Muslim Democrat Shuts Down Jacksonville Airport with Bomb Hoax


There have been a suspicious number of “hoax” incidents that look a lot like security tests at airports and on planes.

Jacksonville International Airport in Florida was closed for six hours after a man going through security told a checker that he had a bomb hidden inside his camouflage backpack, authorities said Wednesday.

The man, Zeljko Causevic, was charged with having a hoax bomb. He told authorities that the device — a luggage scale with two batteries and a microchip, plus a remote “detonator” — was “supposed to be a bomb, but it’s not.”

Causevic was scheduled to appear in bond court in Jacksonville Wednesday afternoon. An arrest report indicates he is originally from Bosnia.

Causevic is a common Bosniak last name. There have been a number of Muslim figures with that name so it’s a reasonably safe bet that Zeljko Causevic is a Muslim. And likely another of the Muslim refugees from troubled spots allowed into the United States.

While his religious affiliation is unconfirmed, his political status as a Registered Democrat is.

  • Sharps Rifle

    Isn’t “muslim democrat” being a tad redundant?

  • Aizino Smith

    This is “Cry Wolf tactic”

    It is exactly like the author said. Cry Wolf numerous times until people become numb or you have mapped out security flaws. then strike.

    The flying imans with their seat belt buckles were part of the same scam.

    Why do people who are not obese need seat belt extenders. The hard metal buckles make good ersatz brass knuckles. Any resistance of their demand will lead to a lawsuit to put everyone non-Muslim on the defensive. No one will question them in the future.

  • Veracious_one

    dry run..

  • Tim N

    So he’s a registered Democrat. That’s reaching pretty far.

    • jakespoon

      That’s worse than being a muslim.

    • undrprsr

      Pulic Records,MORON!

    • Raymond_in_DC

      You mean like that liberal newsman who, after the Colorado theater shooting and a cursory name search, reported that person may have links to the Tea Party? Later it turned out the shooter voted Democrat.

      • defcon 4

        What was never reported is that the CO theater shooter converted to islam and referred to his attack as his jihad. He also died his hair red, just like the hero of islam did at some point in his psychopathic existence of hate.

    • DurkaDurka

      It’s only a far reach if you can click on a link to her profile.

    • A Z

      Tim N

      Daniel Greenfield graciously gave us the link confirming that he is a registered Democrat

      His voter ID is 103842886.

      I have googled many times looking for people’s party affiliation to see or confirm patterns. Fortunately, there is a site for Florida voters.

      Not saying that Republicans are angels. More than a few are not. But I’ll play the percentages and clean house when those who should have been better are not.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    Jacksonville has a large Bosnian population. Very strategic placement if one wanted to establish a “cell” of some sort.

  • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

    He’s not Muslim. Don’t make this website into a Liars haven.

    Check your facts:

    He’s a war refugee. Not a Muslim.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Workplace violence. Religion of peace. Nothing to see.

      A new one; “war refugees” can’t be jihadis.

      In other news, the Boston Bomber is complaining about his conditions in jail.

    • Jakareh

      The whole “refugee” racket has become a conduit to flood America with Muslims, often individuals who are not-only jihad-prone but who have no ability to live in a modern society and so must be supported by the American taxpayer.

      • AL

        Zeljko is not Muslim he is Serbian Orthodox Christian

    • Daniel Greenfield

      As I said, he’s most likely a Bosnian Muslim

      Your link does not disprove that

      • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

        In the Headline you declared him a muslim without any proof.

        Telling yourself he MOST LIKELY is, is not the same as telling the truth. Your headline declares facts where you have none. So what I did with the link is prove, you have no proof.

        No Beard and he does not pray multiple times a day. Additionally he is a truck driver in a very country town called McClenny. If there was Bigotry to prove he is a muslim, then I doubt a country town would have hired him.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          That’s why you read the whole story, not the 5 second summary.

          The Tsarnaevs got by without beards

          • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

            Days later nothing has emerged. Don’t you think if he were muslim, one of the media outlets would have said so by now? This headline is now a lie to slander Islam.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            The media tends to cover that sort of thing up as best it can

          • bob jones

            You’re an idiot if you think Zeljko is a Muslim name. An eastern European Christian name doesnt get anymore typical than Zeljko. Moron.

          • bob jones

            Example: Zeljko Raznatovic, leader of a paramilitary group that committed war crimes against Muslims in the name of Orthodox Christian religion during the Bosnian war.

          • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

            Why make a Headline about him being a registered Democrat?

            Don’t we have enough ignorant partisanship in politics already? It’s as if you said, “Hate people because they are not Republicans!” ~ Please share, how do you feel about Ron Paul or Ross Perot?

      • Bosnian

        He is NOT Bosnian Muslim, he is Serbian and he is serbian orthodox, make sure we got this right

  • bob jones

    Zeljko is an Orthodox Christian name. Causevic can be both a Bosniak and Serb name. Now let’s blame all Christians for trying to bomb airports. Jesus Christ you guys are tools.

    • Jakareh

      As soon as Christians start acting like Muslims on a consistent basis, flying planes into tall buildings and then committing, say, 21,000 acts of violence in the name of their God, all while yelling “Jesus is greater”, yeah, let’s be wary of them and examine what is wrong with their religion.

  • robbie555

    It is a dry run just like what was done before 9/11, on airliners.

    • AL

      This man is not a Muslim,he is Serbian Orthodox christian
      Why today people blame Islam for everything.
      This man is Serbian Christian from Bosnia

  • mara

    Surname Causevic in Croatia, is carried mostly by Croats (Catholics) originating from Central Bosnia,………In Bosnia mainly Bosniaks (Muslims) are carrying that surname……

    Today, in Croatia there is about 500 Causevic, and most live in Zagreb (100) and Sisak (60) …

    Source:A.Skaljic,Turcizmi u sh.jez.,Sarajevo 1985,stt.166-167;DrI.Smailovic,Tursko-bosanski rj,Tuzla 2007,str.67;Dr B.Klaic,Rj.stranih rijeci,Zagreb 1962,str.263;P.Skok,Etimologij.rj.hrv. ili srp.jez,lnj.1,Zagreb 1971,str.300.;ARJ(dio I),Zagreb 1880-1882,str.915;

    Given that his first name is also Croat name and his wife’s name and surname are also typical Croat names, it is easy to make a conclusion where this man comes from!

  • mara

    Christians are doing it on a higher level. Flying planes over the foreign countries killing innocent people in the name of “fight against terrorism”. Not to mention Israel and their fight against “Palestinian children terrorists”…Christians in Bosnia had concentrations camps in the 20th, killed 100.000 civilians, terrorized 600,000 citizens (mainly Muslims) for four years. How do you call that. Just war? Their priests were blessing them before going to slaughter Muslim man and boys and raping women and girls all in the name of God. How do you call that?????

  • Jacob Wadsworth

    Things like this are not intended to be used for pranks or jokes. Several people have died because of bomb attacks. That guy must be apprehended and interrogated thoroughly for chances that he may uncover any information about a deeper plot to cause terrorism. –

  • addy

    Zeljko Causevic is an Orthodox Christian and Serbian.
    Bless your hateful hearts.

  • AL

    Zeljko is not Muslim,he is Serbian Orthodox christian,