Muslim Imam Claims Women Who Don’t Wear Hijabs are “Asking to be Raped”, Arrested for Trying to Rape Woman


Imam Mehdi enjoys the Koran, the Sunnah and long walks in the park

You have to give Imam Shahid Mehdi credit. Unlike a lot of other Muslim clergy who say that women who don’t wear hijabs or burkas or who leave the house deserve to be raped, but then don’t follow up on it, Shahid Mehdi stayed true to his belief that Islamic morality justifies sex crimes by trying to commit a sex crime.

An Islamic mufti in Copenhagen, Shahid Mehdi, has sparked political outcry from the left-wing Unity List and right-wing Danish People’s Party, after stating in a televised interview that women who do not wear headscarves are “asking for rape.”

Women are not entitled to respect when they walk around without a Hijab. They are to blame for it when they are attacked,” Imam Shahid Mehdi said.

“All the crimes that occur against women is because they are not covered. When they are not covered, you have no respect for them. ”

“She disobeys her master, there are two places in the Qur’an has ordered her to cover themselves (…) Women make a clean society dirty when they walk around without a Hijab. They are not entitled to respect and are not valuable as those who wear a Hijab. ”

Shahid Mehdi made his remarks in the DR2 programme “Talk to Gode,” and reiterated his stance in daily newspaper B.T. The Danish People’s Party and Unity List agree that Mehdi’s remarks could incite Muslim men to rape Danish women by insinuating that women who did not cover their hair were undeserving of basic respect.

As a mufti, a jurist who interprets Islamic law, Shahi Mehdi is in a special position of authority as a Muslim scholar. Mehdi is the Imam of the Islamic Religious Community mosque in Dortheavej in Copenhagen northwest and the Rector of Muslim private school and former leader of the Islamic Cultural Center in Brønshøj.

“The very idea that this man is authorised to teach young people in the Koran is ludicrous. It’s like letting (Danish Nazi leader) Johnny Hansen teach the history of World War II,” said Rosenkrantz-Theil.

No, actually it’s more like letting Johnny Hansen teach Mein Kampf. But to make a long story horrible, the Mufti followed up his Koranic teaching by doing this.

“A 36-year-old Danish man is the protagonist in a bizarre sex case, which will soon be dealt with in court in Malmö.

Now, however, he is accused of pulling his penis out and chasing a 23-year-old woman around in a park in Malmö in August 2012, according to the court in Malmö.

The woman managed to get away, and she called the police, who arrested the man a few minutes later.

The woman told the police that she lives close to the park, and was out walking her puppy when the man walked towards her, and she began to feel uncomfortable.

She bent down to pick up her dog, when the man asked about her name. She just had time to respond before the man opened his pants and took his penis out, while she was still bent down so that his penis was half a meter from her head.

The woman got up and ran away, and when she looked over her shoulder, she saw that the man followed her, she told police. The man gave up his project, and disappeared into some bushes.

It’s unknown whether or not the woman was wearing a Hijab. Or whether her dog was wearing a Hijab. Either way a Muslim court would have found her guilty. Unfortunately for him all this is taking place in Europe where the lack of a Hijab has not been widely accepted as justification for attempted sexual assault.

Naturally Imam Mehdi is blaming racism.

During the interrogation he refused to plead guilty and believes that the accusation is based on racism because he has Pakistani roots.

Clearly. No Swedish man would have been arrested for exposing himself to a woman and chasing her around the park… after saying that women without Hijabs deserve to be raped.

Finally it was revealed that Imam Mehdi, Hijabi mandator, apparently used to sell women’s lingerie.

  • Mark

    Mehdi should be tried and if found guilty he should be sentenced to the maximum jail term and and kept under surveillance after release in the interests of public safety. If he wasn't born in Denmark he should be deported after serving his time in jail if that is possible under Danish law.. Criminals like him are enemies of all women and have no respect for the rule of law and the rights and human dignity of women.

    • denise

      totally agree mark!

    • Drakken

      The time for dealing with this in a law enforcement capacity is over, give these hadjis what they deserve with a military solution.

    • bob owen

      good england he would be lauded by the pc liberals that are ruining our country because it is his culture.. i agree with you , his shouldnt touch the ground when and if he comes out of prison

      • Daviey

        Buckshot, Bob. I'm a British liberal, and this is a heinous act. He deserves jail time, wherever he is from, whatever his belief system. Grow up and dispense with the petulance, it doesn't further the discussion.

    • Lauren

      We can't try him. You know that would be "racist and offensive to muslims". muslims love to play that card

      • Fatima

        I'm Muslim and I'd love to see him behind bars. Anti-Muslim much?

    • Mary Cullinane

      I agree that he should serve the maximum and he should then be put on a Sex Offender's Register for life. I disagree with sending him back to Pakistan, where women have no protection from an animal like him. He would go around raping women without consequences and on top of it the women would be blamed and punished!

    • Arun

      I ditto!

    • Saeed Baloch

      support U.. Must be deport from Denmark and He should migrate Saudi Arabia

    • Anneke Barnard

      And he lives in another man's country and he is saying all this? He should be deported back to where he or his family comes from. In other words…….. he also does not respect woman who are not Muslem and would rape them as well if he gets the chance?

    • alexandra barnabas

      Yes send the ba****D to his country of origin. So he can rape his own people.

  • Abbie Hoffman

    This Muslim F**K should be as* F**ked with a baseball bat then beaten with it. I know I do not sound any better but how dare he think that they are superior and also be taken in by Denmark and then want it to be under Sharia

    • Bill

      Do you really think your comments are going to reform islam? It is above reformation. Mo (peace be upon him)made sure of this via his apostasy and blasphemy laws. Once you're in no questions asked and no leaving. Your best option is through lobbying with your political beings. Constantly bombard them with knowledge about this cancer islam. No violence though. God bless

    • chris-martin

      I agree with your sentiments all rapists around the world should be terminated, islam is just an excuse for terror and the subjugation of women which makes us men sick

    • Saeed Baloch


  • LindaRivera


    • Voice of Reason

      I hope you're including female rapists in this.

      • Meh

        He/She said ALL rapists. I think it's implied.

    • daniel

      no, that's too humane

      • LindaRivera

        God will give the proper punishment in hell that filth rapists deserve. And also punish the evil SATANIC God-haters who declare it's OK to rape women.

        • Jules

          Incredibly ironic as it's belief in imaginary beings that is partially to blame for this crime.

          • LindaRivera

            Who are the imaginary beings you are referring to?

            Rapists are one hundred percent RESPONSIBLE for this wicked crime against innocents! And Muslim Imams are also completely to blame for saying it is OK to rape women.

          • Jules

            I thought it was pretty obvious I was referring to gods.

            It is incredibly easy to use religious writings and beliefs to justify almost anything. The Quran and the Bible can and have been used to justify all kinds of immoral/criminal behaviour.

          • LindaRivera

            There is only ONE GOD, our Awesome Creator who is the exact opposite of the Muslim god. The Bible is totally opposite from the Quran.

            Bible, Exodus 20 has the Ten Commandments including: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER

            Bible, Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

            Bible, Micah 6:8 And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.

            Bible, Matthew 7:12 Treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

            Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

            Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

            Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

            “Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah”
            Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), Nov. 18, 2012

            Hizbullah leader Nasrallah “if they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” … (Daily Star, Oct. 23, 2002)

          • Jules

            Yes, thank you, I've already read a few of your comments and come to the glaringly obvious conclusion that you are insane.

            p.s. your Christian god and the Muslim god are the same being, they are both the God of Abraham. Fortunately neither of them exist.

            p.p.s. Seeing as how you love the bible so much, 1 Timothy 2:12.

          • LindaRivera

            You state: "your Christian god and the Muslim god are the same being,"

            What horrible, horrible BLASPHEMY.

          • Joe

            God is not as described in the Christian bible. God did not tell people to define rules of slavery (Leviticus 25:44)

            "As for the male and female slaves whom you may have, it is from the nations around you that you may aquire male and female slaves." (Leviticus 25:44, NRSV)

          • LindaRivera

            The "slaves" described are certainly NOT what we would define as slaves. It definitely appears that these people were actually servants.

            Bible, Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

            God gives the DEATH sentence for kidnapping!

    • Jules

      Hey that's a great idea, no one has ever been accused of and found guilty of rape when they didn't actually rape someone.

