Moderate Muslims Threaten Elementary School Teachers with Death for Not Wearing Burka


Women with uncovered faces might give the little tykes all sorts of ideas. This isn’t happening in Afghanistan… but in Tunisia. The heartland of the Arab Spring.

A group of Salafites has issued death threats against teachers at an elementary school in Djerba, Tunisia, if they will not start wearing the Islamic veil within a week.

In a letter with the logo of Ansar al Sharia, a Salafist Islamic group suspected of terror activities and banned by the Tunisian government, the teachers are threatened by an organization which calls itself a repression cell in the region.

The death threat was denounced by the school director who took the letter to the police.

Primary schools have long been targeted by Islamists as part of what appears like a general plan to set up, without authorization, dozens of Koranic schools with programmes which are completely different from official ones.

A repression cell. How precisely accurate.

Handy solution. If you have trouble setting up your own schools just threaten all the other schools into complying with your program.

Some might complain that it’s unfair to call Salafis moderate. But I’m not being sarcastic. If the Muslim Brotherhood can be repeatedly referred to as a moderate group as well as many of the Salafist militias in Syria that aren’t Al Qaeda… that clearly isn’t a problem.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    The Quran does not specifically mention the Burka or tell women to wear such extremely confining clothes. Instead, it instructs men and women to dress and behave modestly in society . The Burka is actually a cultural expression of female suppression, so ordered by men.
    These people are cruel, uncivil morons and I have no patience for them.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      It’s inferred. The point is that you’ve got to cover your cattle so that you don’t temp your rapist peers. A lot of Islamic sharia came from Arab paganism. So it is cultural but it’s also Islamic.

  • cscape

    Silly me…. I thought it was happening in Brookline, MA

  • muchiboy

    By any definition,these are not moderates.We know these Islamic Fundamentalists are extremists and it is the Moderates who are suffering at their hands.The Brotherhood are what they are.You seem intent on painting all Muslims with the same brush to forward your Islamic bias and anti Islamic agenda.And after some convoluted reasoning and doubious comparisons,that’s your point.Why didn’t you say so in the first place,and let us move on to the next negative post here.

    • Lee

      When a “religion” promotes executing gays & stoning women and approves of paedophilia, only a barbarian would not feel “bias”.

      • muchiboy

        Sure Lee,I have similar concerns.Certainly,Christianity has benefited from Secularism that has played an important part in building and embracing Modernity.Meanwhile,we are awaiting the young Iranian,Iraqi,Saudi and Pakistani to embrace the sixties sexual revolution.

        • Lee

          I don’t expect anyone to embrace the sexual revolution. That’s up to the individual and I am tolerant of personal choice. Evangelical Christians do not embrace the sexual revolution either – and that’s fine with me. BUT I don’t accept treating women worse than animals, killing people because of their sexuality or because they are of a different faith. I don’t accept honour killings or burning churches. Having multiple wives is illegal here as is sexual activity with minors. In every European country with a large Muslim population, there is trouble – rapes, fraud, violence and ENDLESS demands for Sharia law. They have taken over whole neighbourhoods and tell the police they are not allowed in! People who choose to live under Sharia should stay in a Muslim country. They should not expect other countries to change their laws to accommodate them. If I moved to a Muslim country they would not change any laws to suit me. Is it any wonder so many doubt the oft-stated “Islam is Peace”, “Islam is Love”? To many of us it seems “Islam is Intolerance” and “Islam is Submit or Die”.

        • muchiboy

          As to the sexual revolution of the sixties,well,I don’t think we are going to see it among young Muslims.My point was more secularism,less fundamental religious dogma in day to day life.We are in general agreement here,I think.

  • itsmyview

    There are no such people as moderate muslims. If the so called moderate muslims believe in living in peace why don’t they try to stop the radicals. when muslims are attacked anywhere in the world, the moderates go crazy over it. But when these radicals kill non muslims, have you seen any protests from the moderates ? Bcoz they dont care.

    • conan_drum

      ‘Moderate’ muslims are always looking over their shoulder at their neighbours and live in constant fear of being called not Islamic enough. The natural tendency of Islam is to more extremism as sure as sheet rolls downhill. I have seen it happen, A ‘moderate’ country I live in for 4 years in the 90s was getting more strict, even nonmuslims were under pressure to convert and now low and behold they have just made sharia the official legal system.
      Islam does not embrace liberalism it is contrary to its nature. The more liberal muslims flee to non Muslim countries where their chidren seems to often embrace extremist views

      • itsmyview

        I understand and I can imagine how it would be like. Sorry to hear that.

      • itsmyview

        Where do you belong from btw..?

    • Kirk Lazarus

      We’ll see the Gog Magog war in the next decade maybe sooner, and then we won’t hear another peep of complaint coming from the muslim nations left in the middle east.

  • Jsdksd

    It’s absurdly obvious that Muslim men are incapable of controlling themselves. None of this comes from the Quran, but from some errant cultural teaching. Their intolerance of other religions, their treatment of women and children all make any dream of multiculturalism doomed to failure. It’s sadly humorous that the US and Canada continue to try and harmonize relations between religions when in Europe its been proven that Muslims cannot peacefully exist alongside other religious groups.

