And these are the politicians he claims are most helpful to his cause

Among the legislators who have been most helpful to his cause, he said, are McCain, New York Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel, Democratic Sens. Carl Levin of Michigan and Bob Menendez of New Jersey, as well as Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

It’s strange that no one has called attention to the fact that a group headed by people with such extreme ties and beliefs is dominating American foreign policy on Syria and controlling the itinerary of senior senators like McCain.


  • Veracious_one

    McCain is a clueless nitwit….he no longer holds fast to American values, he might as well convert….

    • FUBO

      McCain Ackbar!

  • Veracious_one

    Mouaz Moustafa claims to have White House access and control over where the weapons go.

    If Obamas actions are anything to go by…he may be telling the truth

    • myrna652

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    • freedomringsforall

      Well, Well, Well

      You are probably correct.

      This is probably the NGO (probably well connected to other NGOs) gang of miscreants that is probably helping the internationalist elite guide our oval office and government through the necessary steps to produce the unified Islamic Caliphate from China to the Atlantic to get ready for
      the final push.

      And I’ll bet all the usual suspects are lurking around and adding to the stew:

      The World Bank, the IMF, USAID, and many other national (from other interested countries too) and international mischief groupies.

  • Obaid Karki

    McCain were caught playing poker on Smartphone during derange Teeebaagerzz Boooring argument. 7/10 smashing. Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) turncoat voting present is a treason. Egyptian military Coup d’état was boon for McCain Germs and Graham Bugs in Syria to get DC’s attention. Whitehouse, Pentagon and Congress will do what the Warring Industrial Complex command them do: Dog & Pony Show at the Capitol Hill to load the headlines with War News. Kerry & McCain are Vietnam War heroes. They know very well what they are doing. Chuck Hagel is Godsend. Boehner got to support Obama. Consulting Congress is ploy to buy time for the US Arm Forces to stockpile around Syria; they need minimum six months to do that, especially if it is Boot-on-the-Ground. Sending Code Pink and Pot Hippies to the street to protest against Syria strike is laissez-faire. We’re getting used to it. It’s good for sympathy& sentiments. Oh by the way..Obama to send Qaboos of Oman back again to Tehran to beg Khamenei to return Potus calls. Back to Rando; Rand Paul ain’t Paulite libertarian, he’s a traitor. He can be purchased. Just Call 1-800-KOCHBROTHERS for Bargain Price. He’s spoiler driving the Teeebaagerzz to their Death..

    • 4True

      You’re not worth what they pay you..

      • Obaid Karki

        To be honest I really feel your pain that I enjoyed most. That’s what matters. Thanks for writing back.

        Try harder. Give it all what you got, girl. I ain’t ditchn’ all-that-jazz on FrontPage Magazine and comn’ after you.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          That’s real retarded, sir.

    • Steeloak

      Paging Nurse Rached, one of the inmates has gotten loose from his padded cell!

      • Obaid Karki

        If you like some attention, Shave you legs first. Don’t use Brazilian wax lest you get Cellulitis. Recycle Jimmy Fallon trash and quit cloning Boooring GoogledJunk Psychiatry RANTS. It ain’t distractn’ though, neither funny nor offensive. Its stooopid! To be honest I really feel your pain that I enjoyed most. That’s what matters. Thanks for writing back.

        Try harder. Give it all what you got, girl. I ain’t ditchn’ all-that-jazz on FrontPage Magazine and comn’ after you.

  • Mark K

    Shocking – I wonder if any political contributions are involved as well?

  • Jsjk

    Wow, excellent exposé, Daniel. It’s what good journalists once did — but no more, apparently. It is astounding to hear how bamboozled McCain is — to call enemies of America “patriots” — the senile fool needs to get out of politics. What a disgrace.

    • defcon 4

      I don’t think McInsane is a fool — I think he’s corrupt and rotten to the core.

