Muslim Teen Stabs His Abused Sister 107 Times in Honor-Killing, Gets 8 Years

That’s not in Jordan or Pakistan. It’s in Sweden. But there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference anymore. If you want to understand why Sweden has the second-highest rape rate in the world, it’s not just because Stockholm and Malmo are overflowing with Muslims, but because the political system and the judiciary give them a pass on their horrifying crimes.

This is Maria’s story. This is how her life ended.

A 17-year-old Iraqi Kurd in Landskrona sentenced to eight years in prison for the murder of his sister Maria. According to the court was the motive for the act to restore family honor.

The 19-year-old woman was killed by 107 wounds with two knives and scissors to different parts of the body. According to a legal medical report, it took several minutes to inflict her injuries. The district court wrote that damages therefore caused her great suffering and high death anxiety.

The Court also established that the brother on more than one occasions before the murder intimidated his sister and called her demeaning epithets like whore and slut.

His sister had returned to Landskrona after she broke up from a forced marriage in Iraq. She was found dead in his apartment in Landskrona on the evening of 23 April, the day after her birthday.

The call to Maria – who only had six days left to live – came from two psychology students doing a study for an organization working to prevent honor killings.

Maria told them: “I was born and raised in Stockholm. Before I turned twelve, I was kidnapped to Kurdistan with my brothers … When I was 15, I was raped and married off. ”

Arranged marriage is a business arrangement between Mary’s father and 30-year-old Majed.

The price of Maria – so reads the marriage certificate from the 5 May 2009 – is 90 grams of 21 carat gold. Three months after the wedding, she takes it to Sweden. The trip is part of Majeds future plans. Maria is traveling first and he come after by family ties. Maria herself has other plans.

Once in Sweden Maria refuses to touch with Majed. He calls and threatens her but Maria stays in Sweden, but nothing is as she had hoped.

Police and paramedics were alerted to the site as 16-year-old brother, who was left at the site and had heavily bloodied clothes.

But he didn’t have too much to worry about it, because it was Sweden after all. All he got was 8 years in prison for murdering his sister.

“I thought the sentence was very strong, it was a very tough punishment. I do not share at all the district court’s perception of the seriousness of the offense,” says the 17-year-old’s  defense attorney, Mr. Jansson.

“This is an incredibly harsh sentence. My client is in shock,” Urban Jansson, told the TT news agency.

  • Gabrielle

    Let me get this straight? I have read this passage three times,

    “I thought the sentence was very strong, it was a very tough punishment. I do not share at all the district court’s perception of the seriousness of the offense,” says the 17-year-old’s defense attorney, Mr. Jansson.

    “This is an incredibly harsh sentence. My client is in shock,” Urban Jansson, told the TT news agency."

    And it still seems to me that the murderer thinks he is the victim of a too harsh sentence and his Swedish lawyer agrees with him?

    Mind boggling, truly, and we will sit here wondering why we are losing the culture war??

    • Drakken

      The perpetrator is the new victim nowadays, God help us for we have now become the sheep to the slaughter.

      • JacksonPearson

        Life on earth is temporary and very short….
        Perpetrators may get a pass in man's world, but won't get away in God's.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Let me get this straight? I have read this passage three times,"

      I'm still too disgusted to comment on it myself.

    • AdinaK

      Sweden is a radical left, multi-culti psychotic hotbed. And it is overrun by Muslims. A lethal match by any rational standards, and most especially to those who agree that Sharia Law, the absolute underpinning of all their barbarism (in tandem with their cultural mores, but I digress….) is the right law, no pun intended.

      Therefore, those who are moved by this young woman's plight, as well as their swath of killings across the globe – under the banner of Allah – would do well to read, then pass on, the following policy paper –

      Its scholarship and findings are unassailable. Its intrinsic value lies in giving westerners the tools to stop this scourge. Knowledge IS power. You can't fight what you don't understand.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

    • John

      8 years is harsh?

      So 2 years or 4 years would not be harsh?

      So kill someone you don't like. Admit to it. Get 2 to 4 years enough time to earn an associate or bachelors. Get out jail & enjoy your life. CARPE DIEM baby!

      The liberal way.

