Muslim Sheikh Accuses 5-Year-Old Daughter of Not Being a Virgin, Beats Her to Death, Gets Off with $50,000 Fine

There are some who speculate that the location of the biblical city of Sodom was in Saudi Arabia. They may have a case. Saudi Arabia is what happens when you combine absolute evil with ungodly amounts of money.

It’s not just that monsters like Fayhan al-Ghamdi exist in Saudi Arabia. They exist everywhere. But in the heartland of Islam, where Mohammed first began his wave of crimes against women and little girls, they operate with the sanction of the state.

Sheikh Fayhan al-Ghamdi, an Islamic television preacher in Saudi Arabia, beat Lama, his 5-year-old daughter to death during a custodial visit. Saudi police had found the 5-year-old wandering the streets, she was taken to the hospital and placed in intensive care.

The side of her head had been mashed in, her back was broken, she had a skull fracture, bleeding in the head, a broken left hand, bruises all over her body, and burns that apparently came from an iron. One of her fingernails had been pulled out. There were signs that she had been sexually assaulted in various ways that are too horrific to describe, but that are in serial killer territory.

Lama died in the hospital and a trial began.

“The person who committed this heinous crime is the girl’s father, who tells people how to live their lives and encourages them to cultivate the fear of Allah, who used whips and irons on the body of a 5-year-old girl,” her mother said.

Sheikh Fayhan al-Ghamdi told the judge that his daughter had been “behaving strangely” and questioned her virginity. He took her to a medical professional to have her virginity checked.

Sheikh al-Ghamdi had a job with the Saudi Ministry of Education where he was supposed to be working with troubled youth. The court found that under Islamic Hadith from several sources that states that a father cannot be executed for killing a child, that he should not be treated as a murderer.

It was narrated that the Prophet (Mohammed) said, “No father should be killed (executed) for killing his son.” (At-Tirmidhi)

Or alternatively.

Do not kill him that killed his son, but kill the mother to kill her and her son. (Ibn Qudamah)

Apparently that also applies to jail time for torturing your 5-year-old daughter to death. Instead the court sentenced Sheikh Fayhan al-Ghamdi to 4 months in prison and to pay $50,000 in blood money to the mother of his child.

This is what the Islamic justice system and its values are like. This is the Sharia law that the left insists on importing to America and to Europe.

  • Richard

    This guy needs a visit from Dexter.

    • Tamma

      I'll second that !!

      • Punchy

        I third it!!!!

        • Mary Sue


    • RDX

      article says
      Saudi police had found the 5-year-old wandering the streets,

      then it says
      side of her head had been mashed in, her back was broken, she had a skull fracture, bleeding in the head, a broken left hand, bruises all over her body, and burns that apparently came from an iron. One of her fingernails had been pulled out. There were signs that she had been sexually assaulted in various ways that are too horrific to describe

      How can someone with this kind of condition wander the streets ?

  • Amirul

    Only 50,000 fine? He killed his daughter and he can get away with only 4 months of jail time and 50 thousand worth of fine? Where's humanity here? Put aside the fact that his a Sheikh, a person that encourage Muslims to fear and worship Allah, he should be sentence to death. I'm saying this from another Muslim perspective.

    • Mary Sue

      how much do you want to bet he's the one that is responsible for her losing her virginity in the first place, and he did all that to cover it up?

      • @sgt3

        (heavy sigh) He doesn't have to cover it up. His religion (cult) allows that for the men.

        • Mary Sue

          but I mean, their society would take it better if it's some unknown stranger that allegedly defiled her, and then he's just cleaning up after it.

    • rcc

      Hi Amirul, sense you have a muslim perspective can I ask you, do you think his society is treating him as a murderer or do they think that his punishment was fit, in your opinion? I think that if something like that happened in America he probably wouldn't even survive prison because inmates would want to kill him and even if he did survive I would think that walking the streets would be dangerous for him as well. I dont understand and also if others in his society are supporting him, do think that the childs mother is safe from him?

  • Goemon

    Time to declare Saudi Arabia part of the axis of evil and liberate them with some shock and awe.

