Mob Beats Hispanic Man: “This is for Trayvon”

trayvon martin an hero

The good news is that at least they’re starting to get the racial identification right. The bad news is now white people and Latinos are being attacked to avenge the death of a 17-year-old child who decided to beat down a local homeowner.

Balitmore Police are investigating claims a gang of black youths chased and beat a Hispanic man with the butt of a handgun while shouting, ‘this is for Trayvon’.

Christina Dudley said she was walking to her car just before 9pm last night when she saw several young black males and two black females chasing a 37-year-old Hispanic man down the street.

‘One of the boys had a handgun out and it was pointed at the back of him,’ Dudley reportedly told police.

She said when they caught up with the victim they set upon him, punching, kicking and stamping on him, yelling expletives.

‘They were just yelling and calling him names as they ran after him, but once they were hitting him and after that they started yelling, ‘This is for Trayvon,’ said Dudley, who said she heard them shout the slur several times.

According to the police report, the unnamed victim told officers that he was standing in the cross roads of Fairmont and N. Potomac Street when a group of five black males approached him.

He said they were all between 16 and 18 years old and one, about 6 foot tall and with a mohawk, lifted his shirt to reveal a silver handgun in his waistband as he said: ‘What’s up?’

Everyone in the neighborhood is well aware of the situation, but my concern is that we have a very large Hispanic population and many of them might not have Internet connection or they aren’t on that page,’ Dudley said. ‘So my concern is trying to get the word out to them.’

Let the healing begin.

A white jogger in Mississippi is one of those two men who claim “this is for Trayvon” beatings, and Devin Dickey says that Sunday night, the decision to go jogging ended with a bizarre kidnap and beating.

According to Dickey, the men who kidnapped him asked for directions to a liquor store before the alleged “this is for Trayvon” beating before brandishing a gun and demanding he enter the vehicle.

Dickey says he was taken elsewhere, and that the men asked if he knew “Trayvon.” He said he didn’t, per his account, to which the men specified Trayvon Martin. Dickey says he answered affirmatively, and was beaten.

Local news stations quote Dickey:

He said, ‘Do you know who Trayvon is?’ I said, ‘No,’ thinking of somebody local. He said, ‘Trayvon Martin.’ I said ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘I’m going to beat you… For Trayvon.’

No word on whether either of the victims looked like one of Obama’s hypothetical sons.

  • Nabuquduriuzhur

    If black Americans don’t cut this out, the mexicans are going to return it. With 60 million illegals in this nation, that is twice the number of black Americans.

    Unlike white Americans, who have adopted a “sit back and be hurt” stance, mexicans are not likely to put up with black Americans attacking them.

    We are seeing a race war developing that the black American racists who started it cannot hope to win.

    • DogmaelJones1

      Hey, this is one “white guy” who won’t sit back and be hurt. The first Trayvon clone who approaches me with malice in mind is going to get back whatever he shovels out. That goes for Muslims, too.

    • OfficialPro

      oh they absolutely will not put up with it. The Mexican gangs least of all. There’s practically a civil war going on in Southern California between blacks and hispanics.

      And no wonder. Blacks have taken the racism and oppression they claim they are recipients of, and proved that they can do likewise by using white (and some hispanic) people as a proxy for revenge. Nobody taught them that it’s not logical, nor does it help bring Trayvon back, plus it’s just as likely to turn more white and hispanic people against black people.

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      • ziggy zoggy

        Did you look at a big pile of steaming stupidity?

    • ziggy zoggy

      You are completely correct. The beaners are going to kill them. If you fight one bean, you fight the whole burrito. Attack a beaner when there are others around and he will shout “la raza” and all the rest will gang up on the aggressor and beat him stupid. Mexicans are already clearing their neighbothoods of Blacks. No contest.

  • Melinda Craig

    You are correct in saying Hispanics won’t take this crap laying down like the whites do. Hispanics will kill many more blacks than they lose, but idiot whites are so terrified of being called racist they still will not stand up to the black murders.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “Mob Beats Hispanic Man: “This is for Trayvon””

    Social justice in action.

    • OfficialPro

      Nobody taught them logic.

  • Tan

    Do these thugs want a race war? Because that’s what they’re asking for. And I thought it was just whites that were the target only. Well, hopefully this does not turn into a major racial provocation. I thought I heard rumors somewhere that this could turn into another 1992 riot.

    • UCSPanther

      There have been, but as long as it remains as relatively calm like it is now, we may escape it, but there is no telling when something will flare up and turn into 1992 all over again…

  • http://WWW.MISES.ORG/ Mark Rodriguez

    Come to think of it. Black leaders like Al Sharpton and others have been claiming the issue is all about race and that non-white, Hispanic Zimmerman killed Treyvon because of his skin color.

    Do Asians have racist leaders in USA?

    Is that what the Latinos get for being too silent?

  • ReyR

    I always suspected that blacks are the real racists, not us. Now I know it for a fact.

  • Broder

    “Baltimore police…” that’s all I needed to read. Baltimore has had a problem with black mobs beating and robbing non-blacks long before the Zimmerman trial. Just search “black mob baltimore” on youtube.

  • ElizabethMC

    Any excuse to beat someone will do for these savages.

    • Rhonda Clark

      They are butchering us Mexicans , Hispanics Asians and you whites, Someone has to do something to stop them blacks, they even kill Gays daily. Were being murdered. They have killed millions of every race , when are we all going to stand up to them. and ABC, CBS, NSNBC, CNN, no News unless one of us does something against a black. Like the Zimmermin case..16 thousand whites, Lantino, Hispanics , have been beaten to death..WHY? see crimes in Chicago 2013 Nation News..Hey Jackass in Chicago 2013..look they are killing alot of us Mexicans..WND NEWS..stick together bear arms..also home invadings are up. please tell everyone about this web site

  • CowboyUp

    I can see why holder wants to end “Stand your ground” laws, and it’s not for the reason he claims.
    All the heated rhetoric about the verdict being a lynching, and it now being okay to hunt down Black children and murder them, is a tacit approval and encouragement for those very things to be done for to anyone who happens to be light skinned.

  • lauraliciousy

    Mob Beats Hispanic Man: “This is for Trayvon”

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    • ziggy zoggy

      Exclusive handmade stupidity.

  • Sharon Johnson

    Most Black people need an education about the real world. Blacks kill Blacks more than any other race. 94 % of Black people kill Black people, So if they did the same thing out of vengeance there would be no more Blacks left. I know very good and smart Black people, They do not agree with this happening. It is ashamed what they are doing, this is so dumb. I say put all the mean people together on an Island and let them live their own way.How dumb are they? Whites and Hispanics would out number Blacks by far. Do they really want to act a fool? I have Blacks in my own family no one wants this racist crap! And i said “all the Mean People” not just Blacks! Martin Luther King was a very good Man and he tried so hard for everyone to be equal, This is a slap in his face. We all have mixed families so can we all just show love toward each other…PLEASE..

  • BlueMoney

    So now the nogs are going after Spanish guys as well as whites? Good, I say… maybe more Hispanics will wake up to the value of the Second Amendment (they tend to be more leftist regarding gun rights than whites, as a whole.)

  • BlueMoney

    To the author of this article… 17 years old is NOT A CHILD. You can join the military (with parental consent) at 17, among other things. Outside of arbitrary legalism, a 160-pound, 6-foot 17-year-old should be considered a man!

  • OfficialPro

    Let me get this straight: A Black mob beats up a Hispanic man for being hispanic…in response to a shooting of a black teen that they CLAIM was shot for “being black”.

    The irony, it burns…