Muslim Country Hosts Chess Tournament, Islamizes the Chess Pieces


The left politicizes everything. Islam Islamizes everything.

Traditional chess kings have a cross on the top (a design that has been in use for centuries). But this year in the UAE, they’ve removed the cross and replaced it with an Islamic crescent. A veteran chess player tells me: “In my entire life playing chess I have never seen such a thing.”

There’s a basic undercurrent of intolerance to the obsessive need to remake everything in your own image and destroy what is not yours in a fit of xenophobia.

The same impulse that led the Taliban to blow up the statues in Afghanistan led the UAE, whose people have sent plenty of money to the Taliban and Al Qaeda, to try and Islamize the chess set.

Installing a crescent on top is a minor thing.

When Muslims first hijacked the Indian game of Chaturanga, which became the Persian game of Shatranj, they destroyed all the chess pieces because they considered the figures to be blasphemous.

Chess as we know it had to be recreated in Europe once the dark shadow of Islam fell over the chessboard. This is what proper Islamic chess pieces looked like.


Compare that to the Indian originals


As usual, Islam made things worse.

Islam erases culture and identity. It eliminates character and personality. It exchanges creativity for a totalitarian facelessness. The sterility of the Islamic chess set is also the sterility of any society that falls under the shadow of Islam.

Islam relentlessly Islamizes everything, robbing it of its identity, and replacing it with the crudity of its totalitarian Sharia restrictions.

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    Shouldn’t the Queen piece wear a burqa, and the bishop piece sport a turban and zebiba instead of a mitre?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      And the knight will be a donkey with a bomb strapped to it

    • LolKatzen


  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    These are obviously bad Muslims. Good Muslims would change the rules of chess altogether, so that the Queen is never allowed to move in front of the King. Or the bishop/Imam. Or the Knight.

    • Chavi Beck

      I’ve read accounts of Old Caliphate chess games (“golden age” = not *that* religious) where the piece we call Queen was known as the Vizier. Just FYI.

    • BagLady

      Unlike the Queen, the King is not good at multi-tasking.

  • Raymond Sammut

    Dear Mr Greenfield

    According to the picture you show along
    with your short article, I cannot see how the chess pieces have been
    “Islamized”. Islam, in principle, rejects all forms of symbolism. For
    example, in every Islamic country I have been to, never could I spot a
    statue anywhere.

    All they have done here is to replace the cross –
    a Gentile symbol representing a blood cult – with
    representations of astronomy. Every sensible person would readily prefer
    the latter and not fall victim to prejudice.

    • DogmaelJones1

      Mr. Sammut: Replacing the king and the cross with a “representations of astronomy” amounts to forcing the chess players to submit to Islam. And the “representations of astronomy” are the crescent moon and the morning star (Allat, the pagan progenitor of Allah, and Uzzo, the progenitor of Venus), which is Islam’s “logo.” I think it’s an ironic joke on Muslims that Allah’s symbolic forerunner was a goddess of fertility. And why couldn’t the overseers of the chess competition just select a chess set that featured human figures? There are dozens of those in existence. I have seen Medieval sets that do not feature any religion’s religious symbols. Why insist on a king represented by Islam’s crescent moon and morning star? Because Islam is all about submission to it. You play the game on Islam’s terms, or not at all.

      • DogmaelJones1

        I might add that the queen is the most potent piece in chess, far more potent than the king. When she checkmates, I don’t think she’s wearing a veil or a burqa.

        • BagLady

          You underestimate the power of the woman behind the burqa.

          • nxs

            Bag Burqa what difference does it make?

          • Al Mulhed

            Your power is to stop cooking and disrobe when your Muslim husband calls. Not doing so displeases allah, right?

          • BagLady

            Like Christian or Atheist husbands, they vary. I expect there are some more demanding than others. No Muslim women I know worry too much about ‘displeasing’ their husbands in this respect.