      • Jsjk

        You could be correct…(I would like to be able to give him the benefit of doubt,etc., but either way — fool or knave — I wish he would do what is right, and that is to retire from politics).

  • Ross A Lloyd

    Islamists, hunt ‘em, kill ‘em… Is McCain a fool or a genuine traitor? These Islamists are the scum who have been deliberately murdering civilians in person – no accidents involved or collateral damage and are odds-on the ones who set off the chemical weapons.

    • Aizino Smith

      The North Vietnamese might have done more than have broken McCain’s arms when they tortured him.

    • Merican

      McCain was also a heavy supporter of the KLA, criminal Muslim murderers. They bought the old azzhole cheap!

  • onecornpone

    Mc Cain lost his marbles at the Hanoi Hilton. If only we were in a position to pity him.

    Believing we owe him respect for his experience, beyond military disability, is OUR mistake. As we now see, believing a former POW, a victim of heinous torture has the qualifications to serve in congress is foolish and dangerous. Imagine if he were POTUS…

    This info reveals the man lives in his own reality. After observing his long term behavior I suggest we demand quarterly disclosure of Congress-peeps scripts and drug testing for recreational drugs.

    • FlatEarther

      He IS the Manchurian candidate

  • JacksonPearson

    McRINO has gotta be the dumbest SOB to ever be a U.S. Senator.

    • SorryJeffersonWeTried

      You’re forgetting the one from Illinois, now ursurping the WH

      • terry1956

        Maybe, but could it be that Obama and Putin worked together on this show.
        What all did Obama promise Putin before the election.
        What is the connection to the KGB, Putin, Obama’s mom, Obama’s dad, Obama’s material grandparents, Obama’s mentor Frank Marshall Davis?

    • BenJabo1Machal

      McCain is smarter than you may think, it’s time to check out his Swiss Bank Accounts

    • LolKatzen

      A real disappointment.

  • cristo52

    Is John McCain the new Jane Fonda?

  • celador2

    Moustafa worked a Dem national Committee? When and for whichs enator as a staffer?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Blanche Lincoln I believe

  • Miketrt

    I’m so sick of greedy a*swipes in our gov’t. We have to all sign a pledge we will not sell our souls for money, but it campaign money or whatever. This is, and anybody voting to bomb are selling their souls IMHO. I would NEVER do shi* that I know is morally or patriotically wrong. I’d rather be poor. And I mean it. We all need to adopt this policy, and eventually good will be the norm. If you have to take dirty money that means what you are doing is WRONG.

  • apatel

    Lawl. He’s not a palestinian arab. He’s Syrian and moved to Arkansas as a young boy. He went to college and graduated with a degree in international studies in Arkansas and has worked for multiple senators. It’s actually a view of most of the world that Palestine should have it’s on recognized state. That doesn’t make him some extremist. It makes it his opinion that most of the world outside of the US and much of the US agrees with.

    He is advocating arming rebels and declaring a military no fly zone over Syria, yes. Many on capitol hill agree with, many don’t. Doesn’t make him a terrorist…

    And crying during prayer is powerful. That’s why he liked it. Have you never seen someone so personally moved by prayer that they cry? If anything, it makes you human to like it.

    He’s an American who is fighting for what he believes in, which is helping the citizens who are gassed and murdered in the country that he was born in.

    What an awful guy..

    • Radion Rusev

      Crying during prayer is powerful, but prayer while beheading helpless people is even more emotional and pleasant to watch in the “culture” you represent.

      • apatel

        Well sir, I do not personally represent that culture. While I am Muslim, I am neither Syrian nor middle eastern. My culture is actually an American culture. I love football, grilling, play basketball and golf, and good god I hate reality television.

        I don’t believe beheadings are right, I don’t believe Mouaz thinks so either. Unfortunately, the Middle East lacks democracy and is far behind in what a modern country should represent.

