Muslim Countries are The Most Racist in the World


When you do an international survey that asks whether you wouldn’t want someone of another race as a neighbor, decades of liberal programming assume that Western countries will summon up their evil white privilege, while Eastern and Middle Eastern countries will cheerfully welcome in the stranger.

The unsurprising reality is the exact opposite. Asian and Middle Eastern countries are among the most racist.

Of the four most racist countries, two, Bangladesh and Jordan are Muslim, and one, India, has a very large Muslim population. Furthermore, while most Western countries, are blue, meaning that they are not racist, most Muslim countries surveyed fall into the red category, meaning that they are very racist.

These include Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Iran, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Mali and Malaysia. The only Western country on that list is France.

Meanwhile the most tolerant countries in the world include United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Britain, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Australia, New Zealand.

What do they have in common? Not a single one of them is Muslim.

Figures like these have serious implications for a multicultural society being constructed with Muslim immigration. It is rather clear that importing large numbers of Muslim immigrants does not lead to tolerance. It leads to intolerance. Tellingly, France, the only Western country on the racist list, has been subjected to large scale Muslim settlement leading to conflict and violence.

  • AdinaK

    Sans a scintilla of a doubt, Muslim nations are INHERENTLY racist due to their adherence to Sharia Law. Sharia MANDATES that Muslims are above all others. That Muslims MUST subjugate all to Islam, either via covert conversion/dawa/stealth jihad, or jihad by the sword. This is why Christians are being slaughtered en mass and non Muslims are forced into slavery. This is why Jews are viewed as apes, pigs and monkeys.
    However, the west, due to the advent of "Orientalism" (Edward Said's "contribution") was brainwashed to believe that western imperialism is to blame for the strife and all other ills in Muslim/Arab lands. Hooey and phooey. It is their political/religious doctrine.
    In any case, study Islam & Blood and you will understand why Islam (the life source of Muslim nations) is the MOST repressive, racist and dangerous cult, bar none –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Chris

      Well summed up AdinaK :)

  • truebearing

    Daniel, that was pretty racist and Islamophobic of you to point out the truth about Muslim countries. Any truth not tethered to the Left's agenda, and mutilated beyond recognition, is bad. The poor Muslims you maligned aren't racist, or violent, they are just being devout. One man's homicidal terrorist is another man's…..homicidal terrorist wearing a disguise and pretending to be a victim.

  • Ahmed Johnson

    More racism from the american. you are simply ignorant americans that know nothing of islam. you stereotype us as terrorist and racist blah blah blah….I am so angered by this islamophobic outrage that I am going outside and shoot my gun into the air!

    • AnOrdinaryMan

      There's no such thing as "Islamophobia," but I'm curious–are you a LAWFUL gun owner?

    • s.kurup

      Koestler wrote"the phneme***** has caused 300 million deaths and more to come.".Konrad elst the historian has estimated the number odf hindus who died during the 600 years of muslim rule in India. Being a holocaust of pagans the west has ignored it.Will Durant termed the mulim conquest of India asone of the most brutal episodes. Indian secularists are, like the western leftists not only censoring any reference to these matters and continue to privilege muslims for votes. The West will go the the India way.

    • Roger

      Well, at least you're not going to beat your wives.

      Are women a separate race under sharia? They seem to be treated at least as badly as most darker skinned races.

      • Ahmed

        Woman are treated as equally as men in islam. Just because some of the people treat woman badly, you don't need to hate the whole race.
        On the news I have seen lots of woman getting beaten by their husbands and its mostly western people.
        I don't have anything against westerns, but I'm just trying to get my point across.

        • Roger

          I laugh at you.

          And you know that's a lie before I even tear it apart. Do you think that westerners are so stupid as to take that as anything more than a twisted and sad joke?

          Even if I ignore honor killings.

          There is still this.

          • patriothere

            The only thing you tear apart is the toilet paper.

          • Roger

            I just did. And you just acted as the 'rented mouth' that you are.

  • Herb Benty

    The BIG question is why the radical left continues the lie that muslims are peaceful and continue to allow immigration from insane countries? The "left" who presently run America HATES America, HATES freedom, HATES God and HATES Jews and Christians….Oh! I just realised that mindset dovetails with muslims!

    • Mary Sue

      Because to the Radical Left, any Brown Person is physically incapable of "oppressing" a minority, because the Leftist Marxist Euro-America-centric Identity Politics movement (where America and White Europe = The World) dictates that ONLY white people oppress around the world (USA, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc), and their excuse for "Brown People" engaging in acts of oppression is that they learned it from Oppressive Whitey.

      See, Oppression by Brown Peoples, upon other Brown Peoples (or anything else for that matter) isn't actually really oppression! [/sarcasm]

  • rivkah f.

    Attitudes to the "other" (in multicultural lingo) should be compared to attitudes toward women. All that talk about "war on women" in the U.S. and other Western countries is rubbish. Just look at the Islamic countries and societies' treatment of women. It parallels their attitudes toward other ethnic, racial and religious groups.

