Muslim Who Murdered 2 Women Complains Court is Treating Him Like a Christian

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.

This is taking place in Turkey. And in a Muslim country, being treated like a Christian is not a good thing. Muslims are allowed to behead infidel women. So he has a point.

A Turkish waiter told a court yesterday he had murdered two Irish women and that he was guilty of the crime.  Recep Cetin (22) admitted the charges of murdering Irish nationals Marian Graham and Kathy Dinsmore, both 53 and from Newry, Co Down, at the Fifth High Criminal Court in Izmir, Turkey.

Cetin, who had been the boyfriend of Marian’s then 15-year-old daughter Shannon, claimed he was suffering from depression because of media coverage of the case.

He called on the court to remove reporters from the courtroom. “I have read reports claiming I cut off the victims’ heads. I murdered them, that is true. But the media has reported false allegations,” he said.

Cetin complained he was being treated like “a Christian, an atheist or communist” in the trial. “I am a Muslim,” he said.

But he added dramatically: “I am guilty and my guilt is a sufficient punishment for me.”

I’m going to go ahead and suggest that being set on fire and then thrown to rabid wolverines would be sufficient punishment.

Recep Cetin was 17 and Shannon Graham was 15. Shannon’s mother, Marion Graham  was not crazy about him dating her daughter. So Recep did what Mohammed would have done.

He is alleged to have driven Mrs Graham and her friend Kathy Dinsmore, 54, to a forest near Izmir and killed them. Mrs Graham was stabbed in her heart and Mrs  Dinsmore had her throat cut.

Reports claim Cetin told police he had pleaded with Marion one last time in the woods to let Shannon stay in Kusadasi and marry him. But she refused, claiming Shannon was too young, and was supported by her friend Kathy.

Shannon Graham’s father Raymond McGuinness, who flew to Turkey from his home in Northern Ireland to comfort his daughter, suggested Cetin was determined to marry Shannon in part because he was “keen to get hold” of a holiday apartment which Mr McGuinness owned in Kusadasi, close to the one where the women were living.

Shannon’s father, Raymond McGuinness, said her mother was terrified Celik was abusing her.  Shannon’s father said the boy harboured a “dark side” and was prone to bouts of jealousy, especially if his girlfriend attracted the attention of other Turkish men.

Cetin told police that he had tried to plead with Ms Graham one last time in the woods to let Shannon stay in Kusadasi and marry him. But she refused claiming Shannon was too young and her friend backed her up. They were then murdered, dying of multiple stab wounds.

After he kicked Shannon during an altercation, Miss Graham ‘went ballistic’ and told him never to lay a finger on her daughter again.

The waiter apparently responded by threatening to kill Miss Graham if she came between him and Shannon.

Considering the astronomically high murder rate of women in Turkey, female tourists who go to Turkey are endangering their lives.

  • Michael Copeland

    The Manual of Islamic Law (available as a free download) explains:
    "o1.2 The following are not subject to retaliation:
    "(2) A Muslim for killing a non-Muslim;"

    • joe b

      Good ol' 'Umdat al Salik'. Always can be relied on to get a mulsim out of a tight spot, eh?

      I have that too. It's a cracking read – especially for non-muslims….

  • Mary Sue

    whoa, whoa, whoa. Two middle-aged women couldn't hold off a murderous 17-year old? Weren't they smart enough to gang him when he started getting aggressive? Seriously, I don't get it. What is it with women and not ganging up on a SINGLE LONE OFFENDER? Do they seriously NOT know how to work together?

    Maybe it's just me…

    • LJ1

      At their age (mid 50's) they might not have been physically able to fight. Even if they were physically able, they may not have known how to fight. The male was armed and you don't know if he stabbed the first one before they knew what he was going to do. That could have put enough fear in them, that they were helpless.

      Unless you have been in a life or death situation, you do not know how you will react. Some become so afraid, they cannot move. Others try to fight back but their minds are not functioning well enough to think on how to attack. The lucky few, keep their wits about them and fight back.

      Which will you be, if/when you get to that situation? Twice in my life, I have had strangers break into my home, wishing to do me harm. I am one of the lucky few. I kept my head and I was unharmed. I gave both of them the option to flee or get shot. They both made the choice to leave. Having a gun saved me from rape and possibly worse. I will never be unarmed.

      • Peggy

        "Unless you have been in a life or death situation, you do not know how you will react.." So shameful for someone to speak in criticism of two dead people when you don't know the whys. Thank you for speaking up LJ1.

      • Mary Sue

        two sets of arms could have wrestled away the knife or tried too? They could have at least dogpiled them if they were on the heavy set side.

        I don't have that option.

    • BowHunter

      Go on with your bad self, armchair hero. It’s pretty obvious you haven’t a clue as to what you’re talking about.

  • Elliott

    Mary Sue:
    People (i.e Non-muslims) have been conditioned to accept muslims as being normal and pleasant.
    Otherwise, you might be branded as an "Islamaphobe".
    The two victims, Ms. Graham and Ms. Dinsmore, were in a foreign country, dealing with a "man" who got them into his car long before he brandished his knife, and took them to a location where the women were isolated.
    No I don't have to HAVE BEEN THERE to know: we've read hundreds of these accounts since 9/11.

    • Mary Sue

      most North Americans have been told never get into a car with a strange man…well OK he wasn't "strange" but still…they barely knew him. I think it was dumb of them to think they could reason with him without being prepared, but then again yeah, they probably had no idea just what was up his sleeve.