  • AdinaK

    There is NO doubt that the "alleged" rapist is telling the truth – yes, Sharia Law underpins rape, murder, pillaging and cannibalism –

    The (Islamic) science has been settled, and the west needs to get with the program, unless they plan on countering its westward thrust!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Mary Sue

      it is the true "rape culture" that Radical Feminists refuse to acknowledge.


        That's because the brain damaged "feminists" side with every anti-American cult – ignoring the threats to themselves.

        Send the Code Pinko hags to this guys mosque.

        It would serve them right to be given the treatment they chose to ignore.

        • ADHD

          Too kind!!!

          Those Commies (be they “feminazis”, sodomite-activists, “environmentalists”, “peaceñiks”, “beatñiks” and all those other crypto-totalitarians!!!) need to be punished by being arrested and disenfranchised (stripped of Western citizenship), then banished with only the clothes on their backs to North Korea or Laos if they’re caught not supporting Islam – when it’s Islam they’re caught favouring (especially if they’ve converted to it!!!), let them be dropped under the same conditions (i.e., with NO papers, money, food or anything other than the clothes on their backs, as stated above!!!!) into Iran or Saudi Arabia (depending in the case of Moslems if they’re Shi’a or Sunni).

          Those who used to be Western citizens need to serve at least 20, preferably 25 years of exile in wherever they were dropped before they can be allowed into a desolate, far-away territory specially designated for the purpose, where they can be assessed (they have to bear ALL the costs and responsibilities of getting to such a place!!!). As part of that assessment, they have to conclusively prove why they should be given a chance to earn back Western citizenship. ALL references must be checked as to their own validity, orientation, track-record, &c. – if they fail, the would-be penitents would have it count against them. ONLY WHEN all conditions are fulfilled, may those people be THEN be allowed back into their former countries under the strictest conditions of probation (usually 15 years of non-citizenship, minimum 10) and surveillance. ANY rebellion against those conditions should be grounds for execution or permanent re-deportation to a Communist or Mohammedan country, this time FOREVER!!!!

          • Alex

            Bahahahaha. So everyone that doesn't hold your opinion should be deported? Trollololo

      • JacksonPearson

        "it is the true "rape culture" that Radical Feminists refuse to acknowledge."

        Power and punishment are a large part of Islam.
        That is, power and punishment over peoples lives, especially over women, and sex.

        • Mary Sue

          whereas the average feminist would have you believe that the telling of "rape jokes" by westerners is evidence of "rape culture" or the alleged tendency of men to congratulate their friends for committing rape and having a wall of silence about it.

          • defcon 4

            Congratulating my friends for committing rape? Hell, what else is there to do over a couple of beers? Just kidding…

          • Mary Sue

            Well, considering they think having sex with a drunk woman, while being drunk, is "rape" to the Rape Crisis Crowd…

    • Arun

      I agree with you, Adinak.

    • Anas

      U r 100% wrong , no where it is said in islam that you can rape a woman if she is not wearing hijab.

      And this man is a psycho type extremist, not a muslim because rape is forbidden in islam

      under any circumstances or conditions. Before commenting and giving wrong information about

      any religion to people, try to know and learn something about that religion. But the fact is that

      U r from israel and in any way U will do negative propaganda against islam at any platform .

      Shame on ur education and everything u have learned . I feel no difference between that psycho

      and YOU. Think on your bigoted ideas.

      • Norse

        He is an imam and a mufti – how the hell can you claim that he is "not a muslim"? He'd have to be mohammad himself to be any more muslim than that.

  • LindaRivera

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    It is a HUGE crime against every woman and child that devout Muslim FILTHY predator infidel-haters have been brought in by TRAITOR UK and European ruling elites to colonize our countries with many MILLIONS of Muslims – the soldiers of Allah.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    • Charlotte Erkel

      Abu nailed it. Wake up world!

    • khadija

      You know Linda, taking a verse out of a translated book, and not even realizing or caring that it was taken out of context is ridiculous. The verse is part of a story about something that happened in Islamic history. Only idiots take it out of context and say that all Musims would believe that. You are as stupid as the extremists.

      • Fatima A. Hashmi

        Haha I couldn't have said it better myself and we're apparently the ignorant extremists, right Khadija? Being a religious extremists is bad, but being an extremist of any other nature is just as bad. Everything in moderation people, it's not that complicated. BE AND LET BE. It's really just that simple.

      • Michael Lederman

        Yet do you also not teach that the Koran is absolute? That it is the word of Allah and as such must be obeyed? So even if it's merely a story about something that happened many (and I do not mean all) Muslims will see that as instructions on how to conduct themselves.

        I've known many Muslims over my life and they fall into three distinct categories those who commit and or believe in extremism as a means of subjugation, those who do not agree but do nothing to denounce it either, and those few who both disagree and denounce.

        Until the majority of Muslims fall into that last category, it would be fair and or necessary to defend and protect our societies by any means including force. Make no mistake we feel as strongly about our way of life as the most extreme Islamist feels about his.

        • Daulat Dyan

          i respect ur point of view ! but u forgot the fourth kind.and i mean those who see logic in quran. yes we do believe Quran is the word Allah,god of Abraham and jesus(no offence to any Christians)and yes we do teach its absolute. But we also encourage people to ask why we do things dat we do?If you doesnt know the reason and logic behind it then obviously he would denounce it..its a shame u know so many muslims and you dont know atleast wat it says… and without a doubt that man shud be hanged to death! we dont encouragge it or think of iteven if a musllim girl is not wearing hijab..or any other women in that case…and people like him should be hanged what about other muslims– would you rather use force on them to protect your society ?if so how are you any different then a muslim terrorist?
          btw quran is not a fairytale for us, we see it as the truth! Quran talks about science aswell for those who didnt know? no the twisted science as anybody else thinks…and no i did not get it from an islamic website! im not the one who belives in Quran blindly..i got proof and thus i am a muslim..

          • Ember

            Don't worry about offended anybody but ALLAH swt! Jesus(AS) is GOD or the SON OF GOD, when they say that they offend ALLAH swt.

    • Daulat Dyan

      my lady, idiots are everywhere!! this guy disgusts me more than you ! because i am a muslim , and im proud of it – and we are not like him…And he gives bad name to the rest of the by standard muslims! and we are not like what ever as you described or reffered to! its easy to see what anybody wants to see in a book, and quoting something out of context is very easy

      Quran 9.4- Excepted are those with whom you made a treaty among the polytheists and then they have not been deficient toward you in anything or supported anyone against you; so complete for them their treaty until their term [has ended]. Indeed, Allah loves the righteous [who fear Him].
      quran 9.6-And if any one of the polytheists seeks your protection, then grant him protection so that he may hear the words of Allah . Then deliver him to his place of safety. That is because they are a people who do not know.
      quran 9.7-How can there be for the polytheists a treaty in the sight of Allah and with His Messenger, except for those with whom you made a treaty at al-Masjid al-Haram? So as long as they are upright toward you, be upright toward them. Indeed, Allah loves the righteous [who fear Him].

      see what i mean?
      8.37-[This is] so that Allah may distinguish the wicked from the good and place the wicked some of them upon others and heap them all together and put them into Hell. It is those who are the losers.
      8.38-Say to those who have disbelieved [that] if they cease, what has previously occurred will be forgiven for them. But if they return [to hostility] – then the precedent of the former [rebellious] peoples has already taken place.
      8.39-And fight them until there is no fitnah and [until] the religion, all of it, is for Allah . And if they cease – then indeed, Allah is Seeing of what they do.

      read and understand what the whole thing says!!
      and to be honest we have retards like him in every community the only difference is rapists in christian community don't take the name of bible wheree as retards like him do! and sadly you dont even know how Qur'an works and says.. so stop watching tv, and really find out what it says..
      ps– if we did believe something as ridiculous as this mehdi and osama believed in , trust me, doesnt matter what country ur from, ud run out of ammunitions , we wouldnt run out of "soldiers of Allah"…
      I really am sorry for the woman, i truly am… this bastard should be hanged! they make a monopoly out of Islam.

