Muslim Imam in Tennessee: Christians and Jews are “Most Evil of All Evils”, Muslims May Take Their Property


Let’s start with this “moderate Muslim” piece from the New York Times on Yasir Qadhi.

On a chilly night in the dead of a New England winter, Yasir Qadhi hurried down the stairs of Yale University’s religious-studies department, searching urgently for a place to make a private call. A Ph.D. candidate in Islamic studies, Qadhi was a fixture on the New Haven campus. He wore a trim beard and preppy polo shirts, blending in with the other graduate students as he lugged an overstuffed backpack into Blue State Coffee for his daily cappuccino. A popular teaching assistant, he exuded a sprightly intensity in class, addressing the undergraduates as “dudes.”

To many young Muslims wrestling with conflicts between faith and country, Qadhi was a rock star. To law-enforcement agents, he was also a figure of interest, given his prominence in a community considered vulnerable to radicalization. Some officials, noting his message of nonviolence, saw him as an ally. Others were wary, recalling a time when Qadhi spouted a much harder, less tolerant line.

In the spectrum of the global Salafi movement, Qadhi, who is 36, speaks for the nonmilitant majority.


Non-militant majority. Among Salafis. Whose very organizational principal is militancy.

Also Yasir Qadhi was the teacher of the Underwear Bomber. And a member of the Muslim Students Association. These days he teaches in the Religious Studies Department of Rhodes College, in Memphis, Tennessee.

And what does he teach? Here’s a sample.

The obviously Shrik, which is the opposite of monotheism, must by necessity and definition be the most evil of all evils as Jews and Christians are in our perspective of monotheism as we have studied can understand how, and only the Muslims are monotheism.

Jihad is a means to establish monotheism in the land… The life and property of a Mushrik (someone who worships other than Allah) holds no value in the state of Jihad.

The life and property of a (non-muslim) becomes “halal” (officially allowed by Sharia) while in a state of Jihad…

And I quoted the Hadith before, “I have been commanded to fight the people until they say (declaration of Islamic faith). When they say (conversion to Islam) their property becomes protected from them. Which means if they don’t… their life and property are Halal (free for the taking legally) for the Muslims.

So the Christians do commit Shirk, they are Kufar (unbelievers) and they are (polythesists). The polytheists are filthy. They are filthy, a spiritual filthiness which can only be purified by the purity of monotheism.

And nothing is as pure as Islam. Just ask any of the girls raped or murdered for the sake of honor and Islamic morality. And the Mohamedan permission to rape even married women belonging to non-Muslims during a state of Jihad.

  • ServosT

    I think your typical leftist could have his wife raped by a muslim and have his daughter forced into a burka and he would still sing the praises of Islam and multiculturalism.

    • Janise Bailey

      I agree 1000% with your statement Servos T!!!

    • laura r

      what about taking his condo away?

      • pacman925

        No doubt being paid well for our US dollar$’s….
        thanks Obama !

    • iluvisrael

      Than he’d blame the Jews!

      • ServosT

        Of course. The Jews, with their diabolical plot to take over 1/2 of 1% of the Middle East, are always to blame.

  • Veracious_one

    yada yada wuzza wuzza ….bwahahahahahahaha….

  • Veracious_one

    Muslims speaking sounds like hate speech….

  • N. Wasse

    I’m amazed when I watch an African American or Muslim Indian praising Islam as their ancestors were really brutalized by Muslims and by Islam slavery and genocides and rape but again there’s a sucker born every moment

    • Veracious_one

      Islam appeals to those with marginal intelligence…

    • devil white woman

      it is easy to see why blacks back Muslims and Islam, blacks hate whites that much that they would stand with anyone that would murder and kill white Christians. for the most part most blacks are all for illegals because they think it gives them more people to program to hate the demon whites.

      • Lala3

        Did you Muhammad, the false prophet of Islam, said that the Devil is a BLACK MAN?

        That is how stupid blacks who convert to Islam are.

      • bruce lorraine

        Is it a coincidence that they originate from the same part of the world & share some the same gene pool? I don’t think so

    • ki-lee

      you aren’t kidding and these days I believe we’d be at one born every second

    • A Free Woman Afraid

      There’s a sucker born every minute and it is your duty to take advantage of them. PT Barnum

  • Drakken

    Is it time to play cowboys and muslims yet? I mean they are hell bent on going to paradise(hell) and meeting allah(devil) so in the interests of world peace, we should arrange the meeting.

  • defcon 4

    So would the lieberals who defend islam0nazism describe Yasir Qadhi as “conservative”? Because obviously he’s just like the Christian right.

