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Muslim Brotherhood Moves to Ban Alcohol in Egypt

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 20, 2013 @ 12:04 pm In The Point | 4 Comments


Egypt’s currency is imploding, its gas situation is critical and there are riots in the streets. But Islamists can’t help having a one track mind [2]. Islamic Sharia Law Uber Alles. The Muslim Brotherhood was reportedly responsible for the destruction of a good deal of Cairo’s nightlife with a series of fires back in the day. Now it’s using the power of the law, not the gasoline can.

Egypt’s Islamist government will no longer issue licenses for selling alcohol in certain areas of Cairo, Alexandria and other major cities, an official has said.

Nabil Abbas, the vice president of the New Urban Communities Authorities (NUCA) told Reuters on Sunday: “NUCA has stopped renewing licenses to sell alcohol but the current ones will continue until they expire.”

The current law states that only licensed outlets can sell alcoholic beverages.

The authority said the move will reduce access to alcohol and will increase safety in Egypt’s suburbs. In his statement Abbas said that the consumption of alcohol has led to deviant behavior in the country such “attacking women and randomly ringing doorbells of people’s homes.”

I like how Abbas equates those two things. And it’s particularly hypocritical considering that the Muslim Brotherhood’s gangs of paid rapists are brutally sexually assaulting female protesters.

But the move is clever. Instead of going for an immediate ban, the Muslim Brotherhood is salami slicing liquor. Current license holders will be happy because they won’t have to worry about competition. Until they lose the right to sell liquor as well.

Islamist President Mohamed Mursi’s government increased taxes on alcoholic beverages in December 2012, but they reneged after the move was criticized.

Karim Mohsen, board member of the Egyptian Travel Agents Association, said if the government were to ban alcohol in hotels and restaurants across the country it could hurt Egypt’s ailing tourism industry, hard hit by political turmoil.

Tourism in Egypt has already cratered and a liquor ban won’t exactly help.

A satirical poster was circulated online on Sunday, in direct response to the alcohol curb. It listed some of Egypt’s main problems including road accidents, police brutality and poverty then showed a cartoon of Mursi dressed as Superman and saying: “Must save Egypt from porn, alcohol and YouTube.”

Democracy, but not whiskey or sexy. The three don’t go together in the Muslim world.

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