  • F.K. Juliano

    As little patience as I have for the likes of Shahid Mehdi, whom I would have hanged after a quick trial, I have even less of it for individuals like Pernille Rosencranz-Theil. In her pathetic attempt to defend Islam she questions the authority of the very Muslim Mehdi to teach the Quran, but how ridiculous is it that a Danish infidel woman, "a temporary member of Parliament" representing the "Red-Green Alliance" (commies and enviro-cretins) would arrogate to herself the authority to make such a determination?

    Things have gone too far for talk or elections to change anything. The ship will have be righted by other means. And the Rosencranz-Theils of the world will have to receive their just desserts.

    • ali

      She's allowed to have an opinion – regardless of the fact you evidently dislike the colour of her politics. Pull yer head in!

  • Toni_Pereira

    He provably was going for the dog. Have a heart, people!!

    • Mary Sue

      the presence of the dog should have scared him away because dogs are unclean according to the Koran! (But then it was only a puppy so maybe he was willing to get a little "dirty"…)

      • Toni_Pereira

        Eheheheh!! Right on, Sue!

    • shana davis

      he was going for the woman first, and use the dog as his grand finale…. muslim men are disgusting sexual perverts and definitely homosexual….

  • UraFecalLiberal

    I think they should set up a room in prison, bend him over a table, bind him in that position, pull down his pants, invite inmates to pleasure themselves while watching NFL games on a continuous loop, and pass out condoms at the door.

    Later on, the press can interview him, leading off with the question, "How does it feel to be on the other end?"

    • Toni_Pereira

      "If i had my hijab none of this mess would happen!" That would be his answer…

    • I Love Bacon

      a better way to punish this idiot is to have at least 10 large boars take turn on banging his behind. Then he will be injected with pig blood and forced to drink pig urine.

  • John Alexander

    I guess he must be yet another Muslim who doesn't understand Islam.

    As a BBC fan I'm an expert on Muslims, so I'm telling you real Islam is a bit like Buddism only more exciting.

    Seriously though, when the BBC reports terror plots without mentioning their religion and schools refuse to teach the Holocaust to avoid offending a certain group you have definitely got a problem.

    Incidentally, there's a funny take on this mindset as it relates to the BBC in: BBC Dumb Delicacy" at:

    • Toni_Pereira

      The beebs would blame the Pope, but even their intellectual dishonesty has limits(in the same sense of a porno artist…).

      I was an history teacher in Portugal, when the 9/11 happened. Our 8th grade has on its curricula the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula and subsquent formation of the christian kingdoms. The head of our disciplinary group stressed that we should give emphasis to the tolerance of the muslim rule and the savagery of the christians(we had a crowd of zero muslims in school). When someone pointed out the nonsense of such thing, she looked to him like he was suffering from some kind of bizarre psychological condition…

      We are abolishing the West, mate!

    • I Love Bacon

      LOL, Islam is a poison that is slowly killing the world. Where there is Islam there is war and terror, have you noticed that? Google "Islam in a Nutshell" and read the one in liveleak so you will understand that Islam is sick.

      • Saif Raihan

        no, where there is Islam there is not war and terror…. where there is torcher breaks all the limits Islam went for war there. you have realized wrong my friend. why do you believe what an imam says or google if you have your won brain. why do you comment when you don't even know very much good about Islamic each and every history and the connectivity among them ??? It seems you see what you want to see and show others the same. read the history and see in your own eyes when muslims went for war. don't be brain washed by the real poisonous community who are actually(might be or not giving the world a lot of prosperities, technologies but ruining the invisible magical installment of happiness by excessive consuming ) killing you slowly. but don't refer from a line or verse of Quran or Hadith. Quran and Hadith have amazing links between one line to other line; Hadith also has the perspective and situation for what it was told in books. remember Islam has crores of educated persons. one imam doesn't make everything. Don't comment friend about a religion before you are very clearly and very vastly knowing it like a doctor can't be a doctor if not studying a lot lot lot .

        • notbrainwashed

          You are very right with what you say. Unfortunately most people don't realize how brainwashed they are! iam not a muslim but I know many good muslim people who would never agree with such an Iman. I have studied Islam for many years and I know what he says is wrong.
          Radical ignorance that is the real threat for the world, not radical Islam! The West does its very best to create the picture of a bad islam, ignoring Muslims with good views…but then you might have heard of Arnaud van Doorn -from right wing Dutch to muslim, and Marilyn Mornington, british judge and convert to Islam. Very knowledgable when it comes to Sharia :) Muslim people need to speak up much more loudly against Imans like him!!!

    • Bianca Bradley

      I'm pretty sure as an Iman, he understands Islam.

    • Jackie

      I think he understands it quite clearly; it is a "religion" of hatred. Muslims are the children of Satan as Christian faiths, or those who believe in one and only one God are the children of God.

  • tarasbalderdash

    Looks like a toad. Acts like a toad. Step on the toad.

    • Dr. Stephen Ervin

      Taras…You are being ecologically irresponsible towards toads. Toads eat enormous quantities of harmful insects and harm nobody else. They are on the decline world wide because of a new parasite that kills them. If a toad is in your way carefully pick them up and move it aside…you will not get warts. If a dishonest muslim is in your way, do what you want. Most Muslims are good people (note the caps). For those who are not, treat them as you would have before this little biology lesson.


      turn the sack of SHlT on his back and rub his tummy until he falls asleep – then put him in a pig pen with his koran.

      • Galveston

        better yet, grind him into pig food – that way the monster can serve a useful purpose

        • Mary Sue

          the poor pigs will get indigestion!

  • Lan Astaslem

    Castrate the bearded beast.


      Let the ladies to that.

      • defcon 4

        Yes, let the ladies do it, with a rusty, dull pair of pruning shears.

  • cxt

    Plus the women had a DOG–clearly her intent was to anger the delicate feelings of the man in question.


    • Mary Sue

      all swedish women should walk full grown pit bulls from now on.

      • Drakken

        German Shepards are way better, they have a vicious streak a mile long when it comes to muslims.

        • Mary Sue

          yeah those too. But the king of all protective-towards-women dogs is the enormous Rottweiler. I would not want to be a Muslim man who would think it is wise to try to rape a woman while she's walking a gigantic non-neutered male Rottweiler. The dog would eat him up!

          • Drakken

            Amen sister!

      • defcon 4

        What's black and tan and looks good on any muslime man?

        An angry rottweiler…

    • ali

      That's right, I'd forgotten, Muslims hate dogs…they are considered unclean.

  • Rifleman

    Too bad he didn't try it with a gal that would show him what the other end of that thing looks like.

  • Walter Sieruk

    This article reminds me of what is written in the book FOR GOD OR FOR TYRANNY which on page 270 exposes that “The hatred of women in an Islamic society is so immense that even if a woman is raped, she is stoned to death.” Furthermore , to punnish or blame the woman who was raped and not the rapist is not only a geat miscarriage of justice but it’s also outrageous and absurd. To this the Bible teaches in Proverbs 17:15. “Acquitting the guilty and condemming the innocent – the Lord detests them both.” [NIV]

    • Lumperat

      You do realize that the bible says that the raped woman must marry the rapist? How is that much different?

      • Blake

        Deuteronomy 22: 28-29

        "If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found; Then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel's father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife; because he hath humbled her, he may not put her away all his days. "

        • Robyn

          You do realize that the marriage is a punishment to the man because in such a society, a raped woman will never get married and start her family? That is why it says the MAN must marry her and never divorce her (rather than the raped WOMAN must marry him) because obviously when you rape someone, it is never your intention to marry them but to dishonor them.

          • nonsense

            yeah, and like the woman would LOVE being married to her rapist because that's just every woman's dream right?

  • Spikey1

    For the next month, all the willing women and men in the near vicinity of Malmö, should take to the streets wearing only a headscarf – covering just their genitalia.

    That reminds me, I have to recruit a bunch of my female friends and parade them around in the skimpiest clothes allowed during the Dearbornistan, MI – Jihad (er, I mean Arab) fest.
    They are also in need a gay pride parade….

    • Mary Sue

      i am of a mindset that if some burka-clad muslim claimed I was naked, I'd go all Paul Hogan on them. "That's not naked"…(strips off every stitch of clothing down to the buff) "THIS is naked."

      • Spikey1

        Exactly and Ditto – but I'm a guy so it doesn't have as much of an impact upon muslims

        • Western Canadian

          Actualy, they might like it….. I’d suggest being careful.

        • Drakken

          Ahhhh don't be so sure about that.