  • kafir4life

    I can't say for sure, but I think that Ahmed Johnson was pulling your chain with sarcasm. It's like saying that we don't need no more elections because since the advent of Barack Obama, the first (half) African-American openly gay president, that we now have the "most perfect union". I've had to take to using the /sarc_off HTML tag to make sure that idiotic statements are not taken seriously, as the left would say the same about Obama and think they mean it.
    It's like saying islam is a religion of peace, or Obama is a great leader. Nobody with a functioning brain believes that one!

  • @PWaliser

    All those elite leftists touting "diversity" and condemning others for being bigots tend to live in "non-diverse" areas like gated communities and such where it's safer. They always expect everybody else to mingle and coexist. The west needs to stop allowing Muslim immigration until that so called religion reforms itself especially with nullifying Sharia, the killing of Apostates, eliminating the philosophy of Jihad, outlawing slavery, and ending misogyny and polygamy. Oh wait, never mind, that is Islam!

  • David of Edinburgh

    Absolutely. I cringe whenever I hear `islamohobia` and its gay equivalent. They are also bad grammatical constructs. I never use them nor respect them.

  • Regine

    I've been to Turkey and Jordan before for vacation 2 years ago. I don't remember being stared at or anything negative. I was actually greeted and was asked MANY question about how it is in America.

    • Mary Sue

      yeah but on the other hand, women have vacationed in Turkey and not come back alive. A LOT.

  • Ahmed

    Yea but I am from Jordan and its not racist at all!!!

    • Roger

      You're a muslim loyal troll that ignores all reality to push for sharia.
      Why? Are you afraid if you don't there might be an honor killing?

      • Ahmed

        I am disgusted that people like you can even have the courage to say these kinds of things!
        I do admit that some Muslims are really bad but not all of them, if you were educated enough you would know that.
        I am not just doing this for sharia, I am doing this for my whole race.
        It's like saying you ignore criminals from whatever country you're from because you're white!

        • Roger

          And what are you doing to stop the ones that are?

          Christians had the reformation, are you going to start one for islam?

      • Amy

        Oh you're calling Muslims racist, look in the mirror

        • Roger

          islam isn't a race.

  • Ahmed

    Muslims are not racist, we respect other religions and cultures. If a Muslim commits a crime, people call it a terrorist attack, whereas if an Christian commits a crime, they just call it murder or just a crime, it's REALLY UNFAIR!!!!

    • Roger

      No you don't. Ask Daniel Pearl or any Copt in Eygpt or even Christians in Nigeria.

  • Ahmed

    Oh and where is Israel, it is the one of the most racist countries in the world!
    And Daniel, that was very, very racist!

    • Roger

      The more racist neighbor, the muslim brotherhood in Egypt proves you wrong.

      Well Ahmed, your muslim hate sure is on display for all to see.

      • Jonny

        I am looking through all of these comments and all i see is "Roger". You need act your age and let Ahmed say his opinions without you arguing back!
        You are acting really childish.
        He obviously respects your opinions so you respect his.

        • Roger

          Jonny, I am acting my age. I'm old enough to understand that islam wants us dead.

  • Canadian,eh?

    Roger maybe you should use another source. There is widespread discrimination in Germany, Russia, Uk, USA e.t.c There is alot of muslim countries not on that list. Such as Pakistan, Yemen, U.A.E e.t.c. I mean no disrespect to you but your being very ignorant.

  • Navros

    This is so wrong. The question itself is not enough to conclude that those countries are racist. In most western countries people are less likely to take their neighboors as friends so they do not care about who comes to live next to them. In other countries, mostly in the developing world, people are not used to people from other races since they don’t see them that much often. These countries peoples take their neighboors as a part of their life and they mostly think that people from other races are not like them. They might think that by asking specifically to races you’re actually asking them about neighboors who would not understand their language or customs. I’m from the Netherlands but I was never accepted by the people as I’m one of them. They constantly think that because of my hair and skin color I can never be Dutch. The Netherlands is in Europe but like in most of Europe, people will tell you they are not racist to others, while they actually are.

    • Jane

      That is because your nations people are racist. If they were racist no other races would be living with them what are u talking about!

      • TheCeLL

        No, if your nation is poor or developing, there would be less people of other races living there because there would be no reason for them to immigrate there.

        • Jane

          So what is Japan, Saudi Arabia and other rich nations problems then???

          • jezeuskrishna

            problem? racism isn’t a problem, not wanting your country to change racially, ethnically, culturally and religiously is natural and normal, good even. people who want these things to change want genocide.

    • Oldmonkey

      Tribalist might be a better description on an individual level. On a social level willingness of an immigrant who looks different to assimilate makes a huge difference. I’m not talking about changing religion, but accepting the norms of their new country, and at very least acknowledgement they went to another country because it offerred them something they wanted. In general, the West offers immigrants a better life for them and their families. Immigrants that expect outrageous accomidations need to go back home, and Illegals ejected.

  • Shafia

    Lol the title of this article itself is racist/discriminatory. He’s one to talk.

