Moderate Muslim Indonesia Debates Virginity Tests for Female High School Students


I guess this is supposed to take the guesswork out of honor killings.

In an attempt to discourage pre-marital sex and prostitution, Indonesian officials have proposed virginity test on females of senior high school.

Muhammad Rasyid, head of education South Sumatra’s district, believes that the test would be started next year.

He has even earmarked a budget for the project.

Some termed the move as ‘excessive and reasoned that loss of virginity is not merely because of sexual intercourse, but may arise due to variety of different reasons, like exercise and sports.

However, Rasyid defended his decision. He believes that the proposal will result in prevention of prostitution and free sex.

This is not the first time that such a proposal has been passed by Sumatran administration. In 2010, a similar plan was shelved after it received widespread criticism.

However according to the vice chairman of some commission, urine tests are far more important to catch students who use drugs.

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  • Factory_Hag

    This is probably to make girls afraid and too embarrassed to go to High School. Girls are sensitive at that age, especially ones brought up to be very modest.

  • Gee

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