Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Ponder “Sexual Jihad” in Tahrir Square


Counterintuitively, Sexual Jihad does not mean the series of sexual assaults on Tahrir Square protesters carried out by Muslim Brotherhood gangs.

A fatwa (religious edict) apparently permitting ‘sexual jihad’ appeared on a Facebook page reportedly affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), but some have dismissed it as a parody.

The fatwa supposedly came in response to a question by a female Brotherhood supporter asking if ‘sexual Jihad’ is allowed in Rabea al-Adawiya Square and other squares in Egypt where people have been protesting against Mohammed Mursi’s ouster since June 30.

The religious answer appearing on the Facebook page was: “Not now. Let us wait first for what will happen, may Allah strengthen the Mujahedeen.”
“Sexual Jihad” refers to the idea of the female Islamists offering their sexual services to their male counterparts so they remain motivated to continue the struggle for their cause.

There has been a lot of talk about Sexual Jihad in Syria, but if the Brotherhood is so short of people that it has to resort to voluntary prostitution just to get pro-Morsi protesters to show up, then it really is a pretty sad state of affairs. And by sad, I mean funny.

Arab daily online newspaper Elaph quoted Muslim Brotherhood member Saif al-Nahi as saying that the Facebook page is part of a smear campaign against the Islamist group that has been ongoing since Mursi’s ascension to power.

Because Islamists would never seriously contemplate degrading women. Since last week.

  • tickletik

    I really love that phrase “and by sad I mean funny”.

  • raj

    What’s more funny is how “sexual jihad” was used by the anti Brotherhood groups what’s even more funny is how no women in the brotherhoods protests have been sexually assaulted like those in the “secular” protests.
    What’s even more funny is how a western type liar loves to make a short article about a message on a “facebook page associated with Muslim brotherhood” if you want to be a expert on Islam why not actually study the religion rather than mock its adherents with fabled made up rubbish.
    The Muslim Brotherhood have more supporters so “sexual Jihad” is not needed why not grow up instead of wasting peoples time and using up space on the WWW you childish prat

    • EagleJim

      Well, Raj, I didn’t have much else to do today, and the WWW doesn’t need the space, and any criticism of Islam’s treatment of women, freedom, individualism, whatever, always gets me interested.
      Also, it’s funny to think about Moslem women prostituting themselves to men in a culture that strictly separates unmarried men from unmarried women. What’s really funny is most of the young men wouldn’t be successful in finding sexual gratification any other way. And, that humor was rather therapeutic to my lazy day.
      Now, if I can find some funny Muhammed cartoons, my day would proceed nicely.

      • raj

        Yes there is no cure for immaturity of course hypocrites love to whine about “islams treatment of women” to cover your own sexist attitudes.
        Its funny Muslim women won’t be doing any of the “prostituting” thats for the “liberated” women of your anti deist culture why not save your jokes for someone else anyway its obvious you had no answer since your whole premise was based on a parody facebook page not even considering how Islam forbids sex outside of marriage and the men in the MB would be accompanied by their wives or how sexual activity is banned during Ramadan or how the dip sticks in Tahrir square 9you know the “liberals”) have raped a lot of women but I know how you are an advocate of women’s “rights”.
        Good bye hypocrite

  • raj

    This is a waste of space writer guess what tahrir Square is where the “liberals” who don’t follow Islam are based at the Muslim Brotherhood are not allowed to go there as the police and military prevent any groups of MB men to go there at all let alone have an encampment which would be needed for any sexual activity so your “sexual Jihad” is actually a sexual crusade by the very idiots who support you

    Last comment here Bye Bye :)