Muslim Somalis Attack African-American Students in Minnesota High School

Bringing huge numbers of Muslim Somalis into the United States and depositing them in places like Minnesota may rank as the one of the worst policies of the last three years and the growing violence is only the tip of the iceberg.

A sensible rule of thumb on immigration policy should be that if a country is a fundamentally violent and broken place, then importing large numbers of its inhabitants will only spread that violence to the United States.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A number of police cars responded to Minneapolis South High School Thursday after an alleged food fight escalated into a melee involving 200 to 300 students.

Sgt. William Palmer, of the Minneapolis Police Department, said no weapons were involved in the incident. However, four people were taken to the hospital following the melee. Police were pelted by thrown objects as they rushed to break up the brawl.

Twelve people complained that they had been sprayed with mace. Police at the scene said they had to use chemical agent to get the crowd under control as they were being pelted with objects as they tried to break things up.

One student, Abdi Sheikh, said he saw hundreds of students fighting in what appeared to be a racial incident.

“A big riot,” he said. “It was all types of races.”

Another student, Symone Glasker, said that an initial fight happened during the school’s first lunch period. By the time the third lunch period started, all the hype from the initial fight caused tensions to boil over.

She said the fights were over pride.

“I know it’s a pride thing between Muslims and black people,” she said. “They want their pride back for something. I don’t know.”

She also said “boys were hitting girls” and that some people were lying on the floor, with their hands over their heads, in surrender.

The fight, students say, was the result of long-simmering tensions between the 8 percent of students who are Somali Americans and the 20 percent who are African Americans.

The Somalis are African, not African-Americans, and as Muslims they are taught to think of Christians as an inferior species.

Naturally the idiots in charge of the Minneapolis school system praised the school’s diversity in response to a diverse riot.

Stan Alleyne, the Minneapolis Public Schools chief of communications, gave a statement, saying South High is a school that continually makes the district proud.

“South is a very diverse high school,” Alleyne said. “It is a microcosm of the city. Students function together at a high level every day. That is the strength of this school. Our students live diversity every day.”

Yes and some days they live diversity more than others. Eventually diversity will kill many of them. Given time, a form of diversity that involves importing large numbers of immigrants from violent and bigoted societies will kill us all.

Exit quote: “Why do these Somalis think they’re hard, they don’t run S–t.”

  • David Yeagley

    This is nothing in comparison to the abuse Somalis have wreaked on Sioux Indians in the Dakotas. Generally speaking. Christian charity groups and government charity groups believe they can "re-populate" areas where there are relatively few people. Both Dakotas are barely above "frontier" status. Hordes of third world illiterates are brought over, paid, set up with housing, cars, welfare, etc.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      That's very interesting. I had not heard about this.

      Muslim immigrants attacking indigenous peoples is a serious issue, here and in Europe.

      • AdinaK

        Daniel, moreover, no one should discount the fact that the Dem machine understands the dangers of importing Muslims from violent regimes, yet it suits them just fine.
        IF the goal is to upend America, then nothing is off limits. As to the attacks on Blacks, no one should be surprised. After all, Muslims see everyone as infidels, unless they are outwardly Muslim. The carnage they wage in the Sudan, as the Muslim North wages jihad against the Christian south, is of piece with this thesis –

        Adina kutnicki, Israel

      • joe

        Al Jazzeera ran a "documentary " they made on evil white Americans and the abuses of Indians which prompted muslims to see Indians as a weak link and easy to exploit/convert. They've been throwing a bit of money at them and Turkey had a delegation that was meeting with some tribal leaders.

        muslims have been spreading cash around small midwest towns . Obama denied most tornado damaged areas government aid,so muslims were sending aid. I think it was the UAE that bought Joplin,MO schools new computers after their big tornado.

        Mexican drug cartels also use Indian tribal lands to import drugs and illegals .

    • Smote

      Dakota? It sounds more like Australia!

