Muslim Brotherhood Spiritual Leader Caught Like a Rat in Hiding Place


It’s not a good day to be a baddie or Mohamed Badie, the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader.

Badie, a real baddie, was arrested in Nasr City, near the site of a bloody battle between Egyptian cops and Brotherhood thugs after tips led to his capture.

Earlier at Rabaa El-Adaweya Square, Badie had said, “I did not escape an arrest warrant. Such accusations are mere lies. We are not cowards, we are revolutionaries.”

Also he called on everyone to sacrifice their souls for Morsi, the overthrown Brotherhood president. Later Badie suspended Ramadan, declaring “Those who leave Rabia al-Adawiya Square is akin to the ruling against those who flee the battle and jihad against the infidels.”

El Watan claims that Badie was arrested along with a number of other people, including a member of Hamas.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Bless the Egyptians, the only people in the world today who stand up to the Islamists who would enslave the world if they could. Their so-called spiritual leaders should always be number one on the list of the hunted. They are the initiators of hate and violence.

  • Hank Rearden

    But…why didn’t he rip off his shirt and run straight at the guns? Isn’t it a little embarrassing to be caught alive when you love death more than “they” love life?

  • Lanna

    The Egyptian military are the heroes here. The Brotherhood would never defend the Coptic Christians, instead they burn churches and any sign of Christianity or Judeasim.