Moroccans Protest Against Muslim Brotherhood Government


The Islamist takeover may have been most visible in Egypt, but it actually took hold in a number of countries. Morocco, which still has a king, saw a win by the Muslim Brotherhood.

But just like Egypt and Tunisia, Islamist rule isn’t proving to be too popular.

Up to 5,000 people protested in the Moroccan capital Sunday against the Islamist government and the high cost of living after price rises of staple goods, a journalist said.

Some protesters brandished placards bearing a “thumbs down” symbol.

“We’re protesting because of high prices of milk, meat and now petrol,” 48-year-old Hassan Marrakchi said. “And there’s no work. We don’t want Benkirane — he’s done nothing.”

The government is scrambling to limit the impact of oil price fluctuations on Morocco’s ailing public finances, with fuel subsidies weighing heavily on the budget of the North African country, which imports almost all its energy needs.

Under the controversial indexation system, the price of diesel surged 8.4 percent to 0.79 euros per litre, while petrol hit 1.14 euros a litre, a rise of 4.8 percent, a government official confirmed.

The move increased the pressure on many ordinary Moroccans already struggling to make a living.

Economic discontent helped take down Mubarak and Morsi. It may take down Benkirane as well.


  • Biff Henderson

    The economic miracle of colonial times is being usurped by Islam. Ride that puppy into chaos. Allah likes to toy with His gullible slaves.

  • Aizino Smith

    The Salafis all won using the same method in Turkey, Morocco and Egypt

    They assiduously collected donations from the faithful and helped some poor people. And they heavily advertised their good works

    When they got elected people found that life did not get any better and in some cases got worse.

    It is one thing to raise millions and help some poor people and another to be the government and have to help all poor people.

  • JacksonPearson

    Wherever Islam spreads, is then followed by darkness, death, and destruction!

    • LTFUZZ

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      The Muslims started killing innocent men, women, and children in eastern Europe, which is the start of the Crusades.

  • AnaLorenaVictor

    while the left in the west make excuses for evil Islam, the people who lives in it are tired of the abuse.


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