    • Boyd He

      You can thank your Muslim president for all of this. Somalian immigrants have become the newest scourge on humanity in this country, and an overwhelming drag on the US welfare system Time to load them all up and send them back to the mother land. This is not a muslim country. Assimilate peacefully and adapt to modern societal values or go back to living in mud huts and huffing your jenkem.



    • Mohamed Shirshoore

      This is a mockery and making fun at the Native American and how white people decimated beyond recovery. It’s unbelievable how a white man says the Somali people who migrated to the great USA in the mid 1990’s are liable of destroying Native Americans specially the Sioux tribe.

      I say to you, it’s your people who mass murdered, poisoned, starved, burned, attacked on daily basis, broke treaties, kill the culture and those who knew it, and forced your culture, religion, language, and finally put in reservations. Who destroyed the native Americans? Give me a break! It’s mind bugling one has the audacity to make such ignorant comment without a bit of logic behind it. That’s white people for you. White people didn’t know how to season their meat just over 6000 years ago. All of my country men know their ancestral names in order over 7, 500 years. Everything that’s here today is already being there. What’s knew?

    • Duqa Reerka Ahmad GS/JS

      “”””Muslim Somalis Attack African-American Students in Minnesota High School”””
      The headline of this article is an attack of itself! This is one of those hateful websites. Pray for peace instead of spreading hate. What had happen to your so called Christian values? What happen to the ole Americana? What a pathetic display of emotions by the ignorant writer!

      My time wasn’t worth this blog. I am very disappointed. You really call yourselves a God loving Christians? Prophet Issa/Jesus didn’t spread hate but peace and love and obeying God. What happen to that? Since when adults use as a hate machine a small time frame of little hoodlum high schoolers? Wow!

  • Keiko_Infidel

    The black American kids will execute a beat-down that'll make the Somalis wish they still lived in their sh*tholes in the motherland, if these backwards Muslims keep it up. Gutless whites, forced for decades to be sorry and guilty for their race and "privilege", will cower in fear but blacks will not.

    • kaffir geoff

      I agree K. I. that black American kids do not need to worry about being P.C. they can just go in and get medievil on their muslim a**.

    • Mary Sue

      I'll say one thing for the african-american students, their heros in the rap world will inspire them to fight back.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      That seems to be the consensus of the commentators in the last video. But they also have the numbers on their side… for now.

    • Edward

      If you watch the videos filmed by white kids, they give a play by play in a typically awkward ebonics "they be willin out on dem somalies mo'fugga". It is as if they have Stockholm Syndrome and struggle to identify with those who hold them in terrifying subjugation and above all, not be noticed.

    • joe

      African Americans value their lives more than muslims and feel a small sense of responsibility to the rule of American laws.
      Muslims do not.
      African Americans will use guns carelessly and emotionalism ,muslims will use them to execute the enemy and suicide bomb them.
      For now population is in the favor of Americans.

    • lili

      Those African Americans should go back to SLAVERY!! Back to Liberia or whatever other country they came from!

  • BLJ

    Muslim scum at work. The white and black students should team up and kick the crap out of these camel jockeys.

    • Mary Sue

      it may yet come down to that!

    • Raymond in DC

      I don't believe they use camels in Somalia. But I agree with Daniel. It was foolish beyond words to import people from "a fundamentally violent and broken place". We aren't "enriched" by people from failed cultures and dysfunctional states.

      • Drakken

        They use camels in Somalia, it is a sign of wealth and privlidge there.

    • Drakken

      Not going to happen, to much diversity being shoved down the throats of the white kids where if they fight back, they get the race card thrown at them and get automatic suspensions while the minority kids get a pat on the head and whitey gets blamed.

      • edward

        Even if the white kids are the "minority" at the school.

    • Tracy

      I agree completely with you !!!

  • Dabifster

    The plan of us white folks is to move to the burbs and let the 13% of the population, the blacks, clean up Obamas mistakes. Whity is still running the show, Obama is just the face, and the plan has not changed. Population reduction and control as per UN Agenda 21 ratified by over 100 countries including America back when Bush senior was the face. Looks like the powers that be are going to get thier master race after all.