    • Moses

      We all can see that none of these racists peoples names or faces are on the land, water, minerals, animals, nothing. Only Gods’ name is on everything. So they need to fear God and Love each other like God commanded us to do

    • Jay

      Islam isn’t a race lol
      Is fact discrimination, or just plain fact?

  • Moses

    Racism against race is rejected, but Racism against sexism is accepted?. This survey is important. But all races control their women like slaves through religion,
    education and the law. Also. every second, a woman is raped or beaten by a man. Yet very little is being done to protect women and children by religion leaders, law enforcement, not even our presidents!

    • salma

      eww dont say that word im 8 i shouldnt be hearing that

    • Jarkko

      In the west, women have laws protecting them even from religious leaders, except when muslims leaders are involved, then authorities are too afraid to call it a rape. Otherwise women are protected in the west from rape and quilty parties are prosecuted while this is not the xase in the muslim countries if woman was raped while not clothed under hidjab or was waöking without male relative etc.

      • Jane

        I was evicted from an apt because I am a white woman and I went on a date and the landlord is a strict moslem- in Canada. What law are u talking about!

        • Jarkko

          As I said, we are protected in the west by law except in the case of Islam.

  • John

    I think that the title is offensive. Muslim countries are most racist, India isn’t a muslim country. Dont get me wrong but this survey is in favour to countries like U.K Australia USA these countries treat people of different race differently. Places like Middle East and Asia dont want people of different race because in history look at the betrayal of what England done to India they’d killed so many people whom they alleged they wanted to be friends with. Schools in UK, one English boy says this ” You look like a Blackman” That Language is inadequate the only reason this survey said that U.K USA and Australia are least tolerant because they know that they treat different races different only because they want their country least tolerable, to show off to different countries.

    • Reza Rajkumar

      i am totally agree with you.

    • Jane

      A survey was done and it turns out indians are the most racists people on earth. Next is the saudis. No one else is allowed to live and keep their culture in saudi arabia other than the asian ‘slaves; they hire. They also have a global sex slave going on hows that for racism!

    • Jarkko

      Study after study has shown that these blue countries don’t treat people differently regardless of skin color, apart from some anomalies. But as a non muslim in a muslim country, don’t expect to be treated equally. No wonder non muslims hardly migrate to muslim countries while muslims seem to flee their own countries into tjese, so called, racist countries.
      British were quite tolerant for the Indians and built schools, roads and modern infastructure and dunctioning government. They also restored ancient hindu temples and even restored tje badly damaged and worn out Taj Mahal. So India is far better of Because of the British ruling them for a while.

      • aneesa

        Are you mentally handicapped? Oh by the way have you ever heard about the amritsar massacre? The british took such serious measures against the asshole known as general Dyer, didn’t they.

        • Jarkko

          Wow… you could find obe example of criminal activity to disregard everything I just said in my post. So the inaction against general Dyer wipes off all the things that British gave to the Indians? So we should forget that British fixed taj mahal and many of the ancient Hindu temples. We should forget the civilized and modern infastructure of roads, schools and hospitals that the Brits built.
          Not to forget the fact that Brits made an end to the common practise of India to burn the widow with her dead husband at the funeral. If Dyer’s misconduct does away all the British good deeds, shouldn’t we at least recognise that after the widow burning ended, more Indian women have been saved than what Dyer ever commanded to be killed?

  • Lila Ijaz

    Totally uncalled for article, and absolutely biased.
    You should learn more about Islam and Muslim nations before making your discriminatory judgements.
    Islam is all about peace, love, beauty, justice, and fairness.

    • osvaldo

      i am sorry to desapoint you but he is right i live in south africa and yes muslim are very on their own world

      • Lila Ijaz

        Yeah just like all the other countries in the world — the Spanish are in the own world just as much as Japanese are in theirs etc!

        • Jane

          Japanese dont let many outsiders in they are smart.

          • Jane

            Japan still has seggregated bathrooms. One for Japanese and one for others (meaning anyone NOT JAPANESE and they have a japanese word for that too!). That type of thing ended in america in 1950!

      • Jane

        Same in canada. They buy stuff at christmas and dont even celebrate it but like the free vouchers they get from us. They eat in our christian food banks when they are not christian. Do not think they would feed a christian in their mosque…..

    • wri7913

      If islam was about peace, love, beauty, justice and fairness, then why does Islam promote Slavery? Why does Islam promote domestic violence against women and treat women as less than equal to a man?

      • Jane

        Westerners revere and respect women for the most part. We never had honor killings not even in 1850!

    • Jarkko


      Thomas Sowell [Thomas Sowell, Race and Culture, BasicBooks, 1994, p. 188] estimates that 11 million slaves were shipped across the Atlantic and 14 million were sent to the Islamic nations of North Africa and the Middle East. For every slave captured many others died. Estimates of this collateral damage vary. The renowned missionary David Livingstone estimated that for every slave who reached a plantation, five others were killed in the initial raid or died of illness and privation on the forced march.[Woman’s Presbyterian Board of Missions, David Livingstone, p. 62, 1888] Those who were left behind were the very young, the weak, the sick and the old. These soon died since the main providers had been killed or enslaved. So, for 25 million slaves delivered to the market, we have an estimated death of about 120 million people. Islam ran the wholesale slave trade in Africa.

