Muslim Plumber Blames YouTube Video for Kicking Dog


Blaming a Mohammed YouTube video for all sorts of Muslim misbehavior is popular now, which is probably why another Mohammed, Mahmoud Eid took that course.

Obama and Clinton blamed a YouTube video for the attack on Benghazi, instead of their own failure to secure the diplomatic mission. And Mahmoud Eid profited from their example by trying to use his YouTubePhobia as an excuse.

While the attacks in Benghazi, Cairo and Tunis occupied the attention of most Americans, Australia saw some rather violent Muslim riots. At the center of those riots was a Muslim plumber, who among other culturally enriching acts, attacked a female police officer and a police dog.

As Muslims are not too fond of women or dogs and are unable to pray in front of either one, perhaps Mahmoud Eid was just objecting to having his prayers stifled during the rioting.

A magistrate handing a chief offender in last year’s Muslim riots a four-year jail term says if it was possible she would have sentenced him for longer.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Jane Culver yesterday made the comments while sentencing father-of-one Mahmoud Eid, 26, to at least 33 months in jail with a total term of just over four years over the ugly September 15 riots in which he kicked a police dog and pushed over a policewoman. The Punchbowl plumber, who was charged with rioting, assaulting police and animal cruelty, was found to have played an active part in every violent clash with police during the protests. His actions were caught on various footage of the riot.

Defence lawyer Elie Rahme said Eid had religious beliefs he held “very dear” but clearly he had unresolved problems with “communicating (his thoughts) into words”, “anger management” and “impulse control”.

Mr Rahme said the “offensive and provocative” anti-Islamic film could have only been created to stir up anger, but Ms Culver cut him short and said she didn’t want the court used as a platform for political views.

“Freedom of speech cannot be a vehicle by which violence can be perpetrated,” she said.

Mahmoud Eid, 26, refused to sit down while Deputy Chief Magistrate Jane Culver delivered her sentencing remarks so that he would not have to stand to receive his punishment.

“He only stands for Allah,” his lawyer Elie Rahme told the court.

Chuck, the police dog, seen above, had no comment, but it is believed that he has his own penalty in mind for Mahmoud, Mohammed and Allah.

  • Anti Allah

    It is time the remaining Christians cut these pigs down for all the unspoken, criminal violence. No wonder they are demanding we disarm ourselves and kow tow toward their cult! Some of us remain, and we’ll be seeing ya Eid boy. When we start swinging blades previously, we’ve seen how they run and hide behind political correctness. They are LOUD dogs whining after the fact. Hell, Allah I piss in their holy fountains and mosques. They piss in mine, but they cut off my brother’s head and they will pay dearly in the future. Will I be detected….? Not a chance Eid boy!!

  • ElizabethMC

    Exterminate these people . I'm so sick of them. And let them kill each other wherever they nest. I don't give a damn.

  • Spikey1

    • Muslims are kosher food for dogs.
    • The only thing worse than plumbers crack is a muslim plumbers crack.
    • Does anybody else have a problem with; muslims being allowed to possess drain cleaner and other household chemicals?

  • zhorkon

    Nice looking dog, glad he apparently recovered from the rabid monkey's attack. Pity the civilized Aussie court couldn't sentence the monkey to 20 minutes in a cage with a pack of our southern California pit bulls! Cheap justice, that, and it'd pretty much eliminate any future trouble from Mr. Eid.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Chuck, the police dog, seen above, had no comment, but it is believed that he has his own penalty in mind for Mahmoud, Mohammed and Allah."

    The dog may have been the smartest one in court that day.

  • slider 96

    It is no wonder ,that the dog , noble beast and loyal friend of man ,is hated by muslims . The dog has the uncanny ability to sense evil and bad intentions in humans almost instantaneously . I have a muslim family living on my street , imported like so many from Pakistan to do computer work for cheap on special work visas [while we have so many unemployed AMERICANS who are just as skilled ] who upon seeing me walking my dog will without pretense or hesitation cross to the other side of the street . BTW , my dog is 21 lbs. , and is of the friendliest breeds -the Bichon -Frieze,and can't even scare the resident squirrels of the neighborhood . God has blessed the dog , indeed the dog has been used for example to man in the scriptures in a most positive way . To kick a dog , is an evil act .

  • slider 96

    p.s. Biological note – in all of the mammal kingdom , dogs have the longest string of genes , thus accounting for their great variation of size , shape , and color , thus making them appealing to everyone in one way or another . :)

  • kafir4life

    You see? This is why muslims shouldn't be hired, but instead watched. We'd NEVER hire a muslim. We don't shop in stores owned by muslims, and avoid businesses that hire muslims, but we let the owners know that we'd be happy to do business with them once the muslims are gone. I wouldn't shop in a store that sported rabid dogs, as it's dangerous. It's like that with muslims.

    Just avoid them whenever possible, but when you see a muslim, watch a muslim. It may save a life.

  • plumbercoomera

    a plumber who makes an excuse like this is just twisted! i just dont get it why you’d kick a dog because of youtube. only kids are allowed to have that excuse.