  • Ziggy Zoggy

    American Blacks and Somalian Blacks- generally speaking, two groups who refuse to get along with ANYBODY-got into a fight. What were the odds?

    The mass importation of islamopithecine savages is just one more thing to thank our treacherous State Department for. The Foggy Bottom Dwellers have never stopped rewarding them for 911.

  • DrB

    Looks like Minnesota reached the 7% muzzies threshold, where moslims start to create trouble. Same thing happens in a lot of European countries with similar population % of muslims

    • JacksonPearson

      Yep…Minnesota and parts of Michigan are Islamic hot spots.

    • Drakken

      The skinies have been a problem in MN since the day they stepped foot in the state, ask the LEO rank and file of what they think of them, that will give you a great pulse on what the situation is. Also go into the suburbs and ask the white kids what happens when you get more than a few of them into the schools and how well the community keeps things hush hush for fear of the diversity crowd getting uncomfortable.

    • Smote

      Agreed. Australia isn't far behind in this regard.

  • Empress Trudy

    It does put the liberals in quite a bind over which group to blame and punish though

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "It does put the liberals in quite a bind over which group to blame and punish though"

      They have to either hide it completely or assign whiteness to one or the other. Hmm. What to do? Poor leftist's minds exploding.

  • Donald Bly

    Islam should be declared incompatible with the US Constitution in that it demands the very overthrow of the US system. Then all immigration from muslim countries should be halted immediately and immigrant non citizen muslims whether legal or illegal should be deported.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Islam should be declared incompatible with the US Constitution…"

      I was thinking about that myself. I think it's a very good point but we need a lot more people to understand the legal arguments. It would be one hell of a fight that could be won.

      • Steve

        Yes, an excellent point except that the constitution is now an 'out-dated evolving document written by racist white slave owners'. Liberals are aggressively pushing an agenda to discredit the constitution and render it irrelevant. We lose that foundation and we're toast.

    • amy beth

      I agree. This is out of hand! They do not acculmate to our country! Learn the language get a job pay taxes and quit bitching! I am tired of paying for people who think we owe them!

  • Ghostwriter

    I didn't know about this.

  • James Zidar

    The Somalis are a disaster in every country they are sent to. The US government, by bringing these people here, have shown they are the enemy of the American people. We have to act on our own to reject the crap the government is shoving down our throats.

  • Edward

    Even more distressing is how the white teens filming mandingo fight speak in a profanity laced ebonics so awkward it would make a Kenny G gangsta rap album seem hip. Awkward ebonics is a self defense mechanism to blend into a hostile environment.

    • joseph

      What do you gain and benefit from your hate to other. it is good for you to stop the hate

  • grotesque

    You know, Albanians were almost non existant in Kosovo 100 years ago, then they started having 9 kids/woman. Wasn't long before they started killing other non moslems, burning churches, monasteries etc. When we decided it was time to do something about it your democrat humanitarians (hypocrites) in the government called it genocide, bombed us, allowed them to expel almost all christians and then supported their (gave them) independence. Kosovo is now the black hole of Europe, rampant with crime, drugs, human and organ trafficking, with 75% unemployment and living off international aid.
    How many moslems do you have in USA now? How many will you have 100 years from now? Enjoy.
    Greetings from Serbia

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Enjoy. Greetings from Serbia"

      Thank Clinton and other leftists.

    • Bibbity

      Sir, I am american serviceman with 13 years in the army, I was a teen when the yugoslave civil war broke out, and unfortunately in my ignorance I cheered for the croats. Now, having reviewed my history a little better, I no realize that we not only did a huge disservice to one of the few civilized cultures in the balkans, but set the legal precedence for the dissolution of the United States.