      • Raymond Sammut

        Mr Jones: You probably mean “Uzza” rather than “Uzzo”. Al-lat, Uzza and Manat were pre-Islamic gods. They were superseded by Islam in the 7th century, and hence it would be an error to associate them with the Islamic religion.

        I cannot find anywhere to substantiate your correlation of Al-lat with the crescent moon and of Uzza with the morning star (Venus).

        The crescent moon and the morning star are not symbols of Islam, and they can never be because, as I pointed out earlier, symbolism is anathema to the Islamic religion.

        The two symbols were first introduced by some of the Islamic countries (Turkey, Libya, Algeria, etc) as recently as the 18th century, and after these countries had established political borders and only for political identification and acceptance. The choice is suitable, given the Arabs were pioneers in the advancement of Ptolemaic astronomy.

        As to the choice of the overseers of the chess competition, I can see no intent of “forcing the chess players to submit to Islam”. The two symbols – as discussed – are non-religious and only symbolic of national identity. For example, if the competition were held in China, the Chinese organizers may want to replace the king with a dragon. It would be their prerogative since they are the ones who are sponsoring.

        • DogmaelJones1

          There are any number of books about the origins of the Islamic symbol, among them Robert Spencer’s “Did Mohammad Exist?” and Norbert Pressburg’s “What the Modern Martyr Should Know” to name bu a few. Also, Arabs may have been “pioneers” of Ptolemaic astronomy, but “Arabs” is not synonymous with “Muslims” or Islam. The few Arabs who studied ancient science were not originators or innovators, but thinkers who were not Muslims, but occasional adherents to Syrian Christianity and even Buddhism. And, you’re being petty about the chess pieces. Mohammad, if he even existed, decreed that Allat and the other pagan deities were blasphemous and so they were abolished. Islam itself was a bogus work-in-progress that began after Mohammad’s purported death in 632, put together by tongue-in-cheek clerics for centuries. For two or three centuries after Mohammad’s death, no one had even heard of Islam until its “missionaries” began their jihad in earnest, first against Constantinople, and then against Europe.

        • john spielman

          The crescent moon is the symbol of Islam sand is found at the top of mosques and even the top of the Mecca clock tower

          • Raymond Sammut

            What you mean to say is: “The crescent moon is the symbol of the Islamic Community (the “Ummah” in Hebrew or in Arabic).” That is, the symbol represents a worldwide fraternity, but it does not represent the Islamic religion itself.

            Please note that a “clock tower”, whether in Mecca or elsewhere, has nothing to do with the Islamic religion. Also, not all mosques exhibit the crescent moon on their finial, and the Islamic religion does not require it.
            For example, the local mullah, who is strict with his community, may choose to forbid all forms of symbolism – including the crescent moon – from being part of the local mosque’s architecture.

          • BenZacharia

            Not all Christian churches display the cross, so it too is not a religious symbol? Sheesh! Talk about cognitive dissonance.

          • BagLady

            I associate it with the Red Crescent, that wonderfully effective charity, that just happens to be Muslim based.

          • s

            The Red Cross has been used since 1863 when the Red Cross was created by several European countries.

            Trouble came in 1906 when Turkey objected to the cross, which does not look like a Christian Cross.

            Turkey that wonderfully effective xenophobic people that kiII Amenians, Kurds, Greeks, Christians, Muslims of the (wrong ethnicity or religion) and so many others.

          • john spielman

            the red “crescent’ is used since it represents the moon god “Al”(Allah). Similar to the cross representing Christianity (with red for blood), the red crscent became the equivalent for muslims.

          • Drakken

            Your 3rd world IQ really does shine through.

          • Raymond Sammut

            A church to be christian requires to exhibit not the cross but the crucifix. Else it is not christian – christian in the traditional sense.

            But you are right to say that the cross is not a religious symbol, given that Christianity is not a religion but a blood cult.

            One can see blood oozing out of Christianity like steam coming out of an Icelandic geyser – and Christians like to wallow in it. The absurdity is beyond belief, but it makes good to bamboozle the Gentile ignorant.

