Muslim Speaker Proves Islamic Extremism Doesn’t Exist

Alternate title. Welcome to the future of Europe.

You don’t need a translation to understand this. It’s in plain old English. And its message is really simple too. To the extent that there is such a thing as Muslim extremism it extends to either internal Muslim infighting or to greater stringencies in religious practices that have no relevance to us.

But when it comes to things like the death penalty for adultery or any of other penalties of Islamic law. Or the necessity of forcing non-Muslims to accept Islamic law. Or the right to use force in compelling them to do so, whether it’s conventional war or terrorism. Every religious Muslim agrees.

The illusory “moderate” Muslim at best is a fellow who is less insistent on going out there and doing it. It doesn’t mean that he opposes it. It just means that he’s in less of a hurry. And less eager to get killed doing it. Often it just means that he’s more willing to be dishonest and to embrace long term thinking over short term thinking.

But the final outcome is never in doubt. Everyone agrees on the ends. The only debates between the so-called politicals and militants are over the means of making this happen.

And this is the end. It’s Orwell’s boot on the face of humanity forever. Universal slavery, oppression and degradation. That’s Islam.

  • john spielman

    send this to Obama, Nancy Pelosi,in the USA David Cameron of the UK

    • DogmaelJones1

      That wouldn’t do any good. They’re all professional deniers. Sending it to Obama, Pelosi, Chuck Hagel, Kerry, any Clinton you care to name, et al. would probably get your charged with Islamaphobia. These people live in bubble worlds.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        They believe in evolution. Nobody can avoid evolution. Give the Muslims time. If they’re not moderate now, just wait till they enjoy political success. The modern influence will organically bring them forward as we are today.

        They’re basically too stupid to understand the plain facts.

        • DogmaelJones1

          You can’t civilize the brain-dead. Did you see how virtually everyone in that room raised his hand when questioned about the “rightness” of the Koran. I have various metaphors for rank-and-file Muslims: The Borg, the Walking Dead, are among the few. No, they’re not “extremists.” They are merely the sanctioning “silent majority” of Muslims. And they don’t belong in this country.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            It’s more accurate to say that it’s very difficult to reach any individual that’s been indoctrinated to hate your civilization from the time they were taught to speak.

            Islam is an explicit rejection of Judeo Christian texts and beliefs. And no, it does not preach the values of open debate or inclusiveness.

            In these cases the brain is not dead, but neither is it simple to remap it towards openly debating ideas when their own ideas seem practically hard-wired due to the early age the indoctrination began.

          • tigerlily

            I would say that to be a fundamentalist Muslim is to be an extremist. I don’t think you have to be a terrorist to earn that description. We only stand a chance of moderating Islam if we restrict further Muslim immigration.

        • glpage

          Islam has had 1400 years to adjust to modern influences. If it manages to take over the world it will have no need to adjust.

    • Jakareh

      Obama, Pelosi, Cameron, and those of their ilk cannot be persuaded. They can only be fought and defeated.

  • Elizabeth capecod

    And the moral is – If the majority are extremist, than no one is extremist.

    ps – If I had to listen to that music, I’d wear me some explosives too.

    • tigerlily

      Lol. Islam is total barking madness!

  • N. Wasse

    This guy is either Indian or Pakistani. It is just amazing that his likes have no clue that their ancestors the Hindus were killed and enslaved and raped by the Muslims that invaded India. And it also makes you wonder how do these creeps support themselves? Let me guess stupid kuffar pay their social benefits.
    It also makes you wonder that this must be the Stockholm syndrome on a massive scale

  • N. Wasse

    Did you also see the young guy sitting in the front raw is he wearing a hijab?

    • Elizabeth Cape Cod

      Either she’s the most unfeminine female in town or HE’s gay.

      • N. Wasse

        Or may be both!
        Oh the creepy victims of the moon god!

  • Jakareh

    Yes, deport every last single one of you, except of course the ones who offer any resistance.

  • PAthena

    President Barack Hussein Obama is, I think, himself a Mohammedan and supporter – if not member – of the Muslim Brotherhood. His half-brother from Kenya is a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. And when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, her closest aide was Huma Abedin, whose family are Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood. (See Andrew McCarthy.) This could only have happened with the approval of President Obama.

  • tigerlily

    This speaker is just saying what everyone else has being saying all along about Islam! Most ‘normal’ Muslims are fundamentalists. They believe the Koran is the literal and infallible word of God. What the Koran teaches is extremism!

  • tigerlily

    So headline should read ‘Muslim Speaker Proves Moderate Islam Doesn’t Exist’.