Muslim Brotherhood to Launch “Pulse of Freedom” TV Station

Live from Istanbul... it's Jihad

Live from Istanbul… it’s Jihad

Because when you think of a medieval theocracy… the first thing that comes to mind is freedom. Right after beheadings and oppression.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood said it is establishing a television station in Turkey to broadcast its political views.

The station, known as Rabia, will have an Islamist slant and use the motto “the pulse of freedom,” Today’s Zaman reported Saturday.

Details of Rabia’s programming were not revealed but Today’s Zaman said its launch would likely further strain relations between Egypt and Turkey.

Egypt has already speculated Rabia has the backing of Turkish intelligence agencies.

Obviously it does. Turkey, Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood are thick as thieves. But opening a “Pulse of Freedom” station in Turkey is doubly ironic considering how relentless the Erdogan regime has been in suppressing freedom of speech.

So why not just launch this puppy in Qatar where it can work side by side with Al Jazeera? Maybe Qatar is getting a little tired of being Public Enemy Number 1.

But speaking of Turkey’s popularity in the Arab world… it’s been better.

The biggest decline was registered in Egypt and war-ravaged Syria, where Turkey is strongly opposed to those in power, according to the poll by an Istanbul-based think-tank. Overall, the number of people surveyed in 16 countries who had a positive view of Turkey slid to 59 per cent this year from 78 per cent in 2011, the Turkey Economic and Social Studies Foundation said.

Paradoxically, Turkey was more popular in the Arab world when it had a relationship with Israel than when it got deep into bed with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Turkey’s answer is to climb even deeper into bed with the Brotherhood.

  • Asparagas Boshlaf

    the faster israel dies, the faster we have world peace…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Islam always leads to world peace. Just look at Syria.

      • defcon 4

        Even pure islamic states are full of violence…violence against sorcerers, violence against witches, violence against unbelievers, violence against apostates, violence against anyone critical of islam, yet we’re all supposed to believe in the islam0fascist mythology that once islam rules the world there will be peace.

    • roccolore

      Because Islam is such a champion of peace, right?

    • DogmaelJones1

      You’re kidding, right? You made a Saturday Night Live funny, correct?

    • A Z

      Scratch a Turk and find a Greek. No doubt Aspa has 30%to 90% Greek blood if we did a DNA test on him.

      Aspa is one troubled waste of a life.

      “yep, you can bet on it. After 34 years the US made a deal with the farsi who run over the embassy… In 30 years will make a deal with bengazi guys.”

      the Turks will get the chunks of Iraq and Iran. ”
      – Asparagas Boshlaf

      IsraelLives • 9 days ago

      Asparagas, from the often obscene comments in his Disqus profile, is a Turkish Muslim (who speaks German, Turkish and English and probably lives in Germany as at least 2.5 million Turks do) who has written on many websites including Al Jazeera, CNN and the German site Die Welt (The World) that Zionists are Natsees, that the Greeks came from Ethiopia, that all white people and Christians should be killed and that Israel will be destroyed within 10 years.

      He wrote about the Jews being thinned out by Hitler, approving of it. He wrote that the Arabs are the real Jews, and the Jews from Europe aren’t real Jews.

      He is more than an anti-semite. His hatred extends to all Whites, Christians, Jews, Americans and Europeans. He also wrote that he wants Turkey to rule the Middle East and part of Europe like it did under the Ottoman Empire. His profile should be banned by JPost

      • Drakken

        Well it won’t be long before the Germans do what they do best and the Turks in their midst have no clue or idea of what is about to happen to them, can’t say that I feel one bit sorry for them.
        Oh by the way, it is scratch a greek and you will find a turk, since the turks bred the sh*t out of them. The sooner we rid Europe of the turks the better.

        • A Z

          “Gates was the host and co-producer of African American Lives (2006) and African American Lives 2 (2008) in which the lineage of more than a dozen notable African Americans is traced using genealogical and historic resources, as well as DNA testing”

          DNA testing might be one way to bring peace. It won’t work by itself. This I believe.

          Many people in North Africa have false genealogical lines. They have fictitious lines, where they have Arab ancestors where they actually had none. If we could get people to reclaim all of their heritage and not just one patrilineal line, we could make progress.

        • A Z

          If we did a genome project on the turks, what a can of worms we would open.

    • glpage

      The faster Islam grows up and joins the modern world, the faster we will have at least some peace.

      • john spielman

        It is impossible fo for islam it grow up as It’s sole reason for existance is to decieve people and TRY and destroy the work of God in Christ in this world. Islam is from the very mouth of Satan ( masquerading as Gabriel an angel of light ) as St Paul says by inference ine his letters to Galatian and Ephesian churches.
        Islam is destned to fail and be destroyed when Jesus returns as prophysized in the old teastament and in the book of Revelation.

      • defcon 4

        Yeah, because 1300 years hasn’t been enough time.

    • iluvisrael

      happy eternal nakba $hithead!

  • roccolore

    Oh the irony of a Muslim Brotherhood having a TV station with freedom in the title.

  • A Z

    There have been so many demonstration where Muslims Salafis like the Muslim Brotherhood) have held up placards saying

    “Freedom go to HeII”

    How can we stake the Muslim Brotherhood seriously with a slogan of

    “The Pulse of Freedom”

    It is just taqiyya.

    I am Lazarus Long.

  • pupsncats

    It makes sense considering the definition of freedom for Muslims is the same as that of liberals/Progressives/Democrats/Socialists/Communists, i.e., a totalitarian ruler decides what one can think, say and do.

  • al_kidya

    Freedom to a Muslim male is the ability to beat your wife and or lock her away without legal consequences. Freedom to a Muslim means you can kill a non-believer and get a slap on the wrist, even congratulations. Freedom to a Muslim
    allows you to stone people for adultery, or have them caned for public lewdness example; when a woman is raped by a Muslim male she gets stoned for being a harlot. When a girl is seen in public holding hands or talking to a strange male, or if she is not dressed in a burka or niqab…caned.
    Freedom to a Muslim…there is a lot of that kind of freedom, when you think about it.

  • Dyer’s Eve

    Ya gotta love the title. How about ‘Repulse of Freedom’? More fitting, I feel.