Muslim Brotherhood Chicago Comptroller Hired by Rahm Emanuel Charged with Money Laundering


A Chicago comptroller involved in money laundering? Who would have ever believed it.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration on Monday produced a letter showing it knew about questions surrounding Amer Ahmad and a controversial government contract in Ohio before the mayor hired him as Chicago’s comptroller in April 2011.

The letter was released as the administration attempted to show how it vetted Ahmad, who pleaded not guilty Monday in federal court to a kickback scheme stemming from his tenure as Ohio’s deputy treasurer. Ahmad, 38, abruptly resigned from his City Hall job nearly a month ago. The administration has said Emanuel didn’t know about Ahmad’s federal problems until the former aide was indicted last week.

Ahmad and his lobbyist friend Mohammed Noure Alo entered not guilty pleas in federal court in Columbus, Ohio, to charges that they and two others conspired to direct state investing work to one of them in exchange for kickbacks between 2009 and 2011. The charges are not related to the 2010 banking contract.

When Amer Ahmad abruptly resigned as city comptroller about three weeks ago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel heaped praise on his hand-picked aide for helping him “reform government” in Chicago.

He’s a reformer which is Chicagoese for really big crook. But what does Ahmad do when he’s not laundering money?

 Ahmad also was a favored speaker at the 2010 meeting of Council for the Advancement of Muslim Professionals. CAMP as it is called is one of those other organizations funded by the mostly peaceful and secular Muslim Brotherhood.

Meet the new Chicago way where Jihad and corruption come together like toxic waste and gang violence.

  • m. saleh

    Well, Moslim Brotherhood!! It is only the start.

  • GotReason?

    Reading all of his articles, has developed a profound affection for Mr. Greenfield. Thank you for your dedication to truth.

  • truebearing

    Just when you think Chicago can’t smell any worse….
    I wonder when we’ll find out that Obama is funneling money to another upstanding Chicagoan, Louis Farrakhan. I’m sure Farrakhan figures prominently in Obama’s plans to develop a well armed “civil defense force,” after all, Farrakhan described Obama as the “hope of the world” and “messiah” before the 2008 election. That should net him a few billion.
    Why would a Muslim leader call the supposedly Christian Obama “the messiah” or “the hope of the world?” A Christian is the messiah for a Muslim? The world’s hope is in a Christian that used to be a Muslim? Something about this doesn’t make sense… but I’m sure it will all work out for the good of America.

  • sybarite123

    A string of feces stretching all the way from Chicago to Washington! This is a real threat to the U.S.A. It’s not a joke! The Muslim Brotherhood’s tentacles can strangle America at any time. “Yes We Can”! From Canada.

  • BobW

    Just think, had he pulled this stunt while working in obama’s camp he’d be promoted for it!

  • Gee

    No wonder – Chicago is in the top five as the most violent and corrupt city in America. Though Rahm has a lot of competition – I am sure that Chicago will make to being number one across the board

  • mackelby

    Why would anyone hire a muzlim for anything?

  • curtis

    did anyone really expect any thing else from an obamaite?

  • abe hanna


  • Markon

    Help me out here.
    Al-Qaeda operatives took down the twin towers on 9-11. Obama takes full credit for getting their leader at the time, Bin-Laden.
    Obama is now arming and supporting the rebels in Syria. The rebels are also Al-Qaeda operatives who have vowed revenge for the latest chemical weapon attacks allegedely purpetrated by the Syrian government.
    Obama is arming the very group who commited the most horrific act of terrorism in American history.
    Why isn’t anyone upset about Obama arming and supporting the very group who murdered nearly 3000 innocent Americans (and 24 Canadians)?

    • copper

      Hang on Markon. Obama is about to turn loose the Navy to support the rebels in Syria. That’s right, he’s going to spend millions of dollars on missiles and ships plus put the well being of our sailors in jeopardy in order to support those that you say committed the most horrific act of terrorism in American history. But, it isn’t just Obama. Kerry is all for and so is Senator (oh, gee I’m a Republican) John McCain. In fact, McCain has been calling for our arming the rebels and our military intervention long before Valerie Jarrett gave Obama the go ahead. You get it all figured out, let me know.

  • Azsteve53

    The Muslim Brotherhood is known in the Muslim world as the Muslim Nazi’s. They sent men to fight with Hitler in the SS during WW2, and were enamored with all forms of fascism.

    Of course the MB are crooks and statist’s, that is what fascists and progressives do best. Scratch a criminal, underneath in nearly every case is a progressive