Mohamed Elibiary Admits America Treats Minorities Better Than Muslim World


Muslim Brotherhood activist and Department of Homeland Security advisor Mohamed Elibiary, having finally removed the Muslim Brotherhood’s R4BIA hate symbol from his Twitter profile, when challenged couldn’t name a single Muslim country that treats minorities as well as America does.

So instead of naming a Muslim country that treats non-Muslims equally, he named America…


There’s something darker behind this of course. Mohamed Elibiary is trying to pretend that in the Islamic division of the world into the Dar Al Harb and the Dar Al Islam, America can be part of the Dar Al Islam, instead of the Realm of War, that Islamic approval of the Constitution can allow America immunity from terrorism by flying under a Muslim flag.

It’s foolishly delusional. European and Russian leaders have been told the same things by their Muslim clerics. It’s nonsense of course.

The Muslim world is not going to recognize an Islamic-approved Constitution, only an Islamic-inspired Constitution, that’s why the Constitution of even so-called moderate Muslim countries with some infusions of secularism make it clear that Sharia is the source of legislation.

The idea that you can have an Imam look at what you’re doing in politics, the way that he might look at a Campbell’s soup factory or a bank, and say that’s it okay because it doesn’t violate Sharia, is a fantasy. The Caliphate goal is Sharia-inspired legislation, not Sharia-compatible legislation.

Furthermore, the United States is not remotely Sharia compatible except in the vaguest of outlines and not even then.

Do liberals really imagine that their fantasy world of gay marriage, abortion on demand and legalized obscenity would pass muster with Sharia?

  • Judahlevi

    Obama, and many on the far left, depend on people who don’t have the intellectual curiosity to try to discover truth – and yes, there is objective truth. They find it much easier to just believe whatever some politician or partisan tells them.

    There is no way that America has a “Islamically compliant constitution.” The ONLY people who would believe this are people who would believe almost anything.

    Today, more than ever, you need to learn how to discern the difference between truth and falsehoods. It is critical to have enough knowledge to know when someone is outright lying to you. Otherwise, you are just one of the sheep.

    • kikorikid

      I believe our President is Shariah Compliant.
      Ft.Hood is more than enough for me.

  • P. Collard

    This guy is so blatantly EVIL and in our face that I’m gobsmacked the DHS has the GALL to keep him around. Was he not accused of ESPIONAGE in getting into files he was not supposed to and then circulating them? The U.S. has executed people for espionage, has it not? And yet the DHS keeps him around happily.

    I’m furious about this Muslim Brotherhood fanatic infiltrator in our government, thumbing his nose at us all. What can we do about it?

    Is he a naturalized citizen? Do we really not have any born citizens who could occupy this post?

    This man’s presence in our government is an UTTER disgrace, and that’s not coming from a Conservative.

    BOO HISS!! Get rid of Mohammed Elibiary NOW. He needs to go, and if the politicians won’t get rid of him, we will get rid of them. None of them should be gainfully employed by the U.S. gov’t if they are aiding and abetting such despicable TRAITORS.

  • Veracious_one

    Muslims have promised to replace the US Constitution with Islamic Shar’ia law…

    • Rachel C Miller

      Where can I find the source on this, please?

    • William Straesser

      There are some courts in this once great country where the judge has deferred to Sharia law.

  • WorldWatchman

    The inbreeding is obvious. muslims should not be in America. And, if the liberals love them so much then they too should leave with them. Let them go back to where they came from and practice all the sharia they want. Just not in my country. See how long it takes for those liberals to change their minds about their good friends.

  • DogmaelJones1

    “Do liberals really imagine that their fantasy world of gay marriage,
    abortion on demand and legalized obscenity would pass muster with
    Sharia?” Apparently they do. But liberals live in what Greenfield says is a fantasy world. It has nothing to do with reality. And the only way liberals/leftists/Marxists/ and etc. can impose their fantasy world on the rest of us is with force.

  • Jason

    Shame! Shame for calling the USA, one of the most free nations on earth, an Islamic nation. They are polar opposites Mr. Elibiary. It will never happen, we will not let it.

    • Rachel C Miller

      What interpretation of an Islamic country are you making? I’m wanting to understand the conflict better. See, I think he may be referring to America being a home to many Muslims. And there is no way that in the future some one would admit to trying to have an established religion in America. We are the america to many religions and peoples.

      • Jason

        I would consider an Islamic country any country with a Muslim majority that has a law code inspired by the Sharia. In addition to that, any region where Sharia law is applied, be that in Europe, Africa or wherever.

