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Muslim Terror or Not Muslim Terror

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On April 15, 2013 @ 8:55 pm In The Point | 34 Comments


I haven’t posted about this earlier because there really isn’t much to say at this stage except to post the photos and the eyewitness accounts. Anything at this stage is still mostly speculation. Early on everyone can get it wrong, including the police. Arrests are not final and persons of interest can turn out to be innocent.

That said, we appear to have a Saudi national in custody who was wounded during the attack and we have the police looking for a dark skinned man wearing a backpack.

The Boston attacks look less like the lone wolf Muslim terror attacks and more like the group plots in the UK and Spain. Obama has made his expected statement without calling it an act of terror. When it comes to terrorist attacks, Obama usually finds ways to hedge his bets. While Obama avoids the terror label, the FBI and senior White House officials are calling it terrorism. That would be consistent with the usual response to Muslim terrorist attacks.

Again we don’t know anything for sure, but the target is suggestive. The Boston Marathon is non-political. Domestic terrorists, as opposed to international ones, usually pick targets for a reason. International terrorists are only interested in killing Americans. (Muslim terrorists, even when born in this country, are international because their cause is foreign rather than domestic.)

It’s conceivable that this is another Olympic Park bombing by a domestic terrorist, but the scope and scale of the plot, as well as the timing, suggests a group, and in the past few years the FBI and NYPD have broken up a number of bombing plots that depended on hitting a large group of people outdoors.

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