    • Smote

      The populace of SA won't listen to you, me, or anyone else. They've been under the yoke of Islam for 1400 years. A bit of 'shock and awe' will not loosen the bonds of this slavery. Remember; no-one is more blind than he who will not see.

      It takes pressure and time.

  • Cathy

    Exactly why do we have anything to do with the Saudis? They are seriously deranged, pedophiles and murderers!

    How anyone could say that this religion is one of peace bogles my mind! They need to be sent back to the 7th century.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Exactly why do we have anything to do with the Saudis? They are seriously deranged, pedophiles and murderers! "

      Cold war dupery and inertia. If there is any reason to be concerned about energy policy, it's to end that mistake started by FDR. Permanently and decisively.

      The regime pretends to be overwhelmed by demand from the population for sharia. It's really an overly vocal minority that bullies and corrupts everything. Sound familiar? The regime itself is populated by double-talking sharia true-believers who talk like moderates when speaking in English. The USA is full of dupes, fools and traitors (leftists and corrupt conservatives who accept funding from the Saudis to look away).

      • Boetica

        Nicely put. I doubt, though, that the majority in Saudi Arabia would do much better.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "I doubt, though, that the majority in Saudi Arabia would do much better."

          That's a valid point for sure. I just hate that some call it a "kind of democracy" when it's convenient. There is probably massive consensus on sharia and how to deal with infidels though. Calling that democracy is obscene.

    • slider 96

      Oil Cathy , OIL .

      • Mary Sue

        this is the real "blood for oil" right here.

    • Sue

      We can't lump everyone in the same category Cathy, that's going too far. It's like saying I knew a woman called Cathy who was totally evil so all Cathy's must be the same.

  • g_jochnowitz

    And so the world hates Israel.

    • Reese

      Exactly. Obama promotes the hatred of Israel and love of Islamic supremacists. Like the Bible says, In the last days what's right is wrong and what's wrong is right.

      • Mohamed

        Israel is an evil apartheid state.

  • julie

    I totally agree, he needs a visit from Dexter!!

  • Chezwick

    "It’s not just that monsters like Fayhan al-Ghamdi exist in Saudi Arabia. They exist everywhere. But in the heartland of Islam, where Mohammed first began his wave of crimes against women and little girls, they operate with the sanction of the state."

    Daniel has clarified the entire issue with this paragraph. This legal sanction for this atrocity – and so many others – emanates from the ethics and mores of the founder of Islam. How long will the world continue its dangerous game of treating him as sacrosanct?

  • Goemon

    Hating islam is good. Hating all muslims is being too judgemental, really.

    • @sgt3

      I disagree… it's not so much about hating 'them'…it's hating what they do!!!…and that's sickening. Should I LOVE the FACT that muslims want to kill me because I'm not a muslim? Simple as that.

    • @sgt3

      All muslims follow the same dictates…the same laws and the same 'book'.

      • unnamed

        I don't appreciate any of your racist and general comments.His actions were horrific, but don't label a whole group of people based on his actions.I'm a muslim and not a terrorist, I'm probably less cynical and malicious than you people who are acting like uneducated,close-minded bigots.The qur'an doesn't support and looks down upon such heinous acts this murderer and child abuser has commited.So read the "book" before you make a smartass comment.I should just label all christian's as serial killers, based on the actions of Bruce Lee and David Berkowitz.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "I should just label all christian's as serial killers, based on the actions of Bruce Lee and David Berkowitz."

          You should learn to separate fact from fiction. Not to mention Christians from other non-Muslims, but that's really trivial compared to the whole "lying about everything important" problem we have.

  • Chris Stafford

    Moms kill their children in this country and get the same minimal punishments, if any at all. Let's not pretend the devaluation of a child's life is exclusive to Islam.

    • Mary Sue

      I don't think anybody's arguing that. But there's a different reason for that.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      " Let's not pretend the devaluation of a child's life is exclusive to Islam."

      We're discussing the effects of ideology on culture. This is a valid illustration of distinctions. Nobody but nobody said that anything is exclusive to Islam other than their ideological motives, and the statistical distinctions. Illustrations work better for today's populations than raw statistics.

    • Chezwick

      Susan Smith got life-in-prison for killing her children.

