Muslim Soldier Stabber in France was Also Convert


One of the problems with giving Islam a special religious status is that it encourages conversion to a religion that is not only violent, but whose converts are even more violent than the Muslim norm.

Converts to a new religion tend to be more malleable and willing to do whatever is necessary to show their commitment to their new religion. And that makes it easy to turn them into terrorists and use them as cannon fodder. From the Islamic point of view, converts are cannon fodder. And that is just how they are made use of.

The man who stabbed a French soldier is named Alexandre and was apparently a recent convert. The attack took place shortly after a recent attack, also by Muslim converts, on a British soldier in London.

The Paris attack may have been inspired by the London attack. And that was the point. Muslims “inspire” each other to carry out horrific acts of terror in a fusion of new media and Jihad.

“Alexandre” prayed a Muslim prayer shortly before the attempted murder. And he clearly had planned the attack.

Witnesses had described the attacker as a bearded man of North African origin. The man was monitored on security cameras and seen taking off his robe and running away wearing European clothes, officials said.

Was he really North Africa or was he a native French convert who knew that the combination of a beard and Arab clothes would make witnesses see him that way, allowing him to slip out of them and fall into the European disguise of the man he had once been?

French authorities have said more than American authorities would have, but they are still waffling. “The French suspect was known to investigators, French Interior Minister Manuel Valls said, but he urged caution and said: “I cannot talk about radical Islam.” He said investigators wanted to know more about the suspect’s “motivation, background and family environment.”

If we can’t talk about radical Islam, then we certainly can’t talk about Islam.

  • @quillerm

    Who was that Republican Legislator that tried to have Hearings on the Conversion of Muslim Youth to Radicalization in the US? Liberals shouted him down as a racist, but now that we have had the Boston Bombing and a beheading in New Jersey it might be time to take him seriously. Just because Obama decides that the Fort Hood Terrorist attack was 'Workplace Violence', we shouldn't be in denial of the facts.

  • Herb Benty

    Lets see here…Jews don't try to covert anybody, Christians try to show people how God LOVES them and urge people to be a force in this evil world for GOOD. Fresh Islamic converts are given brownie points for the MURDER of innocents. The statement, Islam is a religion of peace, is itself stealth jihad.

    • S.Smith

      Conversion Jihad ? Could turn out to be their most successful Jihad yet .

  • mohamed stone… wonder why whites run from Muslims and bLAcks when those groups start moving in and why the britions are crying about Muslims.… you can count on black or muslims to be violent toward whites

  • greenzizzle

    Its getting crazy, can we just all get a long

  • spygratis

    Liberals shouted him down as a racist, but now that we have had the Boston Bombing and a beheading in New Jersey it might be time to take him seriously.