Muslim Immigration to America Doubled Since 1992


The numbers still aren’t anywhere as bad as in Europe. We’re looking at 100,000 Muslims a year or 10 percent of the 1 million immigrants a year who enter the United States.

That number has doubled since 1992. The immigration origins trajectories have skewed a bit further away from Europe and more toward Asia and Latin America, but Africa is also making its presence known.

A new report shows a significant rise in Muslim immigration to the US. The Pew Forum has analyzed the results and found that over the past 20 years, around one million immigrants have been granted permanent residency status every year. Sometimes they are able to obtain this status because they are family members of other residents, while other times they get work visas, are refugees and asylum seekers, or they have won a visa lottery. But as the report shows, where they are coming from is changing. Whereas before, there were more arriving from Europe and other parts of North America as well as South America, now those numbers are decreasing while those from Asia, Africa and the Middle East are increasing

What this means is that while there are still many Christians immigrating to the US (though less than before), the number of Muslims is increasing steadily. In 1992, 68% of the new legal permanent residents were Christians, while this number has dropped to only 61% ten years later. Meanwhile, during the same time frame, Muslims comprised 5% of the new legal permanent residents before and have increased to twice as many, 10%, a decade later. Religious minorities once made up one out of every five new legal immigrants, but now they are one out of every four. Some of these religious minorities are Hindus and Buddhists, but they are generally productive members of society and contribute to the economy. T

The LA Times has reported that in the near future we could see thousands of Syrian refugees in American towns and cities. There are currently 1.6 million Syrian refugees in other Middle Eastern countries. The idea is that these countries cannot support them all, but shouldn’t they be taking care of their brethren? Why is it the responsibility of the US?

But it’s the birth rate that really counts more than just the number of immigrants. We aren’t just accepting immigrants, but their children and their children’s children. That’s how the Boston Marathon bombing happened.


The big apparent change is a sizable rise in the number of Sub-Saharan African Muslims coming to America. The numbers are significant enough that the Somalis and others may be responsible for much of the boost in Muslim immigration.

It’s not just the sheer collective numbers, but the breakdowns. In 2011, I took a closer look at some of the origin points.

The number of Egyptian and Syrian immigrants has more than doubled since 9/11. The number of Turkish immigrants has more than tripled. The number of Afghanis has tripled. Somalis have gone up from nearly 3,000 to nearly 14,000 a year. Pakistan hit a high of 21,000 in 2009 and Saudis are up by 50 percent.

The United States birth rate was 13.5. Pakistan’s birth rate is 24.1. Egypt’s birth rate is 24.6. The Saudi birth rate is 19.3. The Afghani birth rate is 37.3. The Somali birth rate is 42.7. What this means is that we are importing Muslim immigrants with a birth rate that twice or even three times higher than our own.

We are not importing 115,000 Muslims a year. No, we’re importing as many as 2,500 Muslim babies a year into our demographic pool.

Compare that to the 25,000 Korean immigrants in 2009, from a country with an average birth rate of 8.5. Increase Korean immigration fivefold until they outnumber the annual number of Muslim immigrants, and you still aren’t even importing a 1,000 babies a year. A thousand Somali immigrants are the demographic equivalent of 5,000 Korean immigrants because the Somali birth rate is 5 times the Korean birth rate. The 25,000 Korean immigrants represent a mere 212 babies a year, but the 14,000 Somalis represent 600 babies a year.

The Korean-American intermarriage rate is at over 50 percent. There are no statistics for Somali intermarriage rates in the US, but Muslims do not leave their religion upon marriage. And in Sweden and Norway, Somali intermarriage rates are very low. Which means the Little Mogadishus growing across the United States are not going anywhere.


  • pupsncats

    Demographics predict the future. In August, 2011, USA Today ran an article entitled “1990-2010: How America Changed”. It’s demographic statistics should worry everyone. Here are some of them:

    -The illegitimate birth rate for 2010 was 41%-(73% black)-up from 26% in 1990.

