Mexican Cabinet Member: If US Doesn’t Take Illegals, They’ll Be a Burden on Mexico


Imagine people that Mexico, a country that closely resembles a train that went off the rails into an exploding volcano filled with cocaine, thinks are a burden. Does taking them in really sound like a great plan?

A former Mexican cabinet member says the U.S. should accept more low-skill migrants from Central America, because otherwise the migrants would stay in Mexico.

If they can’t get into the United States, “they’re going to stay in Mexico, creating a burden for us that we have to carry,” Jorge Castañeda said on “Al Punto,” a Spanish-language show on Univision.

Immigrants hoping to enter the United States, legally or illegally, will invariably pass through Mexico to get there, Castañeda said. Assuming they can’t get into the country, with the heightened border security, he predicted that they will just stay in Mexico.

The U.S. needs to provide more temporary work visas to ensure that these illegal immigrants become U.S. citizens, rather than a “burden” that Mexico will have to deal with.

“I think Mexico should raise its voice much more clearly and forcefully to say that if the United States wants a wall, it needs to have more doors in this wall, with more bells at these doors so that Mexicans and Central Americans can enter the United States with papers,” he said, as translated.

Sure. Let’s have our immigration policy set by a neighboring country based on the number of people it wants to get rid of.


  • Veritae

    This must be why this guy is a ‘former’ member of the cabinet.

  • glpage

    So, Mexico’s sovereignty matters, but ours doesn’t.

  • OfficialPro

    Yup, that’s the real reason Mexico is angry with the US’s desire to crack down on illegals. The Mexican Govt wants the illegals from El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, etc to just pass through and NOT stay in Mehico. Which is a little self-serving because it just means Mexico’s southern border is just as porous, if not more so, than USA’s!

  • ohyehbelievit

    At least he’s honest. That’s better than we get from our present or former politicians!

  • Bryan Schmick

    What would they say if we just mirrored Mexican laws on illegal immigration?

  • Erudite Mavin

    and here is Mr. tea party, Rand Paul who is to the Left of Rubio on this subject

    Rand Paul on Amnesty: “Imagine 12 Million New Taxpayers”

    “We’re not talking about criminals we’re talking about immigrant workers caught up in a failed government visa program.”


    They got caught up in a failed visa program that involved illegally crossing the border?

    My plan will not impose a national ID card or mandatory E-Verify, forcing businesses to become policemen.

    Rand Paul gives illegals a pass to use our system

    • 1proactive2

      Rand Paul is delusional. Try this, Rand-man; “Imagine 12 million new federal nipples.”

  • CowboyUp

    Not only that, if the illegals that have lived here for any length of time have to live in their own country, they’d most likely insist on changing it into a place where they’d want to stay.

  • 1proactive2

    Somebody get word to the illegals that we’re a horrible racist country, the worst in the world, according to the left here in the U.S.. Quick, someone get to it so the illegals will stay south of the border to live in peace, love, and harmony with their like. Or is it, “ilk”?

    • mikeh420

      They teach them that already in Mexico, and they still come here.

  • Spikey1

    Sounds like Mexico can not police their own southern border i.e. the one with Guatemala and Belize.

    • mikeh420

      They “police” their southern border very well, thank you, with armed Federal Police.

  • Rdlake

    Well, I guess that says it all

  • Note to Travel Agent:

    Perhaps we can solve this dilemma to the satisfaction of both countries. Let’s send Mexico enough billions-lets make it trillions, we’re America, what the hey, -to ensure Mexico has enough to deal with the burden.This way the burden won’t be troubled to learn new language, customs, part from family maybe. And our social conscience will be at rest, knowing we’re being neighborly, and perhaps doing some overdue penance for Colonialism and Imperialism and Other Stuff.. Of course anyone who still prefers to stroll across the border ought to be welcomed, people shouldn’t be forced to limit themselves in this limitless Ecosystem. Perhaps even a Love My Burden Program where the burden can come here for schooling and medical care, perhaps catch some really good movies, and return to Mexico at weekends, as long as we agree to build earthquake -proof housing for the poor creatures. On both sides of the border. We can thus keep our heads up at the UN, knowing we’re doing the right thing. . Speaking of the UN, perhaps the Burden should apply for nationhood there, and become the UN’s burden? This way the US will support the burden more directly, and be able to supply all kinds of stuff Mexico hasn’t thought of yet. Impoverished families living in Appalachia and elsewhere in the USA will just have to realize there’s a price to pay for colonialism, and wait their turn for job training. And schools, meal programs and medical care. The US isn’t made of money, you know.