Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca Unleashes New Virus w/ 65% Fatality Rate


It’s almost like God is not terribly fond of the Haj. SARS has an 8 percent fatality rate. This new Mecca virus has a 65 percent fatality rate.

If I were a Muslim pondering going into the suicide bomber business in the hopes of an afterlife full of virgins and fresh dates, this is the sort of thing that might make me reconsider a career in air conditioner repair instead.

Saudi Arabia is the centre of an outbreak of the deadly new virus, named Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, that is similar to the SARS virus that killed hundreds of people world-wide in the early 2000s and infected thousands more.

Vicky Sheppeard, the director of the Communicable Disease Branch within NSW Health, said the gathering of more than 3 million people in one place drastically increases the risk of disease.

So far the World Health Organisation says there have been 94 laboratory-confirmed and 16 probable cases of human infection with the virus, and approximately half of the people who have contracted it have died.

The head of the clinical research team at the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance, Professor Robert Booy, told Fairfax that the more infections that occurred, the more likely the virus was to mutate.

”The people who are getting the virus at the moment are dying of pneumonia, and one in two of them are dying,” he said.

So this virus could basically be Saudi AIDS. It could even do for the Haj what AIDS did for gay bathhouses.

Margaret Chan, WHO director-general, previously called MERS a “threat to the entire world”.

That’s the second threat to the entire world to come out of Mecca.



  • corona

    It is probably something that they were brewing up to unleash on we the infidels and some of it got loose and is taking some of their own out…….


    I wouldn’t go any where near Mecca or Saudi Arabia, now or ever. My life and those around me are more important than mythology and superstition.


    I wouldn’t go to Mecca or Saudi Arabia for anything. My life and those around me are more important then mythology and superstition.

    • Mid_Century_Modern

      Unless you are a Muslim you are not permitted to enter Mecca.

      • Rosalee Adams

        oh oh looks like I need to change my travel plans
        I might be asked if I can rattle off whatever it was that

        those murdered in Nairobi could not do.
        This being the religion of

        ‘peace’ and all………………

  • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

    This is a bogus story. The image has nothing to do with the article. People are getting pneumonia. Pneumonia when untreated has always been a 65% killer. Stop hating the people who speak the same language Jesus spoke, Aramaic.

    • Judith E Randall

      They may speak Aramaic, but Jesus never advocated child marriages. temporary marriages, beheading infidels, hanging gays, throwing acid on women’s faces, female genital mutilation.

      • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

        Jesus was a Child marriage. The Virgin Mary, married Joseph on her 12th Birthday. And gave birth to Jesus 6 months into the marriage. ISBN 0-517-27795-6

        And all the rest can be found in the bible. ~ All this slander and war is being done so that the Aramaic sections of the Dead Sea Scrolls will never reveal be revealed to Christians with books and translations they don’t know. Such as the Book of Enoch. Our only hope of translating the oldest Bible on the planet is that Aramaic is still written and spoken in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Turkey. All places targeted by our government.

        • Mid_Century_Modern

          LOL!!! Wow that is hilarious!

        • Rosalee Adams

          oh good an addendum
          I was hoping you might elaborate further.

      • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

        Jesus was born of a girl who got married at age 12, and gave birth to him six months later. Search for “protevangelion” and read the books never allowed in the catholic canon.

        Also if you skip to Mathew 27:55 Jesus was a polygamist. Two women with child and one without. All the other behaviors are in the Bible. God even commanded wife swapping in Genesis 38:8 so that she might get pregnant by a man not her husband,

        • Rosalee Adams

          Wow no wonder the books were never allowed in the Catholic canon
          but what about the Protestant ‘canon’?
          (((rolls eyes)))
          Got to credit you though with a wild imagination

      • Rosalee Adams

        Thank you………… equate Christ with this is insulting to say the least.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Please stop squeezing your man boobs. Nobody wants that nasty milk.

      • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

        Stop drinking. They’re clearly your man boobs I’m squeezing. Cause all you’re producing is nasty comments.

