Morocco PM Claims He Isn’t Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Brotherhood Says He Is

It’s a testament to the Muslim Brotherhood’s growing unpopularity in the Middle East over their abuses of power in Egypt, that other Brotherhood cells are trying to disguise their identity again.

In Morocco, the Islamist political victories captured less attention than those in Egypt and Tunisia because it still has a king, but the Islamists still won there. But now Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane is trying to back away from being identified with the Brotherhood.

Morocco’s Islamist premier, Abdelilah Benkirane, denied links with the Muslim Brotherhood, Arab press reported on Tuesday.

Benkirane, head of the ruling Islamist Justice and Development party, emphasised that Islamist movements have “their own political thought”.

“People voted for us as a political party as Moroccans are Muslims by nature; the government does not plan to Islamise society or interfere in people’s personal lives,” he said.

The problem with Benkirane’s denial is that not only does his Justice and Development Party look and sound like the other Islamist fronts for the Brotherhood in the region, and it is widely known as the local Brotherhood franchise, but the Muslim Brotherhood’s own site described the JDP as its offshoot in an article with the topic “MB Around the World.”

Abdullah Baha, the leader of the PJD bloc in parliament and the party’s under secretary-general told Ikhwanweb…

Bahaa said about the coming elections:” They allow them as a party to have a direct contact with and listen to people. However, they require more preparations and efforts. The Under Secretary General of the Justice and Development Party in Morocco “the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot there” added that his party will field candidates in all constituencies and that the administrations of the election campaigns are working day and night and everything is moving smoothly.

So yes PJD is indeed the Brotherhood and it has the same agenda. It just doesn’t yet have the same degree of power to carry out that agenda.

  • Moxtar

    Sorry, you're quite mistaken. The Egyptian MB is very quick to assimilate any and all islamist movement to it. It doesn't matter what that organisation says. This sentence, that the “the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot there” has been added by the MB, not declared by the Moroccan party spokesperson. The Israelis are no better, painting all and any movement as a MB offshoot is useful and convenient. Here in Morocco the PJD has never claimed any affiliation, and since it has been in the government has proven not to seek the same objectives as the Egyptians, employ the same rhetoric, tactics, or actions, further proving its difference if it has yet to be proven. The PM had to react to the foreign press amalgamation, but here in Morocco, no one equates them to the Brotherhood, even their enemies, and there are many of those. I should say, they actually know better.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      PJD uses the same type of name and rhetoric as most MB fronts and the Brotherhood identifies it as one of its own.

      I don't see the Brotherhood describing the AKP as a Brotherhood offshoot.

      • abadan1830

        No one should be denying that there are similarities between the PJD in Morocco and the MB party in Egypt. The similarities are many: Both are Muslims, both are formed in the Arab environment (unlike AKP), both are playing politics with a Islamic reference, both have benefited from the Arab Spring (unlike AKP in degree), both need to satisfy populations that share more identities and references between them (than they do with the AKP's constituents). However as for having a subordinate-superordinate relationship? There is no evidence for it whatsoever.

        Its important to remember that Egyptians consider themselves to be the leaders of the Arab World. This is a solemn belief among the Egyptian people, one that is heavily endorsed outside Egypt too. And while it doesn't engender harm per se, it can be awkward when Maghreb countries are concerned, because historically, these countries have offered a gentle resistance to Egyptian imperiousness. We can spot this gentle resistance to Egyptian imperiousness in the words of Prime Minister Benkirane of the PJD:

        "The Islamic movement in Morocco has its own ideology; we have nothing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood as some claim." — Read more:

        More importantly, Benkiran/The PJD does not even control Morocco, the King does, so examining the relationship between the King and the MB would be more meaningful. However even that would be idle since there is nothing to examine.

    • JacksonPearson

      Taqiyya is a concept that non Muslims must bear in mind when reading or listening to Muslims' words. Taqiyya (also spelled taqiya or taqiyyah) is lying to advance Islam and/or to prevent harm to Muslims (taqiyya literally means "prevention").

