Muslim Terror or Not Muslim Terror

I haven’t posted about this earlier because there really isn’t much to say at this stage except to post the photos and the eyewitness accounts. Anything at this stage is still mostly speculation. Early on everyone can get it wrong, including the police. Arrests are not final and persons of interest can turn out to be innocent.

That said, we appear to have a Saudi national in custody who was wounded during the attack and we have the police looking for a dark skinned man wearing a backpack.

The Boston attacks look less like the lone wolf Muslim terror attacks and more like the group plots in the UK and Spain. Obama has made his expected statement without calling it an act of terror. When it comes to terrorist attacks, Obama usually finds ways to hedge his bets. While Obama avoids the terror label, the FBI and senior White House officials are calling it terrorism. That would be consistent with the usual response to Muslim terrorist attacks.

Again we don’t know anything for sure, but the target is suggestive. The Boston Marathon is non-political. Domestic terrorists, as opposed to international ones, usually pick targets for a reason. International terrorists are only interested in killing Americans. (Muslim terrorists, even when born in this country, are international because their cause is foreign rather than domestic.)

It’s conceivable that this is another Olympic Park bombing by a domestic terrorist, but the scope and scale of the plot, as well as the timing, suggests a group, and in the past few years the FBI and NYPD have broken up a number of bombing plots that depended on hitting a large group of people outdoors.

  • Mr. Lucky

    Something is fishy. The bomb was not designed to kill many people (only two died). If they wanted to kill a lot of people , they would have added shrapnel. Also, how did someone place a device in the garbage next to the finish line? Where were was security? The whole thing smells, and it is not as portrayed.

    • Lan Astaslem

      First, there WAS shrapnel and ball bearings according to witnesses and #2 the savages have begun to go after soft targets.

    • Mary Sue

      Then how, mr. smarty patns, did people LOSE LEGS, if there was no shrapnel?

    • defcon 4

      "Something is fishy" I agree, but not for the same reasons. I personally don't think only 3 people died. I think the number of deaths is being reported truthfully.

    • defcon 4

      Fortunately, 5 of the 7 bombs planted didn't go off, but maybe you think it unfortunate?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Something is fishy. The bomb was not designed to kill many people (only two died). If they wanted to kill a lot of people , they would have added shrapnel. "

    Not if they're worried about metal detectors. Just wait for evidence. Real evidence.

    Generally speaking the more deadly the bomb the more easily it is detected. Don't make assumptions based on size or effectiveness, especially at a high security event. Killing anyone at all at an open air event is not trivial for a bomb.

  • Jack Wisdom

    I'm betting on Muslim terror. Please pray for the injured and their families and for our country.

    • Parenthetical Phrase

      I will pray that our country has the courage and willingness to do something about this other than obfuscate the facts.

  • Horace

    Unfortunately the days are gone where we could expect to hear the truth about such bombings. If it was more Saudi Jihadis, (like Mohammed Atta of 9-11 fame),it will be covered up bigtime, since it doesn't fit the Obama narrative that the Tea Party or Evangelical Christians or Jews or Catholics, or white people are behind terror in the USA. Maybe the Newtown parents in the stands did it . No way the "Religion of Peace" could kill somebody, nothing to see here, move along, an investigation is being done, no comment. Don't want to prejudice the investigation. Take a few months. KYAG

    • Good2ride

      You said it Horace, exactly what's to come , downplay the saudi connection and pacify the saudi government at the cost of American blood and treasure, what the liberal idiots don't understand is this is a guerrilla war with the jihadist and they're playing for keeps, we're gonna see Muslims being deported, and targeted by Americans other than the blind government ,and it could turn into a beirut if the Obama administration doesn't take a stronger stance on terrorism .And toss out religious freedom when it comes to Muslim radicals using the mosque for political cover under the guise of freedom of religion, these same dirt bags will blow-up a Church while claiming a mosque off-limits, while using the same mosque for cover!!!??? They use our own naive principals against us. By the way my fathers name was Horace, he didn't trust the government, and drove a truck for 45 years, if you want the truth about something, ask a trucker, nuff said !!!

  • MeSoHornish

    My condolences to the family of the dead.
    My sympathies to the injured.

  • Horace

    Whoops, Mo Atta was Egyptian. "What difference does it make?"-Hillary

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    The New York Post says the police have a "person of interest" in custody, a Saudi national. The Post also was told, by a policeman, that 12 people were killed, and 50 injured. And there was a third explosion–a mile away from the Marathon route–at the John F. Kennedy Library. Things are worse than originally reported–not surprising. Most likely the work of a terrorist group.

    • Mary Sue

      some people are trying to rationalize that the JFK thing and the boston marathon thing were completely unrelated (though we will probably find out later).

  • auntdeedee

    This wasn't a bombing so much meant to kill and maim alot of people as it was to cause fear in the hearts of Americans who want to enjoy their holidays and events at public venues.

    • defcon 4

      5 of the 7 bombs failed to detonate. Think on that and get back to us.

      • auntdeedee

        I need to think on that…why? Your comment proves my point.

  • tanstaafl

    Will the Obama respond? What happened to the Benghazi response?

    • Lan Astaslem

      Lil barry is right on it – delayed his golf game so he could fine out why they did it.

