Muslim Soldier-Stabber was Known to French Law Enforcement


Again this is part of a pattern. But the meaningful part of a pattern isn’t that the attempted murderer was known to law enforcement, but how he was known.

Law enforcement in the UK and France keep tabs on Islamists. They have more freedom to do so than the FBI does. They also have more freedom to actually deal with the Islamist groups they are monitoring. Instead they let those groups continue to operate, they monitor and track them and then one of their spawn goes on a killing spree.

A 21-year-old arrested on suspicion of stabbing a French soldier in the neck in Paris was flagged up to French intelligence months ago over fears he has been radicalised, it has been claimed.

Alexandre D, as the French suspect has been called, was arrested in Yvelines, just west of Paris early on Wednesday morning at a friend’s flat.

Police are seeking to determine whether the Paris attack might have been inspired by the Islamist murder of a British serviceman in London, although sources told Le Monde newspaper that French intelligence was recently warned the suspect, who converted to Islam around three years ago was “becoming increasingly radical”.

The warning came in a note written by the police intelligence unit of the Yvelines area where Alexandre was arrested.

The note provides a fairly detailed account of the suspect’s evolution towards a more radical form of Islam since 2009, pointing out that police had remarked he had “suspicious behaviour”. Homeless and unemployed, Alexandre D applied for jobs in Rambouillet where he “demanded not to work with women”. His passport included stamps from a host of countries.

The multiple countries suggests this fellow may have tried to hook up with an Al Qaeda group. And even if he didn’t he was clearly on the radar. The authorities chose not to act, not just against him, but against the larger groups that promote terror and then avoid the consequences when one of their new converts goes for the kill.

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    The European Union countries have mostly done away with the death penalty, so the chance that one of these murderous Jihadi thugs could be put to death, by a court of law, is very slim. The hope is that they'll bring a knife to a gun fight, with the police or military. But if authorities don't act against the groups/mosques that spawn these vermin, they'll murder again….and again….and again…..

  • Horace

    More Muslims are immigrating and are demographically taking over fast anyway and as they become the majority, in about 20 +/- yrs, they will establish Sharia just like back home and then execute all who refuse to convert to Islam . They dont have to do many stabbings and beheadings yet, the few that they do are for the entertainment of the Ummah and to keep the infidels dispirited. They dont want to wake the moron politicians on the Saudi payroll in charge of those countries up till its too late to stop the Jihad. They are going to own France and Britain and Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Germany, etc through their kind of "peace" – millions of Muslims on welfare making "love" not war (yet) at your expense. Stopping the "terror" isn't going to slow or stop the takeover. The USA is not too far behind. Saudi money talks. Islam and Sharia are inseperable – a totalitarian political system more than a religion.

  • AdinaK

    What a shock, all of these "radicals" are known to law enforcement, just as in London and Boston –

    In other words, due to multi-cultural psychosis, plus the vise-grip of "Islamophobia", many innocents are killed and maimed.

    Cause and effect.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • chaux

    Do you not think that the mass murders of Christians in Northern Nigeria by muslims will not happen in Europe when the muslims have the majority?

  • ima baluga

    look at how blacks are behaving in the states already… when they convert enmass to Isalm then the real war on whtey will be on.… why is this not a race crime?