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Muslim Hairdresser Claims He Was Sent by Allah to “Kill all the Spanish”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On June 16, 2013 @ 9:38 am In The Point | No Comments

you_dont_mess_with_the_zohan [1]

That’s probably a tall order. But apparently Allah’s instructions were to use scissors [2]and start at a hairdressing academy.

Police in Majorca arrested a “radical” hairdresser on Thursday after he claimed to have been sent by Allah to “kill all the Spanish”.

How radical was he? Did he give customers Mohawks?

The man, a German national of Tunisian descent, also said that he had “terrorist friends who could plant bombs” and added: “I don’t mind dying; if I have to die, I’ll die, but I’ll take plenty of others with me.”

We love death, Allah and hairdressing, while you love life and wearing flowers in your hair.

“He became radicalized in the last year after making a trip to his country of origin”, said the report.

Isn’t it likely then that he didn’t become radicalized at all.

It pointed out that he had made “constant threats of death and references to being a Muslim” and that he had said, “Soon the Muslims will be the kings of the world.”

At least the hairdressing parts of it.

In the past week the man is said to have threatened to “blow up the hairdressing academy and kill everyone” and to have threatened to kill one of the centre’s administrators while holding scissors to her neck.

Who could have possibly seen this coming?

The man had been arrested before, on February 15th, for attempting to attack a local policeman by following his vehicle, attempting to crash into it and then threatening to kill him.

And he wasn’t in jail why?

A pity the Jihadist hairdresser never met Vidal Sassoon [3].

We were three English guys— I was one of them, there was one American we were accepted into the group and became a part of the Palmach. We trained for two months, it was the hardest physical exercise I’ve ever had in my life. We marched through the night through the northern Negev through Arab lines because in those days you couldn’t truly get through by transport, we were building up the kibbutzim inside those lines.

When Egypt attacked with tanks, many comrades were killed, many were wounded but I was very lucky. Out of the three Englishmen and one American, two of the English guys were wounded and the American and myself were unscratched. It was an extraordinary experience and I think that experience in Israel gave me the sense that anything could be done. I thought I saw a miracle happen, you think that 600,000 people beat back five Arab armies… it was an extraordinary feat. Frankly no one realizes how it was done.

Sassoon’s dark brown eyes are on fire when he talks of his war memories. “We took a hill and attacked at four in the morning, took them by surprise. It was a hill overlooking a main road where the Egyptian heads of the army were heading. If they had passed this spot they would have been in Tel Aviv in a few hours but we took them. Many Egyptians died trying to get up that hill. They had terrible casualties. A faceless man sent them out there and they probably wanted to be with their loved ones.”

Was he very sad that he had to be part of that killing? “I wouldn’t have had any self-respect if I didn’t. Somebody had to be one of those somebodies.”

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