Muslim Brotherhood Has No Money for Food or Fuel, Does Have Money for Tear Gas

Forget the old guns vs. butter dichotomy. The Muslim Brotherhood is on bread vs. tear gas. With the Egyptian economy on the verge of collapse, its currency devalued and its fuel and food reserves dangerously low, it’s investing its remaining money in more ways of suppressing political protests from the opposition by buying tear gas.

Various activists have slammed the Egyptian government for purchasing 140,000 canisters of teargas worth 1.7 million pounds (around US $2.55 million) at a time when its foreign reserves are at critically low and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan has been delayed

Egypt’s interior ministry made the emergency order at the end of January

It came at the start of a week of civil unrest sparked by protests against President Mohamed Morsi, his Muslim Brotherhood, and police malpractice, it reported.

But don’t worry, the Brotherhood is buying guns too. Lots and lots of guns.

An Egyptian security official said Saturday that the interior ministry has agreed to purchase 100,000 new 9 mm pistols after low-ranking policemen went on strike demanding greater firepower to defend themselves against increased lawlessness.

The announcement ended five days of strikes by thousands of low-ranking policemen that threatened to further unravel security in the Arab world’s most populous nation

With guns and tear gas, who needs bread?

  • Michael Copeland

    Time to put a stop to the gift of US jet fighters and tanks, a gift arranged with a very different regime.

  • AdinaK

    Is anyone really surprised by this so called dichotomy? After all, we are referring to a group whose people indulge in cannibalism. No kidding –

    So tear gas is a no brainer. Food, no can do.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Biff

    But,but… they'll NEED those guns and tear gas to suppress the next round of bread riots that are sure to follow the economic collapse brought on by the superior emerging state were Sharia Law brings REAL Islamic justice to the land. It's a darn shame Egypt does not have the manufacturing capability to produce the tools needed to instill order for those that are obviously deficient in religion. The opportunity is lost for loyal Egyptian to proudly say he had a hand producing goods that furthered the Will of Allah. The infidel humanity suppression industry enriches itself at the expense of those that want to do their part if only insightful Muslims have seen to it it be so. A bump in the road here, a stack of corpses there, it is to be expected until Allah wills otherwise. They must not be Muslim enough for Allah to ignore the plight of the nation. The swift and harsh implementation of Sharia is the answer and Allah's mercy will pour out on the populace. Obamessiah's infidel aid package is a slap in the face to the rightly guided Slaves of Allah. Take down the pyramids and the pagan remnants of false g-ds. Infidel tourist dollars that have sustained the economy have no place in the Dar-al -Islam. They bow to the infidel, groveling for grain and IMF funding instead of striving to fulfill the will to Allah, i.e., those pesky Jews have to be dealt with. The Musselmen flash bravado but are corrupt, gutless cowards at the core. They slink and skulk about trying to find some way to rob their neighbor out of what they have. This is the nature of self-preservation in Allah's paradise on earth. Poor, sick bast**ds haven't a chance in Hell…

  • FPF

    With guns and tear gas, probable they can get bread from people who have it. But with tanks and jets, they will destroy those who have bread along with the bread.

  • JacksonPearson

    And who's funding the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood…thanks to Obama, American taxpayer dollars. /Sarc

  • Arlie

    The plan of the elite is to kill off a few billion people. The elite want to save the planet for themselves, you know. They can shoot, starve, and drug people to conform to their tyranny. I read a story about an IBM top security plant in Switzerland that is working on nano technology that will incorporate a drug into cocoa that will make people docile and less likely to riot. I don't know if it's true but genetic engineering is doing many things to the food supply.

  • Gee

    Egypt has no foreign enemies to fight. To the West – Libya which is a country in name only. Chad – to the South West – come on Chad – who have they ever fought? South is Sudan – again unless you are a female or a child they run away. East is Israel which has never been an aggressor.

    So the Obamination has to give them 200 tanks and a squadron of the US's most advanced F-16s that aren't even in US service yet – why?

    Egypt cannot feed itself – and they are broke. They will be the next Somalia.

    • Larry

      Egypt has a foreign enemy to fight, it just doesn't have an enemy it needs to defend itself against.

      Eventually all that lovely new US hardware is going to be used on Israel, if it doesn't break first because of lack of maintenance (which is generally the case in muslim countries).