Muslim Religious Police Begin Enforcing Islamic Law in London (VIDEO)

There are already 85 Sharia councils operating in the UK. 40% of UK Muslims have been polled as saying that they want Islamic law. 1/3 of young UK Muslims believe a Muslim who converts to another religion should be executed.

That makes what you’re seeing now inevitable. For now the so-called Muslim Patrol is resorting to petty bullying, but in Muslim countries that bullying invariably escalates to physical violence, including acid attacks.

The goal is to control the streets and to intimidate anyone venturing into an area that Muslims consider their own into recognizing that control. That is how Islamic law takes hold.

In the videos, the ‘Muslim Patrol’ is heard to say, “Alcohol banned. This is a Muslim area. Muslims patrol the area.”

One young woman, when confronted by the patrol, states, “I am appalled, this is Great Britain”, to which the authors of the video are heard to remark, “We don’t care. It’s not so Great Britain”.

The YouTube account for Muslim Patrol features a Sharia for the UK poster which is associated with Anjem Choudary, the Islamist who recently declared Sharia Zones in UK Cities. It is however unknown whether this is his project or not.

The Archbishop of Canterbury was embroiled in a fierce political and religious row last night after he called for aspects of Islamic sharia law to be adopted in Britain.

The Archbishop provoked the row by saying Britain had to “face up to the fact” that some citizens did not relate to this country’s legal system and argued that officially sanctioning sharia law would improve community relations.

Community relations sure look good on this video.

  • Laura

    "The Archbishop provoked the row by saying Britain had to “face up to the fact” that some citizens did not relate to this country’s legal system and argued that officially sanctioning sharia law would improve community relations".
    They then should henceforth be thrown out of the country.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "They then should henceforth be thrown out of the country."

      After he's hung till dead.

      • WilliamJamesWard


        • objectivefactsmatter

          I'm speaking about him specifically, considering his position in the church and government. He's a traitor that is responsible for at least some of this violence, though we can't measure that objectively with precision. He's still a key appeaser signaling Islamic supremacists to move forward with official sanction from the Queen's and theoretically the nation's church. He's the first guy that should be speaking against sharia and Islamic encroachment.

  • chan chan

    If muslims want to seal themselves off in self-proclaimed ghettos in the UK, that's very good news. We can then stop anything from going in (water, gas, electricity, food, people) and stop anything from getting out (as before, but add sewage). Imagine the result.

    Problem solved.

    • Bamaguje

      If Muslims want to seal themselves off, they should remain in their Muslim countries.
      They have no right to expropriate non-Muslim territory to enforce the intolerant dictates of their barbaric pseudo-religion.

      • rodger the dodger

        Oh, I agree, fully. But the problem is, they’re in the UK now, Trojan horse-like. But they’re not going to get the outcome they’re expecting…you watch the coming years.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Oh, I agree, fully. But the problem is, they're in the UK now, Trojan horse-like. But they're not going to get the outcome they're expecting…you watch the coming years."

          And that will be the make it or break it time; arrest them or give in to sharia.

          • WilliamJamesWard

            When the Islamos move to close all pubs, then it will red line……………William

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "When the Islamos move to close all pubs, then it will red line"

            Hmm. Good point. Let's hope they try that soon, to wake up the folks in the UK ASAP.

          • Robert

            “When the Islamos move to close all pubs, then it will red line”

            When you get a critical mass in an area, the number of people who go into the pub, and especially the number who buy alcohol, declines and revenues drop. The pub closes and gets turned into a community centre. No fuss, no violence. Just change.

  • john spielman

    please send this video to the MPs and the prime minister's office. If they decide not to act now,I fear civil war is around the corner.

  • JacksonPearson

    Divided and conquered. England have slowly, but methodically dumped themselves down an Islamic outhouse. Governmental leftist fools have sold the country out, and will effectively be the demise of a once proud world power.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Divided and conquered. England have slowly, but methodically dumped themselves down an Islamic outhouse. Governmental leftist fools have sold the country out, and will effectively be the demise of a once proud world power."

      Appeasement never works. They've been warned over and over. Now they're a lesson to the world, but the world is generally ignoring the lesson too. I almost want to blame "Lawrence of Arabia" for starting it all. But then again, it started long before that.

      • JacksonPearson

        Great Britons infatuation with Middle East Muslims, are going to eventually cost them their heads. IMO!

  • Mary Sue

    If England doesn't go all Charles Martel pretty soon, there will be nothing that can save them.

    BTW the Archbishop is an idiot, but I'm not surprised. The Church of England after all is the roots to the corrupt Episcopalian (Anglican) Church.