        Despite America being home to many Muslims, it is not Islamic. That’s like calling America an African country, because there are so many African Americans. Not true.

        You say there is no way for people to establish an official religion in America? I give you two examples of why you’re wrong. Firstly, in Colonial America you had to be a member of a church to be a citizen. It’s happened once, it could happen again. Secondly, of all Muslim majority countries, only Indonesia and Turkey are remotely secular. America might be for all people, but Islam is for Muslims only.

        • Rachel C Miller

          I agree that it is an incorrect statement to say that America is an Islamic country. There are still countries that are well-known that are religious than secular including the government. But I think a better comparison would be to say a catholic country not Africa. But I get the point.
          Also, it happened that once before the enforcement of the bill of rights and what is know as the first amendment. So unless there are crazy supreme court justices out there, it won’t happen.

          • Jason

            You seem to be underestimating the severity of the situation. Perhaps not in America, Canada and Australia, but in almost everyother Western nation, the percentage of population that is Islamic is rising, at an average of about 6%. Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a lot, and it’s rising. Give it 50 years, and Europe could be an Islamic majority region. 100, and America might be. The trends all indicate this is the case. A supreme court justice isn’t going to uphold the constitution in an Islamic majority country, not when Quran 18:26 says that Allah wont accept other forms of government. If you want to get into an in depth discussion of this, let me know and I’ll give you contact details.

          • Jake-a-runi

            Population biologists of four and five decades ago did advise ending immigraton from high birhrate cultures.

          • pete

            “Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a lot, and it’s rising”

            check your handy reference chart of percentage of muslim saturation for approximate agitation – or hey, just look to the scandanavian countries and see who is doing (nearly)all the raping of the local girls.

            [Bill O’Baxter, your thoughts??]

          • Veracious_one

            There are still countries that are well-known that are religious than secular including the government
            Which countries would that be?

          • Lisa Pratt

            There taking over as you set there and type ,,hey pssssst theres one running our country ,wake up!

      • Veracious_one

        And there is no way that in the future some one would admit to trying to have an established religion in America.

        and then there is the Muslim Brotherhoods strategic goal.

      • JK

        True Rachel, but first and foremost we are a Nation built on the values of Judeo-Christian values.

    • bill reitzes

      Sorry to tell you that you have already allowed the cancer in the door and now it will use it’s tried and true(to them) playbook to salami you to death.
      Piece by piece, slice by slice, concession after concession and one day you will wake up and the salami has consumed you.
      Good luck with “we will not let it” The cancer is growing untouched in your once great America right now. Could you imagine what Americans would have done to someone who declared the US to be a communist state in the 40’s?
      “It will never happen” I wish you luck because you appear to be the last powerful bastion of free left in today’s world.
      Oh yeah, while I’m at it, force your government to strongly back Israel, because all this wavering by Obama regarding the Jewish people is causing you too many problems and loss of your power.
      History has proven that, when an empire turns it’s back on the Jews, it’s days are numbered.
      God bless

  • Drakken

    Is there somewhere in Washington a patriotic American who can rid us of this traitor in our midst?

  • Gee

    What is really telling is countries like America and Israel treat Muslims better than any Muslim country treats Muslims

    • ketsrelblue

      Not everyone in Israel believes in treating Christians and Muslims with respect.

      • Livingontheedgeoftheabyss

        But the law does and grants them equal rights (and does not require from them equal responsibilities).



    Raise the Jolly Roger over Mecca!

  • Infidel4Ever

    I’m not surprised our Anti-American “leadership” has a Muslim Brotherhood slimeball like him on the payroll. Probably got an Obamacare waiver, too.

  • hogidhotsh

    I’m phucking sick of these muthaphukers now.

  • Jake-a-runi

    We could replace the phrase under God imbedded in our Pledge of Allegiance with the unIslamic free from theocracy.

  • William Straesser

    You are right Jason, but if Americans do not stand up and support people whom oppose Islam for what it is, then we will experience more trouble with this group of pagan worshipers than we already have.

  • Bruce Norbeck

    “Do liberals really imagine that their fantasy world of gay marriage, abortion on demand and legalized obscenity would pass muster with Sharia?”

    Does Daniel Greenfield realize this is a “loaded question” fallacy?

  • 1Prophet

    Not on my watch! This is America CHUMP, where you will meet your Waterloo and your blood will flood our streets and the buzzards will pick your bones!