Muslim Brotherhood/Al Jazeera Claims “Egypt is Now Ruled by Jews and Christians”

not a jew

The Muslim Brotherhood and its Al Jazeera backers are responding to the overthrow of Morsi with all the maturity and grace you would expect from a fanatical bigoted cult that used to be deep in bed with the Nazis.

They’re blaming the Jews.

Interim Egyptian President and Supreme Court Chief Adly Mansour became the target of Muslim Brotherhood mudslinging on Friday, complete with a counterfeit Facebook page, an impersonated journalist and an inevitable “retraction” from the Brotherhood website.

On its website, the Muslim Brotherhood sought to unmask Mansour, born and educated in Cairo, as a Seventh Day Adventist Christian, which it re-classified as a Jewish sect, thus making him a descendant of Jews.

The logic here is a little hard to follow. Christianity originated in a Jewish sect, which by this incredible Muslim logic would mean all Christians are descendants of the Jews, but that’s a small matter considering that the Muslim Brotherhood is still dedicating itself to battling Freemasonry and the Turkish government is claiming that it would have a spaceship if it wasn’t for the Jews.

Considering that Mansour also served in Egypt’s Sharia courts, it isn’t too likely that he would be a Christian. Let alone a Jew.

The Brotherhood’s claim, since removed from the website, was attributed to Al-Jazeera reporter Ahmed Mansour (no relation to the interim president), who on a Facebook page, now believed to have been created to perpetuate this myth, said that Adly Mansour even approached the Coptic Pope in an effort to move closer to Christianity, but was refused a baptism.

In the post, Mansour concludes: “Congratulations, [Egypt], you are now ruled by Jews and Christians.”

But that’s not the most damning thing yet.

The Post quoted the article as saying that ElBaradei had turned down an invitation to participate in a conference that denied the Holocaust as “a token gesture offered to the Jews by ElBaradei so that he can become President of the Republic in the fake elections that the military will guard and whose results they will falsify in their interests. All with the approval of America, Israel and the Arabs, of course.”

So anyone who isn’t a Holocaust denier must be a puppet of the Jews.

For his part, Ahmed Mansour denied that the Facebook page belonged to him, posting on his Twitter account, which appears to be real, that, “I do not have a Facebook account and everything that was published in my name through Facebook is false.”

It was probably the Jews.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Nothing unusual to see here.

  • Nabuquduriuzhur

    antisemitism is unfortunately alive and well in the 21st century. Muslims and european media casually slander/libel Israel.

    Ironically, Democrats casually slander/libel conservatives and Christians in the U.S.

  • defcon 4

    I always wonder if the muslimes believe their own lies. Of course in any islamon-azi state questioning the anti-semitic lies vomited forth by the ruling cabal could have dire consequences and not only from the government.


    It is high time for all faiths to unite and work on not just peace but limiting global warming and climate change. Hatred doesn’t get anyone to a place that moves forward!