          • Mary Sue

            well according to the hardcore whackjobs, men have to be "covered" from the waist to the knees at least.

  • Herb Benty

    I want this question answered: Why do Leftist elites admire, molycoddle, and generaly feel "at one" with Islam? In Canada we have worked very hard for equality between male and female, yet these same lefties love Islam which is incompatible with Western Freedom….WHY?


      That's right Herb.

      Your question needs an explanation. A study.

      Someone with the time and expertise can make HISTORY exposing the blind hypocrisy of the left., of "progressive" imbeciles when it comes to islamists, islamofascists and hip-hop/Crap music.

      Make it a book, a theatrical film, a PBS Frontline show.

      Are there any SANE, non-compromised media outlets (naturally excludes the BBC) in the UK that can handle such a task?

    • Innercityswede

      It's really rather simple "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" The left hates western classical liberal values and so do the Muslims.

    • chris

      Got to imagine it is the left's fetish for "victims" that causes them to excuse every primitive and barbaric act that that particular group acts upon.

    • Sam

      I'm pretty much as Leftist as one can be, but I do NOT sympathize with Muslims or their sacred Islam. As risky as it is to talk about a large group of people, i submit that they stand out for nothing good, and perpetrate a very disproportionate part of the world's most heinous violence. Islam has never devoted one calorie to the benefit of mankind as a whole, and seems to glorify the barbarity of its roots in the dark ages. Every time i have to take my shoes off at the airport, I curse them and their "disgusting, little religion." (to quote that great muslim, Louis Farrakhan).

    • digger

      It's because both have shaky ideologies that they must force on others. both believe in totalitarian theocratic regime. both don't have respect for any culture & tradition. both don't care about individual rights & freedom. And as someone said 'enemy of enemy is friend' concept. I'm from West Bengal, India where left have lived in mutual symbiosis for decades when they're supposed to be atheists, ruling under democratic framework. never expect patriotism, kindness, compassion from these leftists & islamists. the leftists pseudo secularism & hypocrisy suck like anything.

  • Drakken

    Just wait until one of these sub human muslims rape the wrong Europeans daughter or son for that matter, then your ging to see very interesting times.


      Brevik was a bit of blowback for socialist norway.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Lets see raping or sexually assaulting a woman by a Muslim in Malmo, guilty, one night in
    jail only if there is halal foods…………… neighborhood you are sent away for many, many

  • Western Canadian

    A question for Mary Sue, and any other woman on the board:

    When you see the bloated face in the picture above, do you immediately think “HUNKA HUNKA BURNING LOVE, I WANT SOME!” or is your reaction to the thought of any involvement with him (sexual or otherwise) more along the lines of “I’D RATHER DIE!!”

    Showed picture to two women, they picked the last option.

    • Mary Sue

      Kill it with fire.

    • Tigerlili

      I'd rather die a thousand deaths…and then die a thousand more before allowing that creature to even look at me…

    • YannaK

      My pick… second one and please make it quick death and then burn my body so he can't abuse it. And please let me take my dog with me, I don't want her abused either. The cats are faster, they will run away

  • Xavier Romero-Frias

    These Muslim imams have a reverse digestive system. Every time they open their mouth s**t comes out

    • kirpfn

      good one……worth quoting.

  • Guest

    This pervert should be slowly castrated along with any man that would act in this way and think women are less than property.

  • defcon 4

    I'm sure a couple of hours in bondage at the hands of a lesbian dominatrix would do the good imam a world of good.

    • michelle

      They would probably enjoy it..

  • Lauren

    Got to give him a pat on the back for proving us "infidels" right. Other muslims have made the claim that unveiled women deserve to be raped, but this is the first one I've read about to actually follow through. However, since he tried to rape someone, it's time for him to be castrated.

    • Evan

      Nah – Just perform a sex change operation on him

      • John Doe

        sex change operation – $100,000.00
        1 bullet – $1.00

  • Kerri Heard

    The sad thing is there are idiots just like this one all over the world that preach their ideals and interpretations of the Koran… and too many of our young society are following these idiots…

  • Brother MK

    He goes after them for not covering their heads. What about the rest of their body? I have seen some with so much of their body exposed they are just inviting trouble. They do that to attract men.

    • Nizamuddin

      This one is the vision of wahabism the worst sect of Islam .May Allah save the pure Islamic teachings from the impure thoughts of Wahabies. They have totly destroy the sprit of Islam. The Holy Quran says there is no compulsion in Islam.Allah holds the Authority to punish the imodest women. Its the conspiracy against Islam as well as Muslim.Islam says womens to wear the veal to protect themselves from the wolves in the shape of evil man. Islam Doesnt allow any person to interfare another afairs. Such a Muslims who deliver such Fatwas should be hanged as quick as possible.

    • YannaK

      Jaysus love goodness, how can you say that? Woman, even if naked, is not saying by the way she is dressed, she is asking for it. And if you or any other man think she is, you should be locked up for being a potential rapist yourself.

  • kaz

    doesnt matter. even while peaceful muslims rape women for not being properly covered, or more accurately, for not worshiping the correct god, our shrill feminists will remain enslaved by the left, and willing useful idiots for islam.

  • Newspaniard

    If he enjoys rape, he should have fun in the showers in prison.

  • Charles

    So , that type of muslim believe that they are fit to judge others ? Who gave him the authority to sit in judgement of Gods` creations ? If he reads the words of Jesus THE Christ ( whom they believe to be a Prophet he will find that no man is fit to judge another . That is the right of God — only .
    Muslims feel free to murder any human who is not muslim , do they not understand that they are breaking one of Gods` Commandments.
    Women are a nations greatest resource not to be ignored , was not your mother a woman ?
    Read Revelation and see what your future holds if you do not change your ways and ask God and man to forgive you.

  • barry1817

    the last vestige of the criminal, claim that he is a victim of racism. So typical, such a liberal response. So sad,

    Let the punishment fit the crime, cut off the offending vestige as well as the gonads, and let us rejoice as we have a new eunoch added to the population.

  • Mallo

    Εnjoy the multiculturalism.

  • Jerry

    Unfortunately for him all this is taking place in Europe where the lack of a Hijab has not been widely accepted as justification for attempted sexual assault.
    You probably meant:
    …in Europe where the lack of a Hijab has not "YET" been widely accepted as justification for attempted sexual assault…

  • Nini

    So according to his statement he is a threat to every women in Danark since as far as I remember no one is obligated by law to wear Hijabs .Because of only this statement he should put in Jail there is nothing racist about it he warned the world by his statement he attended to rape so he should be man enough to stand to his statement.! I think that is simple in case he wins the trial I would deport him back to Pakistan to live with his traditions and laws since he can't respect the Western Laws and community . There are billions of immigrants in every country that somehow manage to get along and accept traditions and laws of the country's they live inn and still be true tu their heritage why can't Muslims of course not all of them but the Majority integrate in the society the same way ? No one holds anyone captured in a environment they don't want to live inn so everyone is free to go to country you feel respected and you respect.

  • admin

    He tried to URINATE on her.

  • mal

    Muslums will bring about the destuction of the world…it has to happen…you have a choice…!!!

  • POLISH hooligans


  • bojlid

    Sluchaj prymitywie z lepianki, nie bedziesz sie tu rzadzil w europie, nie podoba sie to spierdalaj do swojej lepianki, w Polsce czlowieku to ci morde obijemy jak tylko sie pojawisz, my taka cholote jak ty to stad gonimy jak najdalej, prymitywy niech sie rzadza w swoim kraju.

  • ted swanson

    Look at him, he and his pigf**ckin prophet will be condemned.

  • Guest

    Except Malmö is in Sweden, a Swedish court will have a go at him. He must have been visiting.

  • Mick Wood

    Try him in a Shariah Court – then the scumbag will definitely be set free as according to Shariah Law "To prove rape, a woman must have 4 male witnesses".

    Shariah is just Nazism with beards – period! SIEG HALAL.

  • Wiz

    We should send a bunch of volunteer homosexual guys to go rape the men! Se how they like it.

  • andre

    i can't believe do people THINK THIS IS OK?!!

  • Ryan

    As a liberal, I was attracted to your story. I find Islamofascism an extremely real and credible threat to freedom everywhere. Then I read your dumbass tagline and went, WTF?

    Liberals, my friend, stand against totalitarianism…always have. Get it right.