  • Tony Dean

    is that picture a Darth Vader fan club outing

  • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

    Pneumonia untreated has always been a 65% killer. No news here.

  • watcherofolde

    We can’t allow any to board planes leaving SA to the west. We must stop them from coming back. Stop all immigration from the ME too…oh yeah and nuke what’s left.

    • laura

      no luck w/that one. they are welcome & they are #1!! “give me your tired & your poor………..(no health exam necessary)”

  • raptor45

    Yep, it might be a threat to the entire world, but the entire world does not have it. So far it has restricted itself to islamers and other 3rd world mfs who deserve to have it.

    But let’s be real for a split second. 94 in the lab and 16 probables is hardly worth calling an epidemic; so I recommend that all saudis, syrians, afghanis, pakis, lebanonners, turkeys and somalians….for starters, line up for an injection of the virus and let’s just see what that virus is really made of. I simply don’t believe that it’s real.

  • AnaLorenaVictor

    Well the title is a little misleading, i am very careful with this, because we are ranging a war, they are the liars, not us, they are the deceivers, not us. We need to be very careful on what we put out there, because only with truth we can fight this evil.

  • Syble

    My Grandmother would say.. “When the ways of the world get bad enough, The Good Lord will take over.” The Lord knows the ways of Mother Nature and the evils of Satin and how to keep them in balance.

    • Mid_Century_Modern

      If the Lord knows about satin what does he know about silk?

  • wmgrant

    Shepherdschapelcom Where Truth is taught

  • Harvest- helper

    I worked as part of an air crew subcontracted by Saudia Airlines to transport pilgrims of the Haj to and from Muslim nations across Asia , Africa, and Europe. I found that vast majority of these peoples seemed to be earnest, peaceful, and simply trying to live out their faith. The Holy Spirit
    lead me to open the Bible to a scripture that showed that God plans to save a remnant from the land of Egypt and that an Arabic interpreter from Cairo that the Lord allowed me to share the gospel message to had been called as one of his elect. Please pray that God almighty will harvest many souls from this darkened and desperate part of the world

  • Rob Mcnally

    a very select few(military/contractors) know how filthy and nasty these people live over here. they use there left hand to wipe there ass for crying out loud. and they wonder why they have every disease known to man in there country. they burn ALL of there trash.

  • Manfrom Modesto

    Here is a dream I had about a very deadly disease hitting Syria:

    It is a time to examine our lives, and draw near to God. He gave his only son, Jesus, as a sacrifice to pay the price for our sins. Whoever goes to God, accepts Jesus as the ONLY way, and turns from the old life… receives the promise of eternal life.

    Ask God to show you the truth.

  • obamaisamuslim

    I say let them die, I will never shed a single tear for any dead muslim

    • laura

      it is comments like this that give us a bad name. also the site looks bad.

  • Guest

    If I was to make a horror movie showing the anonymous dead empty soulless bodies who live in hell, that picture would be it.

  • alihusaini

    Ooooo, can smell the fear here.Next,you all will be clamoring to load all the Muslims onto cattle cars.Sound familiar?

  • Rosalee Adams

    From that one photograph, looks like they are already wearing their burial shrouds.

    • laura

      is that a real photo? or from a film?

  • Hass

    Talk about a blessing. A couple of days ago it was the Jihad AIDS and now more goods news, a new Muslime killer virus.

  • Viiit

    Well, let’s hope they all get infected.

    • laura

      that is a horrible comment. you dont know how many decent people are there from non violent sects. including women who are held, & want to ecape.

  • Marisa Martin

    I’ve been praying for something to stop that monstrous worship of death & terror.

  • laura

    why is the left hand worse than the right? explain this. i think india does something similar.

  • BagLady

    8 people died of Delhi Belly out of a possible 3 million. How does that compare to your average cruise ship? Can your myopic vision stretch enough to appreciate what you are all actually saying here? There is plenty to consider about the impact the hoards of illiterate young penniless Muslim men being coaxed into war, are having on the world without making up hate-filled stories that you can drool over.