Muslim Country Deports US Liberal for Liking Terrorism Too Much


Like being kicked out of a biker bar for having too many tattoos, being expelled from a Muslim country for liking terrorism too much is a real achievement. It’s just the bad kind of achievement.

But that’s what Erin Kilbride managed to accomplish in Bahrain. Unlike most American women kicked out of a Muslim country, she did not name a teddy bear Mohammed.

Bahrain deported a U.S. citizen working as a teacher in the gulf kingdom over what it described Saturday as her “radical” writings on Twitter and websites as the government cracks down on dissent the country.

Erin Kilbride, of Portland, Maine, left the kingdom and was to arrive back in the U.S. later Saturday, officials at the Bahrain Center for Human Rights said.

The ministry also said her landlord apparently reported Kilbride for having a flag of Hezbollah, the Shiite Muslim political party and militant group in Lebanon. The official Twitter feed of Bahrain’s Minister of State Communications, Fawaz Al Khalifa, posted images Saturday that it described as a yellow Hezbollah flag in Kilbride’s bedroom.

Kilbride was “using Twitter and a number of websites to publish articles on Bahrain that were deemed to incite hatred against the government and members of the royal family,” the ministry said. It did not offer specifics about what she wrote, though it did say she wrote for the Bahrain Center for Human Rights.

Bahrain has a Shiite majority and a Sunni ruling class. Kilbride’s anti-Israel terrorist fetishism had the unfortunate problem of being Shiite.

So the problem may not be that Erin Kilbride liked terrorists. It’s that she liked Shiite terrorists.

  • Chuck_Borealis

    Well, Shiite.

  • Veracious_one

    Maybe she was deemed to be insufficiently Muslim enough….

  • Sean DeGan

    From the article Daniel linked to, “Erin’s work explores the intersections of human rights violations, conflicting modalities of protest, and critical theory.”

    For those of you who have not had the delight of being in a modern philosophy department at any Universirty in the United States, critical theory is the practice of taking unproven, left-wing, often marxist, structural assumptions about society and applying them to everything from race, gender, and ethnicity — the infirm — to mathmatics and physics — the absurd. For an entertaining read, look up the Alan Skokel hoax. Alan Skokal, a physicist, published a “critical” theory of quantum physics in a leading, the leading, academici journal of crtical theory. It was published with great ebullience. Skokal then came out and said that it meant nothing and was ridiculous. This incident was a beautiful, triumphant, fist pumping achievemnet in that it both exposed many of the “new left’s” idiotic flirtations with subjects they know nothing about and their desire for as they say “Politically significant CONCLUSIONS” rather then premises and rigorous argumentative analysis that produces correct conclusions — like Kristeva’s negetive interger being a sign of the male organ.

    The case of a wayward leftist in Bahrain is exactyly what I would expect of a critical theorists. Theory can account for everything, including the reasons why a western feminist can support a terrorist regime that seeks to eliminate the only country in the middle east which secures any considerable rights for women of all races and faiths, Israel. She should have studied engineering.

    • Moa

      “She should have studied engineering.”
      She didn’t have the brains for engineering – that’s why political “science” attracts such dopes who have no idea what The Scientific Method teaches.

  • Drakken

    Oh goody, another future Darwin Award winner.

  • Nisreen

    It is so funny to read all this stuff. I was working with her in one classroom for 7 months. She only loved to be star. To be something like a Paris Hilton star she was not thin and hot enough, but for being a torrorist star it was enough. I only knew her as the woman you see on the picture. Always too druncan and calling herself a ho. She is a poor woman, she has no relation to her father and mother, they treated her very very bad. Her father wanted her as a second wife and her mother hated her for this. So please all have mercy for Erin Kilbride. She is only a poor not intelligent lost soul.