      Muslims justify taqiyya from the Quran, other Islamic texts and the example set by Muhammad, including: "The Apostle said…'Who will rid me of Ibnul Ashraf?' Muhammad bin Maslama, brother of the Bani Abdul-Ashaf, said, 'I will deal with him for you, O Apostle of Allah, I will kill him.'

      [Muhammad] said, 'Do so if you can… All that is incumbent upon you is that you should try.' [The Assassin] said, 'O Apostle of Allah, we shall have to tell lies.' He answered, 'Say what you like, for you are free in the matter.'" – Ibn Ishaq, The Life of Muhammad, page 307

      "The Prophet said, 'War is deceit.'" – Volume 4, Book 52, Hadith 269

      "By Allah, and Allah willing, if I take an oath and later find something else that is better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath." – Volume 7, Book 67, Hadith 427 "The believers never ally themselves with the disbelievers, instead of the believers. Whoever does this is exiled from Allah.

  • Mohammed Lebbadi

    Mr Daniel Greenfield should do a little homework! Our PJD, ex-MPDC, has nothing to do with the 'Muslim Brotherhood' and Dr Khatib, the founder, was a close friend of King Hassan II who was allergic to the MB!

    • Mary Sue

      Perhaps the PJD is being infiltrated now?

    • JacksonPearson

      Daniel has done his homework. What part of the Middle East doesn't come under Muslim Brotherhood authority? If not, then why are the Hoodies pushing so hard for a revitalized Middle East Caliphate?

      • abadan1830

        Morocco is not in the Middle East. I hope you would not insist that it is, you would be missing a basic point of geography.

        "What part of the Middle East doesn't come under Muslim Brotherhood authority?" Well, your country's best friend in the Middle East – SAUDI ARABIA'S RULERS – are a notorious enemy of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Gulf and Jordanian regimes are hostile to the Muslim Brotherhood in general. The authorities in Syria are secular and have a penchant for killing political Muslims, and the rebels there are beholden to the Gulf dynasties if anything, not to the Muslim Brotherhood. The regimes in Iraq and Lebanon are dominated by the Shia, who follow not Sunni Islam like the Muslim Brotherhood. In Yemen there is a nationalist party. A better question is, what part of the Middle East DOES come under the Muslim Brotherhood authority?

        Support for the Caliphate isn't a good indication of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood. Salafis support the former and many part with the latter. Hell, even I as an atheist (of Muslim parents) have some sympathy for the idea of the Caliphate in as much as it would be a social, political and economic block. However if you insist that I am wrong by making this distinction and supporting the Caliphate equals an association with the MB, just pay attention to the PJD's rhetoric; you will not find one instance of the "Caliphate" being mentioned. This must prove that they are outside the MB's authority according to your assumption. If so, your assumption is wrong but the conclusion would be right.

  • warren raymond

    Sure. Its like "Islam has nothing to do with terrorism" and Iran wants the bomb for peaceful purposes.

    Same old, same old….

  • Lebbadi

    Mr Raymond, we are talking about a political party and you want to discuss Islam and terrorism and so on. I am ready to discuss that with you, Islamophobes are my favorites, they make my day. My point is that the author doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and ignorance is the enemy of all of us, including the Islamophobes who know nothing about Islam but just want to attack, attack, yes, “same old, same old!”

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The Muslim Brotherhood also doesn't know what it's talking about?

  • Westerner

    All Arab Islamist will deny that they belong to the MB and that they are "moderate". Remember that deception is their speciality: The Quran establishes that there are circumstances that can “compel” a Muslim to tell a lie. It's called "makara" in Arabic. Islam permits lying to deceive unbelievers and bring World Domination.

  • Mohammed Lebbadi

    Mr Westerner, yes, deception is our speciality, thank you, sometimes I do that! I pretend I am a 'westerner' and attack Islam, I quote things from the 'sacred book' about women and homosexuals and kids and slaves and violence and massacres and the like, and people comment saying "see!" And then I tell them those were all quotes from the Bible! You see, Mr Westerner, before you attack an enemy you should know him well or you will loose your battle against him, you Islamophobes keep repeating a few words Pamela Geller or others tell you about us, but do you really do a little research before using them? If you continue like this, sure, Islam "will bring World Dominance" whatever that means!!!