Morsi Regime Brought in Hamas Terrorists to Kill Protesters

Hamas militants hold a poster depicting Morsy of the Muslim Brotherhood as they celebrate in Gaza City after he was declared Egypt's president

The Egyptian military may have turned on Morsi, but his Hamas cousins who broke him out of jail back during the original revolution still hd his back, as Raymond Ibrahim reports.

A new Arabic report states that at least four Palestinian members of Hamas were involved in and arrested for the recent shooting and killing of eight Egyptians during anti-Morsi protests. The clashes took place around Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Muqattam.

A video appearing yesterday shows people inside the building — now not just Brotherhood members but apparently Hamas as well — opening gunfire on protesters.

None of this should be surprising: Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood — not to mention a recent court ruling confirmed that President Morsi’s 2011 jailbreak was facilitated by Hamas members.

In short, Hamas has a long history of coming to Morsi’s rescue — yet another indicator of the Egyptian president’s terrorist connections.

Hamas is no match for the Egyptian military, but they’re quite capable of killing some protesters. And they may still be causing havoc now. When things got Green in Iran, the regime called in Hezbollah. Morsi, the man who tried to turn Egypt into another Iran may have called in Hamas.

Terrorist groups are also useful militias who can be used by friendly governments to put down domestic dissent. That was one of the uses that the PLO’s sponsors put it to back in the day.

  • John Davidson

    The union movement is the threatening group the Dems use against us. Most government agencies are controlled by these collective minded unions, too. Your pamphlet entitled “Government Unions” explains that situation quite well, David.