  • joey

    the fat bastard is trying to create an excuse to get some. at least once in his life.

  • fuck islam

    Electric Chair

  • kamik

    his looking like ice qube…

  • edvam

    wishdom is in the hands of those who think they know nothing… snappy???

  • Mary Cullnane

    Well turn this idiots comments back on men: What does it say about a man who cannot restrain himself from sexually assaulting a woman if she hasn't got a bag or whatever they call it covering her body up? Are men mere wild animals that function on instinct alone??? Obviously this would-be rapist is. And he claims to be a religious leader??????

  • SerbiaKebabRemover

    Time to Remove Kebab. It is the only way.

  • Polack

    I feel like he isn't guilty. That's Denmark's goverment chosen and they must have been sure what they will get if they will welcome Muslims. That's normal in every muslim country. There is no way to solve it, because in next 20 years Muslims will take over the whole country and change the rights into Sharia

  • Amber

    The is very sad to read all comments above and most sad to know sucha bad picture that you guys have for Muslims. Okay lets say if Islam is not ideal and if Hijab should not be must…Would you kind justify the unnecessary exposure behind naked legs, short clothings, exposing body parts ??? Obviously the more the lady is exposing her body the more she is calling men towards her in an unjust manner, isnt ?? The more the person is covered the less the chances of attraction are and so the less the crime or the rape rates become, isnt ? Let me tell you, if this above Imam has really attempted this act, he is more punishable in Islam than your thoughts could reach BUT as we all know already Muslims are in critical condition in West nowadays, accusingly badly for what their belief is so please proof it with evidence first and then he is free for punishment not only from you guys but from Allah as well, inshAllah !!

    • Blake

      Muslims are a massive group of people, greatly varied, who only share one thing; their respect for Islam. I dislike some Muslim, and like others, but what I definitely do dislike is Islam.

      What is wrong with Islam? It's method for discerning truths; via religious scripture and divine revelation. Both these methods are flawed, horribly flawed. There is no reason to believe they work, and a lot of reason to think they don't work.

      That is not to say this is the only method used by Muslims. The best muslims, as i know of them anyway, are those that use the scientific method for discerning truths, and rely on the methods of authority and revelation to inform them about anything not covered by science. They still believe things without reason to think they're true, sometimes horrifying things, but as science expands that should decrease over time.

      I dislike other religions as well, but Islam slightly more, because it's religious scripture is a little bit nastier than the others.

    • acm

      Why did Allah make Muslim men willpower so much weaker then non-muslims? I can walk around in a bikini in a pool full of men and somehow they all manage to not rape me. Why would Allah make Muslim men so much weaker?

    • Reb

      Are men week or only muslim men week?, Most of the men i know don't do garbage like this and say the women must cover up, And are'nt women human to if we see a guy in shorts do we go nuts and fall all over him no we don't…In Africa women go topless the men in those tribes don't go nuts. Since they are not used to seeing legs they may giv a second glance. What ur not used to seeing becomes intriguing but since your human you control urself… I think what the NUDIST group believe is true we should all run around with bare minimum or nothing at all that way no one will get raped and nincompoop can say anything….

    • Chris

      Actually, women wear shorts and 'revealing' clothing for a variety of reasons, the vast majority of those have nothing to do with male attention. For example, women may wear shorts because it's hot outside, or maybe they are going to exercise. As for exposing breasts and cleavage, breasts should not be so sexualized for women. It is wrong that men with humongous breasts are allowed to walk around without a shirt on, but a woman cannot, even if she has very small breasts. Either way, the size of one's breasts should be irrelevant. Breasts are not genitalia and should be considered as any other non-genitalia body part.

      "The more the person is covered the less the chances of attraction are and so the less the crime or the rape rates become, isnt ??"

      Absolutely not! And even if it did, does that justify rape? If a person walked down the street wearing a shirt that said "Please kill me" and someone killed him, would that be considered ok? No! Of course not! If a chick is walking down the street has her tits hanging out, raping her would still NOT be justified.

      And it's not like rape victims dress up and say to themselves, "hehehe I hope this top encourages someone to rape me, I really wanna get raped tonight." When they got dressed that night, want to know what they probably thought? Something like this, "This shirt looks really cute on me. I like the way it makes me feel. I feel good wearing this good looking shirt (or whatever) so i am going to wear it."

  • Joe Doe

    We should find out where he will spend next few years of his life and offer gifts to his inmates for proper treatment :-)
    I will buy a round of whisky shots for the boys :-)

    • Reb

      :D and i will buy the second

  • Did you really just write that?


    If you’re trolling, then you’re doing it correctly.

    If you’re not trolling, then that was a laughable heap of idiocy.

  • sumo

    these scums have spread in all corners of the world now. they're breeding like anything. soon they'll rise like real zombies to take the whole world hostage to their diabolic cult.

  • sumo

    look at the eyes of this bastard.. looks absolutely mentally sick … most of these guys are like that. with pubic hair on their face they're obsessed with sex all the time. and thoughts of killing fellow humans.

  • Liz

    If anything this is also incredibly offensive to men saying that unless all women wear hijabs then men are totally out of control and will go around raping women because they don't know how to stop themselves. Given the number of incidences of this happening where the majority of the female population don't wear hijabs, this guy must really be onto something.

  • Vlad Tepes

    Somebody should asking for Vlad the Impaler

  • Adeela Badshah

    It’s quite sad really, that clerics such as these bend the message of Islam to whichever way they like. Islam asks women to dress modestly. That is all. It is the same as the concept of ‘doing things in a classy and respectable manner’. People look up to religious clerics as they do to any teacher for guidance, and many abuse their power, which leads to situations like the above cases. Let people like them not form/bias your judgement about regular citizens of Pakistan like us.



  • Fatima A. Hashmi

    It's ignorant a**holes like this genius Imam Shahid Mehdi, that have the world so wound up on all Muslims being psychopathic extremists. This is not what Islam teaches. To be fair Islam is not the only religion with extremists, with every belief comes a handful of people who take their devotion a step too far. I genuinely believe all these people need to be locked up and have their mental health evaluated. Most people don't understand religion; the basic foundation of every religion teaches us the same things; self respect, respect for people and things around us, kindness, selflessness, patience, etc… Not physical or mental assault. A few misguided (to say the least), ignorant individuals do not represent the entire muslim (or any other religion/ race) population.

  • Lord Lindley

    Any Immam saying these things should be arrested and deported to their original country. They are the reason that the Mosque society is being led astray in the Western World. It must be shown to be unacceptable by deporting anyone with these views against women. These views are obviously also against our laws and should be stamped out.

    • Zairstudioz

      Deported in a frigging casket is the ONLY way sick ,rabid dogs like this need to EVER get out of anything.I am as "Liberal"&a so called 'Lefty" as they come,and I detest such utter BS as"Islam is a religion of Peace" ISN'T,never has been ,never will be,and they should NOT be allowed to Emigrate if they refuse to comply with WESTERN STANDARDS to WESTERN Nations.HOW freaking hard is that?In all fairness,I don't like ANY religion that tried to shove it's beliefs down anyone's throat,or subjugate ANYONE,male ,female,gay or straight by way of Politics because of THEIR beliefs&that includes Christianity,Judaism&any other"Dominionist"/"we are the only right way blah blah" type of religious Thinking.If someone wants to live their life believing in such nonsense,fine,but do NOT force ANY religion into Government&sure as heck do NOT allow such poor excuses for human beings into a CIVILIZED Nation.PERIOD.ANYONE wanting to make a Western nation a Theocracy of ANY kind,needs a one way trip anywhere but here!The world will be a MUCH better place when religion finally dies off!