      • bibbity

        The 'hispanic' population of California is about to pass the 50% mark and latino comedian George Lopez openly said on a radio bit that "We will treat white people with the SAME respect they have shown us" I.E. insinuating that we will be clipping their lawns etc. I chuckled to mysilf because i didn't believe that for a second. Does anybody think a hispanic government of California will have a dime to give whites for free childcare, housing assistance, education, medical care or food? Hell no, whites (and blacks and probably the asians as well) will be purged and California will become a semi-functional 3rd world hell hole and the lines wil probably stabilize somewhere around Sacramento with a population exchange roughly like that after the Greco-Turkish war of 1922 (bet you didn't think an american knew of that did you?) I sincerely hope that after the utter collapse of the "pax Americana" that a new age of heroes will arise and in a few generations perhaps some american adventurers will arive in th balkans to find Serbia and Greece still standing and the Turkish hordes (which is what the Albanians are a part of essentially) are thrown back into asia where they belong.

  • alwaysonwatch

    Just imagine if some "Christian"students had attacked Muslim students in this fashion. The story would be all over the mainstream media.

  • Flowerknife_us

    The trouble in the schools goes on even more outside school property. The press seems to let it pass until it gets so bad they have no choice but to report it.

    Our current sanctioned Immigration is turning working poor neighborhoods into Government poor neighborhoods.

    Established Businesses are leaving our new little Somalia . We have a liberal Pape r(what's left of it). Unless you live near or drive through it on some regular basis you wouldn't have a clue.

  • WhateverMan

    You might want to also investigate another incident of stealth Jihad. A muslim baby at the maternity ward threw his passifier at a Jewish nurse. The Pogroms have never stopped. The muslims jihad before they crawl…

  • WhateverMan

    WOW! Git ma guuns, Charlene, the rayce wars been startin' nuh!
    There has been schoolyard and lunchrooms since school existed. Italian, Jewish, Irish, Wasps, Blacks, Latinos youth back in the days have been going at it since their childhood. It is almost like a rite of passage. NINCOMPOOPS.

    • Drakken

      You really are a effing dumb-ass aren't you?

    • tickletik

      Like this? In the middle of a school? Nah man, this is a breakdown of an overloaded incompetent system. Somali kids can be polite in a class, as can aa kids, white kids, etc. but the current leftist mommy school policy wont work with them. They need something more disciplined and homogenous. Some kinds of kids need a heavier corporal hand, like what used to exist for all kids white & black back in the day.

  • sharon story

    Dear Grotesque: Iam one American who was not fooled. I was for the Serbs from the get go. Anything that criminal pervert Clinton started was devious and nefarious. Our criminal rulers build nothing but destroy everything.

  • Latisha Washington

    Negroes on both sides?

  • Adouble

    “South is a very diverse high school,” Alleyne said. “It is a microcosm of the city. Students function together at a high level every day. That is the strength of this school. Our students live diversity every day.”

    They sure do.


    you homosexuall americans are pathetic using a small school fight by teenagers to air your disgusting views. we will remain in usa, we will wife your women and will destroy your homosexuall ways and establish islam as the only remaining religion is this gay infested place.


    • martha

      Watch ur ass get deported! None of us women want ur smelly nasty ass!

    • 2ndamend

      You are a filthy race. I live in MN and since our govt started dumping the trash here(you), you have ruined the areas of our community. Your women stink and your men are ogling freaks. You are unclean and I have not seen one white woman with your race!

  • JabertiGuy


    • Garaad Soomaali

      Why f**k America? Don't disrespect the ole USA, these trashes are being fed by religion fanatics and hate groups. We are an Americans too, don't think yourself as an outsider. Think wisely my brother. These are some of the lowest of Americans. Buried by debt and fed by hanity, p. robertson and linbough. Their people came here one day too. Unless they're natives tell them to f++k off. Never to the USA though.

  • Bouyah the pirate

    hello white trash America

    a cousin of mine in Minneapolis told me that African Americans are nothing more than house pets for white trash Americans, as you know this fight has nothing to do with religion but we somalis want to take over your house pets, that is all.

    the great pirate captain Bouyah

    • Maddie May

      African Americans r just that Americans! What r u fool! Ur not welcome coward! Speak that on the streets!