  • Dr Imran

    The most evil of all evils is the devil in this man who is preaching hate.

    • cancanjody

      It is who they are–their “religion” is not a religion. Their “peace” will be achieved when they have taken over the world.

      • Tom

        Then they will start killing each other. Only thing a muslim knows how to do “KILL” OH that and rape children⁄!!

    • N. Wasse

      But your Allah also preaches hate so if these creeps are preaching hate like Allah then Allah must be and to quote you “The most devil of all devils” right?

  • UtIdArWa

    As the kings of the east slowly drag us closer to armageddon, and we watch.

  • Ibraheem David

    As usual, you guys have nothing better to do than use fabricated clips. This is old stuff guys – go invent something else to smear all ‘Mooz-lums’ with:

    Honestly in the Third Reich, you would have been the people helping and abetting the capture of all Jews. The way you smear all Muslims is eerily similar to the way Europeans smeared all Jews. Grow up and find a real scapegoat to blame.

    • 98ZJUSMC

      They’re the ones saying it. Not us.

    • oneteedoffpatriot

      Yeah, don’t you just hate it when the Jews slam airplanes into buildings and behead reporters?

    • Drakken

      Honestly, it is nothing like the 3rd Reich, ya see, the jews don’t go around blowing things up, behead people, kill their daughters for GP, rape us infidels, fly planes into buildings, but what do ya know, you muslims do. So with that thought in mind, you muslims have really no idea what is going to happen with a few more egregious muslim atrocities and all bets are off, if you thought the Serbs were bad? You haven’t seen anything yet, but you will. God Bless the Crusades.

    • defcon 4

      What’s not fabricated is the systematic persecution of people of other faiths that goes on in all your islam0fascist hellholes right now Ali Al Taqiyya, not to mention the rabid antisemitism that is part and parcel of your faith.

    • Allah is Dead

      Allah hates Jews and Christians.

      Qur’an (5:51)

      “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends;
      they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”

  • Richard Bailey

    Now I see why Americans are so protective of their guns

    • oneteedoffpatriot

      And why liberals (communists) are so busy trying to take them away from us.

  • CrossWinds

    This false teachers comments sound so familiar…… you recognize the power behind his words…….

    ……Revelation 12:17……..17 And the dragon (Satan) was angry at the woman (Israel) and declared war against the rest of her children—all who keep God’s commandments and maintain their testimony for Jesus.

  • WorldWatchman

    Wouldn’t it be nice if a veteran sniper “reached out and touched him”.

  • David

    Oh, please, please come to my home and take my property. Please. Mr. Mossberg will welcome you with open boom…eh, open arms.

    • bruce lorraine

      Ah, Mr Mossberg lives at my house also, I call him my zombie boom stick ;)

      • ttsousa

        Ours too!

  • Sanatani Hindu

    muslims need a final solution….and they are themselves running towards it…

  • Tom

    mohammed was a sheep fu*king baby raper. There come and kill me, I welcome the attempt.

  • bruce lorraine

    If this muslim thinks it’s OK to take my possessions I suggest he come to my house & do so personally. I have a machete & a lb. of bacon I’ll introduce him to, But he can forget about paradise & his allotted 72 virgins as i don’t think they’ll allow headless hadji’s wrapped in bacon into paradise.

    • Drakken

      Forget the machete, get yourself a good Glock and the shotgun of your choice.

      • bruce lorraine

        Already have a Mossberg & I’m thinking of getting a Taurus 738 TCP.
        The machete was so he’d feel at home.

        • Drakken

          Glock is a much better piece of equipment. Taurus, not so much.

          • bruce lorraine

            I certainly agree with that. I was thinking of a small conceal carry piece.

          • disqus_7seKPOeorp

            Glock 26.

    • Tom

      The best way to kill a muslim is dump him alive into a trash compactor truck, and compact!

  • Adriana Gibson

    People,Islam is the Antichrist. PERIOD.

  • jeffreyafriedberg

    I don’t blame a lunatic; I blame his promoters and providers. I blame those who would proclaim him or her “normal” and a “valued” asset to culture or diversity or whatever new name it will have in the future.

  • Bob A

    At least the good news is these terrorist muslims always target liberal population centers.

  • Bob A

    The quaran is a terrorist hand book!

  • garyfouse

    Someone should send this video to the US Attorney and FBI office in Knoxville after they lectured the people of Manchester on this topic and implicitly threatened them with legal action if they continued to oppose the Islamic agenda and sharia law back in June.