  • Mukunthan

    “Women make a clean society dirty when they walk around without a Hijab” – Perhaps he’s unaware of damage control and hair fall prevention shampoos out there in the market! :-o

  • Saif Raihan

    Hi, may be he is a 'mufti' but there are many other muftis' of Islam. Don't take it as the real feature of Islam, trust me. Islam is a way of life for real peace ( as a Muslim i blv the only way for real peace Islam is) . by the way i want to say , male needs female, female needs male normally and sexual attraction is a positive fact when it is limited . human is an element of nature. it was never possible and never is possible or will never be to control the nature totally by human race. we believe Allah has made the nature and nothing goes out of his desire ( i didn't say everything happens what Allah legalizes). in Islam Hijab(COVERING) is strictly ordered . some poet say romance starts from hair, hahaha.. :) … watever it was a joke :) … aaa … what so ever, if you keep a deer in front of a hungry lion it will be tough to control. as human is a part of nature so human isn't supposed to be a lawmaker for others because there were, there are and there will be always leeks and lacks :) but Islam also ordered for meeting the need of sex with wife and husband. We believe Islam is an Unique point where all sets of welfares of nature intersect which is too unique to realize in human very very very confused and restless mind. someone gets it in lifespan, someone never gets…. BUT LIKE THIS RETARD PERSON ISLAM NEVER DE-FORCED WOMEN IN THAT WAY. ISLAM IS THE GREATEST EXAMPLE TO INVITE PEOPLE PEACEFULLY THOUGH THE INVITER IS TOURCHERED ENDLESSLY AS LIKE AS CROSSING THE HOLE DESERT OF CRUELTY JUST SMILING. THIS IS THE REAL ISLAM.

  • Reb

    What rubbish… if a woman does wear a burkha or a habbib doesn’t mean that she is protected I have friends who were raped multiple times in their own house and these women wore a hijab or Burka. Any person who does not look at humans equally should be shipped off to another planet. A country that does not respect a woman and her rights is always an under developed country. That guy who says woman should wear a Hijab or Burka ( asking for it ) should wear blinders ( Or have his eyes plucked out). The action and words of a person reflect on thier character so by doing this obscene thing it just reflects that he is a nutcase and that he does not respect woman in general it makes no difference what they wear or not. His mother obviously did not wear a burkha 24/7 , so is he saying he disrespected her. We don’t tread on your turf and tell you what to wear you don’t tread on our toes and tell us what to wear. I hope this moron is sent to jail where he meets a really big guy who likes using him as his toy..

  • Francis

    Hi Friend, tell me one thing when you were young in your 18 or 20 years. how about those, you didn’t see any girl or woman without hijab or burka. if your answer is yes. that is good. tell me do say the same thing for your mother and sister? plz reply. next time think before you say anything on behalf of Islam. do you have any reference for that? If yes plz do right for all of us. If not then you should say sorry to all the people.

  • SHW

    Are men week or only Radical muslim men week?, Most of the men i know (Some of my Muslim friends are also nice ) don't do garbage like this and say the women must cover up , And are'nt women human to if we see a guy in shorts do we go nuts and fall all over him no we don't…In Africa women go topless the men in those tribes don't go nuts coz they see it everyday. Since they are not used to seeing legs they may giv a second glance. What ur not used to seeing becomes intriguing but since your human you don't go crazy and say say & do crazy stuff… I think what the NUDIST group believe is true we should all run around with bare minimum or nothing at all that way no one will get raped and nincompoops can't say anything….

  • Hamza Faruqi

    who the hell is he to tell whether a woman deserve respect or not? its people like this As*ho*e who is ruining Islam! Ofcourse Allah has asked women to cover their heads but He has also asked men to lower their gaze too! what a woman does is between her & Allah,no one has the right to threaten any woman just cuz they dont wear a hijab! No doubt the west are against the Muslims,its people like this F**kface who is responsible for tarnishing the name of Islam all over!

  • Sanjay Desai

    This guy is neither a good Mufti nor a good rapist. He failed at both!

  • Seekers find

    Islam cannot give respect to womens.

  • Dr.Yogesh Sharma

    Perhaps this Imam must be preaching his women followers a new way of praying by playing with his ugly tool.

  • Fazel Subian

    Rant , misogynist of Uncivilized barbarian of Wahabism.
    Misunderstood the purpose of a religion.

  • Brother

    Does that mean no rapists exist in Islamic countries? They will kill the woman and will say that it was deserved. I think this guy is doubly mad and to let him teach the next generation is dangerous. I think suppression of natural urges has led to this. even the catholic church had so many cases of abuse because of suppression. If god didnt want variety he would have created robots in all parts of the world. we should celebrate the diversity and thank yourself . " But for the grace of god there goes I "

  • patnaikt

    This scoundrel should be kept out of society in a Jail till he dies!

  • Drew

    This is clearly a simple reflection of his personal hypocrisy and stupidity. Shahid Mehdi thinks that by obtaining a professional status as religious clergy that it will absolve him of his individual stupidity, and give him individual credibility. But Shahid Mehdi is a hypocrite. Shahid Mehdi is stupid person to believe that holding standing as clergy allows him to attempt actions that are clearly prohibited by Islam. Shahid Mehdi is a stupid Muslim. But Shahid Mehdi is no more stupid than any one of the Catholic priests who believes they can molest children and hide behind their status as clergy, retaining the respect of people in their religious community and in society. Sadly, this is an altogether too familiar human weakness. This sort of bigoted, stupid and extreme viewpoint, and this sort of hypocritical worldview are all too common in the field of religion. I think this case tells us that the business of being a delusional human being is something we all need to be aware of, no matter what our faith is. And maybe it also means that we need to beware and think for ourselves whenever we hear the harsh and arbitrary pronouncements of religious “experts” and “clergy”.

  • guest

    Those who support this criminal in the name of Islamic view, should get equal punishment. I lime to ask them if it happens to her mom, will he rape also? Or he is used to of that..

  • kashif khan

    shahid mehdi has garbage in his mind, nothing relation with the teachings of Islam. nobody could imagine his state of mind that how he chosed the word raped for muslims women… very much ashamed on shahid… lanat ho is pe….

  • John Taylor

    Even if a woman is walking naked she is not inviting rape. Consent is required before sex.
    It is time for the Danish courts to teach this rapist a lesson and serve some justice.

    note — in Sharia law, despite this punishment being rarely applied, a man having sex outside of marriage is supposed to be buried waste deep, then stoned to death. As Danish courts don't act this barbaric, a 20 year jail term might be a reasonable alternative.

  • anish thomas

    i knew about this b4…. in islam only a free woman is allowed to wear hijab and if a woman is nt wearing hijab she is a slave and muslims hav the right to rape dem

  • Imran

    Dont blame the guy. Blame the media for allowing such a mental guy to have his comments published. Next the media will go interview some other mental guy and then brand him as a muslim leader. When clearly the guy has no backing of muslims and is not in a position to comment on any topic regarding muslims. His obviously not educated enough to comment on such issues. But the media will take advantage of such silly men and then publish such articles.

  • William

    There is nothing wrong in what he said as his religious teachings are like that. What Mr. Geert Wilder says is correct. Islam is the problem and not muslims. Islam teaches them exactly what the Imam said. The Europeans have accepted them in the name of multiculturism. Now they are showing their colours. These muzzies should be kicked out as soon as possible and their breeding programme should be curtailed else in another 10-20 years europe will be taken over by these zombies. Islam is problem.

  • world

    Why do Muslims always say Koran says women to cover and hence…god has given you brains as well to distinguish good and bad! why do you have to follow everything from the book and try to justify what is written there? Have you followed any other religion to know that Islam is the only religion peace? Please respect diversity in the world and don’t say lines that interferes with personal freedom of a person because it is written in Koran. And yes, deer infront of a lion is another ridiculous example given by a mufti probably. There so many religious books from so many religions, go read all of them choose what is best for you using your brain and follow. But refrain from lecturing others what to do because you have read something somewhere. Hope you can think ‘out of the book’. Cheers

  • Brian

    The Imam feels the same way about camels and goats. Guard your women and livestock!

  • longun45

    If he is what passes for a Muslim Scholar, I would say it is a school of brain deficient idiots. Close their school and ship them back the mid east, but first run a hot poker up his butt.

  • donna

    Let me be alone with him for 2 mins.. I have a very sharp hunting knife .. One swipe and his pecker will be gone.. he won’t be hanging it out anymore nor trying to rape another woman…

  • ishfaq Bokhari

    What about the sodomy cases ,a boy does not wear Hijab

  • Dawn

    Islam is such a sick religion and it comes from satan. Alisha was 6 years old when Mohammad married her and raped her when she was 9. It’s all so very sick. They believe that young pre-pubescent boys will serve them pearl necklaces in heaven. Mohammad was a rapist and a pedophile and the very tenants of this religion is to control and degrade women and children. Children as young as six years old are forced to marry old nasty men and then those sicko pedophile men RAPE these young girls…. come near my child and you will be a dead demon!!!!

