Morsi-Loving CUNY Professor Goes on Anti-Catholic Rant Over Jon Stewart

CUNY stands for the City University of New York, once a notable institution, now an upgraded high school whose academic standards are actually below some high schools.

Professor Ibrahim Habib teaches IP routing in the Department of Electrical Engineering at CUNY. He’s also a rather rabid partisan of Egypt’s Islamist ruler Mohammed Morsi, littering Twitter with angry but illiterate attacks on Morsi’s enemies.

Two days ago Jon Stewart did a commentary on the arrest of Bassem Youssef, his Egyptian counterpart, for insulting President Morsi and Islam. The US Embassy in Cairo retweeted the episode. The tweet got an angry response from the Brotherhood and Morsi and was taken down by the US Embassy in Cairo.

Not satisfied with that, the Muslim Brotherhood Twitter account sent out a link to an Al Jazeera video accusing Jews of controlling the media. The video referenced an old fight between Jon Stewart and Rick Sanchez, formerly of CNN.

Rick Sanchez refused to be a part of that and blasted the Brotherhood for destroying freedom of speech in Egypt.

Rick Sanchez’s tweets then came to the attention of Professor Ibrahim Habib. Habib deleted his Tweets, but we do have one of the Tweets that he sent out and that Rick Sanchez retweeted.

Is Habib a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? Quite a few Muslim Brothers do have teaching gigs in the United States and Habib does spend a lot of time shouting Allah Akbar and calling for the downfall of assorted governments. Naturally he really hates Israel and appears to go out of his way to attack some critics of Islamic misogyny.

But when he isn’t doing that, Professor Habib offers unsolicited advice to world leaders.

Professor Ibrahim Habib sounds borderline illiterate, but then again he teachers at a school where much of the student body is illiterate. He’s filled with formless hatred and champions Islamist revolutions in Egypt while demanding that Obama raise taxes for his benefit.

Rick Sanchez has demanded accountability from CUNY over Habib’s bigoted Tweets, but the accountability isn’t likely to come. CUNY is publicly funded but Habib wouldn’t be the first bigoted faculty member there.

  • Omar

    Ibrahim Habib is a paid agent of Iran who supports Communism and Islamist jihadism.

    • defcon 4

      I thought the Iranian Communists were exterminated during the Iranian Islamic Revolution?

      • Omar

        Some were, but not all. In fact, many Iranian Communists support the Islamist regime today because the mullahs are anti-Western, anti-Israel, anti-democracy and pro-totalitarian. Yes, the Communists and the Islamists do have different views on social matters like women's rights (supposedly), but they are united in opposition to the West and democracy. Remember that the Islamist regime in Iran has a strong alliance with some of the despotic regimes in Latin America like the Castro dictatorship in Cuba and the Chavez/Maduro autocracy in Venezuela.

  • Michael

    Mr. Habib if the media is controlled by the Jews as you put it, so would Al Jezzera also must be controlled by the Jews. You better be careful what you say to Al Jezzera. You might have a bit more success if you went to Egypt to teach those illiterate students.
    If you did go to Egypt, you will be subjected to the government watching over what you say and maybe not even allowing you to tweet.

  • bob e

    amazing spending all those words on foriegn spys who should be deported or hung..and if they bellyache,
    give 'em the ole pbs line o' crap.."things arent easy in a democracy". but till then..hang 'em high !!

  • JacksonPearson

    The United States have no business whatsoever to fund the Muslim Brotherhood, or any Middle East country that preaches hate, death and destruction. Why???:

    "The New York Times' January 14 report on the Middle East Media Research Institute's
    (MEMRI) videos of Egyptian Mohamed Morsi's 2010 anti- Semitic statements inexplicably omitted the larger story of the Muslim Brotherhood's decades-long intrinsic anti-Semitism.

    The Investigative Project on Terrorism has uncovered comments going back to 2004 showing a pattern of pure anti-Semitic comments made by Morsi and other Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

    MEMRI has routinely covered these sorts of bigoted and hate-filled statements from throughout the Islamic world that most media outlets such as the Times have refused to cover since the late 1990s.

    Morsi's comments reflect the Muslim Brotherhood's intrinsic anti-Semitism that is easily obtainable dating back to its founding in 1928.

    The MEMRI videos cited by the New York Times earlier this month show Morsi referring to Jews as "the descendants of apes and pigs" and saying that Muslims should "nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred for them: for Zionists, for Jews…"

    The IPT found additional comments by Morsi on the Muslim Brotherhood's website from November 2004 in which he described the Jews as "descendants of apes and pigs."

    Morsi also invoked the Quran during the same speech, calling the Zionists "traitors to every covenant and convention" and saying that "the Jews are the most hostile enemies of the Muslims."

  • AdinaK

    NO one should be surprised that academia is rife with Islamist profs who extort all kind of vile messages. In fact, in tandem with their leftist brothers, they are poisoning the campuses.
    That being said, imagine what would happen if a pro western/pro Israel prof vented against Muslims/Islam in such a rant? Wanna bet, the prof would be history, persona non grata and worse? In fact, this is precisely what "Islamophobia" was designed for – to make sure ALL hands are off Islam –

    Not only that, but Christians should take a lesson out of this playbook, to "even" the playing field –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Ar'nun

    With all the accusations about the Jews controling Media, Government, Banking etc, can anyone tell me where I can go and as a Jew get my piece of this?