    • Marty

      You are absolutely correct.

  • Mary Sue

    occasionally some comments vanish without a trace, I think it's automated. I've had perfectly innocent comments go poof.

  • Alaskawolfe

    IF I were a woman living in this country… I would welcome being barren. The social stigma would be worth not going through the pain of your childrens suffering. —-if a 5 year old is not a virgin. it is not the 5 year olds fault.. She certainly was not a virgin when she died, due to her father. and that is more disgusting than the disgusting cause of her death.
    ————– -it would be nice to know what sect he is from. so not all Muslims get the blame. I know SOME, like many women, are very nice people who are against these things!

    • Mary Sue

      the problem is, in a place like that, it doesn't matter to them whether it's her fault or not. It's the end result, "defilement", that matters.

  • David Henry

    These are the types of animals that your muslim in chief supports. It takes a lone Republican Senator to try to stop the arming of the Muslim Bo-hood. We tried to warn you about him, but half of you didn’t listen.

    • TruthandFreedom

      Amen to that!! I sent letters repeatedly to senators and congrssman about Fraudbama support of the Brotherhood of muslims in Egypt and Africa!! They unfortunately are coplicit in his actions just like the Gestapo used by hitler to do his killings…they smile and enjoy it… later when charged with war crimes they say they were just following orders and shouldn't be held accountable for their actions! As obama continues to arms these Sunni sects, it brings great danger to both Israel and the United States!

  • Abbas


    I can’t believe what I’m reading. Islam does not promote any of this evil. Is this a place where bigots can share their hate or are their any sensible people out here? Is there no one here with a bit of common sense? Yes the people of Saudi are corrupt and may be evil, but does that make Islam corrupt and evil? Arabs were burying their daughters before Islam was introduced! I don’t know why this man has done what he has done but I would urge people not to believe this is what Islam is about.

    • Reese
    • Mary Sue

      Lemme guess. You're a muslim that learned the Koran by rote because you don't understand a word of Arabic, and you have no idea what the words you are reciting actually mean.

    • Mary Sue

      this isn't about bigotry and hatred, this is about fundamentalists. The muslim kind. If you're not a Muslim Fundamentalist, good for you. But don't try to pretend that there isn't a huge problem of the Fundamentalists using people like you as a Human Shield.

    • Mary Sue

      also do not whine about this forum talking about the nutcases that are making you look bad. Rather, whine about the nutcases that are making you look bad! The fact that you're turning your disgust on US, rather than where it belongs (the nutcase fundamentalists!) makes you seem suspicious.

    • Kathleen

      The Koran is online in English…I would suggest you read it…and read the Hadith. Open your eyes. It is a manual for hatred and for murder…there is no sanctity of life within it's pages…

    • Mohamed

      Thank you!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Is this a place where bigots can share their hate or are their any sensible people out here? Is there no one here with a bit of common sense?

      Your use of the phrase "common sense" when discussing Islam is a huge indication that you know almost nothing about the religion or the cultural implications of Islamic ideology. I'm not being sarcastic though I know some might take it that way. I'm being serious. What common sense do we share with those who believe that Mohammed was the last prophet of allah?

      "Yes the people of Saudi are corrupt and may be evil, but does that make Islam corrupt and evil? "

      When you analyze the causes, yes it does.

      "Arabs were burying their daughters before Islam was introduced!"

      Islam is Arab Paganism. Nobody said that Mo invented all evil. He just exploited and organized it better than anyone else. K? He didn't actually invent anything new that I'm aware of.

      " I don't know why this man has done what he has done but I would urge people not to believe this is what Islam is about."

      Based on your naive comments, it's clear to the informed people that you have a lot to learn before making suggestions to us about Islam. Thanks anyway. You seem sincere.

    • Chris Banhur

      Mr. Abbas, I think you do know your own faith, Islam. Intelligent people know that Islam is a cult that wants to dominate the world and cause mass murders of people who will never accept Islam. How would I accept a man who married a six-year old girl and had sex with her when she was nine. In that 3 long years between marriage and the supposedly postponed sex, what could this 50-year old imbecile done to that girl in the darkness of the tents. When he asked Aishah's father that he wanted to marry her, the father told your 'prophet, " We have been like brothers. How can you ask for my daughter's hand? Your prophet was to have replied, "Allah wants it to be so" Let me ask you Abbas, Do you think your Allah would have wanted a 50-year old man to desecrate a 9-year old girl. If so, then that Allah CANNOT BE GOD.

