Mentally Retarded Palestinians Set Up State in Denmark

Denmark has a mere 6 percent Third World population and most supporters of culturally enriching Europe until its meets the human rights standards of Pakistan and Somalia are fierce critics of its immigration policy.

Harsh features of Denmark’s immigration policy include refusing to allow everyone’s three wives and third cousins in under family reunification and blatantly racist measures such as requiring immigrants to learn Danish. The government last year watered down some of the restrictions despite criticism from the Danish People’s Party which believes Denmark should be for the Danes rather than the Somalis and the Pakistanis.

The Muslim population in Denmark doubled in 14 years making up the vast majority of its Third World population.  Meanwhile cultural enrichment is moving steadily forward as states within a state begin to form as enclaves and no-go zones where foreign criminals are the law.

“Kim Thyssen works at Odense Police special unit says that Bøgeparken in Volssmose is primarily inhabited by Arabs, and that a group of stateless Palestinians sets the agenda for the crime in the area. Many of them, have limited intelligence. The area’s school psychologists even characterize some of the young as the “slow stage” as it is called in the jargon.

Professionals in Odense, which DANISH POLICE have spoken to say unanimously that neglect, lack of stimulation from the parents and the effects of cousin-marriages are the main reasons why several of the area’s young people are mentally retarded, and therefore easily become criminal. They look up to the older comrades and win recognition by committing crime.

These young people have a low vocabulary, they are impulse-driven and not result-oriented, and therefore they are very hard to get to. They simply do not have the tools needed to solve conflict verbally. Many of them also have an extreme fondness for fire. During the summer we recorded over 100 camp fire behind Bøgeparken,’ says Kim Thyssen.

They bring with them an enormous hatred of authority. In addition, there is much reverse racism here, and it has become more pronounced in recent years. Danes have a difficult time in Bøgeparken. Danish children can not play in the sandbox, it is the Danes’ cars that are set on fire, it is the Danish the apartments where the burglars steel, it is the Danes that are shot at with air rifle it is the Danes who are exposed to street robberies.”

Isn’t it adorable how they have a “fondness” for fire. Sadly they lack the same fondness for Danes that they do for setting things on fire.

Incidentally Denmark voted to recognize Palestine as s state and has repeatedly blasted Israel for building homes in places that Muslim Settlers in Israel claim belong to them. It doesn’t appear that Denmark is enjoying the mentally retarded Palestinian state within a state on its own soil.

Why does it think Israel should set up a state of arsonists and criminals on its own soil?

  • Roger

    They don't want to be part of our civilized world.

    They immigrate to conquer, nothing less. And in France they conquer one housing complex, one no go zone at a time. All around the world it's happening and politicians pretend we don't care. We need new politicians.

    • Viet Vet

      "They don't want to be part of our civilized world."

      That's because they're not civilized.

  • Johnconrad

    We need less PC elite liberals

  • AdinaK

    Well, there is NO doubt that massive inbreeding (first cousins/uncles and nieces etc etc) among Arabs/Muslims is a cause for mental deficits, and this is NO joke. In fact, leftist multi-culti psychotics have brought western civilization to an impasse – either it will fall or Islam will. It can't stand as is, and this is the real issue –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Mary Sue

      Isn't it odd, that Leftist Elite Liberal Whackjobs will deride anyone of a conservative mindset as being mentally deficient by way of 'incestuous hillbilly marriages', yet won't even consider saying the same about practitioners of Islam who marry their cousins?

  • Nancy

    Daniel it is politically correct to use the phrase "intellectually handicapped". We don't call my son retarted. So you shouldn't no mater what religion they are.
    Thank you.

    • Mary Sue

      do you even know the source of the word?

      • Nancy

        Does it matter what the source is?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "In addition, there is much reverse racism here, and it has become more pronounced in recent years."

    Reverse racism? What's that? Wouldn't that be a good thing? Put bad things in to reverse and you get good things. This is what I was told.

    Isn't that what affirmative action does?

    So confusing.

  • John Spielman

    I guess this article can be filed under the heading of REAPING WHAT YOU SOW