Muslim Brotherhood Defector Claims Group’s International HQ is in New York

The UAE and the Muslim Brotherhood are currently fighting because the Brotherhood, much like Pinky and the Brain, had a one-track mind and the UAE didn’t particularly want to be taken over.

So while Qatar has become the Brotherhood’s sugar daddy, financing their takeover of Egypt, Syria and Libya, the UAE has been fighting the Muslim Brotherhood and some interesting tidbits have come spilling out.

A defector has exposed the Muslim Brotherhood’s campaign to dominate the Gulf.

Tharwat Al Kherbawy told a conference in Abu Dhabi that the Brotherhood, with headquarters in Egypt, was infiltrating Western and Arab states by recruiting their Muslim citizens. Al Kherbawy said the Brotherhood established secret societies in more than 80 countries, with recruits pledged to violence.

“They are taught to regard the movement as their home and that standing to the national anthem of their country is polytheism.”

It’s a nice combination of Islamism and Communism.

Al Kherbawy said the Brotherhood recruits teenagers in a ceremony in which they kneel before a masked member and take a vow over a gun and Koran. He said the recruit, whose progress is monitored, is warned that any violation of orders means death. The movement has been cautious in promoting members in an effort to protect the Brotherhood from infiltration by intelligence services.

“It does not believe in the sovereignty of the state,” UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan said.

Al Kherbawy said the Brotherhood presence in any country consists of three units. They included a unit comprised of local residents, a secret Egyptian cell, and what Al Kherbawy termed an international group that reports to superiors in the American city of New York.

That last part is interesting.

Arab organizations can’t escape the inevitable chauvinism, with Arab members being privileged over other Muslims, and Arabs from the home country being privileged over other Arab members.

So we have an outer Brotherhood composed of locals. In the United States that might be African-Americans or a random scattering of immigrant Muslims, who think that they are the real Brotherhood. And then the middle Brotherhood is an international group with an apparent HQ in New York that likely controls talking points and overall policy. And then there is the Egyptian inner Brotherhood, whose members are the ones truly in control.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "“It does not believe in the sovereignty of the state,” UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan said."

    LOL! We have winner for greatest understatement of the last 14 centuries.

  • liz

    Name the all, innies and outies a terrorist organization, seize assets, deport, convict and execute justice.

  • AdinaK

    The Brotherhood IS a Mafia and it has its hierarchy, Dons and all. Egypt is its epicenter. And those who believe they are really in charge aren't. In fact, just like there are low level communists, many of whom are useful idiots, the power centers are sitting in the KGB and its tentacles.
    But anyone who is oh so shocked,that the Brotherhood Mafia has infiltrated all over the world, simply has been asleep, for more than a long nap. Simply put, their Mafia is DEEPLY embedded in EVERY US power center (let alone the Mid East & beyond) and there is not one US campus which is free of its taint –

    This is their step by step plan –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • truebearing

    Obama doesn't believe in the sovereingty of the US either, and has done as much as he can to dilute it. He has also enabled the Muslim Brotherhood in every way possible. I submit that the HQ for the Muslim Botherhood is in Washington DC…..on Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • Mary Sue

    New York: the base of supervillains since 1932.


    There are laws against racketeering and religious organized crime.

    The muslim brotherhood is going to have a REAL Nakba in its lap – soon I hope.

    • jacob

      Under THIS President ????
      Not in your wildest dreams…!!!!!

  • jacob

    Furthermore, how come nobody has raised Cain about what is going on with the Fort Hood assassin,
    his actions dismissed by this President and its servile Pentagon brass…???

    And what about how quiet have been the relatives of those killed..???
    Were they made perhaps an offer they couldn't refuse…????

    With Chicago mafia like practices, isn't everything possible…??????