          • Drakken

            I can’t wait until the Crusades finishes what it started those long years ago. Deo Volente ! You will be hearing that more often muzaloid.

          • fbtb

            Have you read your holy scripture? Don’t you see blood oozing out of it?

          • Tim N

            blah blah blah. — just a lot of obfuscation.

          • john spielman

            the cescent moon IS the origin of Islam as it represented the moon god “AL” of the poyltheist Arabs at the time of Mohammed. Mohammed incorporarted it in his new religion. Simply do a “google ” search to verify that it is true (though many things on the internet are false).

          • Raymond Sammut

            John Spielman: Please allow me to assure you that every mullah of the Islamic religion is very particular about not adopting any geometrical or other forms of symbolism (including the crescent moon) to represent the Islamic faith.

            I fully agree with their assertion. In my view, all forms of symbolism in religious practice harmfully distract the mind from the true source of the complexities of the Universe.

            Your claim that “Mohammed incorporated it in his new religion” is too strong to make without citing at least two academic references.

          • 1234

            what are those universal complexities contemplated by pisslam, women are worth 1/2 of men and beat them if they don’t obey you or kill the infidels till religion is all for allah, or maybe drink camel urine to cure every illness? The Volgograd bombing is still fresh, you vermin.

          • Raymond Sammut

            The Volgograd bombings, like other such criminal acts in parts of Russia and elsewhere, adversely affect anyone who appeals to common decency.

          • fbtb

            What about the collection of brick and mortar called God’s abode?

          • :)

            I believe the Hebrew word you are looking for isn’t “Ummah”, but צואה

          • Raymond Sammut

            As I understand, “Ummah” has a broader meaning in modern Hebrew than in Arabic. It refers to some international community – a type of “nation”, if you like, that has no political borders.

          • DogmaelJones1

            Mr. Spielman: There’s no point in arguing with Sammut. He’s a troll trying to score pseudo-knowledge points. His trying to divorce the crescent and start Islamic symbol from Islam is tantamount to trying to divorce the hammer and sickle from Communism, or the swastika from Nazism. I stopped wasting my time and energy after my second encounter with Sammut.

        • fbtb

          How about reflecting a little bit on the name of the prophet’s father (Abdullah) who was a non Muslim?

      • BagLady

        So all it takes to get a man to ‘submit to Islam’ is to have him play chess with a crescent king instead of a cross king. Strange though, eh? Both kings have the same power.

        • sean

          No fool that is just the foot in the door. More is to follow.

          It is a well known technique that you might have studied in psychology 101 explicitly but that every child knows implicitly

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Submitting to any form of theocratic censorship is not a sign of progress

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The second picture shows complete Islamization. This is only partial Islamization.

      A gateway to Sharia.

      • Raymond Sammut

        Interestingly, Mr Greenfield, the black pieces in the second picture have a pawn missing. I doubt whether that was intended by the photographer. Perhaps the arts collector, somewhere in the Orient, may have misplaced the pawn. A great pity.

        Please don’t fret too hard about Sharia, and


    • KyraNelson

      Hilarious, you calling Christianity a blood cult-compared to izlam??? You have GOT to be kidding!

    • Al Mulhed

      Dialogue with a muslim… an exercise in utter futility.

  • dad1927

    Islamic chess players defy prophet Mohammed!

    Not only did Prophet Muhammad include chess among “games of
    chance” but he found early in the piece that chess players wished to
    continue their game rather than go to prayers.

    Muslim 946 The Prophet said: “He who played chess is like one
    who dyed his hand with the flesh and blood of swine.”

    Hadith Malik 554:1725-7 The Prophet said that he who played
    chess disobeyed Allah and His Messenger.

    A’isha considered chess evil. Umar would beat people playing chess and break
    the pieces. Malik said that playing chess is repugnant.

    • guest

      I am shocked.

      There are hadiths saying people should teach their children archery and horsemanship. So Mohammed wanted people to sharpen their martial skills but not their tactical acumen? That makes no sense.