    • Daarood

      I know you are posing as a Somali person but you whole agenda is to burn fire among the black people of America. Like the great leader may Allaah bless his soul Malcolm X said "the white man is the devil and will always burn fire between us". Yes indeed. All the Somali people know that Afro-Anerican are their brothers and sisters.

  • Bouyah the pirate

    i don't think that you will hate somalians for trying to take over your pets

    Bouyah the great pirate

    Eyl somalia

    • amy beth

      u an ass go back home! U pay any taxes? I sick my dog on u thats a house pet!

    • Xaawo Taakko.

      You are posing as a Somali person but you ain't one. You are a white man burning his infamous fire again. Well tried homeboy.

  • Chris

    The above statments is more proof then the artical or the vidio…..

  • Fritz

    I read in a german newspaper that 1/3 of all Somalis are mentally disordered!

    • je

      That figure seems on the low side.


      that's funny how the German Nazi speaks your leader ( Hitler) was mentally disordered . think before you speak. hail Hitler !

    • Garaad Soomaali

      How does reading a German newspaper proof a third of 39 million people are mentally disordered? Really Fritz? You must be a 4th grader because you believe in what you read from paper, internet, and so forth right away. Are you not capable of seeing beyond your snout? Have you ever known a Somali family? Have you ever been to Somalia? Obviously the answer to all of that is no. The reason for no is, you didn't say I know, been there, or seen it. Nor you reason was sophisticated and smart. But, you mentally retarded an entire community because you read once a German newspaper which you can't read it appropriately once. What a jokester you are, cant be taken seriously lol. Hooyadii wase eey eey dhalay. كلب يا ابنل كلب.

  • Mozzarella

    Somalis and black will never get along as a society .

    • Garad Runle Ahmed.

      Says by who? I am a Somli man and my wife is an African American for 10+ years. We have 5 beautiful children together. My sister and brother are both married to Afro-Americans and they Afro-Americans are wonderful human beings like the rest of us. Stop making fire among us, we Somalis love our brothers and sisters of the of the Afro-American community. Without them, we wouldn't have been here. Peace and much love to my brothers n sisters. The white man is truly burning fire among us. You will never succeed.

  • Russ

    This is actually ironic since the US is the World Terrorist. They only ones who dont know this fact is the Americans. :)

  • starman

    Slave-Americans should not talk.the only things you contributed to america was cotton picking and peanut butter, pets, trying to impress the white man, typical house slave they will not help you guys s
    o don't try to please them. handle your own business.

  • Mohamed Ahmed Guuled

    All of you are anti Americans, you are extremists, you oppose your own constitution, you oppose your own Honorable president Barack Hussein Obama, and you wanna burry the American beauty of the melting pot. I see some the most hateful and bigotry comments known to the World Wide Web. Most of these comments are baseless and lack common sense. Example, look at the headline "Somalis attack African Americans". This is a mock lol. What's wrong with that picture? Since when was the name African had a thousands of different meanings? Another one said the Somalis beat and stole from the Sioux Indians. What? I say to you, you shade crocodile tears. It's it the white who enslaved the African American. It is the white man he who massacred the American Indians. And it is the white man who's burning fire amongst them all colored folks in America. Whether you hate us or not we here to stay and USA is our country. No one is gonna ask you, keep hating on under the religion name.

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  • AbdAllah Ibn Saalim

    Religion hypocrites are wolf in sheep’s cloth. Part time homosexuals, part time religion fanatics, full time child sex abusers , and never full time at anything. Oh full time in borrowing and never paying back! How can you call yourselves God loving people when you’re only propagating only ill focused agendas and hate? Probably, your pastor is molesting sexually your babies!