  • Margie

    He got by with it didn't he for $50,.000.00? If the child was not a virgin he blames her?? She is 5 yrs old and he blames her but not the Muslim that caused her to lose her virginity .?? Nuff said!! Little girls at 5 yrs old play with dolls and toys,not filthy old men!! You people are disgusting!!

  • tonewall

    No decent human LEFT or RIGHT wants this to happen….trying to turn Americans against each other with your two team mentality is almost as bad as your stereotyping of other races or religions… you miss the point because your so interested into turning it political.

    • Mary Sue


      you have no idea what you're talking about. Your Conflict Resolution Talking Point Platitudes are unhelpful and worthless.

    • Smote

      The Lefties love it. It is their bread and butter. The Left love the occasional human sacrifice.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "No decent human LEFT or RIGHT wants this to happen"

      We don't accuse leftists of verbally advocating this kind of behavior. Enabling has many forms and we're sick of the lies while empowering some of the most evil men in modern history who simply haven't had their moment yet to put up the big numbers in terms of murder like bin Laden wanted to. They also happen to be losers, but they're every bit as evil as Stalin, Hitler etc.

      ".trying to turn Americans against each other with your two team mentality"

      We're trying to wake you up.

      "is almost as bad as your stereotyping of other races or religions"

      Generalizations have their place. It's not ipso facto wrong just because you don't like what you hear.

      "… you miss the point because your so interested into turning it political."

      It turned political decades ago, in fact many centuries ago by a psycho named Mohammed. If you'd study history and take it a bit more seriously, you might process some rational thoughts before attacking people who disagree with you. It would be one thing if you had any valid point to make but you don't. The facts simply aren't on your side.

  • allison

    I think this is sick, but I do have a question. it says she was found wondering around a neighborhood, but then states her back was broken – I’m not sure how she was walking around and if her head was bashed in on one side I do not see how that is plausible…i’ve read stories of this happening in the USA to teen girls. I realize this does go on…just asking about some of the story that raised my brows. also, where was the mother? I would Kill for my childrens safety.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The mother was divorced. The father had a legal right to a visit or to an extended custody period and the mother did not have enough money to live in the area. She went to the hospital when she heard about it.

      Saudi women have very few rights.

      I don't know how the back being broken and her wandering around are compatible. It may mean that she was lying in the street somewhere.

      • jukk22

        Having a broken back is not unheard of to be walking around and a child has more flexibility…

        • jukk22

          None the less how horrific it is to make it sound like it has any merit for what this beast did to her…….and the fake president tells military people to look away if you see child molestation…R U KIDDING ME???

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I do have a question. it says she was found wondering around a neighborhood, but then states her back was broken…"

      It seems inconsistent but it could be possible for a number of reasons. A fracture in one of her bones can be described as a broken back while not debilitating her and the younger the victim the more often we see them doing things while in shock that are not quite explainable.

    • Jenni

      i was thinking about the same thing.. You don't need a forensic degree to know that no one can walk with a broken back and a severely damaged head. I think this should be taken very seriously by UN somehow. I am saying this because UN is known as an organization that protect human rights and see every country to peace and freedom. I refuse to believe that they would over-look Saudin.

  • Geoffrey Britain

    Islam’s tenets make reform theologically impossible.

    • Mary Sue

      yeah, it's what we call perma-fundamentalist.

  • Veronique

    They sacrifice their little girls to Allah. Where else would he get all his virgins from to reward the Terrorists.

    • Smote


  • Koreng

    For muslim open ur heart and eyes look around and feel it, what else do you need to approve about teaching of Muhammad is all fouled fake.. Muhammad teach you to kill a little girl.. Open and open your heart. Muhammad is not real is all fake.