      I think Mohammed got schooled at chess.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        Strategy and tactics for Mo’s armies usually involved stabbing someone in the back or manipulating enemies into fighting each other. Not exactly the sort of skills you pick up from chess.

        • Somali warrior

          What is your proof of this comment? Can you back it up?

          • Serez


            Treaties between Muslim nations mist hold for 10 years. But a treaty between a Muslims nation with a non Muslims people can be broken at any time with no dishonor to the Muslims nation.

            In my view that makes all Muslims dishonorable.

            “The significance of Hudaibiyya in Islamic teachings is that…treaties are made to be broken.”


          • Somali warrior

            This is not a proof of the statement you made. Daniel

          • Serez

            Daniel did not make that statement. Others have seen this argument. They know history. The also know the Koran and hadiths.

            So it does not matter how loudly you protest.

          • Somali warrior

            If they know the koran and hadiths they would know that Chess is part of the cursed games.. How is changing the cross makes no difference. Speak the facts and truth or don’t speak at all.

          • S1999

            Mohammad (pieces of excrement be upon him and his descendants and believers) cursed anything and anyone that he couldn’t understand. That left very little accessible to the collective Muslim mind, which explains how incredibly stupid most of you are.

          • Somali warrior

            You are disrespecting a prophet and the Muslim people.
            Your so worrying about what Islam does that totally forgetting about yourself and who you are as individual. Learn how to post comments withou calling people names. Can you be critical without being disrespectful? Show us you are better than a muslim.. So far you only showed us how much you hate Muslims and you showed us you are not educated person who can not debate without insulting the other side.

          • S1999

            What would you like me to say? That I approve of Islam’s 300 million dead? That I approve of your plans for a global caliphate? That I approve of stonings, beheadings, female genital mutilation, censorship, segregation and supremacy?

            You insult yourselves. Your self-proclaimed prophet (what did he prophesy, exactly?) speaks for himself. Whatever I add is but verbal decoration.

          • 1234

            so he must die, right? You doing the killing, asshole!?

          • Somali warrior

            Why you calling me names? I’m sure are other ways to get ur point across

          • BagLady

            The answer to that, Somali Warrior is no. Many on here find it impossible to converse without personal insults. Take no notice.

          • Softly Bob

            “Speak the facts and truth or don’t speak at all.”

            Good advice, Towel-head. You should take it!

          • Aditya Vivek Barot

            Here’s proof: not a single Muslim nation has won a single war, or battle of any significance, since the Turkish victory at Gallipoli. And, even that victory was squandered by High Command.

            Muslim victories are over divided, spent foes from the very beginning. The Muslim conquests of Byzantium and Sassanid Persia were possible because they had spent themselves fighting each other and Muslims, encountering two spent foes, successfully picked up the pieces.

            The Crusades are one long story of back stabbing and counter back stabbing where Crusaders and Muslims used each other till they, inevitably, butted heads.

            Each and every Muslim nation was beaten once the world moved forward (or, rather, went back) in the direction of professional standing armies focussing on tactics, strategy and logistics.

            Even today, Muslims are able to terrorize us because we have disarmed ourselves. If we fought you, and your ilk, with 21st Cent. weapons and early 20th Cent. total war morals, there’d be nothing left for you to fight over. You’d be begging us for peace just like Vercingetorix begged Caesar.

            Muslim officers are sent to Sandhurst and other academies because Muslim nations don’t even have regular civilian Unies and supplied with the best weaponry oil money can buy; still, they manage to lose each and every war they have ever fought.

            Someday, I”YH, Liberalism will die, the dogs of war will be unleashed, and we’ll settle, forever, the issue of Islamic Supremacy.


          • Somali warrior

            Lol @ “The dogs of war will be unleashed”
            Islam won many wars.. 300 Muslim army best 3000. Where do you the movie 300 is bases on?
            Islam went from Mohammad and his friends to over 2 billion believer all over the world, that’s a victory better than war. We are non violent peaceful religion. Why are you war dogs hate us so much?