  • Lyuba Marchenko

    A pox upon your house, you terrible person you. YOU are responsible for your own actions, not some piece of cloth! Weak no ethics cowardly excuse for a human being! You hate women, even if they are covered! If you cant respect all women then return to your 7th century country!

  • Sabina

    Greetings to evbd. As a convert from islam to Christianity, I have a very hard time reconciling myself with the liberal guilt of Europeans… when did that start in your life? While every single European has some kind of a guilt deeply rooted in his/her brain against their own culture and civilization, yet it is the Western civilization that keeps the world going and offers the best values in the world, muslims don't know the meaning of these values and they truly hate all of them. When will you people wake up, defend and stand for your civilization, which is so beautiful… How did you allow your beautiful city of Malmo become such a horrific place while you keep paying them social benefits and all kinds of stuff? Don't you people feel a little bit respect for yourselves? stop feeling the guilt and hate towards your own civilization and be proud of your roots!!! Your civilization stems from Judaism and Christianity, not the hateful and godless islam! What is this bearded monkey doing in your country???? He wouldn't be allowed to even utter a word in my half-nominal half-atheist muslim country! but he gets all the rights in your country to insult you! Really, sometimes I feel like I am living in a surreal world…

  • Amit

    He deserves to be kept in a museum, and all his statements should be available on tape in the exhibit.

    This is so far beyond sad, criminal, demented, insane, that it's ironically funny.

  • Vivienne

    I believe this is the same Imam who sodomized his five year old daughter, cauterized her anus, thus killing the child. For this crime he was fined 1300 Saudi Ryals. A Royal prince of the Saudi Royal house, raped a woman who refused his advances, when she tried to get away he probably strangled her, though the article did not specify the method of killing. Having murdered the woman he threw her naked body onto the street from his car. These are people the US imports oil from? Many companies feel obliged to pay homage to the Saudi Royals, yet it is the west they have gleaned their wealth from. We built their cities, provided the oil refineries, supply them with weapons. Why provide all the trappings of civilized society to a people who lived in a desert as Nomads namely Bedouins to whom we now have to pay homage. I would recommend Winston Churchill’s narrative written about the Bedouins during the period in his life he wrote as a War correspondent.

  • tard

    Typical fat dirty muslim scum behaviour

    • unanomous

      don’t they all need to be treated the way they treat others? karma is imminent and as the expression sais ” PAYBACK IS A BITCH” TRUST ME, YOU CAN’T ESCAPE FROM SIN” when you see your life turning to hell imam you will know its meant for you and you deserved it. raped his own daughter? Oh dear, may this child rest in peace. This child is going to heaven and rest with her real father. God!!!!!!

  • Wayne H. Franklin

    Hey, Obama bowed down to these scum. Thus showing he really is lower than most bottom feeders of his ilk.

    • Vivienne

      Yes I know, if he knew how primitive the Saudi so called Royal Family were when he was just a teenager he might have adopted a different approach. Marvelous book written by some very British PA’s working with a company supplying them with places to live when they came to the UK. The women bless them peed where they stood a maid came behind with Rose Water, to take away the smell. There was an order for several hundred lavatories since back then there was no modern cities in the Gulf States. Some of their religious practices leave a lot to be desired, still practicing a ritual performed for Ishtar – Inanna – Eostr all bound up with fertility and violence. And Obama gives them respect, idiot they are so two faced, double tongued.

      • Sajid

        Only hypocrisy and selective reading will lead a person to this condition. Wherein the sane person with intellectual wits turns his commonsense to racism and hatred. Finally culminates into poison spewing extremist. Be it in the West or the East. Please have some mercy on the commoners like us and stop your hatred and open a grave and bury yourdelf this world is not fit for your genius mind. You better go and argue with the creator as to why at all He created religion if He had to make human beings and allow them to live together.

        • Vivienne

          My dear Sajid are you supporting Wahhabism? You’re entirely welcome, however, this does not alter the fact that Wahhabism (I believed acquired by so called Saudi Royals) around 25/20 years ago. Sadly Sajid Petro $ have gone to the heads of these people. The sooner we do without oil from the Gulf states the better.

          • Sajid

            Dear Vivienne, Indeed i am compelled to believe that your comments superficial and may i suggest you to go for in depth study with regards to the Saudi History. Hope that will help you in understanding what actually is the so called wahabism. I do not deny the facts and that too in this age of media availability on the web. Petro dollers are bound to sway some shallow people be it in west or in Middle East. Human beings are the same. Intoxicated with the power and weapons even the Western leaders have not been any Boon to the poor. Poor and the common people have been trampled at their will. Western leaders have unleashed all sorts of crimes on the commoners. Again i am sure you will definitely find many examples on the net. So does that mean that all in the Western hemisphere are monsters? No. Human history is full of criminals and criminality. So my only humble request is please do refrain from painting religion or region just due to the doings of few. Punishment is the answer for all wrong doings. Hope this answers your concerns. I am just a commoner like you are the only difference is that you happen to be in West and me in the East of the God created globe. May God bless you with peace amen.

          • Vivienne

            Dear Sajid, Perhaps you are a Sufi or Ba’hai, very different breeds, from the Imam in the article and the screaming man on the video. Today I received a very good article written by an ex Muslim, you are welcome to look it up on my FB page. I cannot read Arabic but I can witness the behavior of those around me in the world. Bad things are happening everywhere due to extreme Jihadi lore. I fail to see why Arabic men cannot control their behavior as other men do, of course there are exceptions such as psychopaths, Sociopaths and other forms of mental disease which are all related to hormonal inbalances in the individual and largely prevalent amongst males. Take the average totally uneducated of any human species then add an aggressive religion in often cases not at all understood by the receivers of the wisdom handed down by possibly an equally uneducated Imam. The result is extremism, religion does not belong in politics or governance. Iran’s leaders are no better, keeping the masses ignorant is easy to control them. Most of those fleeing Iran back in the ’80’s and from Afghanistan were educated and enlightened people. The poor can be become an unruly mass if a way cannot be found to quell them, so a revolution takes place as in France, all the be-headings in 1793 a reign of terror for three years. After arose a new order, so it is now. In the new order Sufi, Ba’hai Druze and others will be in the ascendance and encourage the poor to move into the present century. Yes the West in particular the UK and US too much welfare has the same affect as none at all. In Scandinavia one of the most generous parts of the North West are having problems with extreme Islam, they did not believe this would happen but it has.

          • Sajid

            Dear Vivienne, Persumption No neither i am Sufi nor Ba’hai as you have mentioned i am just a simple muslim. I do not subscribe to any sect or sub-sect. Why is it so difficult to be a muslim. And by the there are many like me who do not associate themselves to any sects but to the one and only God the Almighty. Faith is a matter for me very private to ones self and recognition of inner feeling to fix an entity great, greater, greatest in nature or the surroundings of the human knowledge. I hope you understand what i mean. Then comes the phase where the individual is compelled to believe what he has found in his capacity searched and found. Some find solace in following their desires and some get lost in the highs of the drugs. And others find the lord and his divine powers. So very real in this very universe that their imagination are bound to realize that this vast expanse is not just evolved. But, there is some power which is governing this whole system. From the minutest Nano to tera are indeed regulated and can not be simply happened or evolved. Well that be it as it is. But, my sincere advice to you is please find peace for your soul. and relax as much as you can. You and me and people like us put together can hardly change any thing. But atleast we can live in peace and respect one another for being different. How beautiful that you respond to me the way you feel compelled to do so religiously and so compassionately. Thanks once again and God bless you with lot of peace.

          • Vivienne

            Well at the end of our correspondence I feel we can clearly say your philosophy is much like my own. We both agree the imam in the article and the other individual are clearly the face of a large number of extreme Islamists. For all of us on this article who commented it is good to know there are exceptions to the rule who wish to have their voices heard and respected. Shalom Salaam Vivienne

          • sandra schmidt

            Vivienne, never trust anyone who would follow a pedophile prophet or the violent, misogynist Koran. He is simply practicing taquiyya to lull you into a sense of complacency.

          • sandra schmidt

            Since you follow a prophet who committed statutory rape you should be watched at all times.

          • sandra schmidt

            Tell it to the suicide bombers, genital mutilators, and your buddies who rape, burn, crucify and destroy ancient artifacts. Watching you filthy animals kill one another is better than an ice cold beer on a hot summer day.

