Muslim Terrorist Who Threw Bomb at Bangkok Police Claims He Was Just Trying to Dispose Of It

Bomb? What bomb?

Bomb? What bomb?

Poor Saeid Moradi. One morning he woke to find a bunch of bombs in his cupboard. Where did the bombs come from? He has no idea. But he tried to do his best to safely dispose of them by throwing one of them at police officers only to have them misunderstand his benevolent intentions.

I blame Islamophobia. Also Iran.

An Iranian man whose legs were blown off during an alleged botched bomb plot last year against Israeli diplomats in Bangkok said Friday he found the explosives and was trying to dispose of them safely when they detonated.

Saeid Moradi, 29, told a Bangkok court that he was about to leave Thailand when he found four bombs hidden inside radios in a cupboard at a rented house in the city.

That happens a lot to unfortunate people who find bombs, kilos of cocaine and corpses in trash bags just as they’re about to leave the country.

Moradi said he accidentally triggered one of the bombs when he opened a cupboard in the apartment. “I was stunned and threw it into the corner, believing it was a smoke bomb,” the wheelchair-bound suspect said via a translator, adding he grabbed two other bombs and ran outside to throw them into a nearby canal.

Prosecutors accuse Moradi of hurling one bomb at a taxi and a second at two police officers as they approached him on the street, but it instead detonated near the suspect.

The defendant gave a different version of events saying he dropped one of the devices near the taxi by mistake, and tried to throw the other away as the policemen approached fearing it would detonate and hurt them.

“I knew if the police stopped me I’d have to drop the bomb which may have endangered them and people nearby.

“So I threw it about a metre in front of me,” he said, adding he blacked out and woke up at hospital later to find his legs had been torn off in the blast.

It’s sad how Islamophobic Thailand has become. Don’t they understand that Moradi was trying to protect them by throwing a bomb at them?

And in entirely unrelated news…

Moradi and Mohammad Khazaei, 42, are among five Iranians suspected of involvement in the February 2012 blasts that followed attacks in India and Georgia and saw Tehran accused by Israel of a terror campaign.


  • Edward Cline

    Well, the next time a Chechen detonates a bomb during a marathon in the midst of spectators, we shouldn't rush to judgment and accuse him of kill and maim the spectators. We'll know without having to think about it that he was just trying to protect those people from terrorists and exploding bombs.

  • Brian

    I swear officer the devil made me do it.
    Actually officer allah came to me in a dream and told me to made a bomb and then throw it at someone. So blame it on allah.
    Ok officer maybe you might believe this: it was my evil twin brother.

  • AdinaK

    Islam is a scourge and all its adherents are Muslims, and this is the G-d's honest truth.

    There is no use sugarcoating what is happening: a clash of civilizations is underway. And whether it is Jews blown to bits all over Israel just because they are "pigs and apes", as described by the Koran; Boston's jihad; a petrol bomb here or there; or trains exploding in Europe etc etc, it matters not a whit because it is one and the same – non-Muslims will submit, or else –

    Adina kutnicki, Israel

  • TheInfidelAlliance

    Dear Adina,

    It's the Islamic World War….waged against every kind of non-Muslim on every continent.

    Lets start calling it what it is.

    It's the Islamic World War.

    ~ The Infidel Alliance

    P.S. – love your posts. Take care & God bless!