  • Tan

    If the UK is going to survive, the British citizens are going to have to declare civil war in my prediction. This issue is not going away and is most likely not to change through peaceful means since British authorities are enforcing the Sharia. It's getting worse. Now is the time for the British to take a stand. And I think that civil war may be the only way out for the British. But then that means that they will also have to battle the Left and their government at the same time.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "If the UK is going to survive, the British citizens are going to have to declare civil war in my prediction. "

      Obviously the whole "Christian" monarchy has at this point failed to protect them from Islamic encroachment. It's time for a true republican revolution in England.

  • bob e

    total nut job

    • sibo

      The UK population, of whatever persuasion must not tolerate this sort of behavior, it is nothing more than thuggish bullying and need to be stopped now. If the police and the courts do not take immediate action against this individual, and any others who are tempted to force their religion on others, I forsee bloodshed on the streets. No democratic society can tolerate "no go" areas, they are divisive and destructive. It is time NOW ! for the government to divest itself of the pussy footing bleeding hearts who are allowing sharia law to be implemented in the United Kingdom and crack the whip and crack it hard.

  • Edgar Davidson

    The real news about this is that the main stream media in the UK (and that includes the London media) has completely ignored this story. They will do anything now to cover up stories of the UK's creeping Islamization.

    • david

      I would re-phrase UK to England as we do not and will not have this problem in Scotland especially if and when we get hopefully indedpendence.

  • anna

    how can shria law function in a state that already has it's own contitution and laws? under the pretext of religiuous guidenes this shria law is acctualy an opressive way of control and the worst is that this law does not apply to muslims only. look at the countries where shria law is the state law. saudi is not exactly God's place on earth. no freedom of expression at all. should people ignore this and wait for non-muslims or ex-muslims as well to be prosecuted under shria law? mind you in any country where shria law is imlented it applies to everyone regarding of personal beliefs or religion

    • Mary Sue

      well you know the old saying. All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

      (but then that begs the question, were they ever good to begin with if they do nothing?)

    • Sarah

      Maybe they are ignoring it because it was carried out by a few hanful of people and the community is condemning their action very publicly and directly… And stop acting like you are any different from them… You are exactly the same… With the same amount of hate, ugliness, ignorance but with a different label… You and Muslim patrol should get together and move to the moon ;)

  • t.o.

    The Islam critical blog Gates of Vienna has just been shut down by Blogger. Is this the Obama style democracy?


    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Islam critical blog Gates of Vienna has just been shut down by Blogger."

      More traitors outing themselves.

  • Fearful English Male.

    What disgusts me most about this video & the general carry on in this country is the utter disrespect the British government has for it’s own people. No-one would dare speak out against the insults thrown at us daily by essentially non British citizens (they clearly hate this country) as they’d likely be arrested for it. So patriotism is now a crime. The way these vile individuals are ordering British people around means they are in essence no better than the Nazi torturers during WW2. Judging by their conduct, it’s quite clear to me that they wouldn’t think twice about rounding up all non Muslims & sending them to a gas chamber or worse – if they could get away with it.

    I sincerely hope that civil war can be avoided in the UK: the world is violent enough as it is. However things have now reached a stage where nothing but drastic action can save us.

    I think there are two ways out of the mess we’re in. Either someone within the political system with real balls needs to come to power & kick all the sponging fundamentalist racists back to their own country (and kick all our own spongers in to touch at the same time), or – as I suspect will be the case, a modern day Robin Hood will need to rise & become a hero. Someone who is not associated with politics (British, EU or otherwise) but simply makes sense. Someone who will encourage ALL UK businesses to cease paying tax in any form & use cash wherever possible. Someone who will urge ALL British householders to cease paying council tax & car drivers to cease paying road fund licence. Someone who will encourage a total disregard for those who are in power, as they have little regard for us. There is no need for violence, but our pitiful excuse of a government needs a very strong reminder about what it’s first priority is – protecting it’s own. Right now, our government is doing little more than playing a game of chess. They are more concerned with world strategies & are gradually turning us into a model for a superstate where there will be no room for identity or individuality. We will be ruled by outsiders & it will become illegal to resist them. We see evidence of this happening every day now (see video again). This is Nazism. And we – the British people, are nothing but pawns & our desires & concerns are immaterial.

  • marina

    "What disgusts me most about this video & the general carry on in this country is the utter disrespect the British government has for it's own people. "

    In Germany we are also suffering from the said disrespect of our government. They will even deny secularism and democracy in favour of muslim "rights", traditions and "religious feelings". I could throw up every day when reading newspapers.

