Muslim Soldiers Attempt to Lure 12-Year-Old Girl for Sexual Purposes in Missouri

Mohammed, the man so awful they named him after a pedophile twice

Mohammed, the man so awful they named him after a pedophile twice

One of these nice lovers of children is named Mohammed twice so we can only be thankful it was a 12-year-old and not a 6-year-old.

Two men training at Fort Leonard Wood are in custody after deputies say they tried to abduct a 12-year-old girl in Pulaski County Friday afternoon. Mohammed Mahmoud Omar Mefleh, 34, and Antoine Clela, 31, were charged with enticement of a child and harassment.

The victim told police she was playing with a sibling in her yard when Mefleh and Clela approached her several times and tried to lure her into their vehicle. She told officers they kept asking for sexual favors.

The suspects are with a foreign military in a middle eastern country and are part of a training mission at Fort Leonard Wood, just a couple miles from where the attempted abduction took place.

Their country isn’t stated. Assuming they are both from the same country, I would have to speculate Lebanon. And that’s a good thing because if these were Saudis, they would have a good chance of walking.


    All muslims are rabid animals, ISRAEL should use their nuclear stockpile on them and -NYC- and WASHINGTON DC-,GOD willing….

    • defcon 4

      I’ve thought the same thing.

    • Common Sense

      And I suppose that means I’m a rabid animal too?

      If youre going to judge more than a thousand people based on two men, you’re an idiot.

      I guess because a lot of you Americans are making inappropriate music videos and a bunch of you are racist and many of you are sexist and bullies, that makes all lof you evil.

      Their religion and country are not stated.

      And really, you do realize you’re praying for the death of thousands of innocent children and woman and men? If it happens, you’re a murderer.

      How disgusting.

      America isn’t better. Search up on it’s history. Hating people based on religion is probably called racism.

      I’m twelve, and I have never heard of pedophilia in my country. It’s very very rare. No one has been sexist to me, I don’t wear a hijab, I play gymnastics, go out with my friends, and everything that you consider equality. Don’t you start calling Muslims equality abusers, because you’re abusing equality too.

      Oh, and there hasn’t been any child molesters in America, right? It’s all Islam. Of course.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Why are these creatures in this country? Why are we “training” them?

    • Harald Eigerson

      We’ve been training their officers over here for a long time. I remember saluting officers from all over the globe while I was at Fort Sill in the late eighties. The rule of thumb was that if you were in uniform and the other guys uniform lapels were shiny; salute the guy. It is likely that they were over here to learn how to use or maintain our equipment (that we sell them). I was young and still naive about the nature of mohamadists even though I should have after all their wars with Israel and the bombing of our marine barracks. They were just one more group of officers along side the Germans, Thais, Hondurans and whoever else we were training at the time. It was not much different from bumping into all the central american soldiers on Fort Benning while they were attending La Escuela de las Americas. Oh the things you learn about these guys after the fact!

    • Me

      One word…..obama

      • DogmaelJones1

        It was a rhetorical question.

  • john spielman

    what, why the arrest? They were just immitating the behavior of that long dead liar thief murderer and pedophile and pseudoprophet, Muhammud!

    • MarilynA

      Hey man. It’s their culture to screw children. It’s their religion. Ain’t you never heard we got freedom of religion in this country? How much is the US Govermit going to pay for their lawyers sos they can get them off cause arresting them violates their constitutional rights? ?

      • Friskyredfox

        They are NOT American, therefore they do not have ‘Constitutional Rights.’

      • Craven Moorehead

        at fort hood they are about to arrest Christians for attending mass and army personnel that are conservatives…..yes,ft.hood.where that workplace violence took place……,were funding terrorists abroad and training them here on the taxpayer dime…. and the obama administration is calling Christians and conservatives here in america terrorists. #impeachobama

  • jewhader

    Who left this SCUM into the country?

    WHO, exactly, are they being trained to fight?

    • defcon 4

      That is an interesting point. Are they here to fight for allah? Against the
      najjis kuffar who still insist the Constitution is the law of the land rather
      than Sharia? Maybe on behalf of a wannabe emir?

    • MarilynA


  • N. Wasse

    Their so called prophet Mo was a child molester so what do you expect?

  • ssohara

    Why are these people in our country????

  • joe

    “Their country isn’t stated. Assuming they are both from the same country, I would have to speculate Lebanon. And that’s a good thing because if these were Saudis, they would have a good chance of walking.’

