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MSNBC Dumps Ed Schultz for Younger Man

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On March 14, 2013 @ 3:43 pm In The Point | 23 Comments


Poor Ed.

If you’ve been watching MSNBC’s second-dumbest slowest man (after Al Sharpton and ahead of Chris Matthews) then you noticed that he’s been getting redder and angrier lately even though there hasn’t been much for him to be angry about. MSNBC viewers have tried to adjust their color only to realize that Ed Schultz’s face really is that red.

And now we know why. MSNBC is sending off Ed Schultz to farm country [2] on Sunday nights. There he’ll be able to run and play for a little bit before sending his resume to Al Gore, in case the Great Ecohoaxer decides to start another environmental liberal news network to sell to a backward oil dictatorship.

Replacing the nearly 60-year-old Schultz will be the 34-year-old Chris Hayes. Hayes is everything that Schultz isn’t. Hayes is a New Yorker. Schultz has spent much of his life in red states. Hayes looks like one of the left’s perpetual college students. Schultz looks like he’s sleeping off a weekend bender.

Hayes, like Ezra Klein, another contender for the job, perfectly matches MSNBC’s young urban liberal demo. Schultz was meant to appeal to a more rural working class sensibility, that the last election told Obama Inc and its media affiliates that they don’t have to care about anymore.

Ed Schultz never really fit in at MSNBC. Now he fits in nowhere. Current TV is now Jihad TV and probably doesn’t have much use for him either.

Between all the Current TV refugees, like Jennifer Granholm and the MSNBC refugees, like Keith Olbermann, they could form yet another liberal network. And then they could broadcast daily shows from Keith Olbermann’s basement while getting him coffee and donuts.

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