      120 million Africans


      The number of Christians martyred by Islam is 9 million [David B. Barrett, Todd M. Johnson, World Christian Trends AD 30-AD 2200, William Carey Library, 2001, p. 230, table 4-10] . A rough estimate by Raphael Moore in History of Asia Minor is that another 50 million died in wars by jihad. So counting the million African Christians killed in the 20th century we have:

      60 million Christians


      Koenard Elst in Negationism in India gives an estimate of 80 million Hindus killed in the total jihad against India. [Koenard Elst, Negationism in India, Voice of India, New Delhi, 2002, pg. 34.] The country of India today is only half the size of ancient India, due to jihad. The mountains near India are called the Hindu Kush, meaning the “funeral pyre of the Hindus.”

      80 million Hindus


      Buddhists do not keep up with the history of war. Keep in mind that in jihad only Christians and Jews were allowed to survive as dhimmis (servants to Islam); everyone else had to convert or die. Jihad killed the Buddhists in Turkey, Afghanistan, along the Silk Route, and in India. The total is roughly 10 million. [David B. Barrett, Todd M. Johnson, World Christian Trends AD 30-AD 2200, William Carey Library, 2001, p. 230, table 4-1.]

      10 million Buddhists


      Oddly enough there were not enough Jews killed in jihad to significantly affect the totals of the Great Annihilation. The jihad in Arabia was 100 percent effective, but the numbers were in the thousands, not millions. After that, the Jews submitted and became the dhimmis (servants and second class citizens) of Islam and did not have geographic political power.

      This gives a rough estimate of 270 million killed by jihad.

      • aneesa Huh this article doesn’t seem to portray you in a very good light. It must be biased since you are the most peaceful and tolerant people in the world. Oh wait, you’re not. You’re just really good at sweeping it under the carpet

        • Jarkko

          There is two fundamental problems with your reply; first, anything your link says, does nothing to refute the fact that these studies and books, which I refered for any evidence concerning the 270 million victims of Islamic Jihad, did take place. Second, the so called persecution of Muslims is a very fantastic modern innovation of revisionist writers.
          Any place in the world where Muslims may have been persecuted or wiped out, are places where Muslims had arrived as intruders or trough conquests. When the armies of queen Isabella kicked the muslims out if Spain, I know the Muslims regard this with horror but it were the Moors who invaded the spanish kingdom and were driven out little by little. What about Algerians driving out the french who many had lived all their life in Algeria for generations? Of course this matters not to you, only muslim invaders are supposed to allow to stay in others land if you are concerned.

          Anywhere outside of Arabia, muslim presence is due to invasion and violent conquests so naturally if muslims have been persecuted outside of Arabia, it is because they had lost their power over the indigenous people, who in turn wanted to get rid of the intruders.

          Try to read some more studies of these historical events instead of reading muslim propaganda.

    • Jane

      I did this is where i found all my knowledge! Islam had 35 attacks since christmas!

  • Gail

    India is not a Muslim country. Muslims are minority in India. On other side Pakistan is Muslim country and you can see Pakistan in Blue color.

    • sol

      India is a racist country period.

      • flashback0180 .


      • Quob

        bullshit indeed. indians worship white people, they are truly mad.

        • jezeuskrishna

          they do indeed, go there with aryan features and their women throw themselves at you.

      • Fakhruddin

        Ou aaa? Then how come we Muslims in India rose from 40 million to 210 million ? Christians from 0.5 million to 60 million? As a Muslim I assure you that India is not a racist. Pakistan is where even muslims Shia, Ahmadias, Muhajirs are persecuted along with of course Hindus, SIKHS and Christians.

    • Jarkko

      Pakistan is only an anomaly. Rest of those countries are on red. India has more muslims than pakistan, bye the way.

    • wri7913

      Pakistan is still India before it was split. Pakistain is Muslim majority and in India you still have Muslims agitating to become the majority there as well.

      • Tony Valachi

        Pakistan is NOT India.

    • Troy_Oz

      India has more Muslims than any other country in the world, except Indonesia and Pakistan.

  • Dinesh

    Are u bloody kidding me? Did u reach the conclusion before looking at the data. Since when is Muslim a race. I am Indian and let me tell you- In India you can find Muslims who are whiter than Europeans (Kashmiris), as dark as the africans (Southern parts), having oriental features (North East). Same goes for Hindus, Christians living in these regions.
    Now let me tell u point out a few things- Pakistan is not racist, Koreans are? Indonesians are not the same race as the arabs- both Muslim.

    Let me share my conclusion- this survey is based on a false premise. There is no concept of Race in India, Most countries in Blue have clear definitions of race and are used in surveys- Commonwealth nations, South American, European and American.
    All being said- Only outlier is France- dont know what their deal is.

    • Jarkko

      What is the false premise? Questions were asked about how people would like to have a neighbour from different cultural background? Answers were given and seem to indicate clearly something.