          • sandra schmidt

            The Saudi pigs who attacked the US on 911 were not poor. Don’t blame such bad behavior on anything other than the islamofascist supremacist creed which engendered it.

        • sandra schmidt

          Facts are facts. We read every day, in many different publications of the torture and discrimination heaped on women and religious minorities in Muslim majority lands. FU and your imaginary “god” you devil’s spawn. You are a follower of the pedophile.

  • kukisvoomchor

    The man is obviously a certifiable maniac… no more representative of Islam than, say, Warren Jeffs is of Mormonism. Lock him up and throw away the key.

    • Isabella Adamowicz

      Yes, but Mormons don’t say that the women invite the attack by not wearing a hidjab. Get the difference?

  • SeRiOuSLy!!??

    the thing about this is you can’t make people understand we have to drill for our own oil and natural gas, use coal and yes use fraking along with e-gas and alternative fuels and transportation (electromagnetic trains, hydrogen power, etc) between Americans love of driving big cars or cars far exceeding what they need for ex: 4dr luxury sedan living by yourself to drive every day when a 2 dr economy would’ve worked great or the redneck and his 4×4 crewcab dually pick up as a daily driver. also political and corporate greed keeps us from advancing in more efficient or alternative way of transportation. then you have the nature lovers who keep fighting tooth and nail to keep us from tapping into all of our energy while in the mean time obama has let china drill in the gulf of mexico in our waters while we can’t and china, for the first time ever a foreign country has been allowed to buy land, harvest resources(oil,gas) 600,000 acres in TX! plus there’s canada and the keystone pipeline. you have to remember,we’ve had a similar pipeline running through alaska for many years with no problems so why this one seems to be an issue is beyond me. if we wanted to we could become pretty self sufficient and completely pull out of the middle east to let them cut each others heads off to their content and all the money, equipment, resources wasted on them could come back into our country. thats trillions a year!! then you factor in the lives we’d save by not having to constantly have to fight or defend somebody.

    • Vivienne

      Hi there read your piece, pretty good. Now I know why China was visiting the States! Poor US hasn’t been able to manage without Chinese money, so your President has been swapping land and goods in exchange for loans to bail out the banks, POSSIBLY. This is by no means correct, rather it is speculation on my part. Sadly I can’t get at the Senate since I’m not an American. I totally agree let all the Arab nations fight each other till the desert sands run red with their blood. Israel however hasn’t asked for any of this hassle, she undertook to live peacefully with her neighbors but they said NO WAY.

    • DevilsTrumpet

      Obama talks about employment then lies about the Keystone pipeline creating only 50 to 100 permanent jobs when his own government suggests 42,000 jobs,many that will be union jobs,will be created.He fully supports dirty oil from countries that oppress women,jail people for political thought and damage the environment but refuses to allow ethical oil from an allied country,apparently he is in love with oppressive regimes.A pipeline is the safest method for transporting oil but Obama ignores this while trucks and trains are used instead.The EPA has determined that there will be no increase in carbon emissions from the pipeline,a condition”you didn’t build that” Obama has made but still he refuses to sign-off on Keystone.

      Instead of comparing himself to the son he never had,he should stop paying lip-service to unemployed Americans with bogus economic speeches,end buying oil from America’s enemies,put people to work and allow the Keystone pipeline to be built.

      • Dean Fidlin


      • DevilsTrumpet

        Now this is interesting.While the post written by Devils Trumpet is not a bad post and it’s close to what I would have posted on this article however,this is not my post,I didn’t write it.What loser steals another person’s avatar and handle?I’ve been using both for years,it can’t be a coincidence.
        Who ever it is,get your own,stop posting using my handle and avatar,who does that?

    • sandra schmidt

      If the US government would impose tariffs on oil from all countries in which Sharia law is imposed, including Great Britain, our oil industry would be producing all we need in no time. Instead, imam Obama is allowing those Saudi pigs to destroy our US drillers.

  • Etular

    “Either way a Muslim court would have found her guilty.” – That’s a bit of an overt generalisation; the belief that the views of a radical imam is representative of the views of mainstream Muslim countries.

    On the contrary, outside of Europe, the debate for the use of the hijab is neither compulsory or seen as a controversial topic. On the contrary, whilst many Muslim countries may allow the wearing of a hijab, to my knowledge only Iran and Saudi Arabia have laws requiring it to be mandatory, and I would like anyone who disagrees to provide evidence suggesting otherwise.

    • Mugur

      “only Iran and Saudi Arabia have laws requiring it to be mandatory”
      What can I say, itt’s nice to know that only these 2 countries persecute women based on islam belief (there are more by the way). Don’t you see the irony in your words?

      • Etular

        On the contrary, I’m not complaining that these two are the only countries who persecute women overall based on religion, but the only two who force women to compulsorily wear hijabs. The others may do so in other ways.

        However, it’s ignorant to assume that this is just a matter of Muslim countries – just look in Christian Africa, for instance. The Gender Inequality Index was set up to measure levels of inequality in a number of countries, and while the bottom four are, in fact, Muslim countries, the country that’s fifth-from-the-bottom is the half-Catholic half-Protestant Democratic Republic of the Congo. sixth-from-the-bottom is 85% Protestant Liberia. Seventh from the bottom is 80.3% Protestant Central African Republic.

        Surely, should that not be evidence enough for you to not jump to the claim that religion is the problem, or otherwise, that Christianity is hardly any better?

  • Liam Godden

    I get confused when some of you managed to SOMEHOW get a pop at Barack Obama into a discussion about a Pakistani in Denmark as if it’s all Barack Obama’s fault! TRY to stay focused please: “Sick Muslim Tries To Say His Belief Trumps National Law” is the theme, not “Saudi Scum Buttf*ck USA Since The Discovery Of Oil, But It’s All Baracks Fault”!
    All the best, Mental Mickey.

  • Hemant

    If he says ” women who do not wear Hijabs, are asking to be raped, ”
    Then I tell that SOB that men who have eyes, are asking to be blinded.
    These frigging 1500 year old mentality of these stupid men who call themselves as Muslims …need to be hanged at the nearest tree.


  • John Prewett

    Hang’em. No discussion. Just hang’em.

  • Dean Fidlin


  • Mauricio Carvallan

    Death to Muslims!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chuck Robey

    The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim…

    • amma

      And apostate Muslim.

  • Toma Eduard Victor

    Disgusting fat fuck.

  • Irish Shilelegah

    This man should be in jail or phsyciatric hospital. Why do we allow this? Fight this Islamic Nazism. His Islamic followers have few (if any) objections to his wicked preachments. This is currently MAIN-STREAM Islam. Fight it. Refuse to back down when they are “offended.” They are bullies. They threaten the handful of secular muslims if they speak out. We non-muslims must put a stop to this heinous ideology. Speak out. Demand reps that will vote to STOP immigration from known anti-west countries. Demand arrest and/or deportation of anyone who foments violence from the pulpit.

  • DJ

    Stamp this hostile, alien, unassimilable scourge out of Sweden. Send them packing back to the third world trashbins whence they came. Then round up the liberal, self-hating, pinko politicians who made this disease possible and execute them. Clean up Europe.

    Everyone is tired of the non-white scum rioting, looting, stealing, murdering, and raping while collecting benefits and acting butt-hurt when someone dares pipe up in defense of his country and culture. The world is sick of the hollow doublespeak coined to make legitimate concerns fade into silence. “Racist, xenophone, homophobe, misogynist” and the slew of other culturally Marxist tactics originating from the Frankfurt school and its minions, who infested America’s universities after the war.

    Get these cockroaches out of Europe. Turks out of Germany, Pakistanis and other assorted north African trash out of the U.K., clean up Malta and give every navy the right to treat boatloads of freeloading rats like hostile invaders, by opening fire on sight.

    No one expects the brown or Asian nations to bend over backwards to accomodate aliens. Only the white countries have been browbeaten by Jew cultural Marxism. The charade will end soon and they will all be sent back the holes out from which they burrowed. In planes and boats, if possible. In more snug, tight-fitting, and accomodating ways otherwise.

  • Ramesh

    Muhammad used to sell captured women to raise money. He was a pimp. All caliphs after him were also pimps. This is not religion of peace but religion of pimps.