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Muslim in Niqab Carries Out Acid Attack on Victoria’s Secret Employee

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 2, 2013 @ 10:36 pm In The Point | 17 Comments


Washington D.C. is talking about banning ski masks to fight masked crime [2]. It might be time to ban the Burka and the Niqab and any Muslim clothing that closes off the face for the same reason. There have been a few too many crimes committed lately by people wearing Muslim gear. It’s not always possible to know whether these people are Muslims, but the fact of the matter is that normalizing clothing that serves as an effective public disguise is a crutch for crime.

Masks are already banned in many cities. It’s time to ban the Niqab as well which is nothing but Taliban wear anyway. And anyone who wants to wear one, can always move to Saudi Arabia.

Take the latest brutal assault on Naomi Oni in London [3]. (Warning: Links lead to graphic photos.)

Naomi, 20, was scarred for life and almost blinded by the attacker. The Victoria’s Secret worker suffered burns to her head, eyes, neck, chest, arms and legs. She said the attack had “destroyed” her life.

Naomi, who has undergone a series of skin grafts, is now scared to leave her house. She added: “I look in the mirror and it isn’t me. I’ll never look the same again.”

Determined to stay positive despite her injuries, she said things could have been much worse. “That person failed, whatever their aim was they failed. God has given me a life for a reason and that’s what keeps me going.”

Naomi was attacked after getting off a bus in Dagenham, East London, following a late shift at the Westfield Stratford branch of the lingerie store.

Naomi said: “I saw this Muslim woman wearing a niqab. I thought it was a bit strange to see her at that time of night, but she didn’t say anything and I kept on walking. Then I felt a splash on my face. It burned and I screamed out.

“I started running and screaming, holding my face. All the way home. I was screaming. I then banged on the door. I was hysterical. Luckily my godmother, who is a pharmacist, was at home with my mum and she helped me.

“She kept dipping my face in water and trying to calm me down. I was in shock, saying, ‘Who would do that? How could anyone do this’?”

That’s an interesting question. Acid attacks are not uncommon in the Muslim world, often by men. While Noami says that her attacker was a woman, in a full body disguise it can be hard to tell.

Dagenham has a sizable Muslim population, along with all the usual tensions involved. So does Stratford. Islamist groups have been targeting ads and stores that they consider immoral, but it’s probably unlikely that Naomi was followed from work for the attack. But her clothing might have made her a target.

Muslim terrorism is, by definition, random. Its goal is to create public victims to intimidate others into falling in line. Acid attacks have been one means of enforcing Muslim “modesty” on women.

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