  • Latisha

    You mean if you don’t let white people (those with greed n not everyone who shares similar color or complextion) take over you, you are a racist? Who says Australia, America, North America, Canada and Europe are not racist..the white people who murdered the owners of those lands? coz I don’t think the natives of those lands have phones to answer the survey conducted. Most r dead, some hide in the wild n others are poisoned with alcohol and white diseases n no one takes them seriously. So what this article is really saying is, if you are not generous n trusting enough to open the gates of your country, wealth, natural resource, spices, muscle n bend u r a racist?….mmm Africa n the middle east still intact with its natural resources n wont stop the resistance? is that why?..the whole complexity of one race is better than others come from those who desired to divide others in order to loot n keep what would be enough for all. Its sad these kinds of survey are conducted just to contribute that cause. To create hate, let others get busy on it n loot tactic. Mankind is one race..n they are all the same with their uniqueness..stop hating, live n let live

    • Jane

      No natives were murdered in canada that was in the usa!

      • E123

        Are you serious!? What were residential schools? What did you think happened at Indian hospitals that forced aboriginal peoples to be cooped up with other patients with TB? Why were practices/surgeries deemed as dangerous and unnecessary for white Canadians completely allowed at these hospitals? Educate yourself before spreading lies and ignorance.

    • Michael S

      That was more than 80 years ago. To say someone is racist just because their ancestors killed people is ridiculous. I’m from Australia by the way. My best friends great grandfather was a person who used to keep aboriginals as slaves. He is disgusted by that is ashamed to say so, but he shouldn’t be. He didn’t do anything neither did his parents.
      Also by white people you also include Eastern Europeans who came 40 years ago.
      I have friends who are asian, indian and white. We all make jokes to each other about each other, but none of us give a shit. I have been teased for my pale skin and my asian friend has been teased about “asian drivers” but we don’t care and we are still friends in the end.
      I find it more racist when indians hang around with only indians and asian hang around with only asians, same with white people.

      • Jane

        Natives in canada also had black slaves people………

    • Andy Paul

      @Latisha. I quote you directly “….Europe are racist…the white people who murdered the owners of those lands?” Forgive me but the population of Europe has for most of recorded history been white so please enlighten us as who the previous “owners” were.

    • Jane

      every nation has had that happen. No natives were killed in Canada. Canada also never had slavery….

    • Duffy

      Oh yeah, here we go with the old American Indian meme. Stop hating , live and let live? Let’s start with you.

    • Jane

      There were no natives murdered in canada and canada never had slavery. India STILL HAS SLAVERY!

      • Jane

        Most indians are pretty stuckup people and judgemental………..much more than blacks!

        • aneesa

          Example of an ideal racist. Never evaluate you’re own behavior. Right now you sound more racist than India’s 1.2 billion population combined.

          • Jane

            Indians in canada never hang out with other races but whites have friends from all races… what does tat tell you.

  • aaaaaa

    i bet the one who wrote this article has never actually been to a muslim country….and since when did india become a muslim country?india has 50 languages,people with all religions,white people ,east asian people,dark people…(not jut brown a s your media potrays).,different cuisines,.and we are still a peaceful country!if this isnt tolerance then what exactly do you mean by tolerance??I think 99% of wetern population (and trust me thats what 99% muslims think too) are really cool but idiots like you make me want to change that stop publishing bullshit and trying to spread racism..oh btw i am an indian muslim…

    • Jane

      what about the christian pastor being tortured in Iran who was born there and grew up in america! Hows that for racism!

      • aneesa

        What about the pregnant muslim women killed in France due to the fact that she wore a scarf. How’s that for racism

        • Jarkko

          One example again is supposed to orove something. A french man who kills anyone will face trial and go to jail. What about the Christian woman who was pregnant and was murdered by muslim crowd for not wearing a scarf in her car? These men were never prisecuted, unlike a french would be for murder?

    • Shailesh Kumar

      you duffer india is not a muslim country you a*s H*LE these are just minority thats y india is so prosperous

    • Jarkko

      Pakistan was northern india but since they were mostlu Muslims, they wanted to separete from India. Pakistan means land of the pure. So palistanis see them as pure amd hindus as impure, how’s that for racism or religious bigotry. When pakistan separeted, over miölion deaths occured in the riots. Wars between hindus and muslims are quite common even today so no reason to claim that India is somehow peaceful and rosy. The caste system of India, was outlawed by the british but maintained by the public as a tradition, that still controls the way prople live and think; how is that for racism! Institutionalised discrimination in public way of life!!!.

  • Human X

    lol … complete garbage, check out the pilgrim season in Makkah and count how many races are there in one single place

    • salma

      shut up dont talk about muslims they are better than u

      • bob

        salma that comment of yours is racist

      • Jane

        ha ha what has a moslem invented anything! Very narrow minded people and stupid….

        • Ehm

          Im curious as to where you get your information. Here’s an article by CNN that i think you should take a look at.

          Alongside these inventions muslims have made huge contributions to fundamental concepts such as math.