  • IftikharA

    The Minister Jeremy Browne calls for a national debate on the niqab,
    yet we have been debating this for over ten years now — if not more. And every
    time we discuss the niqab, it usually comes with a diet of bigoted commentary
    about our faith and the place of Islam in Britain. There are few people
    who wear the niqab, and they should be allowed to wear this veil if they freely
    decide to do so. All Islamic junctions make provision for necessity
    and exceptional circumstances. Nevertheless, this is a personal choice. In Britain, we cherish our right to freedom of religion. I would like to remind those who call for a ban to heed the warning of minister Damian Green who said that introducing such a ban would be ‘un-British’. To do so would involve embarking on a slippery slope where the freedom to wear religious attire of all faiths would be at risk.”

    Comparing the experience of other countries, Talat Ahmed added: “In Canada, the state of Quebec is attempting to follow France by introducing the ban as well. But the higher virtues of freedom are being demonstrated in Anglophone Canada where a hospital has bravely taken out a recruitment ad featuring a smiling hijabi young woman captioned: ‘“We don’t care what’s on your head, we care what’s in it.’”

    On the question of whether the niqab is an Islamic requirement, Talat Ahmed said: “We recognise that there are different theological approaches to the niqab. Some consider this to be an essential part of their faith, while others do not. Even amongst those who do consider the niqab to be an ultimate expression of their faith, there are some who emphasise the need to be practical when there is an essential need to show ones face — for example, for reasons of security. Even amongst members of the Muslim Council of Britain, there are different views on the niqab, and how Muslim women who wear such attire, can make a positive contribution to society. Islamic practices allow for certain exceptions, and in the spirit of being reasonable. That debate will continue, but it must be done and led by Muslim women, who freely decide to wear, or not wear the niqab or hijab.”

    The Daily Mail, Independent, the Daily Telegraph, the Sun and Guardian all featured opinion pieces questioning the logic behind the decision with some writers expressing outright Islamophobic and racist views. Birmingham Metropolitan College’s decision last week to reverse its ban on the veil
    was met with outcry and condemnation in many of this weekend’s newspapers with some politicians and columnists taking umbrage at the policy reversal. I have interviewed about 10 niqabis for a research project this
    year and all of them chose to veil, they are not forced into it. Some veil
    against the wish of their family. They engage meaningfully in communities, doing
    charity, teaching, volunteering. They go out of their way to interact with
    people. They are ok taking off the niqab in security situations e.g. airport.
    They are not Saudi-funded fundamentalists. They treat the UK as home. I do not
    see why they are to be forced to take off their veils, and it would be nicer on
    the eye to see more niqabs instead of horrible folds and rolls of flesh on
    Friday and Saturday nights in my city. Just an opinion. I hope the UK sobers up
    about this and finds other things to worry about.

  • Infidel Task Force

    “…issued death threats”
    The muslim mafia strikes again.

  • Bruce Wayne

    islam sucks

  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    Muslims are psychopathic killers.

  • Callengreen

    The issues of civility within the Muslim religion will not be resolved until its followers seek Truth. This does not come in the form of any man made religion whatsoever, but only in the very personal reaching and searching for the Author of Wisdom and the Creator of Life, independently, by each individual person.
    That search if approached humbly, objectively, and sincerely, will lead to the One who says “I Am the Truth and the Life” and conducted himself accordingly. The rest fall short.


Even what tries to pass as Christianity today is short of that
    reach, but despite its erosion, has a closer tune to the given freedom
    expressed by the fact of our existence. No religion has it completely right,
    however some are way off the mark.

    The Koran does not offer much on this. It does offer questionable practices incongruent with a healthy, free, independent, and knowledgeable society. The message in the Bible from beginning to end, is predominately about freedom. Freedom does not mean permit for perversion of any kind (to our discredit in the western world), and certainly not in the issues of sexuality and justice.


Consider this contrast;
    Mohammed received his “divine revelation” from an angel in a cave. So
    did Joseph Smith of Mormon fame. Moses received his on the top of a mountain in full view of the world.

Though one should acknowledge reforms in the Mormon system, both (at one time) allowed for multiple underage marriages constituting a basic mistreatment of women. Polygamy is a form of feminine mistreatment conducted by men of shallow hearts.
    This was not what was intended for real loving relationships between male and
    female. Women are not livestock. Although some of the biblical patriarchs had
    multiple wives, this was never how it was supposed to be from the beginning. “Male and female He created them” and “the two shall become one flesh” is a much better system for all involved, especially the children.

    Consider which system has resulted in better production, maintenance, propagation of free thought, charity, and human well-being.
 Our western system of justice, laws and societal norms, eroded as they currently are, grew from those first Ten Commandments. We should get back to them.

  • islamsux

    Unless the west is willing to takeover middle east, then it’s pointless to complain.