    Antoine Clela is a hard name to place. Well the surname is a hard name to place for me. Lebanon seems an excellent and informed guess.

    And that second statement about Saudi Arabia is something we all suspect especially after 911.

  • Veracious_one

    Their country isn’t stated.
    neither is their religion

    • Friskyredfox

      Why are they still alive? If it had been mine …..two shotgun blasts!

  • Constitution101

    It is apparent that “training at Ft. Leonard Wood means they are in basic training or some other level in the military. We should not allow any muslim to enter the U.S. Military… period! Haven’t we learned after Ft. Hood?

  • Earl Turner

    The Prophet married her when she was six and he consumated the marriage when she was nine.

  • anonygoose

    WHAT THE HOLY F****!!!!! The suspects are with a foreign military in a middle eastern country and are part of a training mission at Fort Leonard Wood, just a couple miles from where the attempted abduction took place.

    The Constitution of the United States Clearly states No Foriegn Troops shall not train on American Soil. !!

    • NRG1006

      There are 25,000 Foreign Troops training on American soil since 2010-11. It’s another Obama secretive program via CIA.

    • Griffin

      Foreign troops have trained in the US for decades. Mostly from NATO, but also from many other allies around the world. Nowhere in the US Constitution does it say (with or without your double negative) that foreign troops shall not train on American soil.

  • Guest

    Friends of Mazen al-Otaibi?

  • Barbara

    Send them back to their own country. Tell them we don’t like child molesters.

  • quickfix

    Now America is training people from other countries to be pedophiles too. So we will be exporting pedophiles..

  • charles martel

    send them to a cel to meet Buba.

  • Mary Olwine-Rice

    What the hell were they doing training in America ???

  • Bill

    If they are training in this country it’s to do our dirty work in the name of American Foreign Policy..Thank Uncle Sam for that one.And your legislators.

    • madeuce42

      you mean DOMESTIC policy

  • madeuce42

    This is Sharia Law at work.The people in Washington, D.C. say our Constitution is TOO OLD it should be replaced they want to replace it with Sharia. If you value your children and their children you will not allow this to happen, Our constitution frees and protects us Sharia enslaves us and cuts the heads off young girls .

  • Craven Moorehead

    …didnt an army general just state he hasnt trained any american troops in 6 months and we only have 2 prepared combat units? didnt obama just fire 9 generals?….what is going on? #impeachobama

  • lynnd

    So why are these jackasses here training anyway in our facilities? No more foreign soldiers with the names mahmoud or mohammed…it’s just stupid….call me a racist, I really don’t care.

  • lynnd

    obama is getting rid of top brass who don’t pass the litmus test – guess what that is? $50 says “would you be willing to follow ALL of the commands of the Commander in Chief, even if it means shooting fellow Americans if given the order for no reason at all?”..Yeah, book it.

  • Nerditarian

    I’m guessing they heard about how older American women are real sexy cougars. That’s why they went for the 12 year olds instead of the normal 6-9 year olds.

  • kerston

    Because we don’t have child molesters that are white Americans or of any religion besides Muslim . You people crack me up.

    • Common Sense

      I call people like you geniuses.

      If only everyone was like you.

  • eli

    This is not terrorism, so the muslim part in this article is seriously out of context.
    Are the registered sex offenders in your area better than these guys ?
    We should all wait for further investigation and more evidence to show up

  • Rick Prohaska

    in 1776 when we signed the declaration of independence and Franklin went to France to try and get help. The first thing that occurred was the reps of 18 muslim nations waltzed into the room and handed him declarations of war on the US, we paid tribute 24% of our gnp each year so they would not invade our nation and sell our people into slavery. there are no 1804 silver dollars because they were all shipped off to pay the bey of algiers. Traitors bring this scum here.

  • Proud to be muslim

    Now a days people keep getting stupider and stupider and just following the media without thinking.
    A mere human being did an awful thing but he happened to be a muslim named Mohammad and now Islam and muslims should be exterminated from the face of the planet.
    Whenever someone did something lets kill his family, erase his religion, and burn his companions. How folish.
    Prophet Mohammad peace upon him, start from nothing and now there almost 2.5 Billion muslim, and that is not a work of pedo.

    • Fox

      The Roman Catholic Church in Boston report 80 priest accused of child abuse.
      Please Google it.
      Maybe it’s Jesus (peace upon him) fault.

    • Common Sense

      I love you for being sane.