  • Roadie1

    Just another case where this type of behavior is condoned! 8 years??? Really?? He should have a life sentence without the possiblity of parole for stabbing his sister 107 times for crying out loud! That would be justice for him!!

    • Drakken

      A noose works wonders for savages like this, to hell with 8 years or so called life sentences, someone get a rope!!!

    • Mary Sue

      sounds like the kind of sentence that would be the actual time served from any given Canadian case like that.

  • Ghostwriter

    This guy deserves the death penalty for what he did. A shame Sweden doesn't have it.

  • Gabrielle

    I was talking with a Swede awhile ago and the average person in Sweden is really at a loss as to how to deal with this. They have never encountered such violence and acts of violence are so outside of their culture that I do believe that they are reeling iwith shock.

    I had the impression that they are running around in circles trying very hard to cope and figure out how to get out of the mess they have on their hands. Meanwhile their government like so many in Europe, and ours here at home just keep opening the immigration gates wider and wider allowing more problems in.

    I am sad for all of us.

    • JacksonPearson

      All of Europe and Scandinavian countries have bought into multiculturalism, from different parts of the Muslim world. They come, won't assimilate, live in closed enclave communities, have nothing worthwhile to contribute, take, rape and murder. Figure it, I sure can't.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "All of Europe and Scandinavian countries have bought into multiculturalism, from different parts of the Muslim world. They come, won't assimilate, live in closed enclave communities, have nothing worthwhile to contribute, take, rape and murder. Figure it, I sure can't."

        But at least they have gun control laws to protect…who?

        Time to start packing 24-7 and overthrow the tyrants if necessary.

        • JacksonPearson

          Obama has a nasty way of dividing people, and especially our country.

    • Mary Sue

      I guess they are learning the hard way that this is what 3 or more generations of teaching "conflict resolution" (Sweden was neutral during WW II) is what this gets them. If you try to purge violence from your society, you have to do it the right way. If you do it the wrong way like in Sweden, then the people end up as helpless against real violent people.

    • burkasrugly

      Me too. Very sad because it could be stopped if we had leaders with backbone. Pray, and pray hard because if this isn't stopped soon…..

  • Drakken

    When oh when are those viking genes going to come out and deal with the very thing that we find repugnant on a daily basis? We continue to excuse the inexcusable in the hope that the savages will change. It is obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together that they won't.

    • Mary Sue

      I think the Viking genes have been diluted out by the Liberal Pussy genes.

    • Gabrielle

      I don't think that we have time to wait for them to change we must teach them or they will end up teaching us. My peaceful Swedish friend is learning to shoot a weapon. Who knows, she may eventually become a teacher.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "My peaceful Swedish friend is learning to shoot a weapon."

        It seems that is the way to keep the peace. Huh. Who knew?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "That’s not in Jordan or Pakistan. It’s in Sweden."

    What's the difference again besides the snow?

    "But there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference anymore."

    I should have waited for that obvious answer.

    "If you want to understand why Sweden has the second-highest rape rate in the world, it’s not just because Stockholm and Malmo are overflowing with Muslims, but because the political system and the judiciary give them a pass on their horrifying crimes."

    And more infidel victims to target.

    • Mary Sue

      b-b-but, you see, in Jordan or Pakistan women are smart enough to cover up so they don't get raeped! [/sarcasm]

    • CHIPS

      Pakistan does have snow. I see no difference.

  • geoffreybritain

    Certainly not where your predilections lie… equating theft with murder.

    • Norman Vincent P.

      geoffreybritain – I think their point was, an American editorialist is so dominated by his conspicuous thoughts of Muslims that he travels to an isolated European event to choke on Swedish gnats, while ignoring millions of his own Americans whom are being daily raped, destroyed, and run through the Obama grist mill by a regime, the likes of which were previously foreign to America.

      By the way, the Chicago homicide rate in the first month of 2013 is 50. Oh, but let's wrench our hands over one twisted, vile macabre act in Sweden to make ourselves feeeeel better about ourselves.


      • Gabrielle

        I think you are missing a very important point in this discussion. Yes we have terrible things happen over here, but the one thing that we can depend on, at least most of the time, is that the perpetrators will face real punishment and the victim will have real justice.