          A lot of your comments are massively ignorant.

          • Jarkko

            Hahahahahaha! This CNN article is well known myth. Douglas murray in his book Islamophilia and Robert Spencer in his Politically incorrect guide to Islam and the crusades, showed that these claims for the muslim inventions are modern arabists imposing things on Islam that just disn’t happen or doesn’t merit such honors.
            where were all thise aeroplanes then if muslims imvented them? Kites have existed far longer and for ages, have men seen that if a device was invented that would let men glide like a bird. Just because a writing of such imagination exists in arabic, has nothing to do with them imventing flying any morw than first kite runner would have. Any one seeing a bird could have figured what this one arab did but this arab failed to actually fly.

            Many of the inventions, claimed to have been muslim inventions, were not muslim at all, but christians and jews living in muslim lands. This is true about hospitals and Universities. What did muslims teach im their universities anyway? Mainly Koran, not so with tje Christians and Jews.
            Algebra was invented by greeks around 300-200 b.c. one muslim man built on that foundation, but other muslims ignored his work qhile Christians and Jews continued his work to perfect it, what doea that say about Islam? In other words, This CNN article is multicultural nonsense and in any academic circles and debates, has been shown to be a false. CNN Is known for poor journalistic standards and this article enforces that conclusion further.

            If Islam was such a great cradle for innovation and science, why is acience non existing there now??? Because Islam killed that science that still existed in arabia while Sharia was building itself there before being fully established. Once sharia was fully established in tje Khalifat, scientific thinking was banned and Science dead. It would be haram to show scientifically that Koran is wrong in claiming that shooting stars are missiles Allah hurles after demons who are trying to enter paradize. Or that Sun sets in a pool of murky water.

    • sol

      Arabs are some of the most racist people in the world period.

      • Hana

        You are jst acting as a racist ! By saying Arabs ! Get a look at yourself then tell us who’s the racist dude ?

        • duffy

          Well I am have a hard time trying to remember when the last Scandinavian hijacked airplanes a flew them into buildings, but then maybe my hate is just clouding me perception.

      • Jane

        I agree I lived in a city in ottawa canada and they act like they are something special and are very rude to white people and liars and cheaters.

  • asm

    LoL …this article is hilariously bad…… and racist.
    What study is this? You have not cited the origins.
    I live in Australia and have been to the USA many times – to say they are both not racist is a complete falsity.
    I am not a muslim.

    • salma

      yes ur smart but i am a muslim and muslims are not racist evreyone has a diffrent culture so dont hate on ours u here

    • Jane

      India and Jordan are two of the most racist nations on earth…

  • salma

    white people racist

    • Jane

      white people are the most open minded people on earth….thereby the least racist.

      • aneesa

        Well lets hope you don’t represent white people because you don’t sound very open minded.

  • salma

    i hate them

  • Daniel



    Okay from what can i tell. It is all right to say negative stuff about white people but when a little comment made even in a joking matter to people of any other race it is racist. Also i don’t see any white people killing others just because they are a different race yet there are many cases of other races attacking each other but it is somewhat accepted.
    It seems a little biased.

    • Jane

      A black man is 800 times more likely to rape a white woman than a white man is likely to rape a black woman. MOST homocides in america are black on black.

      • sol

        This is what we call spiritual karma. This is what white America inflicted on the Black people for 400 years.

        • Jarkko

          Muslim arabs have inflicted far worde for black people for 1400 years and still do todat. How’s the karma with this. If white deeds inflict bad karma on them, why is it then that black men mainly kill each other??? I thought karma was bad for the wjite man?

          • wri7913

            Muslim Arabs have inflicted slavery on both Black and White People. Just look at our own history in the US. Barbary pirates raided shipping boats and took whites as prisoners. Often they were sold into slavery in the Muslim world.

          • Jane

            Yes the arab slave trade 630-1980- much longer than black slavery by whites. Oh but a black man sold the first black slave to a white man.

          • Jarkko

            Actually the arab slave trade started long before Islam and it was never abolished. Muslim countries still have slavetrade today.

        • Jane

          No its their tribal nature its nothing to do with whites! Blacks are li ke this all over the world unless they are americanized.

          • Quob

            “americanized”? Seriously, you must be one of the biggest dumbfucks living on this planet, bravo!

        • Duffy

          It’s also what their own race did to them by selling them to White people. Let’s tell the whole story shall we.

        • jezeuskrishna

          LMFAo you’re an idiot, following that logic the suffering of blacks under slavery was karma for the moorish enslavement of 10’s of millions of whites and the 700 year occupation of spain, more whites were enslaved by blacks than vice versa in 1865, blacks from the barbara states enslaved 1.5 million whites from 1500-1865, whites bought 800 thousand black slaves during this period. White guilt=unfounded genocidal propaganda

      • Foys

        I don’t know where you’ve gotten your statistics from but black people are 10% of the American population. That means black males are approximately 5%. Take away the aged and children then you’re left with maybe 2% (I’ll ignore taking away the inordinately high number of black men America has in it’s penitentiaries even though they presumably aren’t raping white women in there). If a white woman is more likely to be raped by a black man than a black woman by a white man then it’s just because of simple statistical bias: the ratios of population lean toward that, there are simply more white women to black men and less black women to white men.

