Morsi’s Justice Minister Resigns in Protest Over Islamist Power Grab


How can you tell your government is really abusing its power? When your own justice minister reigns in protest over your power grab.

Egypt’s Justice Minister Ahmed Mekky has resigned in protest at “an assault” on the judiciary by President Mohamed Mursi’s Islamist backers, a spokesman said on Sunday, underlining mounting tensions between the judiciary and the executive.

Mekky submitted his resignation to Mursi on Saturday, said the spokesman, Ahmed Salam. It followed a protest on Friday by Mursi’s Islamist backers in the Muslim Brotherhood demanding the “purification” of the judiciary.

An outspoken supporter of judicial reform during the rule of deposed President Hosni Mubarak, Mekky was named justice minister in August in the first government appointed by Mursi after his victory in June’s presidential election.

He opposes a proposed law under discussion in the Islamist-dominated parliament that critics say would give the government too much control over the make-up of the judiciary, according to local media reports.

At the time he came to office, Mekky was widely respected as a reformer. But he quickly came under attack from critics who said he had abandoned his principles.

The criticism spiraled in November when Mursi issued a controversial decree which the opposition saw as a power grab. Mekky was caught off guard.

In his resignation letter, Mekky said Friday’s protest showed that Mursi’s allies now agreed with his opponents on the need for him to step down. “Now is the time to realize my wish of lifting this burden from my shoulders,” he wrote.

The last non-Islamists are fleeing Morsi’s side. The camouflage is collapsing and the real face of the Muslim Brotherhood regime is being revealed.

  • Texas Patriot

    Why do we care what happens in Egypt? What we have learned in the years since the original 9/11/01 (after 9/11/12 it will no longer be sufficient merely to say 9/11 to designate a tragedy for America and the Western world) is that there will never be any independent judiciary in any Muslim majority country. There is only Islam. There are no human rights except by Islam. There are no property rights except by Islam. And if you don't like it, well too bad. You should never have set foot in a Muslim majority country in the first place if you are not willing to submit to Islam. Just wondering, Daniel. Did you write this article because you don't think that point is sufficiently clear?

    • Joanna

      Some of us are new to the Counter-Jihad — I'm a liberal, one of those who didn't use to understand what the people on the Right were talking about; I've been reading like crazy and catching up for the last 10 days. The more information people put out there about how bad the situation is in Muslim-dominated countries, the better for convincing newcomers (though believe me, I'm already plenty convinced).

  • Michael Copeland

    Morsi and Sharia are busy making Egypt a failed state.

  • AdinaK

    Well, this news in no way vitiates the absolute hold Islam has over everything in Islamist run states. In effect, there is no such thing as moderate Islam, not to be confused with those who are in fear of losing their own political control –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Johnconrad


    I suppose ordinary Germans in the 1940's would be considered "moderate" also.

    Yet, they were perfectly comfortable living under Nazi rule.

    The same applies to "moderate" Muslims.

    Perfectly comfortable under Sharia – as long as the radicals have the clout to impose it.

  • Texas Patriot

    I think we are only beginning to appreciate the genius of Islamic politics. A Muslim unhappy with his life and the way his fellow Muslims are being treated will always have the "clout" to impose sharia law. All the has to do is declare jihad and send himself to paradise, killing as many as possible in the process. The non-jihadi Muslims are the brunt of the attack and lose no telling what. The jihadi Muslim goes straight to paradise and gets his 72 virgins. And the remaining Muslims say to all who oppose them, "You see, it is much better if we have sharia law. After all it is God's will." From my perspective if people want to live their lives that way, fine. And in Muslim majority countries, no doubt that is the way it works. Sooner or later the non-strict Muslims are eliminated (not to mention all the non-Muslims), sharia law is the law of the land, and paradise has a few more early arrivals. From a pure political standpoint, it is almost unstoppable. Do I want the democratic process to operate that way in America? Thanks, but no thanks.

  • owmyballs

    Sorry. I couldn't get past "Justice Minister."

  • inzion

    Israel should have responded to 1 million Egyptian Muslims marching on her doorsteps in Cairo last year chanting 'Death to Israel'. Such silence and non-response caused the holocaust.