Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Stamps Destroyed for Pic of Unsafe Headstand w/o Helmet


10 years ago we weren’t Sweden. Now we’re Sweden.

An educational bureaucracy loses its mind when a child points his finger and says POW! And stamps featuring kids having fun have to be destroyed because they aren’t wearing helmets.

With the Just Move! stamp issuance the U.S. Postal Service hoped to raise awareness about the importance of physical activity in achieving a healthy lifestyle. However, according to Linns Stamp News, the USPS will be destroying the entire press run after receiving concerns from the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition over alleged “unsafe” acts depicted on three of the stamps (cannonball dive, skateboarding without kneepads and a headstand without a helmet). (There’s also a batter without a batting helmet, a girl balancing on a slippery rock, and a soccer player without kneepads or shin pads.)

If anyone got their hands on those unsafe stamps, they just became ridiculously valuable. They are probably the first stamps removed for political reasons. And that’s in a postal service that gave Stalinist Paul Robeson his own stamp. (Why not Gus Hall?)

The whole point of these stamps was to make having active fun look like fun. Which they do. Remake these pictures so that the kids are wrapped head to toe in safety gear will make them look about as fun as a Michelle Obama TV segment.

So the cannonball dive is off limits. So is a headstand without a helmet.

What kid puts on a helmet to do a headstand? Nothing says fun like telling Timmy, “Go put on your helmet and do a headstand.” Instead Timmy guzzles some more Pepsi and begins playing Grand Theft Auto. And Michelle Obama cuts his lunch some more and he skips school lunches and buys pizza instead.

And then he’ll go to college where after a decade of being told to wear a helmet to do a headstand, he’ll be encouraged to experiment with his sexuality. Because nothing is safer than that.

Mission accomplished.

  • WhyBeSoMean

    How much money did that cost? There’s always money for being politically correct.

  • DogmaelJones1

    “hey are probably the first stamps removed for political reasons. And
    that’s in a postal service that gave Stalinist Paul Robeson his own
    stamp. (Why not Gus Hall?)” I’m certain that, no matter how Obama fares in the current manufactured crisis, he will have his own stamp, some day, some how, and a “Forever” one, too. Grin, bear it, and don’t buy the stamp.

  • hammar22

    Couldn’t we just remove michele? The first lady who looks like a man and I am going very soft with this comparison. She looks like a m………….you fill in the first lady’s mug.

  • BongBong

    And how much will “Let’s Move” reimburse taxpayers for this mess?

    • pupsncats

      A postal service broke and a federal government printing worthless paper and calling it money isn’t important so a little waste of taxpayer’s money should be of no concern.

  • Sven

    Actually Daniel, even Sweden isn’t that stupid. In fact, due to a lack of accident litigation here, kids are refreshingly free to do all sorts of crazy stuff. Under 14s are supposed to wear a helmet when cycling, though (but not when doing headstands!).

  • objectivefactsmatter

    We need the fed to design safer headstand specific helmets. Which helmets are we supposed to use? There are no adequate standards for headstand helmets. We should ban all headstand performances until we’ve tested and distributed some kind of 0’Bamacare certified helmet for each specific type of intended use.

    I’m frightened. I need more clarity from the fed about what to do and what to buy. Obviously I would never attempt a headstand without the proper certified equipment.

  • Ethan Kanton

    from http://blog-stampofapproval.com/tag/just-move/

    “…The action words on the stamps invite children to participate in all the
    activities shown and remind us all that children and adults need
    regular physical activity. Artist Eli Noyes’s illustrations wonderfully
    capture the fun and playful spirit of this message.”… FAIL!

    Eli, kindly return the Taxpayer money you were given for this project. K? Thanks!

  • chan chan

    They even have a kid tombstoning, bottom middle. Disgrace.

  • Chris Behme

    Where are the kids involved in: Vote Democrat! Boycott! Civil disobedience! Vote fraud! Propaganda! Belligerence! Obama worship, etc..

    Those would be democratic “activity” stamps

    • http://www.rockingjamboree.com/ Russ Rogers

      What! Since when don’t Republicans exercise? Paul Ryan runs! He runs marathons! What was his time again?

  • CowboyUp

    It’s not like it was her money that was wasted, and the postal service is swimming in so much revenue they’re expanding their service, right?
    To commemorate this historic occasion they should issue the OSHA Cowboy stamp. I suspect they’d be wildly popular.

    • Chris Behme

      I’m personally waiting for the First Lady fashion stamps.
      Boob belts are a national fashion trend now that our historic first black FLOTUS is wearing them.

  • TheOracle

    Now this, coming on the heels of the destruction of 30 million flawed $100 bills. It’s like they could care less about wasting money.

    • pupsncats

      The money has no value anyway.

  • RegulatorGuy

    Is there any other way these O’bama’s can waste more of our money? I am so sick of this. Keep in mind since Barry is working so hard not negotioating with the Republicans, he and Moochelle are due for their monthly vacation that will cost the taxpayers tens of millions. How many have they had this year, anyway? Adding insult to injury, the Mooch Family even goes on separate vacations, including the two lovely daughters. Yes indeed these dummycraps are looking out for the small guy. Yes indeed!

  • poetcomic1

    Are you bored? That’s the secret weapon of these ‘modern illuminati’ and Masters of the Universe… to bore the rest of us into submission with sheer boring idiocy.

  • pupsncats

    It’s truly a miracle that those of us born before our all knowing, omnipresent, government bureaucrat experts (and the most knowledgeable of all people ever born, Barack and Michelle Obama), came along to make us completely safe from injuries and those big bad corporations and Republicans.

    More importantly, how did we ever survive the trauma that we were exposed to by looking in the mirror and seeing that we were either male or female when the all knowing experts tell us that there is no such thing as male or female, only a societal construct of those terms which mean nothing since one can and should construct their own gender identity?

  • Connman

    Stupid and wasteful. What a surprise!

  • dginga

    Did anyone else notice there are no BLACK faces on these stamps except for the basketball player and the skateboarder (maybe)? How did THAT get past the PC police? Isn’t it RACIST to imply that blacks only play basketball? Unless some of the shading on the rest of the stamps was intended to represent bi-racial children in honor of our Dear Leader. Honestly. What a ridiculous waste of money! ‘Cause everyone knows that children look to STAMPS to tell them what to do and how to do it.

  • TheCupcakeGeneration

    Um, I have done head stands and wearing a helmet would make it harder to balance and, therefor, easier to hurt yourself.