    • Chris BanHur

      Islam is not a religion and Muhammad is not a prophet. The religion was spread by force, and grows by force. When the Medina men were on 'jihad' mission to convert others and kill those who dont convert, what do you think Muhammad was doing in Medina in his tent. Answer please, muslims. The men's wives were outside our Prophet's tent waiting for their turn. To read their palms, is it? When confronted, the Prophet answered that all the women were there for the prophet to take. Ask the Muslims. Muhammad once saw his adopted son's gorgeous wife changing clothes. He wanted her. Asked his adopted son to divorce her, then HE married her and had a glory time with that beauty. ASK THE MUSLIMS. Had the son refused to divorce his wife, the holy prophet WOULD HAVE KILLED HIM. Don't you think so. Ask the Muslims.

      • Muhammad

        Get a grip! You don't know ANYTHING about Islam, so keep your opinions to yourself. Understood?

    • Islam

      Who are you to say all this? Nobody, so keep your gob shut! Would it be right for me to say your mum is a fake?

  • Smote

    My heart goes out to the soul of that poor little girl. If she wasn't a virgin (a big if), then it was at the hands of her filthy father. How could any decent man treat his daughter like this?

    Rest in peace, little one. You're in God's care now. Eternally safe from Allah.

    Hey, Saudi Pedophilarabia, your day of judgment will come.

    • Mary Sue

      How could any decent man treat his daughter like this?


  • Alicia

    Am I the only one who's found a contradiction here? How can a 5 year old girl be found wandering the streets with a broken back?
    What this monster did certainly deserves a visit from Dexter, but learn to write properly

    • jukk22

      Having a broken back is not unheard of to be walking around and a child has more flexibility…it can happen,,depending on where the break is….BUT what a beast he is..and also I'm sure they had to say something decent happened about it.

  • @TophStewart

    If only people like this ruled more countries.. Oh wait..
    Just A disgrace in every sense

  • Punchy

    No one has a clue of the rage I feel right now and I want to tear this piece of crap Saud pig into pieces with my bare hands slowlyyyyyyyyy…I'm sickened by what he has done and that poor little girl needed to be safe!!!

    • Smote

      I understand how you feel. I would like to do the same.

      However, don't expect any meaningful response to this crime. Don't expect anything from the worst criminals of all: the United Nations. For, they are in consort with the yobbos and camel lovers who killed this poor little girl.

      Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to teach the so-called 'father' of that little girl a lesson. I would give him a lesson in monotheism he would NEVER forget!!!


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    Babylon's Covert War –

  • Indioviejo

    This is Islam taken to its "logical" immoral code. This is the Satanic Cult we are facing without our complete focus.

  • Scott

    Before anyone here gives an creddence to what any self-proclaimed Mulsim posts here…read the following website concerning Al-taqiyya.

    • Chris BanHur

      I cannot understand why many Westerners( who are peace loving people) do not go to church on sundays to really understand their Christian religion but fall for this fake religion and convert and become slaves. Go to church on Sundays. Bring your children along. Listen to the pastor sing praises of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

  • Muzna

    This story is disgusting. I'm a Muslim woman, it is not Islam that oppresses us it is individuals who think it is ok to interpret their own ideologies into Islam. I don't care about your website's and article's about how bad Islam is, your information is not reliable. If you hate Islam so much go out there and do your own primary research. Read the Qu'ran speak to a Muslim like me, who is not an extremist. Once again, this man is disgusting, no child should go through what that poor young girl went through.

    • rcc

      Hello Muzna,
      I was wondering, sense you have a muslim perspective, do you think that this man is being supported in his community? I am not trying to be offensive in any way, I was just wondering because it seems like Islam is as outraged as Americans are about this crime, but do other Muslims in his area think his punishment was fit, in your opinion. If someone did that in America he more than likely wouldnt even survive prison because inmates would kill him, and even if he did, his sentencing would probably be execution. Also, if people in his society ARE actually supporting this man, do you think the mother of the child is in any danger?