          • Aditya Vivek Barot

            I don’t ordinarily mock people with poor English comprehension and grammar skills because I was trained to be a gentleman; but that doesn’t apply to “Somali Warriors” who presume to dissumlate (in piss-poor English) on public websites.

            1. “300” is a retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae which occurred a whole millennia before Islam reared its ugly head. It was a war waged by a pagan Greece against a Zoroastrian Iran.

            2. I said you haven’t won any wars since Gallipoli. That occurred in 1916.

            3. Your whole history is one long campaign of barbaric banditry, rapine and volkermord.

            We do want to leave you alone. Stay out of our countries, don’t even visit, stay away from our people, don’t even say “hello.” In return, we’ll gladly stay away from your hell-hole “nations” which haven’t quite figured out this new-fangled electricity and running water technology.

            That you are irredeemable barbarians is evidenced by the fact that while you had the chutzpah to try and build a celebratory memorial at the sight of one of your recent pirate raids, you have finally driven out the last Christian from Afghanistan. There are no competing religions in Muslim nations nor are there any competing ideas as evidenced by your laughable illiteracy.

            Once the oil runs out, we’ll have no need for you, and you can return to your favorite hobbies: beating women and shagging goats.

          • Somali warrior

            English is not my first language.. But clearly is enough communicate.
            We believe this is Allah’s planet earth we have the right to live and the right to take over you so call country. That’s the agenda. BTW we don’t beat on women is not allowed in Islam. And islam commands us to seek knowledge so we know how to make electricity and we have Muslim scientists and engineers. We also have Obama ;)

          • Aditya Vivek Barot

            Listen, old boy; you’re out of your depth here.

            Your engineers drive taxicabs in Noo Yawk and El Lay. Your doctors are usually better at defrauding the Welfare system than diagnosing diseases.

            There isn’t a single University in a Muslim Majority nation that is listed in a “Top 50″ list complied by anyone, at any time.

            Also, more books were translated into Spanish in 2006 than have been translated into Arabic in the last one thousand years. Which is hardly surprising since average Arab IQ is about 85.t

            I’d ask you to do the math but it’d be needlessly cruel. Let me break it down:

            You lot are a bunch of functionally illiterate, semi-retarded nobodies who are only being noticed because white liberals have enlisted you in their war against non-liberal whites, and because we need that precious black gold under your soil.

            When either one of the foregoing is rendered nugatory, you’ll disappear down the memory hole, never to be heard of again. And, if you continue with your piracy, at such time, even uber-liberal women will be screeching for the nuke.

            By the way, the bloody Indians could make one of those without any foreign help. An A-bomb is, technically, simpler than my Airbook. Also, most Muslim Arab nations can neither extract, nor refine, their own oil relying exclusively on foreign help.

            You’re a hopeless relic. That there are one billion of you is not a big deal. One billion ignoramuses incapable of creating anything resembling civilization are a joke, maybe an occasional annoyance, nothing more.

          • S1999

            Obama is not long in office now. And when he’s gone, you will get the White House individual you deserve.

          • Softly Bob

            Believe all you want, Camel boy. You’re going to fail.
            You may have a few victories here and there, and you may even come quite close to achieving your sordid and misguided objectives, but in the end Islam will be horse-meat and then it will become extinct with nobody believing in it.
            If you’re a Muslim you are backing the wrong horse. Shame and humiliation awaits Dar-al-Islam . Muslims will soon enough realize that they are indeed the most stupid people on Earth and possibly the biggest fools that have ever existed since time began!

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “300 Muslim army best 3000. Where do you the movie 300 is bases on?”

            How many drones to kill 300 jihadis? Let’s find out.

            The film, “300” was based on the Battle of Thermopylae which took place in 480 BC about a thousand years before Mohamed dreamed up Islam as a ripoff of Judeo Christian religions.