    • Jane

      Yes see the racism shows pretty easily doesnt it….

  • Shaheen

    Lets not forget that the Muslim people are not the one’s who went to Africa and enslaved the African people for 500 years.

    • Jane

      Muslims had white slaves a long time ago. The saudis presently have slaves, so does sudan and indian.

      • Jane

        8 million slaves right now in the world and the owners are not WHITE!

    • Jane

      It was the muslim arabs whor ran the slave trade : From 650 to 1960- The ARAB SLAVE TRADE took place. 18 million slaves, 1 million were white.

    • p

      no. muslims have been doing it for 1300 years. its still happening today

    • wri7913

      LOL, I smell BS. Muslim people are in Africa now enslaving Blacks. You are so full of BS its not funny.

      • Jane

        Yes they escape to Israel the only country in the middle east with democracy…….

        • aneesa
          • Jarkko

            Palestine was a name the romans gave to the land of Judea after they sacked Jerusalem. This palestine has never had a national identity attached to it nor has it ever been a country. Palestine has usually been a province of other countries. Today oart of palestine has Israel in it and other part us a newly invented palestine started in the 1960’s with Arafat, the Egyptian as their leader.
            Israel in Palestine is essentially same as Spain in Iberia. Iberia is not nationality nor country, it is only geographic area, so is Palestine.

    • Jane

      It was called the moslem slave trade from 640 to1980 and they had 18 million slaves. It lasted four times longer than the other slavery which ended in 1865.

  • Jane

    I am half irish from way back. The Irish were also slaves for the english in america, england and the Commonwealth. If you tell this to an american black person they freak out and say your lying. Actually there were more Irish slaves than african, they just didnt work the fields as the black men were stronger…

    • Jane

      Did you ever wonder why so many blacks have Irish names….

      • Duffy

        Notre Dame Football?

    • Jean Robertson

      The history of Irish slaves has been almost totally untold. Need to tell. One day not long ago, one of my kids was reading about this all to me… and my jaw was on the floor. And I am old.. and read quite a lot.. Odd.

    • wri7913

      Muslims also sold whites into slavery and this was happening about the time the US was formed. Barbary Pirates operating out of Tripoli Libya were raiding trade boats in the shipping lanes. They would take over the boats and take the white people as prisoners. Often they would bring them back to Tripoli and sell the people into slavery into the Muslim world.



  • Farouk

    U talked about racism u the westerners do u see your fellow human beings as people. The Quran thought us to b our brothers keepers irrespective of your colour, tribe, religion or what so ever . The Quran says we are all one before Allah. Read the Quran and understand it. The Quran is the only book that teaches us our way of life. Also, it teaches us the past, the present, the future, our life , after death and the day we will all assemble before our creator to give account of our daily life . Dear brothers and sisters seek for the truth and on the last last day you will be free from Allah’s punishment. Remember we love Jesus we respect him and his mother all mentioned in that holy book.

    • Lostscout7

      and yet which religious group has the most murders directed against other religions

      • Jane


    • Jane

      Mohammad was a thief and looter.

  • Iranian77

    No doubt that Muslims are the most racist people in the world, but this map is wrong.

    Iranians are not racist, Iran is a multi-ethnic nation and has been for thousands of years. I’m not speaking of Muslim Iranians as true Iranians are not Muslim.

    Turkey is one of the most racist countries and should be on top along with all the countries on the Arabian peninsula. Turks think a self-made concept of theirs called “turkishness” is the highest way of living.

    Pakistan and Afghanistan are crawling with racists.

    European countries do as well.

  • p

    looking at muslim areas across my own country proves how racist they are. ive learned never to be fooled by a muslim crying racist every 2 minutes because there the ones trying to oppress the country with there lies

    • Jane

      Just like in canada. They are rotten and so rude with no manners.

  • Barbooza

    Indians became racist after they quit eating beef. Muslims became racist after they quit eating pork.

  • Jane

    Canada is the least racist nation on earth. They let every race move here give them everything for free and jobs and houses and education and so far nothing ha happened although the whites here never agreed to this policy. If this happened in any other nation they would be a bloody war as alot of these people are taking the jobs our people should rightfully have especially people here 400 years like my family. There are affiramative action programs which states you cannot hire a local white person and some indian or chinese or other minority who just landed in canada will get the job, that is outright discrimination and not fair and I do not believe you should be called a citizen unless you are born in a nation….

  • Derp

    This is one of the most poorly written articles. Ever.

    1. It Implies that Middle Eastern and Asian countries are racist BECAUSE they are Muslim without any proof whatsoever. Racial intolerance of countries depends on their specific socio-economic factors rather than a single factor such as they are all muslim e.g. Middle eastern countries are experiencing a large influx of immigrants from south-east asian countries which creates economic problems for the locals.