      • jasmine

        couldn't agree with you more <33

  • JoWo

    What's with that last sentence? I consider myself left of center and I don't support Sharia at all. Islam is currently the worst offending religion. It's as bad as Christianity used to be. Be careful about grouping the entire left wing in with the politically correct group of naive and uninformed crowd. I can't stand people that demand respect for Islam while they do not understand what it teaches, but there's also a large group of people that bash Islam with undertones of hatred, bigotry, and racism. I don't stand with either the PC side or the bigots. I don't Islam the ideology. Point blank period. And I'm part of "the left". So what do you think about that?

  • Aali

    Bismillah (meaning in the name of Allah)

    The person Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) whom you are accusing of the first one to begin his wave of crimes against women and little girls, he(Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him)) 1400 years ago commanded us to believe in Allah(God) and that we worship Him alone, he commanded us to leave idol worship, he commanded us to be truthful in our speech and to fulfill our promises, he commanded us to keep up the ties of kinship and avoid spilling blood, he commanded to be good to the property of orphans, not to speak evil of chaste women and commanded us worship Allah alone without associating partners with Him, he commanded us to pray, to fast and to give charity and this is the essence of Islam. So without knowing the Islam as a whole do not comment.

    “And We have sent you (O Muhammad (saw)) not but as a mercy for the Alamin (Mankind, jinn and all that exists or world)” (Quran: chapter 21 verse 107), 1400 started the revolution of rights for women and little girls by teaching not to kill infant girls and to honor women with respect.and more over I don’t find any prophets on the face of this earth teaching immoral deeds.

    By portraying one or few person(s) do not come to the conclusion of any religion , every community has black sheeps; may be the man has committed one of the most heinous crime and some have supported him in him crime but this doesn’t possibly mean that the religion has taught him to do so.

    Therefore come to the conclusion after knowing the complete history of the person and the religion rather than throwing the arrow behind the bush.

  • winkncat


  • Mohamed

    You are an idiot.

  • Lauren Donna Graham

    Sharia law = paraiah law. People are always trying to paint Islam as a peaceful religion, yet women are treated as possessions and second class citizens. We have a mosque on the next block and women and children have to enter from the rear, which means going up an alley that often has drug and prostitution business going on. I see couples walking on the street and the woman has to walk behind the man. The laws governing women are barbaric at best. Thank god I'm an atheist because religion (all of them) is the worst thing to happen to the human race.

  • F.K. Juliano

    It's because of things like this that we should accept no Muslim presence at all in Western countries. No diplomats, students, tourists, or any other followers of Muhammad. Anyone who does accept them is complicit with them.

  • Jeff Oldham

    I would like to know where the official story came from as I believe this was made up. A hoax.

  • Jill

    What a load of bollocks this it

    • jill


  • rcc

    Is the mother of the child safe from this evil monster? Are people in his area as outraged as Americans are, it would seem to me that he shouldnt be safe anywhere without people wanting to kill him for doing this to this precious little baby. Something needs to be done, its ashame that his punishment isn't fit for his crime.

  • Muslim

    And here are few rectifications:

    1- Fayhan Al-Ghamidi is not a Sheikh, is not even a Knowledge seeker. He was a drug addict and a bad boy, until he was given Da'wah by few righteous people in the Masjid, and they offered him a Job as a teacher, and paid for his wedding, and he tells his story online and it's on Youtube, so some channels featured him just to tell his story, and he says that he was very bad to his mom and was asking her to forgive him.

    2- He was mentally troubled and he speaks about that too.

    3- He wasn't charged by raping his daughter, rather the Feminist Human Rights Female Group fighting the Women Driving Ban in KSA said that the Doctor said Fayhan doubted his 5 years old behavior and he got her virginity checked, and she was still a virgin.

    4- How did the accusation of raping her came along! No idea! No one claimed so including those raising the attacks against the Islamists! No one ever claimed that, until I read it here from that article, which I have no idea how did they manage to slide it, as if there are no Arabic speakers in the English speaking world!

    5- The Court has never revealed a single paper of the whole investigation, and the autopsy files were never shown to any media agency or newspaper, so whatever mentioned on the media is plain speculations.

    6- The daughter, may ALLAH accept her, elevate her level, and cover her with His mercy was kept for 4 months in the Morgue for more investigation of the situation.