            So Iranian jihadis rule Persia now, and you get retroactive credit? If that’s what makes you happy, I hear bigger jihadi lies almost hourly, so carry on.

            “Islam went from Mohammad and his friends to over 2 billion believer all over the world, that’s a victory better than war.”

            Based on war.

            “We are non violent peaceful religion. Why are you war dogs hate us so much?”

            The answer to your question is that your first sentence in the quote directly above is a big fat lie.

          • Just Sayin’

            And that is why your handle is “Somali Warrior”? Sure, that just sounds all cuddly and peaceful. Nothing violent about a warrior. Mind you, you didn’t say soldier. Or policeman. You choose warrior. Someone whose entire existence is devoted to combat. Oh, wait, I forgot, you must be referring to that fallacious inner struggle Muslims love to throw up as a garbage smoke screen… :/

          • S1999

            1 billion. Nowhere near 2 billion. And it’s only through birth. No one willingly adopts Islam, unless they have a mental illness. 75 per cent of all ‘converts’ return to normal mental health and deny Islam within six months. The rest probably just take a bit longer.

          • heapologiatoutimotheou

            You have obviously never read a legitimate textbook on history. The war the movie 300 was based on took place over a thousand years prior to Mohammed (Thermopylae, 480 B.C.), and it involved the Spartans (300) vs. the pre-Islamic, Zoroastrian Persians.

            Your claims that Islam is a peaceful religion are laughable. Just pick up a newspaper and a Quran and start reading.

            Christianity went from Jesus and his friends to THE largest religion in the world without having to threaten its adherents, forcibly convert, beat women, etc. In fact, the first generations of Christians faced violent persecution and were nearly wiped out, even though they weren’t fighting anybody, and yet STILL prevailed over the Roman Empire simply by convincing nearly everybody with the truth.

            Islam is the second largest religion solely because of mafia-style intimidation tactics, suppression of free thought, lying, and Stockholm Syndrome. No free person would willingly choose to become a Muslim unless they were murderous sociopaths that like the idea of killing in the name of some god rather than for selfish reasons.

          • S1999

            What do you call someone who plants a bomb at a New Year’s Eve party and then runs away? In Islam there is no nobility nor bravery. How much more proof do you need that you belong to a backstabber’s club? Think for yourself! Find another religion, or no religion!

          • Drakken

            A Skinny warrior huh? To bad I missed you.

          • Somali warrior

            Drakken I’m still alive.

          • BagLady

            Somali Warrior’s English mistakes are excusable since it’s his second language. What’s your excuse? A simple three letter word. Shame on you for not knowing the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too’.

          • dondavy

            You obviously have never read the koran, hadith or sunna if you have to ask that question. Mohammed was a liar,thief,murderer, incestuous,child molesting pervert and that is what the books of islam say.

      • DogmaelJones1

        I don’t think Mohammad was capable of playing chess. If he existed, he had the mental horsepower of Forrest Gump. He was illiterate and something as abstract as chess and which required focused concentration was beyond his ken. He was a thug.

        • Guest

          Mohammed was a trader. He took a caravan to Jerusalem and back with his Uncle. Later a rich widow who he later married had him run caravan. Yo do not entrust caravan’s to the village idiot. Do not underestimate Mohammed’s intelligence. He was also wise in how he handled the Kaba stone when it was placed back into its’ sanctuary.

          I cannot think that the same person who instructed his followers to practice the art of war, archery & horsemanship, would not want them to not practice the art of war via an abstract war game, chess. Because that is what it is. You can be smart at many things and still be unskilled at other due to lack of time practice or ability.

          I think Mohammed was not a good chess player.

        • Aditya Vivek Barot

          The pedophile and pirate known as “Mohammed” didn’t exist. Everyone from Belloc to Spencer agree that Mohammedanism is a Christian heresy, an extreme form of Monophysitism. “Mohammed” is a synonym for Jesus since it merely means “the Praised One,” an honorific applied to Our Lord.