        What we find digusting in this story and are commenting about is that 8 years in prison is hardly justice for that woman, and the lack of real punishment will only encourage others to "lose control" and indulge their inner muslim.

        Deflection never solves problems, Mr. P.

    • John


      I do equate theft with murder. Absolutely. Each portion of your work is a portion of your life. Theft of work is literally theft of life.

      Now I would not advocate the death penalty for petty (little) theft? No

      But for major theft, I would. I would like to see some people like Bernie Madoff Hang. Or someone that drains the life savings of a confused little old lady. Or someone that engages in ID theft & costs a major portion of a persons earnings. If a person makes $60,000 & you steal $300,000 from them that is 5 years of their life. Considering that their savings come after taxes it is more life a decade of their life.

      Absolutely, I want the death penalty for theft. Theft is like physical assault. If a person is maimed in an assault, I would expect the perpetrator to be made to pay for the loss of that person's loss of productivity or quality of life. If they killed that person I expect them to be killed. It is proportional.

      BTW Geffrey, do you have cats? Have you been around cats? How do you know you're sane? If the brains acts like a difference engine (See movie "I Robot") Something like T. Gondii could tip the scales. Maybe κατεργάζομαι is sane & you are not. Maybe you sense of justice / morality has been skewed. Maybe the nymphomaniac did not have looser morals than yourself but they were infected & since then they have been … well you know. Just food for thought.

  • UCSPanther

    Someone should write a ghost story where a young woman is honor-murdered and her spirit returns as a Onryō to wreak vengeance on her family.

  • geoffreybritain

    “We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.” – Jens Orback, Minister for Democracy, Metropolitan Affairs, Integration and Gender Equality, Government of Sweden

    • PhillipGaley

      When the Moslems achieve majority in Sweden—who knows—maybe they won't be open and tolerant towards Jens Orback—Minister for Democracy, Metropolitan Affairs, Integration and Gender Equality, Government of Sweden—and his kind, maybe they will simply kill him, . . . and them, . . .

    • Rifleman

      That delusional person is in for a rude surprise. I'd love to hear his or her answer to where in the world he sees that happening.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    When did man stop shooting rabid dogs, when did men quit being men and stoop to a level
    of existence that is a form of subhuman coward. The animal world has tighter laws and
    pack relations than what we see happening in Muslim invasion zones. Quick justice would
    have been a bullet to the back of the head of this odious beast that killed his sister but
    in fact it is his culture that needs to be destroyed, they have no place in the family of man.
    There will be no loss, no tears shed and absolutely nothing but relief when the day comes
    that Islam is no more……………………………William

  • ron

    They brought it on themselves. Sweden has one of the most radically pro-feminist establishments on the planet. It's so far gone, that a woman can voluntarily have sex with a man THEN decide she wants to file a rape charge, and the courts will enforce it.

    Well, when you castrate your men, don't be surprised when the orcs come knocking.

  • virginia dare

    Hey, Jens Orback, did you leave your brains in the bathtub? "when we become a minority they will be so towards us/open and tolerant". Like you have to be kidding, right? What planet are you from..and why do you know pathetically little about islamic history and what happens when they conquer other lands? As Minister of Democracy, you sound more like some crackpot who needs to go back to kindergarten. There is no integration allowed within for Gender equality, nowhere in the quran is there any mention of gender equality.Women are viewed pure and simple as less than men. In Turkey, women can be educated and have a profession, but over 90% are abused by muslim male call this fricking equality? I sure as hell don't..what good is it to have a degree and profession and come home at night to be beat up and abused? Methinks that you have no business in the position which you find are TOTALLY clueless. And futher more, part of the problem as you can't think obviously.

  • BS77

    Jens, the poster child for the PC multicult agenda……a true Orwellian stooge.

  • burkasrugly

    Can we send the basta#%s to Mars? I don't think we should be forced to live on this planet with these barbaric nutjob mad dog murderers.

  • Archimedes

    When is it too much? Where is the line in the sand? I insist that we have allowed it to pass and failed to make a stand. I can only hope that there is a point at which the civilized world feels it's back pressing the corner and finally lashes out with all teeth claws. We have long passed the point where we must tell islam, "Turn out your wicked, your usurpers, your feeble zealots. It is time for you to join the modern world or be eradicated." If not, then we should all purchase prayer rugs, qurans, and blindly follow the psychotic-drug-addled-so-called prophet.