    -Only 24% of the population are under age 18-an all-time low.

    -There are 5.5 million people 85+ years old, double that of 1990.

    -An entire Venezuela’s worth of Hispanics was added in just two decades

    -The traditional family-man, wife, and children-continues to ebb. In its place,a grab bag of alternatives such are various forms of three generations under one roof; a wide variety of living arrangements among all ages such as unmarried partner couples, both same-sex or opposite sex, sometimes with their own or related children, or adult roommates; the share of one-person households is 27%, up from 25% in 1990.

    -Only one-third of households now have children, and the share of households that have children under age 18 dropped in 95% of counties in the 2010 census. At 24%, the proportion of residents who are 18 and under is at an all-time low. The opposite is happening in areas populated by immigrants. Hispanic fertility is at 2.9 births per woman, much higher than the national average of 2.1.

    -The Hispanic population has more than doubled since 1990. More Asians than blacks were added to the population (4.3 million to 3.7 million.)

  • MarilynA

    And you are not counting all those Muslim Refugees that are being brought into this country by the Clinton Administration and now the Obama administration. Atlanta GA, Detroit/Dearborn/ and other cities with large black populations got over 200,000 Somali Muslims refugees each during Clinton’s administration. Why we bring the Muslims in and not the persecuted Christians is something I would like explained. Our country truly has a death wish to keep electing politicians who are sewing the seeds of our destruction.

    • Sam Houston

      Christians typically vote Conservative.

      • Bev Sansum

        Not if they’re Mexican or other Catholics from South America.

        • Sam Houston

          I don’t consider catholics to be true Christians. They are on the fringes with their Maryism of the virgin Mary and their worship of idols (Saints).

          • urbanvrwcmom

            I wonder if they ever read the Scripture of what Mary said at the wedding at Cana: “Whatever He says to you, do it.”

  • GSR

    Here in Dearbornistan, Michigan, we saw this tidal wave starting in the 90’s and really accelerate after 9/11/01. Our DC Elites had to prove the Americans were not RACIST. Now hijabs and burkas are a common site. Thanks.

    • Sam Houston

      Time to do a “Movie in the Park” and show ‘Team America’.

  • Morri

    You need only take a look at Europe, and especially England, to see the problems with Islam. It is fundamentally incompatible with Western ideals. We need ZERO immigration, and even deportation of existing Islamicists. This is not a religion of peace, this is a religio-political ideology, and it IS a danger to the West. We already have cases of Islamic parents beating and acid-maiming a daughter who glanced out their living room window as a boy went by. They claimed it was their religious/cultural right…and got probation (they almost killed her.) !?!?

    Get on your politicians, get the pressure on NOW, or we’ll have a civil war in 50 years – and they will be our govt. They aren’t coming to committ terrorist acts, they are coming to run for office, and take over – and they have a LOT of Islamic money behind them, buying “Islam Studies” into our universities, buying the media, etc. Al-Jazeera (heavy ties to the extremist Brotherhood) English is coming to our cable soon.

    Wake up, wake up, wherever you are.

  • masher

    The goal seems to be to say we have a “home grown terrorist” problem. And the best way to ensure we have home grown terrorist is…

  • Sam Houston

    What in our Constitution that states America must take in millions of people for who we go to war with???

  • Joe

    Even 20 years ago you never saw women wearing head scarfs around Orlando where I live. Now you see them everywhere but mostly in high density areas like malls and downtown.

  • surj

    Joe. This is only the beginning, wait when muslim population gets to 10% or more. Just see what is happening in Europe .Google ” muslim demography ”

  • Bev Sansum

    Gosh, isn’t it interesting that we allow 120,000 Muslims and only 10,000 Irish? Hm-mm.

  • Mr. Dimensional

    I read somewhere else that we actually import over one million Muslims a year into the USA ! Who knows, one may be too many !