    Certainly you are againest the owe some American ideology and not moving the American values move forward to preserve for future generations. Spread how we can move the USA forward and how we can work together to make our country better, smarter, safer, and economically and militarily powerful! When we achieve that, America wins. Love your President because Kim Jon Un, Queen Elizabeth, King Fahad/Faisal, Castro brothers, nor the Chinese dictatorship are your leaders. These are some of the folks who would rather nuke us or be happier to see us devided. He who’s desatusfied with how our politicians are doing, run for office instead of complaining and spreading hate. Make a difference in our society because that’s the American way.

    He who says throw away your Sonali ways, I say to you and take what? Your culture from Europe? My simple answer to that is, I wouldn’t let you lough at me because I wouldn’t know how to act in your culture. I know my forefather’s names for over 6000 years!!!! In order, starting from my name!!!!! Can you do that!! The American culture is you bring your own culture from anywhere and let’s create the melting pot. Now that is more beautiful. Lets collect all of terrorist no matter where they come from and keep them where they belong, 6feet under for sure! But, you play the religion card and become an extremist of your religion. What difference did you make? You just lost me and a whole lot of true Americans. Lets what you bring in to the table/USA.

  • AbdAllah Ibn Saalim

    Correction……. I meant to say ‘SOMALI not Sonali’.

  • Mohamed

    I can feel the hatred from your words I hope that allah can one day guide you and relieve you of this illogical hatred amin.

  • Larry

    What is the follow up on these immigrants assimilating and finding work?

    • truth777

      the follow up, is you are just as much an immigrant than anyone else…you are an immigrant to this planet.

      • libertybelle14

        what planet did you emigrate from?

  • WhatUp

    That is bs, Somali culture is taught to think of other black Africans as being an inferior “species.”

  • abdibasid

    pround to be a somali

  • Justjean

    The school’s first mistake is having flags from all over the world. In an American school there should be one flag and a pledge every day. If others want to attend a private school dedicated to nationalism for a former country…go for it.

    • theallseeingmaster .

      At my high school, we flew the flags of our exchange students, proudly, in front of our school, where they will still fly. The only concession is that the poles are lower.

      There is also a wall of photographs of these students in the school auditorium with their national flags. IMO, this is a good and positive tradition.

      As these Somali’s are not exchange students, it is an insult to exchange students everywhere to fly the flag of Somalia. My school always had a few immigrant students, usually from the old Warsaw Pact nations or South America; we never flew their flags.

  • HERE

    The Muslims sold 120 millions black slaves and kill 50 millions when Muslims invade their land there are some north Africa non muslims like us

  • White Light

    They’re Muslim, so they must be at fault. No way the American Blacks could be at fault for this. Black Americans never do stuff like this.


    “The Somalis are African, not African-Americans, and as Muslims they are taught to think of Christians as an inferior species”. Don’t speak on a religion you obviously know nothing about,


    “the 8 percent of students who are Somali Americans and the 20 percent who are African Americans.” So how did the Somali students attack African American students, because they are clearly a minority at South.

  • JustAGirl

    “The Somalis are African, not African-Americans, and as Muslims they are taught to think of Christians as an inferior species” Wow…really? It’s clear that you are uneducated about the religion of Islam. I am Muslim and I do not think Christians as inferior and fyi Christians are the same species as us. LOL. Do your research.

  • RandomSomaliGuy

    “The Somalis are African, not African-Americans, and as Muslims they are taught to think of Christians as an inferior species”. I find this comment hilarious nothing to back up your claim merely talking out of your self-righteous ass . Innocent till proven guilty. The pathetic attempt to expose two Somali girls chasing each other and use them as an example.

  • ImJustSaying
  • jessi

    I heard in Sociology class how a Somali student at MCTC wrote a racist paper about blacks and got an A on his essay. Its like the government considers blacks and Somalis as the same

  • Richard

    Anyone else sick and tired of importing the garbage from other nations? Were broke as a country yet still bringing in these violent hostile people. Wait until the next economic crash in 2015-16. Then what will these somali mooches do when their cut off from free stuff?

  • PharmDoc61

    Well stated, cultural Marxism may very well be the end of this once great society.