    Greetings from Bonn, a formlerly nice little town with diplomats residing from all over the world residing there, now having changed to a rathole of terrorist islamists cheering for jihad. -.-

    What I see is that the situation in Great Britain is even worse. I deeply feel for you and I hope that all the western world can sort out that huge problem without civil wars and greater damage.

  • Bartemais

    After all these years, Rabbi Kahane's views were not so far off after all. However, I am with those who think it will be a very difficult sell in the present political climate.

  • A 22 Year Old Man

    Youtube censored the video. Claims it's 'designed to harass, bully or threaten,' and thus violates the posting rules. So I can't see it, unfortunately.

  • Jozy

    I hope that, sooner rather than later, some event will take place that will expose where we are in the West. An event which will reveal the true face of the Islamos and the Left, after which it will not only be a fringe few conservatives coming down on Islam (which it is now, especially here in Europe) but a popular and intellectual majority.

    That event should have been 9/11. After 9/11, everyone should have woken up and realised that Islam is here to destroy the West. Second chance was the 7/7 bombings, but alas. I fear that if we are to let the Islamos go unchecked, it wouldn't be untill armed Jihadists barge in through people's front doors demanding the monthly share of the jizzia tax that the problem becomes undeniable.

    There are a few conservative Europeans out there, like me and other commenters here if I'm right. The best thing for us conservative Europeans to do is probably have many children and spread the message of hard work, conservativism and freedom. So get yourself educated. Read your Robert Spencer and your Bill Warner. Debate personal leftist friends on the issues (not strangers on the internet, those will just be wasted efforts); debate them on Israel, freedom, capitalism, morality, American exceptionalism, Judeo-Christian heritage, right-wing populism and what not, expose the media and the leftist/jihadist agenda.

    I have noticed among my friends that plenty of them are not yet indoctrinated to the point that they cannot be reasoned with, and are generally receptive. Single them out and talk to them. It might just make a difference on this continent.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      The elites sell out all of the time, dealing with the devil has a price, first the lives of the
      people and then hell to pay………..The people must stand up, speak out and act.

  • elle

    Hey, it now says "This video has been removed as a violation of youtube's policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten."

    PC Police.

  • Don
    • Tonia

      Thank you for the link

  • Tempo Dulu

    Parts of London are already falling to sharia law. The question is can it be contained?

  • sara coulson

    The video is now removed!!!

  • Frank

    But there is something that I can't understand. The muslims came to UK, and not inversily, so they, the muslims (or other else civilization coming here) have to adopt to the culture, habits and customs of the people originally living here. So If someone dislikes something here, feel free to leave! What would happend, if we went to muslim countries with our let say western word customs, and claiming the countries to ban the sharia, because we don't like it. I hope the gvt will strike example, and take action against such "communities".

  • Frank

    I saw the video, and in this case I'd immediately call the police.

  • danny

    Alot of hate towards muslim these days and people talking about civil war just make me laugh, anyone watched the movie 'this is england', its quite an example of alot british people are like even today. So i just don't think everything is one way. White people are just as bad.

    • Morgan

      The Muslims hate the rest of the world. That's the problem. Everywhere they move to, they create trouble.

  • Stu

    Youtube like to delete anything that's interesting. – You can still see the video here though…

  • Broadervision

    The video has been blown out of proportion. It is just 2 or 3 persons who are first telling a youngster to not puke near the mosque. Later a person is showing a scene of Saturday night road accident and explaining that it was a consequence of drinking alcohol. In between someone keeps shouting " Muslim patrol!" and that leads viewers to think it is Sharia. Actually the word Sharia is not uttered anywhere. Let's not cry Wolf when there is none.

  • ab111

    A damned shame. The law in Britain must remain absolute, we cannot pick and choose which parts we like if we are to live under this jurisdiction. The Law is there to maintain our British values, values which these Islamic extremists must understand and accept when coming into the country in the first place. Otherwise, ship them back from whence they came.

  • kevin

    If you want to leave your country for a better life dont bring your country with you

  • p.flynn

    as an irishman living in ireland your next door neighbour, i have the following comments.
    in the short space of 10 to 15 years we have gone from an indiginious race 100% population from the british isles to a place where our last censces was printed in 23 langugues and already muslems are looking to change things .this has to stop.i have no problem with people wanting a better life for ther children but they must accept our ways /laws/culture if they cant they should be deported.

  • QuestionEverything

    How can they allow this? I'm not from Britain so maybe I don't understand your laws at all but this seems absolutely insane. Is there any momentum to stop this in your parliament?

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  • moldor

    I’m sorry – retards is too nice a word for them, and I can’t use anything stronger or I’ll get banned.

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