  • fred1369

    and this is why we need guns in our homes, to keep our country American instead of being taken over by Islam. Don't laugh, look what is happening in Europe. You'll notice that China is not having this problem.. They know how to protect against this. It's the only way. Brute force is all the Muslims understand.

    • Mary Sue

      yeah for all their oppression of Buddhist Tibetans and Falun Gong, the one thing they're getting right is repressing possible Terrorists.

      • fred1369

        well, yes, this method is not very selective.

  • dickymo johnston

    It is obvious many of the people posting here need to read their e-mails more carefully. They've obviously missed that one about Islam being the religion of peace. Recently, I read an interview in which a xollege professor asserted that honor killings are explained by culture not religion. She needs to check her own e-mail more carefully. She obviously didn't read the one with "Duhhhhh!" in the topic line. Religion, not being something we are born with, is part of culture. When honest people clear off the dirt of political correctness that is on their goggles, they'll realize some cultures have a near-monopoly on honor killings. Hmmm, it's early. I cannot think of the commonality of those cultures. Lan Astaslem…

  • kafir4life

    Another bomb factory shut down prior to operation. Good news indeed. muslims killing muslims…..delicious! And they're following their oh so superior faith, the gutter cult of islam!! This pious young man was acting on the advice and command of his made up moon god allahaha, and the pedophilic false prophet mohamat. No different than Jews lighting Sabbath candles or Catholics praying the rosary.

  • Ar'nun

    You kill a person by shooting them, you could be 100 yards away. Killing someone with a knife you have to be close to the person, and you will essentially be covered in blood at the end. It is far more personal and intimate for lack of a better word and clearly takes a person who is extremely disturbed to do it. This is what gun-grabbers don't get. A killer who uses knives is a whole new level of crazy. Add in that this was his sister, and he switched weapons half way through, and this kid apparently stopped just short of cannibalism, as far as we know. And he got 8 years. In 8 years this sick individual will most likely be a US immigrant roaming the streets of the US, and voting Democrat.

  • Stu

    "Two knives and sissors"? It sounds like he wasn't alone.

  • slider 96

    8 yrs. seems to be the standard sentence for murder in Sweden . Harsh sentence ? Agravated Murder in the first degree ? What does one have to do to get Life ? or even 25 to life ?

  • cathy

    "That’s not in Jordan or Pakistan. It’s in Sweden."

    Well … the following is not Joran or Pakistan … it is the United States of America.

    Nation of Islam can open a restaurant in Chicago, but not Chick-fil-A?

  • robert

    They are savages…'s the only way to describe them. Stand up, quit whining and start a revolution. Put them in their place and have them integrate or leave and tend to the desert.

  • Bobby

    Islamic justice demands "an eye for an eye". The boy should have been stabbed to death. The audacity to say the judgment is too harsh. He snubbed out a life.

  • Bart

    But they do have something to contribute, and this is the reason they are allowed en masse- it is cheap labor….We need to remember that when we discuss our immigration issues- Do we really need more poor people in order to supress the wages at the lower end or are we better off giving those jobs that are left to the poor we already have?

  • Qwiktree

    Hang the bastard and his attorney

  • robinmiss

    Take note America Muslims are murderous bastards with no moral except to rape and kill infidels aka anyone who is not a Muslim ans any Muslim that is female

    • razgr1z

      keep that racist crap to yourself you fucking whore

  • I’m disgusted

    Makes me fucking sick to my stomach. He was in shock for receiving a weak sentence of only eight years but the little fuck had the “balls” (figure of speech because I doubt that this bastard had any bigger than the size of a peanut.) to stab his own sister a hundred and seven times? Fuck the goddamned system, put that son of a bitch in the chair and all the other sick murderous people out there just like him.
    I’m not saying only men or people of a certain religion, there are a lot of sick females out there too. Don’t even get me started on these church going sickos who hide behind a bible in the holy house.
    I don’t discriminate, put all those motherfuckers in the chair.