Muslim Immigrants Smuggled Into Europe in Secret Car Compartments (VIDEO)

Southern Europe is the front line for the invasion of Europe and while the invaders no longer come as corsairs in ships, they have a variety of ways of getting in, whether it’s the hard way or the easy way. All for the Immigration Jihad.

Spain is once again the gateway to Europe. And the gates are a precarious place. Meet the migrant clown car. There’s no seat belt but it fits more people than you would think.

And when that doesn’t work, the barbarians at the gates can just ram their way through.

  • Horace

    If these government morons dont have concrete barricades or metal spikes installed ASAP it proves that they are just window dressing on the phoney leftist pretend immigration control show. Al Andalus rises. Western civilization dies.

  • AdinaK

    Jihad is waged on EVERY front, and Eurabia (best described by Egyptian born Bat Ye'or) is almost full circle. Her clarion call went unheeded and this is the result. Even leftist journalist, the late Oriana Fallaci, saw the signs, and she too was vilified. Read "The Rage & The Pride", just as one example of her insights.

    Yes, the barbarians are at the gates, but not just in Europe. Europe is near gone, but the US is not far behind, IF they do not learn the lessons from Eurabia –

    The fact of the matter is that US leaders have allowed (for sundry reasons, and from both parties) their infiltration & penetration for years. However, it has exploded under the reign of Obama and this is a fact.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –