Muslim Brotherhood Regime Tells Hungry Egyptians to Eat Less

There’s shades of Michelle Obama here, but it’s not a war on obesity, it’s an attempt by an Islamist regime to put the blame for food prices back on the people who eat.

But who needs food, when you’ve got Jihad on your mind. At this rate every month for Egyptians will be another Ramadan. And won’t that be very Islamic.

Egypt’s government is recommending that Egyptians avoid overeating in order to cope with rising food prices and chronic household shortages, according to local media reports.

Are Egyptians really overeating?

Of the 1680 households surveyed in September 2012, 86 percent said their income was insufficient for covering total monthly needs including for food, clothes and shelter, up from 74 percent in June 2012.  To cope, Egyptians are reportedly buying cheaper food items, reducing their food intake and buying food on credit.

When you already live on less than $2 a dollar a day and you’re buying food on credit, then you’re probably not overeating.

Meanwhile Morsi has also been cutting back. Just kidding.

Reports that Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi recently sent his family and friends on an expensive vacation that consisted of a private jet ride to the Red Sea resort town of Taba and the booking of 12 rooms at the Hilton has caused outrage in country,

But perhaps this was one of those weight loss vacations. And Morsi, who is packing some extra pounds, could set an example for the country by eating less. He doesn’t look like he’s been skipping many meals.

  • tagalog

    Who'd've thought the latest iteration of the famous words from a French aristocrat, "Let 'em eat cake" would come from the Muslim Brotherhood?

  • Larry S.

    The unfortunate Marie Antoinette's infamous description was not, I believe, intended as the callous comment it frequently is perceived to be. There was a cheaper alternative to bread, translated as "cake" that was available at the time.

    • PersonOfTheBook

      History has given Marie a bad rap. The revolutionaries in France at that time, while victorious over the monarchy, also wrote the history. Compare their narrative to the leftist propaganda of today and it's not hard to imagine how much things stay the same.

      • Rita

        PersonOfTheBook, you are right. The "revolutionaries" (the Left of the times) did not only kill Marie, but also defamed her. (Plus ca change plus ca reste la membe chose). She actually never said these words. The basis for this myth comes from the "Confessions" by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, written a few years earlier, where he mentiones a "famous princess" (but never by name) who ate "Brioche". Brioche actually still eaten these days in France for breakfast. It is perhaps comparable to english muffins, rich in butter and orinating from Normandie.

        • Rita

          As for the Muslim Brotherhood and their followers – Let them ramadan forever and to the end. The world would be a better place without them.

          • PersonOfTheBook

            We have a friend who is one of the ~8 million Copts, feel very concerned for him, and are not in a financial position to guarantee him to emigrate. His story is like many others there – they can't just leave Egypt – and I fear that there will be many casualties, thanks directly to Obama and his purposeful active support of Islamist rule, very similar to what Carter did with Iran, but this one will be far worse (the Iranian nuclear threat notwithstanding). The US admin did not elect the MB but still they are directly responsible for making the rise of the MB inevitable. Disgusting.

  • Flowerknife_us

    Let them eat F-16's with a ide of Abrams.

    • Parenthetical Phrase

      I love it! Great comment!

      • AdinaK

        In reality, there is nothing more important to the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia than jihad and more jihad. The fact that their economy is a basket case is neither here nor there, just as long as their leadership are well fed to cement their power.
        Islamists will retain control, regardless of the consequences and blow back. They seek total control over their citizens, and over the rest of the globe – as impossible as that seems to most.
        However, dismissing their hegemonic designs is indeed dangerous. After all, having infiltrated and penetrated the world's super power, never say never –

        Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • Spikey1

    To all the hungry Egyptians reading this:
    Please post your name and address on the reply line and I'll ship over some of the finest smoked pulled pork sandwiches – straight from Chicago and free of charge.

  • Arlie

    the first things dictators do is starve their people so the people become too weak to fight. All over Africa and Asia grain shipments have been stored to rot instead of feeding the people. It is a very sick, tyrannical world.

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    Prior to and just after the recent revolution, Egyptians screamed for ending the sale of gas to Israel, a sale which probably brought in quite a bit of money. Well, they got what they wanted. Now, with income down to a mere trickle coming not from tourism or the sale of natural gas but from charity and the sale of Egyptian girl's sex services to rich Saudis and from some aid from the U.S., it seems the Egyptians are feeling the pinch. Tighten your belts Egyptians. It's time you learned that actions have consequences.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Could Egypt invade Israel, hardly if and Army travels on it's stomach………I am sure Morsi and
    Obama send thier warmest regards to the Islamist slaves of Egypt, right from the heart of
    thier bottoms…………………..which are overfed, I wonder if Obama was thinking on this
    when he cut out breakfast for our troops in Afghanistan?……………………..William

  • ADT

    This articles commentary at the start is ignorant regardless of the assinine nature of the MB. Also, the comments that follow are disgusting. Egypt overall is a fairly liberal Islamic nation compared to others. And the term Jihad used within this article makes radical a society that on the whole is not. Disgraceful journalism overall.