      • beez

        Mary Sue, lots of murderers are able to accomplish a murder simply by a surprise attack. Moreover, I think you're not reading between the lines here. The two women probably thought they knew him. But they didn't. Murderers are often glib and accomplished liars as well as explosive personalities. Anyone could make that mistake, especially if you're from a western country, relatively affluent, and since you've never dealt with someone like this before, you believe that everyone, everywhere shares your cultural values such as, for example, the relative independence that western countries cede to women. Sure there are western killers. There are Irish wife beaters and murderers of women, but in Muslim cultures, this is commonplace. I think, like most western women, these two were simply naïve, and they assumed that they could just tell a Muslim man that he couldn't have what he wanted, and that would be that. My deepest sympathies for their families, but liberalism played a part in this. Liberals are just GULLIBLE and often unbelievably naïve.

    • beez

      Actually, westerners are liberals by and large. They think that everyone in the world shares their cultural values, that everyone is reasonable, that everyone will obey the law even when they don't get what they want. Liberalism is naivety in the extreme, in other words, a mental illness in which liberals simply cannot face reality as it really is.

  • JacksonPearson

    Ayman al]Zawahiri, Al Qaeda Ideologue:

    *The sharia has forbidden us from taking infidels as confidants, inducting them into our secrets.

    *The sharia forbids us from appointing infidels to important posts.

    *The sharia forbids us from adopting or praising the beliefs and views of the infidels.

    *The sharia forbids us from assisting infidels against Muslims; even the one who is coerced has no excuse to fight under the banner of the infidels.

    *The sharia commands us to battle infidels.both original infidels and apostates, as well as hypocrites. As for waging jihad against the infidels who have usurped the lands of Islam, this is a duty considered second only to faith, by ulemaic consensus.

    *The sharia does not accept the excuses made by hypocrites.that they befriend the infidels because they fear the vicissitudes of time.

    *We are duty bound by the sharia to help Muslims overcome the infidels.

    *Democracy is based on the principle of the power of creatures over other creatures, and rejects the principle of God's absolute power over all creatures; it is also based on the idea that men desires, whatever they may be, replace God absolutely, and on the refusal to obey God's law. In Islam, when there is a disagreement or a difference of opinion, one refers to God, his Prophet, and the commands of sharia.

    • Patricia Ott

      All Muslim men seem to be murderous bullies standing behind a man named Mohammed, who exhalted his own self, in the name of God, to be able to get away with murder, rape, pedophillia, and pillage. I see no good in them.

      • JacksonPearson

        Yes on all you say….
        Muhammad was a criminal in more ways than one. All Muslims must follow him as their role model.

  • tarasbalderdash

    Yes, it's just you. And you lack one thing. A clue.

    • Mary Sue

      well seeing as they're dead now….i have to wonder. Some women freeze up.

      • Gee

        Some people aren't prepared for combat either. I am sure my wife is capable – but I do doubt her ability in combat too

  • Patricia Ott

    He is guilty and that he claims is sufficient punnishment?? Because he didn't get his way this gives him the right to take life? This is madness! This is not a man, but a child who thinks he can throw a temper tantrum, eliminate the 'problem' by murdering, and then get away with murder because '"my guilt is my punishment'? He and he alone IS the infidel! Evil is what it is.

    • Mary Sue

      Yeah, and he's been taught to think that since he was knee-high to a grasshopper.

  • Nanis

    Its funny how these men treat women and they are born from one.
    I think we should use their sheria law against them and not let them practice their religion in a christian land. Why is it that they get to do whatever they want and we just sit there and watch. To us they are also infidels well to me they are.

  • jmz

    i dont feel that sorry. you go out with mussie trash of course this will happen! muslims are not human, they do not deserve our love, sympathy or respect. they are violent fools driven by delusions of world domination . it is time we quit denying this and thinking its only a few bad apples. ALL mussies are like this, its just a matter of when they decide to go off. I know people will slam me saying how wrong i am. just remember you are replying to just 1 of many many articles stating what i just said, and people who think i am wrong end up beheaded or killed. i look at mussies like i look at dog sh** on my shoe. cause that is what they are and their pos prophet mohammed (piss be upon him)

  • beez

    jmz, a warning such as yours is wise, but the women who ignore it will dismiss it as "racist." The Europeans have subjected their populace to the madness of multiculturalism for so long, it seems that most have simply lost their minds. These women's families have my sympathy, but their daughters are simply fools.

  • beez

    jmz, a warning such as yours is wise, but the women who ignore it will dismiss it as "racist." The Europeans have subjected their populace to the madness of multiculturalism for so long, it seems that most have simply lost their minds. These women's families have my sympathy, but their daughters are simply fools.

  • beez

    jmz, a warning such as yours is wise, but the women who ignore it will dismiss it as "racist." The Europeans have subjected their populace to the madness of multiculturalism for so long, it seems that most have simply lost their minds. These women's families have my sympathy, but their daughters are simply fools.

  • Markus

    Their are no good Muslims, they are all terrorists just waiting to be terrorists,and if you want to call me a racist , you'll be right , I don't trust or like any FKing Muslim

  • Gloria

    I am wondering if this deluded young girl returned to Ireland with her father and left that loser who killed her mother behind, or if she is still facebooking him. She needs prayers. And, of course, her parents lost their battle with her many years before. What a spoiled 15-year-old who would defy her parents, and what wimpy parents not to be able to bring her around without even involving this boy. The mother paid with her life.

  • The hunted child