          “Mohammed,” like Obama’s “girlfriend,” is, most likely, a composite representing the ideal Arab male circa 7th Cent. A.D.; which is a more frightening thought than the idea that he is real because if I am right then pedophilia, bloodlust, piracy and slavery is intrinsic to this culture, just as egalitarianism is intrinsic to the Northern European character, rendering these peoples utterly impervious to “reform,” which is to state, acceptance of Western, or at least, Western-lite morality on subconscious level in the manner of urban (and urbane) Hindus, Confucians, Shintoists and other non-Western peoples who have “reformed” their way of live by abandoning their more repugnant practices due to Western influence.

  • Drakken

    It would not be too hard for the chees players to replace the chess piece with one with a cross on it as a final act of a simple eff you to islam.

  • Somali warrior

    Daniel Greenfield, we know you hate Islam. But at least speak the truth not lie about the religion and Mohammed the prophet. You can not stop islam. From page should not allow you to post anything. You book is not gonna sell because it will be base on hate from you emotional thoughts instead of facts and good research and journalism. You lie a lot about Islam. Chess has nothing to do with Islam. The prophet advised against playing chess. But you don’t know about this history. Keep hating.

    • Drakken

      You muslims have for too long enjoyed the fruits of our western tolerance and what do we get in return from you savages? Islamic jihad and spit in the eye for our troubles. Islam deserves everything it has coming to it and more, eff off back to the land you crawled out of and leave our western lands, because soon you won’t be given a choice.

      • Somali warrior

        Hahaha.. We are not going anywhere. We don’t bother anyone. We respect others and their believes. We don’t believe in terrorism. The prophet time Muslims and non believers live together. We don’t call Christians non believers, they do believe god.
        Average Muslim thinks there is conspiracy behind these terrorist groups. Because clearly al qaida or al shabab or other terrorist groups killed more Muslims than anything else. They are displacing Muslims and they bring harm and hardships to Muslims and Muslim countries. Extremist and radicals and terrorist do not represent Muslims and religion of Islam. As you know they kill imams and they blow up masjids.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          “We believe this is Allah’s planet earth we have the right to live and
          the right to take over you so call country. That’s the agenda”

          Can we judge Muslims based on you?

          • Somali warrior

            No you can not judge all Muslims based on me and that statement. Besides, you only took out what I said.. You should show what I was replying to.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Is there a context in which threatening to take over a country and enslave the inhabitants is a good thing?

    • Softly Bob

      Oh dear, what a deluded man you are.
      I promise you that I won’t lie about Mohammed. I will tell you the TRUTH.
      Mohammed really was a disgusting fraudster – a pedophile, rapist, murderer, liar and utter coward. NOT a prophet, but a slave of Satan.
      Mohammed is probably the worst and most evil man in history and guess what, anybody who believes that he was a prophet is an idiot, not just any idiot but a complete and utter idiot – and that includes you, Camel boy!

  • danfan

    and were the games called to order at the correct time according to mulsim meme time?

  • conan_drum

    Very much like the Nazis in the 30s in fact. Like them join us or die was their motto.

    • rightrightright

      Yes. The Nazis had a charming little ditty:

      “If you won’t be my brother, I’ll bash in your skull”. Sounds islamic to me.

  • S1999

    This is a sign of desperation. Islam is a geo-political domination project, all about membership and nothing about substance. As even Muslims are starting to wake up to the emptiness that is Islam, it’s understandable that middle management are looking to get as much ‘product placement’ as they can. But chess has been around for 1500 years, and will be around long after Islam.

  • LolKatzen

    Islamic parallel universe syndrome.

  • Pat

    The origins of Chess are unknown, not necessarily does it go back to India, it could have originally been Chinese.

  • jack_foobar

    It would be more accurate if white was Vlad the Impaler and black were the muslims. And, of course, it would be fun for the whole family. Impalement vs Beheadings. Collect the whole set!

  • Attique Manzoor

    what a pathetic type of argument, the hilarious one I have ever seen like this one.