  • ServosT

    If there is one thing that every culture, religion, ethnic group and ideology should have in common is the opposition to Islam.

  • disqus_7seKPOeorp

    What is this clowns immigration status? Based on irrational statements he should be confined to a mental institution for an extended period of time or deported as an insane person.

  • Edward_Teach

    “In Arabia, the sun god was viewed as a female goddess and the moon as the
    male god. As has been pointed out by many scholars such as Alfred Guilluame, the
    moon god was called by various names, one of which was Allah! (Islam, p. 7).

    The name Allah was used as the personal name of the moon god, in addition to
    other titles that could be given to him.”

  • Edward_Teach

    WATCH, MUST SEE For All Americans – Ann Barnhardt: Islamic Sexuality – A Survey of Evil

  • fsta

    The Holy Quran unfolds the prerequisites of a Jihad- which allows a Muslim State to retaliate if attacked by/ threatened by a non- Muslim group. But much has been taught on the mannerism that should be followed for acting only in defense. The code of this Holy Script cannot be decoded through unrealistic, ridiculous and dangerous interpretations like these .The Holy Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) was not an impostor who would allow his people to play havoc with the property and honor of Christians or Jews or others’ even in times of Jihad. Conversely , whenever his highness received the Non-Muslims as guests he offered them refuge in his mosque and asked them to worship in their unique ways (even if polytheists), peacefully.In times of war/Jihad the educated prisoners could buy freedom by educating some Muslims; while the women and children were not to be attacked durin Jihad and the prisoners were never forced to convert.There is no need to misconstrue the behavior of The Prophet or the pious teachings of Islam .This was also predicted by the Holy Prophet(p.b.u.h) that Mullahs will pose enormous danger in later times.(see authenticated Hadith).

    • Michael

      History (PBUH) says much about the Truth of what really happened. The West is alive by miracle in spite of all the trauma suffered in the centuries by Islam. Muslims in the West are free to believe what they like as per their Koran. You can believe that Yeshua was just human flesh and not the Son of God as clearly stated in the Bible. You can also believe that Israel is not a Nation before YHWH if you wish. The problem comes when Islam reciprocate hospitality and freedom with Christian Martyrdom and persecution in the Muslim nations and now even in the West. Lack of Reciprocity is not honourable in Monotheism. If Islam wants to conquer the West, Dawah is not the honourable way to impose Sharia. Christians know that the 25th/12 is not the date when Jesus was born as they also know that the Christmas tree is only an adopted symbol to signify that Jesus is the Tree of Life. Judeo-Christians can teach Islam much about Monotheism but they learned much in centuries of good manners and respect of religious freedom – this is why Muslims are in the West. The language and the agenda of many Muslim scholars and preachers has become highly offensive and provocative. If Islam doesn’t like honourable coexistence in the West let it leave the Western continents and let the West import all persecuted Christians in danger of their life worldwide -a s 1Million have been killed in the last decade. Truth doesn’t speak the language of violence and dictatorial pseudo-theocracy. Grace and freedom is the legacy of Truth and Divine patience until the Judgement. That’s why Jesus is the Lord of Lords, the Prince of Peace and the King of Kings. That’s why he conquered by His Grace the hearts of many generations and by now billions of human beings. Victory is His – but you are free not to believe it. It doesn’t upset me and I’ll not wage a war for that.

  • Patriotalpha


  • Jdcsa usayy

    It is OK for people to talk and post messages, but only action changes things.

    According to the article in, Tennessee is the state in which U.S.
    Attorney Bill Killian of the Department of Justice vowed last year criminalize
    postings on social media that offended Islam. Now isn’t that cute. The Obama’s junta is basically saying it will not tolerate freedom of speech. After all, anything you say critical of Islam will certainly offend somebody who claims to be a Muslim.

    This is intolerable and un-American. Tennesseans call your congressmen and demand they make an issue of this tin pot despot Bill Killian. Demand that the gutless Republicans force him to be removed from the Justice Department.
    Out of state people you ought to call as well. Local politicians are influenced by out state votes also because if they think something has become a national issue they get worried it could jeopardizing their political career.

  • Dr Imran Khan

    The Government need to treat him as a terrorist what are they waiting for , he is spreading Hate. When the Quran states all Religions belong to God , and learn to peacefully co-exist.

  • KrazyChick

    Time to Kick these dogs out of our Country. Stop educating them and feeding them. You can not feel sorry for any of them, look what they do once they are set up.

  • Kachina

    One day I foresee a world without Islam…