  • Anonymous

    A number of years ago, Canada had an attempted domestic terrorist attack by Islamic radicals (it was thwarted). So the standard distinction "domestic" (meaning non-Islamic domestic terrorist groups, such as radical environmentalists who blow up pipelines) vs "international" (meaning Islamic jihadists) no longer pertains. Perhaps as immigration levels in the U.S. rise, a similar reassessment may be in order. Hence, "domestic" terrorism could include Islamic extremists.

  • Mary Sue

    CNN is already blaming "right wing extremists". Something on the internet, I forget where, thought that maybe since there was a tent of Sandy Hook parents that some "right wing extremist" may have done this to target them (which is silly).


    Barack Hussein Obama is a muslim name sake what U Think Cuz, will Obama and most black caucus Muslims along with farrakhan and good Ole' rev. wright denounce this attack ? I Think Not !!!!

  • Trevor

    You people seem to have very little to no sympathy for the victims. It's almost as if you'd been hoping something like this would happen so you could vent your self righteous anger at the perps.

    Shame on you all!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "You people seem to have very little to no sympathy for the victims. It's almost as if you'd been hoping something like this would happen so you could vent your self righteous anger at the perps. "

      Your delusional emotions are not that interesting. Get a shrink. It will work better that way for everyone.

    • Lan Astaslem

      trev – to muslim savages we are all potential victims – get that through your dhimmified brain

      • Trevor

        …And in your crazed mind that = Let's not respect the dead?

  • I_D_Clair

    Unexploded devices were found early on before Obama spoke about the attack and at that time he was unwilling to call it an act of terror.
    Everyone, even those in conservative media, had expressed an understanding of that, but I think that indicates a sense of political correctness that has now permeated the collective.
    If explosives had been found and the president knew about them, which he must have been informed of by then, that finding alone indicates an act of terror, and it should have been reported as such by that simple fact. He didn't have to say it was foreign terror. It could have been domestic, however unlikely. But it WAS terror none the less and it should have been reported that way, right away.

  • Cat K

    It will be blamed on a Gadsden Flag, if at all possible. If not, it will be due to "Islamaphobia." Right now, I am sure there are strategy meeting for how to handle media coverage of this
    We live in a very creepy country now.
    Many people injured there are now amputees. I work with people who have lost limbs. I am thinking about the suddenly changed lives and my heart goes out to those who were able-bodied one moment and then injured and now face a different future.
    If it saves on child's life, let's ban Muslim terrorism!

  • Throwmout

    Regardless if it was an islamic or domestic (to include a government involvement) terror attack, I'm sure Obama will use it to further his anti 2nd amendment agenda. What bothers me was the wording Obama used just 3 hours after during his press conference that began with,

    "Earlier today, I was briefed by my homeland security team about the events in Boston. Increase security around the U.S. as necessary and investigate as necessary…….."

    First, it's admission that DHS is his personal gestapo and second that he will use this to advance his dictatorship.

  • Fear my kids future

    God bless the victims of this tragedy. Now in light of all the gun control hoopla, I suppose they'll push for background checks prior to purchasing bb's & ball bearings for fear someone will make an IED….They'll shut Radio Shack down next. Whats this world coming to? We are not far from becoming those third world nations.

  • Ar'nun

    This was clearly a coordinated attack. I was about 100 yards from the finnish line on the opposite side of the street from the first explosion. The set up of the explosives where very reminiscent to what anyone who has recieved military training would reccognize. They teach you that to take out a convoy, first you hit the lead vehicle, then the rear and create panic in between. Watch the video. The first explosion was towards the front, the second was about 100-200 yards behind . As the authorities were sweeping the streets after the second explosion they found at least 3 more devises, in statigic locations. The first explosion was designed to force people to change their location away from the finnish line, then they would run straight into the second explosion. The three that didn't detonate were on the opposite side of the street. The first two on the same side of the street, the second was to push people to the oppostie side of the street where three more were placed relatively close together. Fortunately cell phone coverage was immediately shut down, had they not been I shutter to think what the results would have been.

  • Ar'nun

    Most of us made things very clear just after 9/11/01. We presented America with a simple choice; We can either go to places like Afghanistan and Iraq and choose to fight them there, or we can be forced to fight them in places like Downtown Boston.

    Over the last 12 years or so the left has given us a clear answer to that question. They insisted it would be best to fight the Jihadists right here in America. We saw that yesterday the fight has once again come to our shores. The dead, maimed and wounded are the results of the blame America first mentality one way or another, weather it was done by Jihadists or sympathizers of them.

  • Lujack Skylark

    Its interesting that some newspapers printed the story that a Sunni Saudia Arabian nationalist did the bombings on Patriot's Day. Sunni Saudi Arabian nationals were responsible for 3,000 people being killed on 9/11/2001. We have politicans in Washington D.C., who want to support Sunni Jihadist warriors in Syria in their fight to bring down Assad and the Sunni Jihadist proclaim once Assad is overthrown they will attack our ally Israel. Saudi oil money finances terrorism. Why aren't we allowed to use our oil resources here and put an end to Saudi Arabian funded terrorism?

  • kate5778b

    One death is too much; there were many injured and who lost limbs.

    It is high time we used this Jewish invention – the electric car, the only 'good' from Saudi is oil, take away the need for it then what have they got? The one thing in the world which gives the world so much misery: Islam and they are welcome to keep that.