    7- Her mom said that it was the step-mother, who was abusing the daughter, and he wasn't doing anything about it, he rather gave her the smirk whenever she wanted to speak to him about it, because the mother is divorced from him, and he was taking her to stay with him in the days of his turn.

    8- The Hay'ah has asked the mother to seek her Blood right, i.e. to chop off his head, if found guilty.

    9- No one said he will be forgiven even if he is found guilty. It is the Feminists group who speculated their fear of using a Fiqhi Opinion found in Al-Mughni of Ibn Qudamah Al-Maqdissi Al-Hanbali r.A, stating that a Father won't be killed by his kids' murder, but a mother will. The issue is that Anti-Secularists may adopt Ibn Qudamah's view just to oppose their opponents, and it is a strategy of secularists themselves, but I pray ALLAH will bring justice in this case.

    10- Islam doesn't tolerate Sodomy, and it's an act to be punished by Death, let alone Incest + Sodomy. The Prophet PBUH gave a direct order to bring Him the head of the guy who committed Incest, and it has never been as clear as that, so there is not a tiny bit of accusation about incest, which some Kuffar are happy to promote.

    11- This guy isn't known by anyone, but those who follow a so called Islamic Nasheed channels, where he was invited a couple of times, or was a guest in an Islamic Reality show.

    My questions:

    Why he was called a Sheikh? He is NOT! Not a Knowledge Seeker! Not a preacher! Not an Imam! Not even a Mu'adhin! Not even a Qayyim who is taking care of cleaning the Masjid! So why the case was put the way it was put? He is an ordinary guy like anyone else, and he can't articulate a single correct Arabic sentence, let alone to quote Quran or Hadith and you can check that from the YT videos found of him talking.

    No one ever claimed she was raped! So where did that come from?

    The wife accuses the step-mother as well, so why he's the only one to be put in prison and why his wife is still free?

    The court has never allowed the investigation to reach the public, so from where all these info are coming from?

    12- Some people have raised their concerns about what if he is really mentally disturbed? Is he going to be freed without getting punished? At least won't he be admitted to a specialized center because he's a danger on the society? And I find that valid.

    The Arab Newspapers claimed that the doctors who got her r.A admitted said she was suffering from a cranial fracture, a couple of broken ribs, and bruises all over her body, and here are her pics Rahimaha ALLAH:…sduheryghj……_635517710…

    It is really sad and unfortunate! People need to know whom they're marrying their daughters to! And people should fear ALLAH, when they want to give Tazkiyah to someone! If you know someone had a very troubled history, whom you helped to get him back on track, try to evaluate how much of an impact his history has affected his mental state/stability. A sane ex-Kafir who embraces Islam is more to succeed than an unstable (Mentally) Born Muslim with a bad violent history.

    Also, this raises the issue of how much we need Muslim Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and the like.

  • Nathan smith

    I love how muslims go into a hissy fit as soon as anything is said about islam, but it is ok for them to blow people up and threaten to kill you if you do not convert to the devils religion and call you racist. Islam is a religion not a race.

  • Jasmine


  • Lima

    Subhanallah. this is terrible.

  • Michael Nappi

    Islam is not a religion, it is a patriarchal cult that seeks to control every aspect of life under an oppressive totalitarian regime.
    Each day we lose a little more freedom to these animals. We must stop them

  • Night Operator

    So what if she happened not to be a virgin?! She was still morally blameless, given that she was only five years old. If she had been deflowered, then, so far from being a malefactor, she was an especially pathetic victim of an especially ugly crime. If Islam points the other way, then what that shows is that, instead of being any religion of peace, Islam is the cult of moral idiocy.

  • Night Operator

    Also, Islam is all the more the cult of moral idiocy, given what this story shows about the alleged privilege of a father to kill his own child. The truth is the other way around. The father of a morally innocent child has the special duty to protect the child from harm. To kill off the child instead involves a large element of betrayal, which makes the act worse than ordinary premeditated murder. One’s status as the father is an aggravating circumstance, not the opposite. — But perhaps it will be said that, in Islam, the important thing is not moral innocence but the purity of one’s flesh or something like that. If so, then why should Islam be considered to have any credibility or respectability at all as an adult religion?