        But don’t forget, our country isn’t exactly innocent. We’re only 40-50 years removed from public lynchings and interracial marriage being illegal. We are a more civil country now and that’s all Mouaz wants for his country. Unfortunately, it’s taking a civil war to fight for a democracy. Then again, America had to have a civil war too.

        All of these countries want what America has. But we forget that what America has took a lot of violence and death to achieve. No change comes easily, Mouaz wants to fight for that change.

        • Radion Rusev

          With all espect due to you personally, I don’t understand how establishing a Sharia state in Syria will make that country another America.

          • apatel

            Oh, I agree with you. A lot of fundemanetal changes in just about every aspect of the socio-political-economic environment would have to change dramatically to foster something close to what we have. In terms of Mouaz though, this idea that he’s a terrorist infiltrating the government with the help of our elected officials is pretty outlandish. It’s fear mongering. He’s a sincere American wanting to help his homeland. He visits there often, he is aware of the situation on the ground, he has credentials for being heard as a person of expertise on the situation. We can agree or disagree with how he thinks the best way to help the situation is. We would probably agree, I suspect. Mouaz is accomplished, learned, and respected by both parties and independents on Capital hill.

          • terry1956

            you may be right about Mouaz that his heart is in the right place but it appears he is also a useful idiot to the globalist power mongers of various types from the Moslem Brotherhood type to the Fabian type.

          • carmiturchick

            Just wondering where exactly he earned his degree in international studies? Also, how did a simple Bachelors from someplace in Arkansas qualify him to be Executive Director of both a Lybia group and two Syria groups funded by the State Department? Finally, he states that he is Palestinian and one article states he was born in Damascus and one parent is Syrian while the other is Palestinian.

          • apatel

            University of central Arkansas. And he is qualified because of the international work he’s done in both countries, the work he’s done with senators, and because Of his degree. It’s a body of work that’s made him qualified. Obviously qualified enough for people in both parties to listen to him. He’s also founded atleast one of those groups if I’m not mistaken.

            He may have a Palestinian parent but he’s Syrian in that he was born there and spent the early part of his life there. And even if you do consider him Palestiian, it doesn’t change anything. Found this brief article that sheds a wee bit of light on what he’s been doing and his views:


    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s who was crying during prayer… a terrorist leader.

      He’s not an American. He’s an enemy agent.

    • Fanfare Ends

      Only morons or jihadi symps call cutting Jerusalem and most of Israel in half and creating a new jihadistinian terror state “normal”.

      He stands with the Muslim brotherhood that spawned al queda, Hamas and ISIS. He glorifies the Hamas leader who sat in qatar while his own people were used as huma shields by hamasshole scum who dug terror tunnels TO KIDNAP JEWISH WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

      You can take your Proggie islamo Marxist sympathy for this scum and BIOYA.

      He needs to be in gitmo, and McCain needs to resign for associating with this scum.

  • Whit Cox

    Wow, a person who wants a state for his own people…How exposing and extreme.

    An American-Arab who has worked in Congress and learned about our form of government who likewise supports the democratic aspirations of the Arab world and doesn’t want to sit idly and watch his people get slaughtered by a ruthless dictator…again, wtf?

    I even heard that he likes to eat hummus and ride camels.

    Why can’t he just get a job at a bank and get drunk on the weekends and tweet about miley cyrus like a dang normal american?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Wow, a terrorist supporter supports terrorists… he’s a moderate.

      As bad as Miley Cyrus is, she’s probably better than mass murder for an Islamic state.

  • terry1956

    Wilsonian aspirations make the world safe for democracy ( majoratrian mob rule or a burectatic roundtable global elite, either but the former of course leads to the latter which the Fabians know, the wolf in sheeps clothes being their symbol, socialism, fascism, corporatism are useful for their goal of one world central goverence but it appears the Fabians have added another means to an end- Muslim Brotherhoodism).

  • Fanfare Ends

    Rinos and Dems rushing to arm more jihadis,mON THE ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11.

    Keep track of these losers.

  • cyndyt