    2. Many Muslim countries such as U.A.E, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Oman e.t.c are greyed out which means their data is not available. This article seems to imply that most muslim countries are racist whereas, infact, statistical data for most muslim countries is not available which alone is reason enough to discredit this article.

    3. It forcibly tries to shove India in the list of Muslim countries by stating that India has a large muslim population. The fact remains that less than 20% of India’s population is muslim. Nominal numbers mean nothing in this context.

    4. It conveniently fails to mention Pakistan in its list of most racially tolerant countries to make the sentence ” What do they have in common? Not a single one of them is Muslim.” more credible.

  • flashback0180 .

    1. bullshit.

    2.every nation has some % of Muslims in them, Australia has 2.3% of Muslims.and are known for their raceisem they even made a tv show because of it.


    India only has 12% of ISLAM

    2% Sikhism.

    80% are of Hinduism.

    the fact that you missed this shows your so called ” facts” are fake.

    4.Indias president was a female .

    the prime minister is a seikh, the previous one was a Muslim .

    the party leader of the government was a Italian born.

    5.india has a population of 1.27 BILLION

    where each state has its own language .
    4th most powerful military in the world, and yet has never started a war.

    6. lastly you are racist

  • Quob

    I call bullshit, Russia only 15%-19.9% and the US 0%-4.9%, yeaa right hahahahahahaha. The only thing that’s true is that muslim immigration is never good.

  • Egytian queen

    Remember that when they say racism it doesn’t just mean hatred towards black people, it could mean towards and ethnicity!!!

    Btw I’m Egyptian and I think all races have their own beauty!!!…..well I’m also from india and sudan

  • Someone

    Despite almost all christian countries are racist!

  • Anton Bautista

    Muslims in general are racist? I think this should reflect the Mass psychology rather than the individual. Muslim majorities are racist.

  • Darrell

    What defines “racism” is often very subjective. I would say racism is really more about color than about ethnicity and religion. People with white skin or light complexions tend to experience better treatment than those with darker skin. So in reality the most racist countries would really be mostly white Christian countries.
    I snorted out my coffee when I saw Argentina being listed as one of the most “tolerant”. Also Australia???? Tell that to an Aborginal or many Asian and Indian immigrants who live there, several years ago there were a large rash of racially motivated hate crimes against Indian students in Australia.
    Britain is another one that wants to me laugh. I have been to Britain numerous times, the British are among the most arrogant and prejudiced people around. Its well documented that dark skinned immigrants and Roma people face a lot of prejudice.
    France?? France has racism, but is generally less racist than Britain. I even saw two gypsies talking about racism in Britain and said they were actually treated better in France.
    America? America still has serious issues with race.
    Darrell – An African American from Atlanta GA

  • jezeuskrishna

    the more accurate correlation isn’t religion, but race itself, the whitest nations have lower frequencies of racism, france is gone, it will be muslim within 30 years, after all the riots the native french are starting to get their act together and see racism for what it is, a defamation and slander term used by our jewish media to perpetuate white genocide.

  • Dan

    South Africa has a government that hates white people and laws set up that makes getting a job or even getting in to schools harder if you are white… I lived their i know how blatantly racist it is…. They have a quota system in all sports which forces less talented (in some cases) get the nod over a white lad. So the fact that South Africa is blue makes this hogwash… One of the most racist places in the world!

  • Moza

    This article is racist. It is racist to assume something of a certain race and lump all of it’s people together, so saying muslim countries are racist is racist in itself. I’m a muslim, I live in a muslim country and I have never met a racist muslim, not to say they don’t exist, but you can’t just say something as ignorant as “muslim countries are the most racist in the world” based off of a few people in a survey, if in fact a survey was taken at all.

  • Kenneth V. Tellis

    India’s Muslim population is higher than the of Pakistan. But, why is everyone blaming India for discrimination, when India has so far not made any religion a STATE religion, whilst Pakistan is an Islamic state. India has not permitted religious persecution, Pakistan is well known for it. On the other hand, it is the Caste system that makes India a pariah nation, because it looks the other way, when when members of the Dalit, lower caste people are persecuted by the ruling Brahmins. Both Mohandas Gandhi and Pundit Nehru were Brahmins and wanted India to restore the Caste System after the British gave India Independence on August 15, 1947.
    Of course skin colour is the greatest drawback in India, where fair skinned people are looked up to, by those of darl skin. Even Indian families put ads in newspapers while looking for partners in marriage for their children. By asking that fair skinned only apply. Of that is a form of inferiority complex rather then out and out discrimination.

  • You Know It’s True

    BS. Both are racist. Western nations are just less honest when surveyed. Their actions speak louder than their words.

  • Steve

    This is not surprising at all and not perceived by Western culture (at least not in large part yet) because we are insulated by our society raised on pluralism and by the selective media controlled largely by the liberal “progressive” agenda in order to keep their “do as I say” and “not as I do” agenda. Its also a society here that allows free speech and does tolerate a huge load of nonsense in the name of the first amendment from sponging malcontents that complain and mooch whatever and whenever it is possible.